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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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kind of exemplifies a cowboy mentality. >> the officer's widow told us in a statement better training and monitoring officers who engage in deadly force is needed. one person is dead, two others are hurt after a shooting at a senior housing facility in cheyenne this morning. the suspect was found a couple of miles away. the 77-year-old took his own life as officers got close to him. police have not released any information on what led up to the shooting. we could see rain in the metro area tonight. meteorologist danielle grant is in the 9 backyard. we are already seeing a few showers here and there. >> reporter: they are really pushing into the foothills. the gusty winds are rolling into the metro area as are the darker clouds. you can see the view outside at our station, the clouds are sitting over much of downtown denver. the winds are picking up. but surprisingly, our temperatures have been so warm today. in fact, what a difference a day makes.
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here in the denver area. we are at 83 now. out at the airport, 60s and 70s across the eastern plains and cooler air trying to sneak in. as far as the threat for severe storms, that will be out there later this afternoon and into this evening so i don't think we are completely out of the woods just yet. on hd doppler 9, there are showers and thunderstorms firing up across portions of the san juans, the north western corner. we had a few severe storms across southeast colorado. os here in town, nothing yet, but if you look to the west, there are the showers and the thunderstorms pushing through possibly within the next hour or so making their way to the north and to the east. throughout this evening, a line forming right there around 7:00 p.m. from sterling southward to limon and across southeast colorado. we will have maybe another little band pushing through around 10:00 and 11:00 and everything moving out. so storms will be possible throughout this evening. tomorrow will be featuring some cooler temperatures.
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wait until you see the weekend. we have warmer temperatures. it will feel like summer out there. fantastic forecast to come. guys? >> that's great news. >> uh-huh. we'll take it. >> absolutely. >> we have had a little bit of an up and down and up and down. >> a reminder that it is september and we are transitioning. >> we are transitioning. that will be a popular word. >> segway, we are trying. >> we are taking the warm weather when we can get it. >> and mother nature has been good on the yes. it knows. thanks danielle. a high-flying defense sometimes comes at a price aside from all the contracts. two denver broncos have to pay for hits on cam newton during last thursday's game in denver. brandon marshall was fined for a helmet to helmet hit in the third quarter. there was no penalty call. darian stewart fined 18 grand for his helmet hit in the
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didn't think he should have been. newton passed in the concussion tests. another topic is getting the lion's share of attention this week. he sat down with denver police about what he called social injustice and why he has chosen to kneel in the national anthem. he said i did it for social injustice. my intent was not to offend anyone but and crate a dialogue. in the last week, i have had a lot of productive conversations with people i respect including the chief of the denver police department. i also had a lot of time to personally reflect on important issues like race and gender inquality and the treatment of our military veterans, our relationship with law enforcement. education for our youth and many more. but it is clear there is more work to be done.
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this starts with me. the chief said yesterday marshall asked about the use of force and why it feels like sometimes police are not held accountable for his actions. he said that is what marshall is asking and what the entire country is asking. was that action necessary? white respects marshall's right to kneel during the national anthem, but he in no way endorses it. the littleton police department is the latest to join officers dealing with mental health issues. nick mcgill explains. >> reporter: we have seen it play out before. a local police department in a standoff with someone who has been labeled mentally unstable. >> we fry to call him back. we get voice mail. >> reporter: now the littleton police department says it is better equipped to handle those
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>> reporter: commander hal with the littleton police saying their new coresponder program does just that. >> one of the biggest things police officers have is their communication ability. communicating with these people to get to a safe location where there is a conversation. >> reporter: first officers train in crisis techniques arrive at the scene and work to calm a situation down. then a mental health specialist is called in to further assess and provide support. working to treat the root of a problem as opposed to just throwing someone in jail or leaving them in a situation where the problem could turn violent. >> just going there into crisis mode is not solving the root of the problem. that is where mental health resources could be a factor. >> what happens to that individual who may be struggling with mental health issues or struggle abuse? >> reporter: all health networks, the group working on the program with police, say so far this year, they have been able to help dozens of people get mental health resources
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them otherwise. >> we don't want to resort to that. we want the least restrictive approach. >> reporter: in littleton, nick mcgill, 9news. >> the coresponder program is funded by a $350,000 grant that all health network says will last two years. after that, they hope the grant is extended. we want to go to is a scene now over sky 9 over highway 6 at i-70 headed toward golden right now. the highway is partially closed today and tomorrow. they have been telling us about this. they need to do some repairs to the i-70 overpass, that bridge, because it was damaged during an accident over the weekend. and, some of the materials were only available and they actually needed crews to do it during the daytime hours. still, never convenient. >> no. absolutely not. >> for anyone. right? so they just warned everyone. find another way to get around. as we mentioned this is highway 6 at the interchange of i-70.
