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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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the job by one of his brothers in uniform... is ready to lay her case to rest. we'll talk about a multimillion dollar settlement. when the word diet in schools- raises questions about unhealthy options... the big debate fizzing in colorado schools today. and a major closure could block your morning drive... and your evening drive... and your mornign drive again tomorrow. crews had to close down part of u-s 6. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- some thunderstorms and severe weather could be on the radar later today. right now- u-s 6 at i-70 out toward
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down... and you won't be able to use it all day. crews are doing emergency repairs on the i-70 overpass bridge today and tomorrow on the eastbound side. a truck carrying a crane hit the bridge on sunday. highway 6 will stay closed from five a-m until nine p-m today and extended closures are necessary for safety and material delivery. late last night- another truck hit a pole under an i-70 overpass. this one was at i-70 and peoria after ten last night. you can see the front end of the truck crushed against a support pillar... one person was seriously injured. the truck appeared to be hauling some sort of equipment. denver investigators are
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suspicious death in the montbello neighborhood. it's the second time someone died within a one mile area in two days.
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east andrews drive last night- after a woman was found dead. one neighbor says the woman's husband is a fellow pastor. denver police have not released details about a suspect at this time. the widow of a lakewood police officer killed by "friendly fire" in 20- 12... is ready to put the case to rest. tami davies agreed to settle with the city of lakewood for three and a half million dollars. agent james davies died - when a fellow officer mistook him for a suspect hiding behind a fence. the officer was cleared of wrongdoing for the deadly shooting. in exchange for the lawsuit dismissal- davies' attorney says she'll drop her federal civil lawsuit. the lawsuit said the shooting was "the inevitable conclusion to a series of preventable acts and omissions." cinemark has officially dropped its legal fight to make victims of the aurora theater shooting pay legal fees. the company owns the century theater in aurora
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injured in 20-12. victims and their families of the shooting unsuccessfully tried suing the theater... they said the theater didn't do enough to protect against the mass shooting. in may- a jury ruled in favor of cinemark... and the chain was looking to re-coop 700 thousand dollars in legal costs. cinemark withdrew the request after the victims all agreed not to appeal the verdict. it's something we haven't seen in seven years: diet soda in colorado high schools. but the drinks could be making a "comeback"-- depending on what the state board of education decides tonight. 9news reporter tarhonda thoam is here with more . tarhonda-- they could lift the ban on diet soda in high schools. yes, corey. that could happen. and not everyone's happy about it. the state of colorado created its healthy beverage policy in 2009-- before the federal government did. but, now, there's a lot of confusion. ..and there could be a change in the policy the colorado association of school boards says-- right now -- districts have to comply with two different sets of regulations. so-- they'd like some clarification
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"live well colorado" is completely against allowing diet soda in high schools. they say-- the drinks have no nutritional value... and can steer kids away from healthier choices like water and milk. still-- the state board is concerned with too many and differing regulations imposed by federal and state. tonight-- they'll take a vote on whether to lift that ban... and clairfy the rules surrounding diet soda and colorado high schools. the state board is scheduled to talk about this-- in their meeting, this morning.
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broncos linebacker brandon marshall says he
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injustice... and denver's police chief says- they're trying to address the problems. on tuesday, denver's police chief met with marshall... who chose to kneel during the national anthem in thursday's game. the chief says- he was happy to hear from an outside voice who can help connect with the community. before the meeting, marshall asked his twitter followers what they wanted him to address with the chief. since then- he has retweeted several people supporting his protest but hasn't tweeted about the actual discussion.
