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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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billion a year in new tobacco taxes, more than double what the state makes on medical marijuana. the goal of the ad is convince there is no solid plan to spend. >> $315 million tax on tobacco that would lock government spending programs deep inside our constitution. for programs that have yet to be determined. that is not right. especially when we don't even know where much of the money is going. >> this is misleading, there is tax money amendment 72 would bring in, your official state voter guide explains the money would go to grants to fund research on tobacco to help veterans and to treat addiction in young people among other things. the ad defendathize claim by pointing out that we don't know who would get the grants and that is true, but that is how grants work, you have to make a pitch for how am money is going to accomplish something in order to win a grant. the valid question has legal
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to... >> allowing powerful special interest to misuse our constitution and tax dollars. >> this is speculation, the ad makers are arguing that the grant program's amendment 72 would fund would be abused, we can't prove that won't happen, but the ad makers can't prove that it will. amendment 72 would put guardrails in the laaimed at preventing abuse, like posting grants online so the public can there is something else you should know, we don't know what powerful special interest used grants to research health issues but we can tell you what special interest paid for the ad, the no on 72 campaign is funded so far by just one donor, ultri, one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world, you may know it as phillip morris. the ad is filling a narrative that it will raise lots of money with no plan for spending it.
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these taxes and decide whether you like it or not. brandon rittiman, 9 news. >> we invite you to dig into the research, check our work, there is a link in brandon's story on our next question comes from sheila. >> i want to know if a dnr tattoo on my body located somewhere you can tell me where, would actually be official at a hospital or ambulance or wherever, because i want it. >> our out. >> reporter: a dnr tattoo sounds like it should work and make it clear that you don't want to be resusitated. >> but it isn't, catherine is an estate planning attorney and wrote a blog on the topic of do not resusitate tattoos. >> doctors done know if it is valid or not. might be ambiguous because they don't know exactly what you might mean, especially if you
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a fan of a band called dnr or you like the government agency that takes care of forests and animals or maybe your significant other has the initials "dnr." in a split-second situation the person caring for you isn't going to know what it means, even if you spell it all out. also... >> it is not changeable, and any other kind of medical directive would be changeable, a tattoo is hard to take off. >> doctors won't take the time to check your sure you have legal ways to back it up. >> because of the liability, too important to not end somebody's life if that is not what they still meant. >> if you want dnr order, get the paperwork and register it, it still your best bet. i am steve staeger. >> your questions guide our conversation each night on next, you can e mail us, or get our attention with #heynext.
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285 into jefferson county you will see a name along the highway, a name we hope is a familiar one, sergeant shaun renfro. if it doesn't ring a bell, lets fix that. >> a sign of his service, his sacrifice, a 7-mile stretch of 285, the sergeant sergeant renfro highway, he stopped to help a family that got in a crash, before the second crash to safety. he could have driven by on the snowy day, he wasen on duty but he didn't sign up to serve only when on the clock, he didn't sign up to serve only when it was safe or easy or warm out. sergeant renfro agreed to serve all the people passing through, every day. the days when people were happy with police, and the days when some other officer, some other place, made it harder for people to trust the good ones.
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they are almost all good ones. >> you have told us that you like big, bold ideas. that is why you should read denverite, the online news start up, there are competition-- they are our competition, but not if you have to choose between denverite and next and we love the series "one big crazy denver idea." we caught up with the first thinker they featured to explore his plan toha >> just popped into my head, how to make cities better, that is watt i want to do. my proposal is replace spear boulevard with a park between colfax and downing and create a place for people, not cars, i am chris jones, i came up with the idea thinking about park space in the city. how we use cherry creek and it is a great amenity in the city but cut off by 8 lanes of traffic. this could happen if there was
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block-long parks at street level and they would all be connected underground by the river channel and the bike path. i think losing spear boulevard and replacing with park space would create places for people, not just cars, there is a possibility removing speer could help traffic. it cuts off neighborhoods, there is a lot of dead end streets, it is hard to get one side to the other, if we rebuild the street grid we would of 13 intersections, right here in the heart of the city. the idea is not just to remove cars and remove the street and make it more difficult to get one place to another t could be a place for a transit line, cherry creek to downtown. removing it won't happen any time soon but in the fuchwer driverless cars reducing traffic and transit is more widespread i think there could be a opportunity to make it a park space. >> thinking big. get to the chopper.