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really those headed westbound affected. i happen to kind of go in that general area usually every day. did feel like a lot of people took notice and found another way. there's, you know, there's backups. >> if you were headed home sunday. >> it is not as horrible as expected. >> if you were headed home sunday, you might remember how bad the traffic was. i was stuck in the traffic not realizing how bad it was just to get from i-70 onto 6 and all the cars being diverted onto highway. but bridge repairs are necessary. a little annoying for some people. but i think they will get over it at some point and move on. >> and we want stable bridges. this is through 9:00 p.m. tonight. they will do work tomorrow and we believe it will be most of the day until tomorrow. we will keep you posted. cdot usually lets us know in advance if they finish up early. but in case for some reason you did not know, you do not want to go in that direction folks. find another way. there are other ways to get where you are going.
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discussion is about medical records. hillary clinton's doctor says she is recovering from pneumonia and remains healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. donald trump had shared a summary of his latest physical with dr. oz. in a press release, the dr. oz show says he shared medical results with a full review of the nervous system. hormone levels and family medical history. dr. oz released a clip from his interview with donald trump. >> if your help it seems, why not share your medical records? >> well, i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. [ applause ] >> i see no problem. it's ... uh ... it's two letters. one is the report and other is from the hospital. >> may i see them? >> yeah. sure. these are all the tests that were just done. >> on the democratic side, bill clinton was out campaigning for his wife today.
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she will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. her doctor confirmed today, she is healthy enough to do that. clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia last week and stumbled leaving a september 11 memorial event over the weekend. she had been criticized for hot being more forthcoming about that diagnosis. another major group is moving events out of north carolina because of a state law some say leads to discrimination against the lgbtq community. today, the atlantic coast conference announced it is moving all am academic school year. that includes a football title game set to play in charlotte in december. house bill 2 requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificates. >> i think our clear message really is our values as a conference.
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the move. no word on where they will play. high school students in colorado will soon be able to buy diet soda at school. the state board of education approved a policy change allowing it back into high schools after a seven year ban. diet sodas were banned from high schools in 2009 when colorado approved the healthy beverage policy. the revised policy will still seek to restrict unhealthy beverages from being sold during after school activities for all grade effect by the 2017-2018 school year. they could start before if the districts are able to implement the change before them. people gathered on highway 285 in jefferson county today to dedicate a stretch of the highway just like other stretches of other highways have been dedicated for other people. as we drive by the signs, we don't recall the stories behind the names. this time, we wanted to make sure you knew the story. >> sacrifice before self.
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there, and, that is what sergeant renfro was all about. >> reporter: jefferson county community wanted to honor not only one of their best deputies ... >> he put service above self. >> reporter: they wanted to honor one of their best people. >> together, we all celebrated a little good that comes from an incredibly tragic death of a great man. >> reporter: sergeant shawn renfro was struck by a car on a snowy day in january of off duty on highway 285 moments after he helped a stranded family involved in a crash get into his own truck. >> we are humbled by this honor, we know shawn would be humbled as well. he died doing what he loved and what he believed god called him to do. >> reporter: from here out, this section of highway 285 will be the shawn p. renfro memorial highway. >> reporter: we hope this sign
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pass by, the man he was, of his service to his community, and most of all to everyone who sees it to drive safely. >> sergeant renfro leaves behind a wife and four kids. the man who hit him spent time in jail. >> nice to know when we see the signs to remember. know the story. remember his family. that grieves every day. two pack llamas have been over a month. crews just really are not so sure what to do about it. >> they are tough. >> stranded llamas. and they are not that nice. this is near durango. the llamas dawson and chai were there with women who needed to be rescued. they had to set the llamas free. the women were rescued.