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several high profile u-s olympic athletes has been stolen-- by hackers-- according to the world anti-doping agency. included on the list: gymnast simone biles and the williams sisters. a hacking group from russia posted the records of athletes "thereputic use exemptions" --- which allow athletes to use substances that are banned if there is a verified medical need. the international olympic committee says none of the athletes targeted by the hack broke any rules. vice presidential canidate tim kaine's personal cell phone number appears to have been released-- in the latest dump of files tied to the democratic national convention hack. personal information, including the work cell phone numbers, personal e-mail addresses and personal cell phone numbers of top white house workers are also included. this morning, the information has not been verified-- but to date, all the other information released in this hack has been
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edward snowden will appear by video from russia, at a press conference in new york city. today is the launch of a campaign urging president obama to pardon snowden. the movement is supported by the a-c-l-a, amnesty international, human rights watch, and others. the new head of the biggest library in the world... will be able to add a special entry to the history books about- herf. swearing in is extra special. oprah is losing with weight watchers... unfortuately it's her money that's melting away... how much she's lost since becoming a big investor. and- stop feeding the cats. just stop it. the neighbors looking for a mysterious woman attracting cats- and other
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and killed a 12 year old boy will come down. crews plan to disassemble the gazebo... then a chicago arts organization will display it to call attention to police shootings there and elsewhere. 12 year old tamir rice died in 20-14... when an officer mistook his pellet gun for a real weapon. the gazebo became a symbol in the protest movement over the killings of black men by police. the city of cleveland gave ownership of the gazebo to the mi pans to loan the structure out... deconstruction of the gazebo will last through next week. today- the largest library in the world will get a new librarian... and her appointment is one for the history books. today chief justice john roberts will swear in the new head of the library of congress. carla hayden will be the first female and first african american to serve as the librarian of congress. the library first
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year old was the c-e-o of the library system in baltimore... she's known for keeping the libraries open after the unrest in the city following freddie gray's death last year. losing with weight watchers- isn't always a win. oprah winfrey is calling for changes- starting at the top... if she's going to gain back millions. but first, lets check in with marty and becky. denver's mayor said
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now he wants to put the city's money where his moth is. mayor michael hancock is asking for five million dollars in next year's budget to address the rising cost of living in the city. he wants to build or preserve six thousand units... reserved for income restrictions and people who can't pay the higher downtown prices. the goal is to help people afford to live near where they work. leah thompson works at a downtown hospital and says the new upgrade. the mayor is also hoping to create a
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through a tax hike and developer's fees. the council is now considering the mayor's budget requests for affordable housing funding. when oprah first put her weight behind weight watchers- stocks in the company nearly doubled and optimism was high. but- now some of those diet company hopes and dreams are fading... and oprah is losing money. the media mogul owns 12 percent of weight watchers shares- making her the third biggest investor in the company. and she's lost about 117 million dollars on the even more yesterday when the company announced plans to replace its c-e-o. oprah plans to have a hand in picking the new top executive. frontier airlines is the worst in the country- when it comes to getting to the gate on time. frontier managed to get just over 60 percent of its flights to the gate within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time in july. that's according to our news partners at the denver
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problems with a contractor providing ramp services for frontier at d-i-a. frontier got the worst marks in the country- but jetblue is the least punctual at d-i-a. the airline that arrives on time the most - is alaska airlines. of the largest airlines - delta did the best - followed by united - southwest and american. let's check in with marty. cute, roll-y... and not old enough to bite your face off.
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bite your face off. just the way panda cubs should be. coming up, why this little guy is getting a lot of
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woman is roaming a neighborhood in san antonio- breaking the law. her crime: feeding stray cats. it to stop. people are resorting to chalk sidewalk messages- asking the mystery woman to "stop feeding the cats." they a woman in her 50s drives up in a red car- and leaving behind piles of cat food and canned food. neighbors say- it's making a mess in the area. neighbors say the
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raccoons, ants, rats... and the cats are starting to live in nearby yards waiting for the woman to arrive. anyone caught feeding strays in texas could get a ticket. for your daily "awwww" moment... this video of a panda cub in china is getting a lot of clicks today- as it tries really hard to turn over. the five week old female panda is crunching repeatedly on its back. the panda cub doesn't have a name yet... but she is one of a pair of twins born last month. moms and dads- would you allow your kids to wear ripped jeans to school. in the next half hour students in washington are planning a protest
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a multi million dollar deal will put the kay of an officer killed by friendly fire to re. before she moves on. one candidate is getting ready to return from a break while the other is getting ready to return to colorado . we'll update you on the campaigns for more presidential candidates. she was the one that everybody said you need to know about sue and see what she's doing she's the driving force in this school. >> heros we continued to with the teacher changing the culture of class through music how she's making a difference in our community. good morning everyone.
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off today. marty joins us though, marty we could see showers maybe even a little hail, ha? >> a little bit of hail today. we is have a marginal risk for severe weather. looks like two separate rounds of showers a weaker one perhaps at lunch time in a few spots and then again later this after anyone and what we would consider a more tradition all- time of day. this is the time of year where our viewers and users just come up big for us david in the independence pass area showing us just the magesty of central colora a the color there. still a lot of green going we aren't at peak in that part of the state. high clouds are over us right now. thunderstorms have been affecting parts of colorado especially moderate to heavy rain though and those showers still going at a good clip and we also have storms going just in the northwest of colorado up around utah some moderate to heavy rain there so we do have instability in the region and that should create a one or two


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