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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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littleton police have a new partner responding to 911 calls. from now on you could see mental health professionals with officers. >> the health of their campaigns is one thing the health of the candidates is another. this morning the questions of t as donald trump reveals some of his information to dr. oz. we're breaking down what all this means. and this morning on u.s. 6 at i-70 emergency bridge repairs. we have all lanes closed just the right shoulder open. so expect long delays. alternate routes are going to be or i-70. had is going to be impacting yoe
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we're already starting to see some slow downs because it's only the right shoulder open. so long delays really going to be expected. we do still have relatively quiet conditions, a new crash on northbound 25. i'll have more details on that coming up. >> all right. thanks. happy friday eve. after a brief jump back into the 80s, things cool off a little bit today. >> they sure do. >> we're joined in the backyard. the cool temperature doesn't necessarily though. >> no, that's right. we're much more stable today than yesterday. we had some pretty good storms in the area which made for an unbelievable night. now, even though it's going to be cooler it's still going to be plenty sunny out there. so working outside today especially when we get close to 80 degrees this afternoon, you will feel fairly warm especially if you've been out for a few hours. our chances for showers will be limited to very late in the afternoon and in a couple of
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for the early part of the evening, 4, 5:00 a sprinkle or 2. we clear out and cool off rapidly. when the sun goes down after 7:00 we'll be diving back down into the 60, so it's going to be a quite cool evening around here. tomorrow we'll bring in a small chance for a thunderstorm. saturday and sunday we are sunny and dry here. we're heading back up for the weekend. >> 80s are sticking around i guess for thank you. mental health is a huge topic in american culture these days and police department are trying to make sure their officers are properly trained. we are joined live from the littleton police department. and they've become the latest department to join this growing effort. >> reporter: yes, it's called the co-responders. now, we've seen police departments across
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the city of denver just announced that it did expand its co-responders program. it went into effect april of last year and they've already responded to more than 400 calls through april of this year. the city of littleton joining in on that effort developing its own co-responders program partnering with all health networks. that group treats thousands of people every single year for mental health difficulties. basically a police officer will be a professional if they respond to a call and see that a person in that situation does need a mental health professional. that partnership they think will help to save police a lot of that time consuming work of trying to assess that situation, but they are also trying -- in assessing situation through something very important that officers receive training with it's called crisis intervention technique. a littleton police
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works. >> it gives officers more tools. these officers are moment to say make assessments of the scene, and so once you can make the scene safe it's about getting treatment so that they can hopefully not have to return to these situations, the same situations. >> reporter: and and not leaving people in dangerous situations also not just throwing people in jail who may be having a mental episode that's something the commander spoke of. it's 6:04 now. 2 of our fallen local heros are finally coming up. levi shirley and mctaggert were killed in syria. their bodies will be returned to colorado tomorrow. they were both killed about a month apart. a special ceremony for their
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vice president joe biden makes his return to colorado today. he'll take at the annual corbell dinner at the university of denver. the event starts at 5. we have a link to get tickets which are still available. go to this story on denver's historic mcnichols building reopens today. it's been closed for the last year it served as a library, water department, it's now home to denver arts and venues which is in charge of the denver center for the performing arts complex and red rocks. $5.5 million cleared the way for these renovations. denver mayor will be there at 10:00 for a reopening ceremony.