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vegetation. that's stuff. >> they are hardy. >> yeah. at the very least. so ... >> they might spit at you if you ... they spend to spit. >> we have seen what they can do. >> maybe eventually they will come around. a group of olympians proves hackers don't discriminate. >> and history is being made in
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>> volunteers this afternoon are here to answer your quest about consumer issues and contracts. 303-698-0999. the lines are open until 5:30 tonight. stocks ended the day modestly lower after three s&p 500 fell a point, the nasdaq climbed 18.5. hackers don't discriminate. the world anti-doping agency says hackers broke into a data base and stole information about famous athletes. the agency says the hackers are from a russian group called the fancy bears.
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are allowed to use because of a verified medical need. biles medical records were stolen. she did not break any rules. the international olympic committee says none of the athletes targeted violated any doping ordinances. facebook is setting up shop in new mexico. they announced today they picked new mexico over utah for a new data center. it is because of questions about a tax break deal worth hundreds of millions facebook plans to build just south of albuquerque. they agreed to give up all property taxes for 30 year ins exchange for annual payments starting at $50,000 and topping out at under $500,000. it is a great day for some, and a frustrating one for others. some apple users are running into installation problems trying to download the latest ios10 mobile operating system. people were posting on immediate that the update process fails for some people.
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asking them to plug into a pc or mac for a complete restore. the issue has been fixed so it should be safe to update, but seriously, be sure to backup your device. samsung says it has a partial fix. no full recharge. the phones have been catching fire. a software update will limit the battery charges to 60% to help to prevent them from overheating. this update is available in the states. samsung has said if the fix will make the phones permanently safe to use, they have not said that earlier this week. the faa issued a warning asking people not to use the phones on planes. a woman who oversees thousands of pages of american history is now making history herself. chief justice john roberts swore dr. carla haden in as the
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dr. haden is the first woman, the first african-american person in that role. only the third librarian to hold the title in the institution's 260 year history. >> people of my race were once punished with lashes and worse for learning to read. and, as of the descendent for people denied the right to read to now have the opportunity to serve and now lead the institution that is the national symbol of knowledge is a historic moment. >> the library of congress houses over 162 million items covering about 838 million miles of bookshelves. imagine that. imagine that. all those miles. >> good for her though. that's awesome. >> a big day. it is a big question in colorado across the western u.s. does fracking cause earthquakes? >> one reporter took a tour
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earthquakes in texas are up 1,000%. does fracking cause earthquakes? david checkner in dallas went to find out. >> okay. are you holding on? >> yeah. >> okay. ly hold onto you. i don't know about this. >> reporter: my name is david, i'm a veteran reporter and now, i work for you. the road to get their questions answered. and you are coming along for the ride. this is verify road trip. in the last five years, earthquakes in texas are up 1,000%. the spike in quakes here mirrors the rise of hydraulic fracturing. it is the new way to drill for
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earthquakes. the question is, does fracking cause earthquake ins. >> ready to go? >> ready to go. >> reporter: misha coleman is a mother of two who came on the road to ask her own questions and come to her own conclusions about fracking and earthquakes. >> it's a good idea economically to keep drilling state side. but, you know, what is it doing to our environment? >> are you worried about that? >> yeah. that concerns me. >> reporter: to understand texas earthquakes better, we are not starting in te hour trip to oklahoma. >> reporter: compared to texas, oklahoma has more fracking and more earthquakes. >> early morning wakeup call. >> the rumble felt more than four hours away. >> a long sustained quake. >> reporter: just this month, a large oklahoma quake shook the
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to illinois. this latest quake was only slightly bigger than the previous state record set in 2011. mary and joe were home for that one when their chimney collapsed onto the roof. >> it was really strong! >> dust was flying. you could see the walls cracking. >> what was the total damage in dollars? >> our policy was $209,000. and we maxed it out >> wow. >> reporter: so here is how fracking works. drillers push fluid deep underground under very high pressure. that cracks the rock, the cracks unlock oil and gas trapped inside. the oil and gas comes up to the surface. >> you think it is directly related to the fracking? >> yeah, i think it is. i think it caused it. >> reporter: is that true?
