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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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these issues is are those actions by police necessary. white said that he wanted to give marshall some insight into how police operate, how they think. he added that he respects marshall's right to kneel during the national anthem but did not endorse it. >> i'm sure he has an agenda as to yes wanted to do it. -- why he wanted to equally as important it gave me an opportunity to talk to him about the good work that the men and women are doing in our police department and that police officers are doing across this country. >> he also said that he gave marshall some suggestions about ways that he can help the community work better with police. for example, he said that he can go out and talk to kids about making good decisions. coming up on 9news at 5:00 we're reporting on data we've obtained about race and arrests and citations in denver, kim. >> well, it's something the police chief wants to discuss,
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platform, if you will. >> absolutely. you heard the chief say it. the reason that he wanted to talk with brandon marshall and he said he would do that for anybody who wanted to speak with him is because he has such a platform to really effect change. >> thank you. a local colorado winery is destroyed after a vehicle drove into it overnight. this is at the aspen peak cellulars in bailey. -- cellars in the crash caused broken water pipes and damage to a gas line. wine was flowing into the platte river. the driver is expected to be okay. 25,000 bottles were inside that winery, though. the owner tells us he's just not sure how many of those were lost. we are expecting rain in the metro area tonight. it's already sprinkling in some spots. the cold front is bringing much cooler temperatures. don't adjust your screen for this next video if we have it.
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the top of the peak was blanketed in snow this morning. temperatures were in the 20s on the mountain. meteorologist belen deleon is in the 9news backyard. no snow to worry about here in the metro, but we could get more rain, belen? >> yes, sir. we have light rain falling right now on this umbrella as i'm standing out in the backyard. showers and thunderstorms across colorado and cooler temperatures, of course. let's take a look because the cold front arrived yesterday morning, but the cooler air conts colorado. temperatures right now at dia are at 65, lots of 50-degree temperatures on that map. up and over the divide it's warmer in the 70s for our friends in eagle. our temperatures are about 5 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago, but statewide we're running anywhere between 5 to 20 degrees cooler from 24 hours ago. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast tonight, but the potential for them to become severe is low. we could see those stronger storms develop out on the
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friends just to -- on the western slope and also for our friends just to the west in utah. storms moving in from the southwest to the northeast and a closer look, those storms closely in the foothills working their way onto the front range and around town right now the rain that we're seeing is very light, but our southern foothills seeing some of that heavier rainfall right now. the view outside of our home here on speer and logan, raindrops on the camera. it just looks really gray and gloomy ou storms and some more showers for your afternoon commute or anywhere you have to travel this afternoon or evening. it's not going to be widespread, but you could see those isolated storms around town through the remainder of today. 49 will be your overnight low. we're tracking some showers possibly even into overnight hours. those clouds stick around and some more fog will develop through tomorrow. here's a look at the timing of those storms. it's south of us where we could
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amount of rainfall in northern colorado, northeast colorado weather staying pretty dry. heads up. by tomorrow morning those are the areas where we're seeing that fog develop and visibility could be reduced. stick around. coming up in the forecast i've got a whole lot more to talk about. temperatures are cool today, but how long will it stay cool? we've got another chance for storms in the forecast for the rest of the week and it's not too early to look at the weekend, is it? we'll look at that broncos versus colts forecast as well that sunday tailgate. >> never too early especially with the big game on the line. >> just for the weekend. the legacy high school football team says it plans to play in its homecoming game friday night. several team members were involved in a deadly bus crash sunday. the bus driver was killed when she veered off the road near dia and crashed into a pillar. adams 12 said 28 players were affected in the crash.
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three coaches. wayne voorhees, matt kroupa and kyle rider were all hospitalized, the three coaches. the team's defensive coordinator will fill in as head coach for the game against prairie view high school. an nbc surveymonkey poll shows today hillary clinton's lead is just four points down from six last week. in a four-way match-up clinton leads trump by two points. libertarian gary johnson is still at last week he couldn't identify the syrian city of aleppo and has struggled since. the green party jill stein still has just four points. analysts say clinton's slip could be explained by her comments of donald trump supporters who she called half a basket of deplorables. now her case of pneumonia is playing a factor also in the republican narrative. here's nbc's steve handelsman.