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somebody use that terrible line? they are installing lines on the western slope. this is xcel's bet that the need for power will increase, they are installing lines between rifle and parachute, there aren't usable roads and that project should be wrapped up in november . we will talk about brandon marshal, not the protest, stay with us. we are talking the fine he got hit with for how he hit newton in the season or, than $24,000. darion stuart reaching for $18,000 from how he hit newton and both will fight the fine, broncos guy, mike klis, calls them as he sees them and thinks the nfl is right. >> reporter: i thought the nfl nailed it, there were 4 hits to the helmet on cam newton. 2 guys didn't get finedism that was von miller and shaq barrett. the league correctly determined that those were accidental,
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unintentional, so they don't get docked. that was right. brandon marshal got the biggest fine, i thought that was correct because brandon marshal launched. he was in a separate category than darion stuart. marshal launched left on 2 feet and was charged with launching and illegal use of the helmet. darion stuart got a $18,000 fine, marshal got the $24,000. stuart's was less because he got a infraction. i thought they both got the right and i tell you, i know everyone is saying these guys make a lot of money, but just like a speeding ticket, no one likes to get a speeding ticket $100, that is a lot of money to these guys and they are going to appeal. >> our mike klis there, broncos huddle starts for the season tonight right after next. there is a new chick-fil-a at dia, con course b, i bring it
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to fix the a-line, chicken sandwiches, pickles? come on, rtd, we can do this. having the right street address is critical when you are the swat team. that look, that look says they had the wrong address. fighting leukemia, she did not need to fight a thief as well. the app that has been our absolute obsession since we
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rain, lightning, little thunder out there, gusty winds, and some small hail, all coming in just across the foothills and down to the plains, our view in boulder showing raindrops on the camera lens and we will watch the storms within the next couple hours or so in the metro area. you can see on hd doppler 9 right now most of the action pushing in from the southwest, positioning itself across the front range now, lots of lightning they are slowly moving across the i-25 corridor, longmont included. another stronger cell in weld county, some reports of fairly large hail within the storms too. tonight we will cool things off, how about 49? a couple isolated storms auraly and then we-- early and thenee will watch for a-- we will watch for a bit of a cool off tomorrow. storm system to the north and west slideathize cold front-- slides the cold front to our backyard knocking temperatures a
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weather across southeastern colorado, close to 90 degrees. 50s and 60s in the mountains. a look at the extended forecast, not too shabby, thunderstorms leading us through friday evening and we begin to dry out saturday and sunday and temperatures back to the 80s in no time. >> thank you, danielle. most 7-year-oldvise back packs, taylor burgess's backpack has the things she needs when she goes to the hospital suddenly, it happens, she has leukemia. has that bag. from lakewood, christine noel has the story. >> don't grab it. >> reporter: it has been 3 months since jacob and stacey found out their youngest daughter has leukemia. >> cancer, shockingly enough, is not an easy thing. >> reporter: they have to be ready at a moment's notice to take taylor to the emergency room. >> she has no immune system, she can go to the hospital at the drop of a hat if anything happens at all. >> reporter: that is why a
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you have a bag ready to go and have tooth brushes, change of clothes, could be in the hospital a few days. >> underwear. >> important things. >> reporter: august 27, somebody stoeld her go-bag-- stole her go-bag. the family filed a police report but didn't extect anything. >> sergeant moore was going through the report and saw the report of the sick little girl who had her go-bag and all the comfor taken and he just wasn't satisfied with that. >> reporter: officers wrote in a book for taylor, gathered more than 165 dollars, enough to replace the stolen backpack and then some. toys, gift certificates, cookies, even a special visit. >> it was much more than a book that they gave us. it was a room of filled with police officers and employees of lakewood. >> reporter: an unexpected act