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state seismologist. >> so, this is our study here. >> reporter: he showed us this highly sensitive earthquake monitoring system. it sends feedback from the field to the office instantly. >> so, if we shake around here, we will see this thing moving. >> get it in. >> there it goes. yeah. >> oh wow, look at that. >> the question was, does >> the absolute answer to that is yes. fracing does cause earthquakes. but, earthquakes that you will never feel. >> reporter: earthquakes you will never feel, he said, because they are so tiny. but oklahomans like mary and joe are certainly feeling some big ones. so, if it is not fracking, what is it? >> the new hypothesis is that it is not fracking, but, waste water disposal.
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it brings massive amounts of water that is too dirty to drink. they inject the water back underground into waste water disposal wells. the wells can cause earthquakes. oklahoma is trying to cut down on earthquakes by cutting down on injection wells. >> why do you think they implement the constraints? >> we need to come up wi living and people can feel safe in their home. >> reporter: oklahoma and the u.s. government say injection wells cause earthquakes. let's go home now and see what texas has to say. >> reporter: the texas railroad commission regulates oil and gas. >> do you deny that there is a relationship between waste
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do you deny. [ laughter ] >> >> there is no question there is correlation. there are areas where there has been some disposal wells and, in which there have been earthquakes. there are also areas where there are not correlations. the scientist in me says that cannot be enough evidence. >> reporter: in response to the quakes, texas collects more information from drillers about seismic events and the legislature has also approved $4.5 million to a reputation for being very proactive. and, what you are saying about texas is we are studying this and then we are going to come up with a solution. is there a big difference between the two states? >> we are taking different approaches because we have not seen the major up tick like they have. the correlations are not as strong. the disposal processes are different. we have to take a more different, a more analytical approach. so yeah. we don't know the answer in
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agree with oklahoma on the cause of earthquakes. but, we can all agree no matter how small, it helps to know how one feels. so last stop for us is the earthquake simulator at the museum. >> go ahead, give it a push. >> wait! wait! ? [ >> we did it! we survived! do we get a t-shirt now? >> so how do you process that? you go to oklahoma, they say injection wells are causing the quakes and texas says we don't know. >> texas may be waiting to see, you know, the science. but i think sometimes, science is catching up with what is actually happening in the
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should be doing something proactively. >> can you walk out of here and say it is verified fracking causes earthquakes? >> i will put my staff on it, david. verified. i put my stamp on it. >> i got a stamp on it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: even though texas says we need more science, misha has seen enough to be convinced. she now believes waste water injection wells, part of the fracking process, quakes don't take my word for it. take hers. trinidad, colorado is one area that often experiences earthquakes in our state. the quakes there spiked when a bunch of deep waste water injection wells were distilled. it is not necessarily fracking but how the waste water is dealt with. these wells essentially prime the ground for earthquakes. it is fascinating. >> uh-huh. >> still more research i think.
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that's the thing. all right. we are expecting more rain, we have seen it on and off this week. not too much. but, we are going to bet more before we get to the weekend.
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>> and so, it goes. it's a little chilly the clouds are out in the morning. it's foggy. and then, the sun comes out and then ... it is another day. >> danielle, as you join us now, you have to understand in our house, we turn up the heater, then the ac, then the heater, and then the ac. >> you have turned on your heater? >> we actually did. 65 is freezing to us. >> wimpy, wimpy, wimpy! >> have you turned yours on?
