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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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few minutes. the city of lakewood has agreed to pay $3.5 million to settle a civil lawsuit in connection with a friendly fire incident that left one of that city's police officers dead. it is a decision that could have national implications. chris vanderveen obtained video from the night of shooting showing where james davies was shot. >> after more than two dozen officers responded lakewood house in a shots fired call, lakewood wanted backup as their officers tried to clear a home. what happened next, the fatal case of mistaken identity, led to that massive settlement announced just this week. >> reporter: a denver police helicopter flies overhead as lakewood police officers work to clear the house. look closely because that is james davies right there. he is on the other side of a fence, part of a perimeter set
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has two kids of his own. after waiting outside, an officer walks out, sees a man with a gun on the other side of the fence and fires six times. davies is did. his body is warm enough to be seen by the infrared camera. his widow said through his attorney this never should have happen. >> this decision to shoot fi have been asked prior to even going out the door, exemplifies our concern about what is going on in police departments all over the nation. >> reporter: his widow tammy says this shows better training on the use of deadly force is needed all over the country. the officer who shot davies was able to stay on the force. the chief chalked it up to a
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resulting in a $3.5 million pat. >> chris vanderveen, thank you. police in cheyenne are trying to figure out why a 77- year-old man shot three people at a senior housing facility this morning. one person was killed, two others were hurt. the suspect has been identified as larry rosenberg who was found a couple of miles away. he took his own life as officers got close to him. police have not released any information. a portion of highway 285 was renamed to honor a fallen jefferson county sheriff. sean renfro died when he stopped to help people who had been in a car crash. the driver of another car crossed control across the center median. renfro was killed. the dedication ceremony was four miles north of where the accident took place. his wife spoke at the ceremony this morning. >> he died doing what he loved and what he believed god told him to do.
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reminder to the man who was, of his services to his community, and most of all, to everyone who sees it to drive safely. >> the memorial sign was unveiled during this morning's ceremony. designates a seven mile stretch of highway 285. renfro used to patrol the stretch of highway. a construction worker was stuck nearly two hours today after he fell in a colorado springs. it happened on a residential street near the broadmore. he was working on the water line when the trench waved in. colorado springs firefighters were able to stabilize the walls hand they got him out. he was conscious the whole time and went to the hospital for evaluation. the littleton police department is the latest to join an effort to connect officers on scene with local mental health centers. the coresponder program is designed to help officers treat
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health issues and avoid violent situations. it is a two-step program. officers first arrive at the scene and try to defuse the situation. a mental health professional is then called in to help assess and help the officer. the department says it is working to get to the root of certain problems as opposed to just throwing someone in jail. >> one of the biggest things that officers have is their communication ability. communicating with these people to get to a safe situation where there can be a conversation is huge. t funded by a $350,000 grant that will cover two years. hillary clinton and donald trump are two of the oldest candidates ever to run for the white house. today, hillary clinton's campaign released medical details saying she is off the trail until tomorrow. and is recovering from pneumonia at home. if rest of her physical exam was normal. her doctor says she is in comment medical condition. during a taping of dr. oz, donald trump revealed his info.
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cholesterol control. otherwise, he is okay. donald trump will be back in colorado this weekend. he will be campaigning in the springs on saturday night at an event near the airport. you can sign up for tickets on his website but it is expected to be a small venue. he was in colorado springs back in july. the warning we got last night and this morning, emergency repair work definitely caused some slowdowns on u.s. 6. crews had to do emergency bridge repair on the golden. all but one lane at u.s. 6 closed and they will remain closed. the right shoulder is still open. a truck carrying a crane crashed into the bridge sunday. they are on track for an estimated reopening thursday night at 9:00 p.m. cdot says drivers should take i- 70 or colfax as alternate routes while the bridge is being repaired. the next few weeks, the town of breckenridge is working
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stream and several ponds that run orange. a reminder of the heavy metal mining pollution in summit county. while it is not a threat to humans, matt renoux says the color doesn't look all that great. >> reporter: in her breckenridge neighborhood, allie is glad to see yellow and red shows up on the leaves. >> we have been loving the fall colors. >> reporter: but seeing red and orange flowing in the water right next door ... nice. >> it is not very pleasant to bike past. >> reporter: a reminder of the mining history in summit county. >> it started in the late 1800s. >> reporter: water loaded up with iron turning it the rocks and mud here red. something after years soft planning. >> it has been in vision for almost a decade. >> reporter: is now being cleaned up. >> we have a long history of trying to repair the water quality in the valley. >> reporter: with breckenridge and summit counties splitting