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battleground state where he's polling first, donald trump defended his supporters. >> well, my opponent slanders you is irredeemable. i call you hard working american patriots. >> reporter: it was two days before hillary clinton's illness became obvious that she attacked half of trump supporters. >> what i call the basket of deplorable. >> reporter: mike pence implied today don't blame her running mate. >> a catastrophic insult to the american people and it's so important that people around the country know this was a prepared speech. >> reporter: defending clinton's toughness was president obama today. >> she does not quit. she doesn't quit. she doesn't quit. >> reporter: recovering at home clinton tweeted a video of trump insulting americans. >> losers, disgusting, stupid. you can't lead this nation if you have such a low opinion for its citizens.
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mate tim kaine joined in. >> if you're attacking people because they're muslims, that's deplorable. >> reporter: trump is stronger, just four points behind clinton nationally in the nbc news surveymonkey online poll taken before clinton failed to disclose her pneumonia. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> ?(???cuent michael bennet a republican challenger darryl glenn will debate on channel 20 and be with be moderated by 9news -- and and be moderated by 9news reporter kyle clark and brandon rittiman. changes are coming for wells fargo. the executive that oversaw the unit that created 2 million unauthorized customer accounts is retiring with a huge payout.
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pay $185 million in fines over the fake accounts. the bank says it has fired more than 5,300 employees over the past five years for their involvement in that scam. employees say they were pressured to meet sales goals by selling account add-ons to customers. >> at one time i had 15 accounts at once. it was very frustrating and these are accounts i never opened. >> people can quarrel over when it should have been caught of it was a violation of trust and abuse of commented. the executive retiring was making a $1.7 million salary. when she retires, she will be eligible for $124.6 million in stock options and restricted wells fargo shares, some of which have not been invested yet. there will be study after study of a gradual minimum wage increase to $12 an hour by
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amendment to hike wages in nerf the gdp -- in november, the gdp would boost by 400,000-dollar and prices would go up at a -- $400,000 and prices would go up at a rate less than a 1/4%. opponents that argue a one size fits all model would hurt businesses in rural colorado. in 2009 the state of colorado created a hey sodas in high schools. tomorrow the state board of education may vote to essentially reverse that. 9news reporter nelson garcia explains why. >> reporter: for once the door was closed the door may be reopened. since 2009 diet soda has been banned from high schools, but now the state board of education may change regulations to reverse that. >> i'm asking the board to not
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she says high schools would take a step backward if students are allowed to purchase diet soda at lunch or in vending machines. >> we believe students deserve a healthy school environment. we know that will help promote their academic performance as well as their health. >> reporter: she says the drinks offer no nutritional value and may steer kids away from healthier choices like water and milk. >> if we allow our schools to sell diet soda, it opens up the opportunity for marketin our schools of these unhealthy products. >> reporter: but the state board is concerned with too many and differing regulations imposed by federal and state. jeremy west with the colorado school nutrition association says decisions on soda should be made at the local level. >> every district is required to have a wellness policy and in that wellness policy they can make that decision still to not sell diet soda in their schools. >> reporter: but he does not believe under this proposed
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schools. >> in talking to my other peers and other district directors, that's just something that's not a path they are wanting to go down. >> reporter: west admits extra sales may be a temptation for some districts. >> that may be take reason why a school district would choose to do that. >> reporr: levine wants to see the diet die off for good. in denver nelson garcia, 9news. association of school boards says the change is needed because right now districts have to comply with two different sets of regulations. the stated board will discuss the issue and vote at its board meeting tomorrow. a river flare one near one of breckenridge -- near one of breckenridge's neighborhoods runs red because of all the iron. it is an eyesore to the
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planning breck and summit county split the cost to clean it up, spending around $300,000 to cover the water and force it underground. >> keep the water subsurface. what typically happens, when water comes to the surface, it allows for iron oxide to develop and you get that orange coloring that occurs. we're covering up a couple ponds that we water treatment areas that didn't really function the way they were supposed to. we're covering >> along with the water cleanup the town and summit county are putting in a new bus stop for locals in that neighborhood and adding some hiking trails. rocky mountain national park is on track, no surprise here, to break yet another record. >> yeah, busy place. >> and happiest place to live in the metro area just happens to be one of the more
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the beaver creek fire burning near the wyoming state line is closer to being maintained. the fire is now 72% maintained. it started back on july 19th.