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quincy. there was a public meeting held last night for big changes. now, a project hopes to fix that with a continuous flow intersection. how to keep this park gorgeous, today -- today is the last day to add to public cot. would go up 15 to $20 in the summer. per person would go up from 8 to $10 and an annual park pass would increase from $30 to $40. can you feel it, that feeling that ski season is right around the corner. some ski areas have already seen flurries and they'll start firing up the snow machine soon. no estimates on when they'll open officially
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keystone says it is 50 days away from opening. >> summer hasn't ended yet and we're talking about ski season. >> you've got to plan ahead. >> getting people excited. they're waiting for you. that's true. what we look for the consistent cold overnight low temperatures and they can start making snow up there. this morning not too far away from that. we have temperatures in the mountains in the valleys any way at or just slightly below freezing a lot of locations. so quite chilly up there and you get up they are able to make snow even at this early day. for us not nearly that cold. sunshine we move into the upper 70s today. rain opportunities very few for us today and anything we see isn't going to be violent at all. i'd call it a light shower here or there at most. >> water my garden for me. >> i'll take that. instead of economic plans foreign policy immigration it is age, cholesterol and medications
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presidential election right now. >> so what are the 2 candidates
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the state. we had a shower up in wyoming a couple of hours ago that has fallen apart. low pressure hangs off to our north and west. that's bringing more and more dry air into western colorado and southern colorado but it is putting a big focus for thunderstorms along the wyoming and nebraska borders for us today. so the farther north you live here in the front range the better chance you have of having a shower today. i'd say from around bertha to the south way way down, to the north and east we'll have a pretty stormy night in my view. that's where we'll see the best consistent rain. just a few light showers around here. it's still going to be a warm day. mid to upper 70s with sunshine feels very warm when you're out and about during the afternoon. 60s and low 70s in the foothills. fog over the northeastern plains is going to burn off to be replaced by thunderstorms not only this afternoon but this evening after sunset i think we're going to
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with some moderate to heavy rain responsible to the north and east, but any area really from morgan county to the east could have some moderate to heavy storms during the evening tonight. temperatures are right at or a little below average with 70s and low 80s here. warmer down south with 60s today in the mountain. i'll go 79, partly cloudy, tiny tiny chance for a light shower late in the day today. clear and nice night coming up tonight. almost full moon tonight by the way. harvest moon. looking ahead friday is a small chance for a storm and then i keep it dry for the next several days. in fact, monday and tuesday of next week we really spike up there getting pretty close to 90 degrees. taking a look at traffic here this morning. we're going to have a shot of sky 9 over i-25 and 84th where we do look like we have 2 cars on the side. numerous accidents already this
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so this will cause some delays as we just had 3 accidents. still going through converse city we're still looking green we have had some on appeared off slow downs but notice these 3 accidents 1 on i-25 southbound and u.s. 36 and one on i-76 and u.s. 85. so these all just popping up. if you are getting out on the roadways the north metro area those slow downs are going to start with these accidents. as of right now it doesn't roadways but i'll continue to keep you updated throughout the morning. >> thank you so much. let's talk some politics now. hillary clinton and donald trump both release some more information from their medical records on wednesday. we're learning a little more about clinton's diagnosis. >> yeah, a little bit from both. clinton's doctor said that she was diagnosed with mild pneumonia. she continues to
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as president of the united states. clinton's doctor also said that she evaluated her in early september for a fever, congestion and fatigue that turned into a bad cuff and that's what led to that ct scan. trump gave his medical information to dr. oz in the middle of a taping of his show wednesday. trump handed him a letter containing new details from a recent exam. dr. oz he processed the results they are good for a man of trump's age. now, clinton's campaign reed details about the medication she takes, her vaccinations, mammograms, blood pressure. we didn't see the specific details out of trump's record but once the show airs later today we could learn a little bit more. >> thank you. >> so interesting how he did that on the dr. oz show and a lot of people are going to be
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see it was like a surprise. oh, i've got my records here. >> look what i've got ready to go. a teacher looked over and thought a student was just playing with a candy wrapper. >> how can they control this, right? >> we would have to become more of a police state.