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>> that's what a comforter is for, dude! >> get is extra super down. >> i like the heaterment okay? leave me alone people. gosh, they're ganging up on me. >> they shamed him. [ laughter ] >> for the rest of us, you know, maybe like a month, we will give ourselves a month. then we will crank on that heater once the temperatures start cool off. today was surprisingly nice. daytime highs in the low 80s . a glimpse of sunshine around midday. it was nice, now you can see push in. and we will be watching for a couple of stronger storms. i would say right now, the worst of it is going to be across parts of the western slope. down there toward the san juans. look at this camera in ridgeway. you can see the rain shaft in the far off distance. they are picking up the lightning. and, the heavier showers. for us, just the darker clouds. some gusty winds out there. a brief rain shower. and then, we will call it a day. you can see the wind gusts right now, really picking up
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that 20 to 30 miles an hour range. especially for watkins, stasburg, monument hill. that will be what the storms are producing the most. does look like maybe we have one or two little thunderstorms creeping in at dia. the upper 70s out there, the winds picking up out of the south, sustained at 25 miles an hour. here in the 9 backyard, feels delightful. no red umbrella needed just yet. our temperature sitting at 81. you can see what pushing in from the southwest. quickly zooming to the north and to the east. but, as i mentioned, most of the lightning, the stronger storms, are pushing in toward telluride, craig, meeker. around the metro area, we just haven't seen all that much. some light rain showers just pushing to the east of i-25. you can see maybe one particular cell just outside of the dia area. lakewood picking up on a couple of light rain showers, we have is a chance potentially for
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on tonight. you might find hail. other folks might not see any rain at all. it is going to be about location, location, location. if you are across the eastern seaboard, oh. what a mess. tropical storm julia is now sitting out there across south carolina pushing some of the bands into georgia. this system isn't going anywhere any time soon. she is going to take her time kind of fizzling out over the course of the next couple of days. but you can see widespread rain showers just pushing into the myrtle beach. they have area flood advisories and a flash flood watch in place through this evening. you can see the storm system, kind of interesting. it pushes off to the north and to the east. it gets out of the way. but this one is just going to hug tightly to the coastline for the next couple of days. unfortunately, producing an additional three to five inches toward south carolina, georgia, and even throughout parts of eastern florida too. so, this is a system that we will continue to keep a close eye on.
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are dealing with. so far, about two tenths out at dia, the average closer to a half inch thus far. weather a couple of storms tonight, tomorrow, friday. maybe we will catch up. this evening we will watch if isolated storms early on. a few clouds out there. sunrise coming at us at 6:39. you will notice our temperatures will be falling into the 50s in the eastern plains. 30s high country. so on our futurecast right now, we will be watching the showers and the thunderstorms around 6:00, 7:00, mainly toward eastern colorado. a little bit more stream in the next couple of hours or so. by 10:00, we are left with a few clouds around here, isolated showers, and, the cloud cover, the fog continues tomorrow morning across the eastern plains. kansas, and nebraska. sunny start for us. and then by 5:00, 6:00, we will be watching the front push through bringing awes few more clouds out there. possibly, another round of rain. you can see a front draped across the eastern side of the country. for us, we will get a quick one that pushes in tomorrow.
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noticely cooler temperatures. how about 74? partly cloudy skies throughout most of the day. maybe one or two isolated storms. if anything, the front will bring us cooler air and gusty winds from time to time. we will hang onto the heat in southeast colorado, keep it cool in the mountains in the 50s and the 60s . same with the foothills up and down the urban maybe four to five degrees cooler than average this time of the year. a chance of an afternoon and evening thunderstorm friday. temperature ins the low 70s , but a gradual warmup arrives just in time for the weekend. on saturday, we will have a few storms out there mainly in the mountains and the foothills around the metro area. if you have any afternoon and evening plans, any birthday parties, i think you should be just fine. low 80s on sunday. and, oh yeah. we are talk about that big broncos game. man, mother nature builds in some beautiful weather fir the
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week, a perfect time to go up to the high country, and, enjoy. we are just starting to see some pockets of color forming. trevor hughes capturing this awesome spot near the maroon belt of not only the changing colors out there, but a little bit of fresh snowfall too. you guys. it is that time. we are all about the transition. a little snow. a little warmup. >> so ... >> we are going there this weekend. >> yeah. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> well, i hope you bring 18 coats jonathan so you say nice and warm. >> his toe warmers. >> it might be 65 there. you don't know how cold it might be. [ laughter ] >> it will be a little cooler than that. but i think you will be okay. >> everybody in the studio is laughing at me. oh my gosh. >> he is not going foothill be able to tough it out any other way. it will be beautiful though. [ laughter ] >> i will try to keep the rain and the snow away just for you buddy. >> thank you. i appreciate that. if not, you get a phone call.