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acres largely in beetle kill areas. late last month investigators said the fire was likely started by a person. they revised it to say the cause is still under investigation. surprise, surprise, rocky mountain national park is on track to break yet another visitors record this year. in january and february the park had more than 100,000 visitors for the first time ever. in july 912,000 people visited, the most in a single month in the park's history. the park has broken visitation records every month of 2016 park is looking to break last year's overall attendance record of 4.1 million people, pretty cool. people in highlands ranch are apparently really, really happy. san francisco based zippa compiled the list of happiest and least happiest places. highlands ranch was ranked seventh in the happiest midsize community in the country. the formula is based on population, unemployment, rate
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living, marriage rates, homeownership, poverty rates. the only miss for highlands ranch was the cost of living. the happiest community was lees summit, missouri, followed by broken arrow, oklahoma, and mt. pleasant, south carolina. depending on how you feel about new people coming to our state and yeah, some people do not want to hear this, this is either going to make you happy or you're going to say shhh. u.s. news and world report just actually in the entire country, no. 1. the survey takes into account desirability, value, job market, quality of life. the rankings indicate the median age in denver is 36 years old. that's the average age and roughly half the denver population identifies as religious, the majority of them practicing catholicism. after denver is austin, texas, and then fayetteville,
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>> i think the secret's already out. we want to get to a water main break. don't hold this against the city, right? >> no. >> sky9 is next to denver in lakewood union and 32nd over a water main break, no road closures at this time, though it does appear -- oh, no, you can see traffic going both directions. >> yeah. it looks like everybody is going fairly slowly through there. that might be wheat ridge right on the line there an out there. that's the water on the road because it looks like it's not raining on that side of town. >> good call. >> in the backyard it was. >> unclear at this time what started this water main break, no sinkholes that we can see as of yet, which is a good sign. hopefully they can get this under control sooner than later. you might want to avoid the area in lakewood wheat ridge 32nd and union. >> take another way. explore a new route to where
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fascinating and you see neat things on the way. it always works out. >> yeah, all right. nice splash there, too. next time you need a medical procedure, might be worth your while to shop around. >> next the programs paying patients to choose the most
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federal regulators are talking about whether to tighten control of stem cell cl administration is hearing from people saying stem cell therapies are useful in medical care and others sale the treatments are unproven and sometimes risky. stem cells have been used for issues from heart disease and facial conditions. the fda is expected to make a decision soon. americans are living longer than ever before, but census
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family member. that can cause financial hardships and take a toll on the caregiver's health. 37% of the population will need care by 2050, but the pool of people who can handle the responsibilities is expected to get much smaller. we talk about all the time healthcare is expensive, but there is a new effort underway to get skyrocketing healthcare costs under control by paying patients to choose the most cost effective option. healthcare costs are expected to rise another 6.5% both this are encouraging customers to shop around a little bit, even giving them a kickback on the savings. here's nbc reporter tom costello. >> reporter: the drug treatment paula bennett receives every eight weeks for her chrohn's disease should require a $30 insurance copay. instead she's the 1 getting the cash. >> but i'm not paying that. i'm making money. >> reporter: making money because she's treated at this new hampshire clinic rather
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nearby. >> i get $500 for the infusion every time i go in for the treatment. >> reporter: they pay you $500? >> they pay me because the savings is that substantial to the insurance company. >> reporter: very substantial. the treatment costs $4,000 at the clinic, $40,000 at the hospital. it's called smart shopper used by a small but growing number of employers and insurers to drive down medical costs by giving patients a cut of the savings on standard treatments and surgeries. from lab knee replacements to mris, not cancer, not heart surgery. in miami, for example, gallbladder surgery can cost anywhere from 5 to $19,000 depending on the facility, yet both are highly rated. if i choose to have my gallbladder removed here, which is a cheaper option, you're going to send me a check for 150 bucks because of the savings? >> correct. and it will cost you less as well, your out of pocket. >> reporter: some health