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humanity. for next, i am christine noel. >> doctors expect that taylor has 4 more months of aggressive treatment. after that point, everybody's stress level should come down. never underestimate the power of a gesture like that or this, 2 kids dropped off notes at the parker police station, emily wrote "i feel bad about what is happening this year because people keep shooting police and are not appreciating what you guys do. i know you guys are just trying to protect us." i simple act of kindness but made some people's day at parker pd, the officers posted them on the facebook page writing "your support and appreciation, humbling." the last 2 stories are not to suggest that law enforcement officers are perfect. they will be the first teal tell you-- to tell you they make mistakes, they try not to with the swat team. grand junction police and mesa were looking, they broke down a
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no meth. they apologized and promised to fix the door. have you seize these lamas? some look alike. the search for them is on in one corner of colorado. going back in time,
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cody broadway with the excellent queue work, there is a new app and website that lets you see denver today and then back in 1933 using google maps, you find an address, your house, wherever you the convention center, coors field, hit the button and go back in time and you can see what it looked like above during the great depression, a great way to spend 30 minutes at work when you are supposed to be preparing a newscast called next. chris shares is the engineer who gets the credit for this. it is phenomenally interesting to search through the city like this. check it out. there is a link in the next section on of course they didn't call that port of town rino in 1933 or river north or anything
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neighborhoods, it is getting 45 fresh murals for colorado crush the week-long art event. >> right side. >> when it comes to putting the piece together, painting it, we spend like a becomes our office, we spend hours, days, sometimes months working out of here, this is our office right now. >> this event is a week-long event, paint art scene and also bridge gaps between that. >> we have lived in 5 points for 27 years, in curtis park. absolutely love it. it is really fun to visit with each of the artists and find out where they are coming from and the kind of work they do. >> i am antonio, my artist name is dark. i am from spain, when i do oil,
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city of mind and really nice. >> something that is a fun process to do, just b able o create, it feels good to have nothing and see what you did and pull it off and, it is nice, definitely, somet you kind of have to do, but it is fun to paint with different people from around the world and just hang out and paint for a week and relax and have a good time and paint. >> colorado crush runs through this sunday. if you are near creed any time soon, do keep your eyes pealed for lama, specific dawson and chie, lost for a month near the reservoir, 2 women were with the lamas, all 4 of them were lost until a helicopter rescued the women. understandably, had to leave the lamas behind. dawson and chie are on their own in the wild.
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to corral them. the owners think they are smart enough to come down the mountain towards civilization once it starts to snow. we really are listening, even if you are talking to next
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we get that asking you for 30 minutes of your day is a big ask. we don't take it lightly and we try not to waste your time. we are humbled by the lengths
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part of your day. mark, i hope i got it right, mark, watching our show tonight from manila, philippines, mark is at the airport lounge. sent a note that says he is has 27 hours of flying ahead but "i will be educated, entertained, and informed thanks to next." i can't recall a night when so many e mailed in, the producers print and bring it in, appreciate all the feedback. nicole carter said thanks for the story on sergeantha if you missed the story, invite you to share it from the next facebook page with all the folks you know around the community. a. williams with a great note "didn't care for the program much, now reporter is more subsitive, i have a tendency to stick with it." >> we appreciate that very much. nancy writes "great show, learning things." so are we, nancy, that is kind of the fun of it. i hope that comes through in the end. marybeth writes "love the
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not just reporting." appreciate that very much,
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this is the face of a retired champion who won hundreds of
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all right, welcome to another edition of the broncos huddle with third time we've done this, season debut and chris harris has been here countless times. welcome in chris harris, everybody. the super bowl is fantastic. everybody around here thought it was the greatest game in the world but there were lots of people outside who thought you were too dominant and there was


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