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keep all of this red water underground. >> the water comes to the surface. it allows for iron oxide to develop and you get the orange coloring that occurs. >> reporter: so, crews will use rocks to cover up all that red water. so that it is all flowing underground. >> if the water stays sub surface, it doesn't oxidize as quickly. there is filtration that occurs underneath the ground. >> reporter: engineers say the water won't hurt humans. but cleaning aquatic life. >> bugs in the stream and the fish that eat the bugs. >> reporter: and while they are at it, several weeks of work here will also give this neighborhood a new bus stop. >> it sort of gets you in from town easily. >> reporter: something that allie. >> a lot of different things you can get. >> reporter: and the kids in her day camp will enjoy. >> it is a trek when you have a bunch of kids. >> reporter: almost as much as seeing all that red stay up on the leaves where it delongs. in breckenridge, matt renoux
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stop up there. >> reporter: 9news mountain news room. >> in addition to the water cleanup, and a new bus stop, new hiking trails will be add as well. a first generation star trek crew member. you all know him well, will visit boulder. >> and a law helping drug users walk free. >> it is okay to give your pets kisses unless ... >> and, as we head to break, volunteer ifs th association are continuing to answer your questions about consumer issues and contracts. they will be taking calls until 5:30. the number to call is 303-69-
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>> george takei. it is pronounced ta-kay. best known for playing sulu on star trek. he will speak in boulder october 26 at opportunity. it starts at 7:30. they go on sale october 10. we have more information on how to get tickets on the world anti-doping agency says hackers broke into a data base and stole confidential medical data from athletes like simone biles and serena williams and other
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the substances the athletes are allowed to use. biles medical records were stolen. and released a statement saying she did not break any rules. the ioc says none of the athletes affected by the hack violated any anti-doping ordinances. it is a criminal act aiming to tarnish the reputation of clean athletes. did you download the new ios update with your apple de? not alone, some apple users had installation problems. while downloading the ios10 yesterday. the update failed for some users. they got an error message asking them to plug their device in a mac for a complete restore. apple says the problem has been fixed so it should be safe to update. but seriously, backup your device before you update. this heroin addict overdosed in cleveland last week. a bystander with witnessed the
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the video became public yesterday. a new law went into effect in ohio aimed to reducing the number of heroin overdoses in the state. the good samaritan law allows people to call for help without fear of prosecution. the victim must agree to seek treatment within 30 days. twice it will be allowed but the third time they will be subject poe prosecution. he said he shot heroin before he began driving. the man went wasn't charged. ohio is the 38 state to have this type of law. colorado has a similar law currently in place. dogs and cats are not the only animals popular as pets. people are opting more and more for chickens. house chickens. they can produce food in the form of eggs. roosters let you know when the sunrises. keeping chickens in the house greatly increases your risk for salmonella. centers for disease control and prevention took a close look at
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nearly half involved chickens kept as pets. 13% of those cases resulted from people kissing their chickens. >> that is a stat. [ laughter ] >> do not kiss your chicken. >> there you go. quote of the day. it was a lot warmer by the day. across the metro area today, compared to yesterday. >> we could see a few storms. danielle is watching for severe weather that could be headed
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>> definitely warmer today, but we are expecting potential severe weather in the metro area tonight. >> yeah, we are. danielle, we are going to talk about that. but i did want to talk about jonathan turning his heat on already. really? >> yeah, we did talk about that. [ laughter ] >> yeah. jonathan. oh, you are going to be hearing all that all night long. >> i know, i know. >> temperatures today in the mid 80s , but this afternoon, this evening, we will thunderstorms that have been moving through. already, a couple of strong ones just outside of dia. you can see kind of the dark daunting skies that are sitting over downtown denver. we really haven't had much yet in the city. but i can't completely rule out seeing maybe one or two little storms throughout the rest of this evening coming through. giving us a good dose of rain which would be nice. certainly, will help cool us off. the biggest threat to the storms have been the gustier winds out there. winds between 20 and 30 miles an hour just to the east of the
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and the foothills. now at the airport, there you can see the storm producing a little rain. lightning. low 70s . we have cooled off by a good degrees. winds southwest at 16 miles an hour. here in the backyard, files fantastic. our temperatures right there at about 75. you can see on hd doppler 9 that most of the action is pushing in from the southwest. really, most of the activity is across the western slope. that is where we have lightning and the rong storms passing throughout there is that one cell just moving out of dia toward keensburg along i-76 producing some hail. and we have a couple of stronger storms getting cooking getting going so far, up in the foothills, one pushing into the boulder area as well. packing plenty of rain. a little bit of lightning. hail out there too toward keensburg. i just put on the hail tracker, hail possibly up to an inch in diameter. severe storms will be an issue, but not everyone will see them. 49 this evening.