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patients might persuaded them to choose cheaper and low quality care, but several studies have shown the best care often isn't the most expensive, yet very few patients shop around. >> we have no idea if that bill is going to be 20 or $400. where else in your life do you shop that way? >> reporter: patients choose the highest rated and most cost effective options. paula is convinced she gets better care at a small clinic. this is really about your quality of life. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: and you get paid for the treatment. >> i do. >> reporter: pocketing $3,000 a year. tom costello, nbc news, bedford, new hampshire. if you wear reading glasses, the fda recently approved a new device that corrects far sightedness, something eye doctors say affects us all after age 45. dr. john got to learn about the new treatment. >> millions of people use reading glasses and i think most people know, as you get older, you're more likely to
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what changes then? >> when everyone reaches age 45, the lens starts losing its flexibility and that loss of flexibility is what makes it hard for patients to focus up close. so everyone gets this whether you're flare sighted, far sighted or had lasik or not. >> studies have shown there is a slight risk of seeing a glare or halo after the procedure. you can see more details including the cost tonight on nbc nightly news at 5:30. >> exciting f there. you get that small print and you're always like what? where is it? okay. 9news mornings is celebrating heroes week recognizing those who both serve and inspire us and today we're thanking police, the men and women who keep us safe every day, some even when their own lives are on the line. >> denver police officer john adsit is one of them. he and three other bicycle officers were hit by a car in december, 2014. adsit was critically hurt.
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movement in his left arm because of nerve damage. he returned to work the end of august. despite it all he's stayed optimistic. >> been an incredibly long journey and there were times, ups and downs throughout the way, i wasn't sure this day would actually come and doctors that told me this day may never come. so i just am blessed. i'm blessed. >> adsit did not stop there. he says he's had ined support during his recovery, so he's paying it forward creating adsit strong. it's a nonprofit charity to benefit other first responders who have been injured our hurt. the charity is hosting the rise and run 5k this weekend to honor this man, denver officer tony lopez, jr., who was shot several times in the line of duty. >> they both have incredible stories and inspiring stories. >> yes, they do. >> it's really cool. >> i know.
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children and their family. so it's wonderful. we are expecting more evening rain in the forecast this week. >> some would say it's good sleeping weather. they like it like this.
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a little sun, i started see it peek out on my side of town earlier today. belen was saying it's gorgeous in the mountains. we kind of just had a dreary day down here. >> good point. it is sweater area in the metro. >> it is. you know how you can see the signs of fall? >> how? >> because you spot all of the scarves in the newsroom. did you see adele? she's got a scarf on. >> okay. that's a good sign. >> that's a soon of fall, yeah -- sign of fall, yeah, temperatures turning cooler and
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afternoon and evening. as kim just mentioned i went ahead and tweeted a picture. this camera actually in the high country that shows us that sunshine at 14,000 feet. the funny thing about this camera at pikes peak is that there was snow on this camera this morning, but that has since melted off. now we've got the sun shining brightly out there and just below is where we have that cloud deck and kind of that dreary looking weather, but yeah, it just depends where you are in along highway 285 at windy point it was foggy at some point today and now it's rainy out there right now on 285 and the view from boulder, well, those clouds are just low and we're seeing some very light rain out there as well. humidity about 50% in the metro and higher humidity in the eastern half of colorado. in the high country humidity a little lower, but we have the
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the temperatures today hit the mid-60s in denver, 59 greeley, more 60s on the plains and in the high country 50s, 70s, the warmest spot on the western slope grand junction, 81. right now we're in the mid-60s at dia and out here in the backyard our temperatures are coming in at 62 degrees, winds a little breezy around town, but calmer here in our backyard. across the state i'll start off with temperatures because in the mountains we still few 70-degree temperatures, rain on the western slope, also to the south and clouds nestled over the front range and out on the eastern plains where the temperatures are currently in the 60s. a closer view and you see those clouds have completely taken over the front range and along i-25. here's what's happening. our weather setup yesterday, we had that cold front that moved through and now that cold front is positioned over the central part of the country.