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see you later. all right, here is your public service announcement. stop kissing chickens. >> aw. >> yes. apparently, we actually need to tell people this. [ laughter ] the centers for disease control says more people are keeping chickens as pets which we did know. that is also increasing the risk of salmonella. cdc has reviewed 53 outbreaks since 1990. nearly half involve chickens as pets. don't kiss them people. ab people kissing their chickens. a mysterious woman keeps feeding cats in a neighborhood in san antonio, texas. the neighbors don't like it and it kind of breaks the law. >> yeah. people are resorting to chalk, sidewalk messages right now, asking that mystery woman to stop feeding the cats. neighbors say a woman in her 50s drives up and leaves behind piles of cat food and it
4:42 pm
>> people say she is merely just feeding the cats. and, trying to take care of the strays but at the same time, there are people that really don't like cats. >> stop. just stop it. >> uh-huh. well neighbors say the food is attracting raccoons and the rats as well. cats are starting to live in nearby yards waiting for the woman to adrive. feeding animals like this is illegal in texas. if the woman is ever caught, she will get a ticket. you can't do that. bring in all >> like they have pointed out, other animals eat cat food. you know. >> good point. >> and it is like anything, they don't want u to feed them. >> they will come in wait for the right time at the right food. >> happening in texas. not here. >> good point. hopefully not here. >> no. but there is a whole lot of drama going on for the broncos off the field this week. and now, they are working on what they are going to do on the field as well. >> kind of a big game going on.
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you have to see this finish from the paralympics in rio. this is the race for wheelchair athletes with no leg function. look at that finish. these people have near normal arm function. it ended in an american sweep. there's the photo finish. gold, silver, and bronze, unbelievable finish. mcfadden with 14 olympic >> yeah. >> ouch. the words of cam newton and perhaps, a couple of broncos hit with fines because of hits they made on cam. >> more on that and a look ahead to the new game. let's get out to broncos headquarters and our rod mackey. >> reporter: six days ago, the broncos hit cam newton. today, the nfl hit back. darian stewart fined more than $18,000. brandon marshall, more than 24k
4:47 pm
huddle, the season debut of the broncos huddle, we will talk about that with emmanuel sanders and chris harris jr. chris says he would prefer to play against andrew luck than cam newton. >> you don't have to do the ... the running game is totally different. he opens up the running game. he has running place for himself. and then, also, we always have the safety in the box for him. so we are a lot of times in zero coverage. so, to be able to play a guy will scramble a little bit. went through the ball almost 50 times. had a lot of chances to make plays, get interceptions. as long as we can keep them one dimensional. keep them from having to throw the ball 45 to 50 times. we could have a great chance of winning. >> luck threw for four touchdowns and nearly 400-yard ins the colts loss to the lions so perhaps chris harris shouldn't be quite so excited to see andrew luck.
