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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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off today. marty joins us though, marty we could see showers maybe even a little hail, ha? >> a little bit of hail today. we is have a marginal risk for severe weather. looks like two separate rounds of showers a weaker one perhaps at lunch time in a few spots and then again later this after anyone and what we would consider a more tradition all- time of day. this is the time of year where our viewers and users just come up big for us david in the independence pass area showing us just the magesty of central colora a the color there. still a lot of green going we aren't at peak in that part of the state. high clouds are over us right now. thunderstorms have been affecting parts of colorado especially moderate to heavy rain though and those showers still going at a good clip and we also have storms going just in the northwest of colorado up around utah some moderate to heavy rain there so we do have instability in the region and that should create a one or two
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around noon time and then later in the day it's the later storms that have the better opportunity of giving us moderate to heavy rain. it is going to be warmer today with midday breaks in the overcast and temperatures move into the 70s. marty we've got a big alert for anybody traveling along those rtd lines they've been doing emergency repairs at the h line between yale or from yale to colorado. those have been finished it's really created some major delays. the lines are affected not only the h lines but f and e lines as well so be aware as you head out and about. this is a look at 225 a spot where we aren't seeing too many problems this morning 225 and mississippi looking really good a few more of you are getting out on the roads so that slows folks down but right now great speeds in the 60s. it's a 10 minute drive between i70 and i25 this morning.
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like to keep it, but i doubt it stays that way but we'll take it while we've got it. >> enjoy it right now yes, becky thank you. we do have a traffic alert lasting now through rush hour and the next couple of days. u.s. 6 at i70 near golden is closed and it will not reopen until tonight at 9:00 and then close for the same time period tomorrow. crews are doing emergency repairs on the i70 eat owned overpass bridge. a truck carrying a crane hit the bridge on are necessary for safety and material delivery. the city of lakewood is going to pay $3.5 million to the widow of a police officer who was killed by friendly fire. the two sides reached that settlement 9 news is here with more and the officer from lakewood pd. >> reporter: yes he was killed by fellow lakewood police officer. that officer was never charged but there was a lawsuit about the entire tragic incident.
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federal suit. it alleged police in competence and said that the shooting could have been prevented. tammy davies agreed to drop that lawsuit and in exchange the city of lakewood will pay a settlement of $3.5 million. the officer was responding to a kill of shots fired in november of 2012 and as he was behind a fence a fellow officer mistook him for the suspect and shot. officer davies leaves behind a wife and two children. review of the incident found several mistakes by the lakewood police officer and the department admits to those mistakes corey? for a second time in two days, denver homicide detectives are working a case in the montbello neighborhood. they searched a home on east andrews drive tuesday night after a woman was found dead. one neighbor says the woman's husband is a fellow pastor. >> my faith is checking. we all need to stay strong but
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through it. we will get through it. >> denver police have not released details about a potential suspect at this time. police are investigating it as a possible homicide. after two days in the hospital, two legacy high school coaches are going to be back home this morning and they are back home this morning, coach matt krupa is in the hospital following sunday's fatal school bus crash at dia. head ac another coach kyle rider were able to leave denver health on tuesday. the coaches and several players were taken to hospitals sunday night after their bus driver crashed the bus. she was killed in the accident. the school does plan to play its homecoming football game on friday night. the teams defensive coordinator will serve as the interim coach. a school bus driver at maryland risked her own life diving into fire and thick black smoke to save her student passengers. here is a look at the burning
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this happened there were 20 elementary school students on board when the fire started. the bus driver renita smith says it started with a brake problem and the fire spread quickly and within minutes the bus was covered in flames. the mother of two got all the kids off and climbed back inside to make sure she didn't leave anyone behind. she went into mommy mode she says. >> i unbuckled my seat belt and opened my door and got my babies off the bus. the biggest reward are safe because whenever i'm driving any school they are my children until i drop them to their parents. >> smith says she didn't realize how bad it really was until she watched the video later and in vet it gators are trying to figure out what started the fire she is amazing. well about a dozen homes in grand county evehicle waited because of a small wildfire. firefighters don't think the five acre fire will threaten
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gorewood subdivision. emergency agencies juan people in three mile area to be ready to leave just in case so far no damage and no injuries. tropical storm julia slamming florida's east coast this morning. the storm formed off the coast late last night and already caused serious damage. you can see this damaged gas station near jacksonville that lost a chunk of its aning in the high wind and rain. now the storm is threatening homes along east florida and southern georgia. much of the area is under a ic isolated tornadoes are possible along the coat and forecasts are calling for four to six inches of rain. soggy couple of weeks in that part of the country. more than 40,000 households without power today in southern taiwan. the super typhoon is toppling signs and cut power lines. forecasters in taiwan reported wind speeds of more than 130 miles an hour with gusts above
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visibility is better here in the front range from the denver area to the north today. it does not appear we'll have that mist and fog hanging in in several areas especially from boulder to loveland and fort collins where we had it yesterday so that's a bit of an improvement however if you you travel south of monument hill things are in in northern el paso county so i25 and highway 24 both of those areas have thick fog and that will list for at least another hour an if you're traveling. we have thunderstorms to the south and northwest. we could see one or two isolated showers here during the early part of the day afternoon i should say especially around lunch time thunderstorms will reform in central and southwestern colorado during the afternoon and we make it into the 70s today before storms start to transition to the front range and we could see a few moderate to heavy storms in just a few neighborhoods today. >> marty thank you much.