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overnight. temperatures going to stay in the mid 40s . this evening, and look at that. some 50s . pretty mild across the eastern plains. in the mountains, all right, it is getting cooler with the numbers dipping into the 30s . on hd doppler 9, you can see the storms will be hit or miss. it is all about location, location, location. if you are across the eastern plains late tore night, you have a possibility of seeing these storms really, really amplify. about 10:00, 11:00. meanwhile, things quiet down just a bit here in the city. we will go with mostly sunny morning. a little fog sticking around across the eastern plains. and then, as another front pushes through tomorrow afternoon, it will bring us a few more clouds out there. also, a chance for maybe a couple of isolated storms yet again. pretty similar scenario setting up for tomorrow as well. there is the storm right now, it is turning into parts of montana, idaho, there's the front. it swoops on through bringing slightly cooler air out there. so daytime high, 10 degrees or so cooler than where we were
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skies. isolated thunderstorms possible. after about 3:00 4:00. daytime high in the mid 70s . for the front range. a little bit warmer across the eastern plains. upper 80s . in the southeast corner of the state. but, we will keep it cool up in the mountains and the food hills in the 50s and 60s . northern colorado, not too shabby. we will stay at about 78 in longmont. 77 in platteville. cooler the next couple of the days with one or two thunderstorms each afternoon. but look at the drier air pushing in for too. we return to the 80s for the
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lower after three days of erratic moves. the price of oil slipped again
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> hi everybody, good thing brandon marshall just signed a big contract, because this season will be illegal helmet to helmet hit for cam newton. darian stewart has to pay up as well. his fine was just 18 grand. not quite as pricey. >> that's a huge fine. um ... and i know, you know, what it looks like. i know what it looks like. it looked bad. but, that's a lot of money. [ laughter ] so, i yes, i'm upset about it. >> i feel like he was running with the man. i was just trying to make a play. he had been doing that the whole game.
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aggressive, but not really trying to aim for the head. >> marshall also announced plans to donate $300 for every tackle he makes this season to denver organizations that bring awareness to social issues. and we are live. 9news broncos insider mike klis is at broncos headquarters. hi mike. looks like he is putting his money where his knee is. posted his photo from his meeting with the denver police chief along with plans to a difference. >> reporter: yeah, he has been giving away money lift and right this week. or losing it. he lost a couple of endorsements. now, the $300 per tackle. and he had six tackles in the opener. $1,800. that's a positive deal as far as, that is an unforced charity move by brandon marshall. also, drew, keep in mind this, the $24,000 fine, that goes to funds to help retired nfl
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out of all of this for brandon marshall. but it sure has been a lot for one player to take on in one week. >> so indianapolis colts quarterback andrew luck said he wouldn't call the broncos defense dirty. think he will feel the same way after the game? [ laughter ] >> well, last year, danny left a hit with him that gave him a lacerated kidney and a torn stomach muscle and it was a clean hit. e team. i don't think it is necessarily a bad thing that people think they are dirty. you fear those who go a little too far. you fear those who go over the line. and the broncos do that. i think there is a little intimidation factor in these broncos. but, i didn't think they were all that dirty last week. i thought it was a function playing against cam newton who was s a big target and a big physical quarterback himself. you have to hit him hard to get him down. no doubt about it.
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a couple of times too many. >> just a little dirty. like, a grass stain or something. >> mike klis, thank you. the season broncos huddle begins at 6:30. rod mackey is hosting the show from team headquarters. >> reporter: the broncos have made a big push to be more balanced on offense. less throwing, more running making c.j. anderson the star last thursday night. but the running back wasn't the only one with impressive runs. how about the quarterback? trevor s carries per 20 yards. who knew he had a running qb! >> no. absolutely not. please not. >> i think that is part of the deal. like i said, you can see one or two the first. and keep the change moving. kind of adds an element to your offense. so, you know, hopefully, i can sneak one or two a game here or there. but you know, don't go spreading that around. >> he would still prefer to throw the ball rather than run
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debut of the broncos huddle, emmanuel sanders and tonight, chris harris jr. we will see you at 6:30. we brexit are going to play drew's clues. clue number one, he is the only pitcher who played for the rockies that ever through a 100 miles an hour fast ball. threw number two, in 2010, he tossed the only no hytone franchise history and was named the national league starter for the all-star game. and born and raised in the he officially game a naturalized united states citizen this week. the answer is baltimore orioles pitcher ubaldo jiminez. >> ubaldo is never the same pitcher after 2010 when he was so spectacular. historic, in fact, that season. never had it again after that. has been under 500. he remains the same guy though. terrific. a terrific human being and i'm
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wanted with his u.s. citizenship. >> maybe he will regain that peak. >> well it has been six or eight years. >> yeah. >> it hasn't cost him much. he recently signed a $50 million contract. >> it's all good. all good. have to love that. >> wow. okay. nbc nightly news is next. after that, you will see us at 6:00. >> captions by:caption
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breaking news tonight -- health revelations, new details released late today about hillary clinton's pneumonia diagnosis. and our exclusive interview with tv's dr. oz, what donald trump told him about his own health. hack attack, leak emails from colin powell that include at and a new warning to key democrats that tir cybersecurity has been breached. tropical trouble, millions under flash flood alerts, a dangerous system lashing part of the country with heavy rains. road ready? we go for a ride in the first american city to get a self-driving fleet of cars. are they safe? and new cancer weapon, a less painful test that can be almost four times more effective than mammograms alone. "nightly news" begins


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