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to our west we have a storm that is developing and that area of low pressure is spinning counterclockwise. that's bringing all this moisture into the four corners and colorado. so you have that cold air down low and also the warmer moist air just over it kind of an overrunning situation. that's the reason we have all of these clouds. now the storms in the mountains will continue to travel towards the northeast and eventually arrive in the metro area. i think we'll get a better chance for 8:00 through 10:00 and a possibility of showers overnight. we won't get rid of the clouds. 49 is the overnight low. we'll have clouds and more fog that could bleed through tomorrow morning affecting your drive if you're around the area, also in the foothills along i-76 and i-70. temperatures for tonight because of the clouds, they won't drop too much. i mean this is cool, but it's not freezing and in the
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pass 35 degrees. let's look ahead to tomorrow because it will be a cloudy start, fog and possibly more drizzle as you start off your day. the temperatures will be a bit warmer. so today we had highs in the mid-60s. tomorrow is looks like we'll have highs in the mid-70s and once again we'll track more storms in the afternoon. the temperatures will rise to about 76 degrees and winds coming in from the south will help warm us up. here's a look at futurecast taking us through the rest of ni evening. press play. there you see storms arriving tonight around 10:00, storms to the south and scattered in our northern mountains. overnight we'll have on and off showers. tomorrow morning check out all those clouds and also a little rain and areas of fog. we'll get a break midday to allow us to warm up. more showers will work their way from the mountains onto the urban corridor and toward northeastern colorado into the afternoon and evening. we aren't done with the rain,
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especially because of so many areas that are abnormally dry right now. the temperatures will be in the mid-70s, still been low where we should be this time of year. our normal high is 80 and in the mountains 60s. i just mentioned the storm developing over the great basin. that will work its way slowly into the great plains the next several days. that will allow rain chances to continue on thursday and into friday. another cold front arrives and drops our temperatures again. tomorrow the high 76, thursday
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mild and dry, so very pleasant weekend in store for you. we'll take the rain. we need it across the state and temperatures not so bad in the 70s. >> good talking over the sirens. i don't know what's going on, but it's loud back there. thank you, belen. hope no one is hurt. when they're getting somewhere fast, it's awfully loud in the backyard. hey, we're talking pumpkins. a fungus is blamed for wiping out a portion of this year's crops in and a lot of late season rain has the corn crop thriving, the pumpkins not so much. they don't like that much water and the mold and bugs that follow. growers say they do 70% or more of their business from september through november which this year has also taken a hit from tropical storm hermine. >> the corn crop is better this year. the pumpkin crop is a little less, maybe just let's say 80% of what it was last year.
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we're going to get into that sometime. for customers this means less pumpkins to pick from, not necessarily higher prices. so maybe just not as many big round monster pumpkins. >> as kim just mentioned, colorado is still struggling with pumpkin for craft beer. the denver beer company makes a seasonal ale called hey pumpkin. the head brewer said when he contacted his supplier for the pumpkins this ye there wasn't any available and found other brewers weren't able to get any either. they used a cooked and packaged pumpkin product from the previous season, so it just might taste a little different this year, so pumpkin shortage continues. all right. >> less pumpkin lattes, people, so we can spread it around to the beer or whatever it is, okay? cu is apparently playing ?? the blues brothers this saturday. they are. they're taking them to
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his thoughts about a big
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duke basketball coach mike krzyzewski is supporting his school but not his state. today the ncaa announced it plans to relocate seven championship events from north carolina because of the passage of house bill 2 and hb2. the law requires transgender people to use restrooms at schools and government buildings corresponding to the sex ontheir birth certificates. it also excludes gender identity and sexual orientation from discrimination protections. >> it's embarrassing for our state that this has happened and our state has gone through i mean the economic stuff in our state as a result, not just of losing business, you know, events, image. how much do all these companies, states, areas spend on image? our image is being tarnished and it's embarrassing. my a.d. came out with a great
4:43 pm