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clinton is set to resume campaigning tomorrow. she's been taking a few days off after a doctor ordered her to rest. she as you know was diagnosed with pneumonia last week but kept campaigning anyway. on sunday, she felt ill and stumbled at a 9/11 memorial service in new york. she cancelled campaign stops in california earlier this week and was supposed to be in las vegas today. her husband former president bill clinton will be in her place. donald trump week planning a campaign stop in colorado springs saturday night. he's offering tickets on his website for an event near the airport. last time trump was in colorado springs was in july. he criticized the fire marshall for capping attendance which could be a problem again this weekend and el paso county republican chairman calls saturday's venue "intimate." the employees from a denver company connected to hillary
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again. decided to say not anything to members of the congress. two technicians from platte river networks were asked to testify on their i-t had services but they cited their fifth amendment routes and didn't answer questions. the company has already answered questions cooperating with the fbi and other agencies. new yorks attorney general plans to investigate donald trump's charitable foundation. he says he's looking into whether the donald j. trump foundation followed state laws for nopr thinks there was some in pro pry" but the attorney general is also a democrat who endorsed hillary clinton. trump criticized the clinton foundation for the way it did business in the past the annual list of top college picks is out. colorado did not get high marks. we're going to talk about where they rank compared to the rest of the country. going to school with ripped jeans is in but the school isn't so happy about it. students planning apparent approved protest.
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it is heros week this week and
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more people are choosing colorado state university for their education. csu set a new record for had enrollment with more than 33,000 students. the school set a record for freshman enrollment this year just last week cu boulder also broke an enrollment record for fr popularity colorado schools didn't get top marks in the annual college rankings from u.s. news and world report. princeton took the top spot followed closely by harvard. the yearly survey ranks more than 18,000 schools across the u.s.. no colorado school broke the top 50. the colorado school of minds came in 82nd, university of denver 86th, cu was 92 and csu was 129th. denver start up week continues this week is kind of
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businesses and today, it's the midway point. sessions today include branding, marketing, recovering from founding miss takes and organizers are pretty impressed with the turn out and they are hoping for even more growth over the next couple of years. sessions are free and open to the public through friday. they are expecting more than 10,000 people to take part. not quite as socked in locally as we were yesterday but as i mentioned a few moments agut hill we do have dense fog in el paso county. be careful if you're headed south in the next hour to hour and a half. for us this morning a bit of sun, a midday you shower and late day thunderstorm as well and some hail is possible in these storms coming up today. hard to talk about storms when you're looking so much like fall, great looking colors right now and remember, if you you want to see all of the images that we're getting go to
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main page on 9 news and click on the colorado link right there in that black navigation bar. we're taking another look at sixth avenue this morning as everybody there is traveling the very far right lane or at least the right shoulder we've got lane closures due to bridge work that's going to be going on and that's going to be through most of the day so expect some delays along sixth avenue. right now speeds are looking good we've averaging resulting in an eight to nine minute drive between golder and i25 and if it does start to get more congested and you want to take an alternate route coalfax is a great option for you. metro wide we still have a lot of green no major issues except for the stall out along i70 and
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before we show you this video from arizona we want you to know all three officers are recovering. take a look at surveillance cameras caught early tuesday morning getting a lot of shares online today. three phoenix officers were standing outside when another driver you plowed into them. one officer flew several feet in the air. that officer was on his first day on the job and had a head injury. another officer broke a leg and the third officers injuries were minor. that officer is the one who actually made the arrest and the driver has been charged with three counts of attempted first degree murder and police think he did target the
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a woman in florida might lose the house she's been living in for decades because it's up in a tree. this 65 year old purple haired flower child says she's called her tree house home for 25 years. there's a room for her, her pets a fountain and a pool but a neighbor complained saying she's running a commune. at lost eight people live in the ground in the main house and has over 100 days to get it up to code or get out. if mom says it's okay students at a school in washington are planning a protest over jeans. here is the style getting them into trouble now that school is back in session. you might remember the recurring trend of ripped jeans. many people had a pair at some point. the school's problem with the pants no skin is allow today show above mid thigh. students say ripped jeans are in and their parents okay the style. >> my principal came up to me and said that i have to cover