4:48 pm
>> chris harris is confident. that is crucial with a good defense. >> it is. speaking of people who took a lot of big hits in their lives. slacker and steve joining us now. a lot of hits in the house. >> yeah. yes. thank you. yes. definitely. a lot of head injuries over here. it is why we are talking about, uh, sheets. >> yeah, we are talking sheets over here. >> there is a new study out saying people under there don't wash their sheets often enough. >> uh-oh. >> if you were to actually washes his sheets every week. >> every week. >> and i wait until i have spilled red wine on them or something. >> yeah. you are all nasty and stuff. if i know i'm going to have like an important date, i will definitely change all the bedding. yeah. >> my parents wash them every monday. >> as they should. >> and, like, as a married guy with kids i just don't find ... >> that is just nasty and filthy. >> we are asking you guys and you people out there in 9news
4:49 pm
your sheets? >> i'm under 30 here. i'm guilty. once a month maybe. >> get out. >> we are so lazy. >> you know how much dead skin? my mother is worried for you. my parents are obsessed. oh yeah. oh no. it is sheet day and you do your sheets. >> how often do you do it? >> once a week. sat least. and sometimes, if it feels like, no. no. ew. [ laughter ] >> dead skin. >> way to call me out. this is the attack jonathan gonzalez show. that's what this is. oh my gosh. >> all right, steve. thank goodness. i know you have an agenda, but i'm proud of you. all right, he's out. >> thanks guys. oh goodness. >> is it that bad? >> okay, whatever. that's all rightful all right. >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> get a second set. throw them in the washer.
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>> i'm still in that college mentality. >> my mom is going to call you up dude. music for every student, that is the dream of one local teacher. >> and she is determined to make it happen for students in
4:52 pm
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>> teachers are heros, one teacher in jefferson county is proving it is so much more than just a job to her. it is a passion that has made a difference for thousands students. and county. cheryl preheim takes us to sue's class. >> start. >> reporter: music connects us. it is timeless. >> one, over here. three, four. >> reporter: sue has dedicated her life to making sure it doesn't fade for generations to come. >> i'm blessed with the best students. and the best parents, support. >> stand up!
4:54 pm
generations already. >> i have been teaching about 30 years. >> sue logan is incredible. she is ... she is a complete ball of energy. [ singing ] >> reporter: she is a hero to the kids here. the heartbeat of the school, says principal don clean. >> everybody said you need to know about sue. she is the driving force in the school. >> reporter: a school but really a ly movement. these are her kids, she says. she has no children of her own. ? [ music ] ? ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: before the first student arrives, she makes an hour long drive to teach a special class before school on her own time. >> you don't see too many teachers two are willing to give up their planning period,
4:55 pm
any time before and after school. to devote to her craft. >> reporter: she started a strings program. every student, kindergarten through 6 can be a part out of the and 150 are already in orchestra and 150 more in choir. >> to walk out of this room, having experienced passion. music. >> reporter: sue is inspiring a next generation soft heros who will pass on that passion. >> that's awesome. >> and sue teaching from 7:00 to 5:00 every day. we had to talk to her during a 10 minute break for an interview. that is how hard she works. >> she also has a summer program and invites people up to her home in the mountains for a concert. share your heros with us. tell us about a teacher you
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>> as it turns out, freezing is 32 and below. not 65 and below. [ laughter ] i don't know the difference. >> you still are your heat on, i know you do. >> it will be toasting when i get home. >> people help him. >> 9news at 5:00 is next.
4:59 pm
>> next at 5:00, a river near a neighborhood in breckenridge runs orange, the same color as the gold king mine leak. the city has a plan to clean it up. a friendly fire shooting that killed a lakewood officer has ramifications for police around the country. >> also, don't pucker up to your poultry. the reason the cdc says t owners sick. next. on 9news. >> this is 9news. >> well, you may have noticed it has been warmer today. sunshine at times across the metro area, but some late summer thunderstorms could affect outdoor plans. storms are popping up along the front range. danielle is tracking possible severe weather later this
5:00 pm
few minutes. the city of lakewood has agreed to pay $3.5 million to settle a civil lawsuit in connection with a friendly fire incident that left one of that city's police officers dead. it is a decision that could have national implications. chris vanderveen obtained video from the night of shooting showing where james davies was shot. >> after more than two dozen officers responded lakewood house in a shots fired call, lakewood wanted backup as their officers tried to clear a home. what happened next, the fatal case of mistaken identity, led to that massive settlement announced just this week. >> reporter: a denver police helicopter flies overhead as lakewood police officers work to clear the house. look closely because that is james davies right there. he is on the other side of a fence, part of a perimeter set


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