supportive of and it's sad really. it's sad for our state. >> in that written statement duke says it supports the ncaa position writing in part, "our position has been clear this legislation is discriminatory, troubling and embarrassing. we deplore any efforts to deprive individuals regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity of legal protection and rights." the university of colorado buffaloes are heading to michigan this weekend, but michigan doesn't do de own. >> the blues brothers at wide receiver, kareem abdul-jabbar at center, james bond at defensive tackle, bernie sanders at free safety. there's some notable appearances from the guys in animal house on special teams. >> nice. >> we can't forget eric cartman and happy gilmore set to start. the brilliant sports information director at cu came
4:44 pm
i'm disappointed, but i have his back in reference to losing his starting position to elmer fudd. special thanks to cu's athletic department for the depth chart, the pac-12 and espn picked it up. it's just gone crazy. >> it's a good story. it's funny. you got to make fun of it. who knew michigan doesn't depth charts. michigan was ranked no. 4, though. >> there was the miracle in michigan. >> yes, there was. i saw this video posted a lot of times already. >> in the meantime if it wasn't work out, blame it on happy gilmore. >> game time is 1:30 on saturday, by the way. slacker and steve, why aren't you guys listed '. >> they should have put them -- listed? >> they should have put them down. >> i don't understand why i'm
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i was an amazing punter. we want to talk about candy corns. the new candy corn flavors have been released and they are going to be french toast and maple syrup, waffles and strawberries and chocolate chip pancakes available for a limited time. we just like the old-fashioned kind in le parts. regular is the best for sure. >> i can't do the pumpkins, the it's got to be in this shape. >> we're going to eat a bunch of them. how do you guys eat your candy corns? >> i eat them in sections by color. i have to. >> oh, gosh. >> it's the only way. >> i'm not a big fan of candy corn. i think the carmel apple flavor ones are not bad i'm just going to say. they are not bad. >> they're pretty good actually. >> they're too busy. they've got their mouths full to talk to us.
4:46 pm
all right, guys, slacker and steve, too funny. >> i love it. >> apple flavor, really? >> the carmel apple ones. the brunch ones i'm just not into it. he is a fixture at red rocks and coors field and he has not been around as much this summer. many have missed him.
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where in the world is earth man, the beer vendor with the larger than life personality, a major player at coors field? earth man has been absent a few weeks and 9news reporter victoria sanchez went to find out why. >> reporter: he's a character. >> good job, baby, there we go. >> reporter: a charmer. >> first time in the outfield, okay. >> reporter: an???h(dd self- proclaimed beer slinger for 30 years. you might have bought a beer or
4:50 pm
earth man. >> people will ask me what my name is and i say you'll remember earth man easier. >> reporter: born 60 years earlier as brent dode he spent half his life doling out cracker jacks and beer to major sporting events in denver making thousands of friends along the way. >> if you don't use me now, you will thirst for me later. >> reporter: he got a front row seat to famous bands and ballplayers, but that's not why he went to work every fans. >> reporter: he did it for you. >> when the guy looks at his girl and says do you need a beer and yes, i'm waiting for one and i'm right there. perfect. >> reporter: a couple week ago he went absent from the stands and sold his last beer. >> 29th of august. >> reporter: he just didn't know it. >> probably the worst day of my life. >> reporter: doctors told his wife becky art man has an inoperable -- earth man has an
4:51 pm
he loved into a challenge. >> i knew something was going on. it was kind of worrying me. i'd worry about getting correct change. >> reporter: his wife of nearly 30 years is also having a heard time with this change. >> it's hard. it's hard to know that we were planning on spending the rest of our lives together, you know, and now all of our plans have changed. >> reporter: they're taking it day by day spending much needed time together after decades of sharing earth man with everyone else. >> i just don't know where it's going to put us. i don't know where we're going to be in six months. >> reporter: his beer bins or a break by now, but he never stops thinking about being back in the stands. >> don't give up on me. don't give up. >> one thing earth man does at the end of every season, he says good-bye to the fans. he won't get to do that this
4:52 pm
sunday, september 25th, a party and fundraiser will be held at the tavern in arvada. earth map wants to see as many -- man wants to see as many of his friends as possible. >> what a sty, what a character and somebody who loves being around people, thousands of them all the time. >> exactly. it started out after his normal day of work he would go out to the fields, mile high, red rocks and then coors field and he said you know what? forget the day job. this is what i'm going man and his birth name of brent went to the wayside. >> sometimes you find your calling when you just get along with people and people enjoy you and you like to make people smile. you don't have to have gone to many games to have known him or see him. >> he said one of the best things that he's done throughout these 30 years is he's seen kids go from 8 to now in their 20s where they're actually able to legally buy a beer from him.