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something isn't appropriate she wouldn't wear it. >> if i get dress coded i'm going to stand up for whoever is going to get dress coded. >> a group of students organized a protest on social media called free the thigh. they are all planning to wear the ripped jeans to school today and take the consequences. the school plans to keep enforcing the dress code policy. marty admit it you've had ripped jeans? >> yeah, but not on purpose. [laughter] >> just old, walk boy a nail and grab them, no i don't have them on purpose. around here this morning we have high clouds over the area, we have much better visibility than we've seen the last couple of days, larry pierce with a great shot of the fall colors we have going on here. thunderstorms continuing down south near ratone pass, trinidad and out to our west. for us a few clouds here and there think morning and some late morning clearing and i could see a brief shower around
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storms late in the afternoon and during the evening. right now looks like the later storms will be a little bit stronger and won't affect everyone. if you do get rain there will be small pockets of moderate to heavy rain because we do have some instability today there is an opportunity for some hail shafts in a few neighborhoods around the front range so use that 9 news app and track the storms with your interactive radar. 80s for us today with 70s in down through the springs through southern colorado eastern plains and through the mountains and west good to see some rain forecast in western colorado we still have some active wildfires going there. rain amounts will be best from the front range to the west and actually taper off a bit as you go east. 70s in the mountains 70s and low 80s for us down here on the plains. 76 today a brief clearing here in the morning and a light
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afternoon or early evening and then we wrap those up actually clear a bit tonight. good looking day tomorrow smaller chance for rain 74 degrees one or two storms friday and then we move everything into the foothills and toward monument hill saturday it gets warm and dry to start out next week. nice dry start to our drive this morning as well. no major issues at least just yet on the roads this is a look at i25 up near 84th no big rush hour jams going on. right now we've got a lot of green showing up on the map. we do out to our west have one stall that's going to be out along i70 westbound. on that north end of town, some minor slowdowns as you're approaching downtown but northbound i25 from i70 to e470 we've got speeds averaging 66 miles per hour it's a 13 minute drive as you head the other way southbound i25 from e470 down
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the 60s that drive takes you 12 minutes. i25 coming in from the south end looking at great speeds in the 60s that is a 13-14 minute drive for us this morning and so far so good we'll have another update coming up. becky thank you. bill murray a fuzzy four legged animal a day repeated over and over again. it's 6:26 we'll talk about a 90s comedy classic that's
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heros, they are the people who protect us, the people who care for us, and the people who many times inspire us. this morning we're recognizing the heros who taught us and are teaching our kids today. sue morgan, for instance is passing the passion of music on at berry hill elementary school and she's been there nearly 30 years. before the first student arrives in school she makes an hour drive to teach a very special class and it's on her every student from kindergarten to sixth grade can join in, 150 students are in the orchestra and another 150 in the choir. she is definitely doing her part to make sure that music does not fade for generations to come. >> i just want them to walk out of this room having experienced
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>> she is more into her very special program and highlight her great work, and highlight the great work of so many other teachers coming up in the next hour. teacher help shape who we become as we grow up so we want to see the stories of your favorite teachers. >> here is what some of the people have been saying this morning. we've been getting lots of reaction on social media. apparently teachers have really touched a lot of people and that's true of not of us. >> absolutely i had had a teacher who was my art teacher and i was not great at special and all my art work was great and you could tell she really cared about each student as a person not just a grade or the art it that they were so i always remember her. >> yeah and i mentioned mr. cross earlier he was our theatre director and i was involved with a lot of that. a lot of people didn't like him because he was very tough and demanding but they learned so
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be your friend and friend inside the class and outside of the class. >> i love that and all of these long stories of people that remember a certain teacher or teachers and what they did for them and why they remember them so keep those coming. use the hash tag be on 9 if you're going to tweet us or go to our facebook page as well. >> glad to see so many wonderful teachers out there because they don't get near the publicity they deserve or the money they deserve. here is a look from as the sun is just starting to come up this morning i guess. >> black. >> still pretty dark out there. forced to quit his job after his cancel battle became too much. a tennessee teacher gets his spirits lifted up by the students he means so much to. that awesome story coming up at 6:26. we'll take a break and come back in just a couple minutes
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two deaths in the montbello neighborhood in less than a day. police are on scene of what they call a two deaths in the montbello neighborhood in less than a day. police are on scene of what they call a possible suspicious death just two miles away from where another body was found monday night. she was in charge of the department that created more than 2 million bank and permission. this morning she's leaving wells fargo with a major pay day. should diet soda be allowed in colorado high school today the state board of education decides but before that we want to know what you think should it be banned? head to now to let your voice be heard. >> we'll be taking that poll in just a few minutes good morning everyone. things quite a bit cooler in the metro area tuesday. boy i'll tell you what we are freezing at our house yesterday. >> it was a cold one.


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