4:53 pm
>> finally they're like hey, i'm ready, my turn. we wish him the very best. >> he will be missed. so that's a good story. >> people should come out and say good-bye. >> sunday, the 25th, he wants everybody to come out. >> thank you, victoria. if you need a reason to start walking or get outside some more, we have one more
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y about me giving f nehaving a hais change becky hman's wife 53:30- we were planning or lives together, y know where we're gy're taking it day ch needed time togearing earthman withscharfe 39:42-53 "obviously him. i mean there o up to him know that's fine. i knnigs are on a bre but hg about being back in the n 23:47ve up." one thend of every baseba to the fans. he won this y. as eason to start walside moren is back next with cisco. welcome back, everyone. we're in the busy newsroom right now and all this while wonderful little cisco here has been such a good boy. let me tell you more about cisco because he's very sweet. he's 10 years old. he's a chihuahua mix available for adoption at the foothills animal shelter. he came about a week ago from one of the shelter's great transfer partners. cisco is a very happy guy that really likes walks. he's affectionate and very
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type of home. don't let his age fool you. he still has a lot of love to give. because of his age he's a very relaxed and well mannered guy who would make a great snuggle buddy. cisco can be adopted for $80. what a steal of a deal! that's a bargain, such a great pet for $80 and this fee includes his neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip and health check. smile into hopefully he can be part of your family. you can contact foothills animal shelter. he's continue years old chihuahua mix available to go home already. right, cisco? jonathan and kim, with weather like today where it's kind of cold, right, it's cool, kind of gloomy outside you need somebody to snuggle with. i think cisco is your guy. >> yeah. we wear he smiles. >> he's got like a personality.
4:58 pm
snaggle tooth. he's been on her lap all this while. he's been such a good boy. i think he would do well in any family. >> he deserves a good home. thank you. >> cisco has a good smile, a good yawn, got it all going on. >> he's a good dog, especially on a day like today. >> heading inside have a friend with you. that's going to do it for us. >> 9news at 5:00 is next. you got to wait another half hour here. next at 5:00 from crushed grapes to crush wine.
4:59 pm
>> a semi crashes through a winery in bailey leaving behind only pieces of a building and everything inside. >> also ahead the game will go on. less than a week after dozens of legacy high school players and their coaches were involved in a deadly school bus crash at dia the team will play at homecoming. >> and the toy hall of fame finalists have been announced. one goes to prove it doesn't have to be designed to be a toy at all next on 9news. >> this is 9news. it's supposed to be 80 degrees or thereabouts on september 13th, the high today mid-60s. that's in the metro area. in rocky mountain national park there is snow as witnessed by the park's longs peak camera. the summit of pikes peak, also a place where winter paid an early visit, the top of the
5:00 pm
temperatures there around 20 degrees. clouds have been the order of the day for the most part in the metro area of we've seen a drop -- area. we've seen a drop to 30 degrees since sunday. kathy joins us with a little rain. >> i'm at the ready with my red umbrella in case it does rain out here. calm winds and we definitely have cloud cover intact, some areas of fog. the sun made it out for a short time. we warmed into the dia, 56 idaho springs of wind have been gusty over some of the hier passes and east of denver. higher hidity has meant some of you have seen drizzle off and on along with patchy dense fog. showers are rolling off the foothills west towards the east, southeast, a pocket of heavier rain outside castle rock with the thunder and lightning threat increasing. those headed south out of the denver metro area will run into scattered showers during the start of the evening drive.


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