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today 2 men accused of killing the cousin of nba star wade will go before a judge. they're charged with 1st degree murder of a 32-year old mother. she was shot in chicago last month while walking to register her kids for school. police believe they were trying to shoot another man when she was accidentally hit. members of a former islamic center are starting clean up. news cameras could you tell 32-year old schriver being escorted to jail. members of the mosque say there are a lot of similar -- >> he does not speak on behalf of his religion. >> leaders say they hope to have it back open as soon as
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police mistook his bb gun for a lethal weapon. >> police in ohio say they were responding to reports of an armed robbery when they saw 3 men matching the description. police say one of them, a 13-year old boy pulled the gun from his waste band. an officer then fired at the kid hitting him multiple times. we have heard lots of stories about the batteries in vape pens and cell a woman's purse start smoking. video shows her dumping her purse out realizing yep, it's her personal vape. there have been 2-dozen incidents between 2009 and 2014. look at that smoke. unbelievable. we have a heroin epidemic across our country. and it's made its way into a new jersey kindergarten class. a student was caught with 30 packs of heroin in his lunch box. the boy was quickly taken to the
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tested negative for opiates. the teacher thought the boy was playing with candy then quickly realized they were bags of heroin. can you imagine being a parent at that school? >> they should check all lunch boxes and book bags too. anything that -- just so everybody -- every kid is safe. that could have been -- he probably could have passed it out at candy. >> unbelievable. police haven't said whether or not they've interviewed the boy's parents but we do know they're trying to obviously it not his doing. someone had to have put it there. >> yeah, you wonder what's going on. >> really sad. >> gosh feel sad for him. 6:20. the head of the irs will get to keep his job for now. a last minute deal stopped what would have been a vote today on whether to i am preach irs commissioner. instead he will testify before congress next week. republicans accused
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gop's investigation of the treatment of tea party groups that were seeking tax exemptions. the acc is the latest group to move events out of north carolina. they're moving several tournament out of state over its controversial house bill 2 law. the acc was supposed to hold 14 of 21 number 1 singles a diamond selling album even a grammy award cannot save nelly from the irs. >> but his music could maybe help him get out of debt. if his fans are onboard of the we'll explain. for us today we had some dramatic skies around the area last night, you see the heavy rain and the thunderstorm clouds. let's focus on the weekend.
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sports fans this weekend. the colorado rapids saturday evening looks like it's going to be great. sunset is at 7:04. you're not going to get a lot of daylight there. for the broncos and colts sunny warm and dry with temperatures in the low 80s on sunday. good morning. taking a look at i-70 and 6 starting to see more and more cars out on the roadwaysnd stoplights. so we're dealing with numerous accidents here especially across the north metro part of the city. we're already seeing delays and we have an accident the south suburbs as well. here wheel take a look at the north metro area accidents, i-25 southbound and 24th that is off to the shoulder but causing slow downs,
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now a new accident at i-225, exit 2b. it is a very busy morning. one more thing really
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if you've had too much to drink spent all your cash at the bar that's 2 mistakes the 3rd would be driving home. the company liberty is looking to prevent that. >> they're teaming up with bud to help people give free rides. they'll give out 5,000 vouchers, a total of 80,000 will be handed out in several states. you have a chance to claim it in advance on their social >> yeah, absolutely. why is everyone talking about nelly this week? must be about the money. >> there it is. >> the rapper is facing a large irs bill nearly 2 and a half million dollars worth. and spin magazine september out a sweet hot in her would have to be streamed more than 287 million times for him to be able to pay
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didn't disi point taking to spotify to endlessly stream the song. some of you have had made play lists 8 hours long. >> that is loyalty. >> look how young he looks in that video there. >> we all were so young
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important weapons police officers have in dealing with violent situations is communication, and a local police department hopes a little lesson in communication can go a long way towards saving lives. >> when you come in and see them fighting their butt off you know you have to be there through that journey. >> doctors and nurses save l medical field get a special spot in our hero's week recognition. brandon marshall lost a lot of money this week but a new fund he's setup show some hits to the wallet hurt a little less than others. you are so close to your weekend. happy friday eve. we're in the backyard. for the
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>> agreed. we're going to have very docille weather today. most of us will have conditions the way we have them now. great pre-dawn sky. we'll have a lot of sun mid to upper 70s late in the day and per happens a sprinkle. most of uss will not get rain. that's going to focus more along the wyoming and nebraska borders. last night we had a lot of storms go past sunset. the same is g true tonight especially to the north appeared east of fort morgan. we're not looking for any widespread severe weather but it wouldn't shock me if one or 2 storms kicked out large hail in northeastern colorado late tonight. the risk goes higher and higher the farthest you go. last night some of the thunderstorms got a great shot of a double rainbow out there. and of course you can always share your pictures an video
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the your take section on we're starting to see more and more delays. taking a look at sky 9 this is i-70 and 6th, that's the emergency bridge repair. the repair is expected to go on until 7 p.m. this evening. so you could take coalfax, i-70 but you may want to avoid that 6th a couple of other headlines across the metro airlines e and f northbound riders you're seeing a 30-minute delay there's been technical issues and the roadways still looking green northbound however southbound we have numerous accidents one on i-225 southbound. so unfortunately the traffic is starting to ramp up. >> all right.
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came that they were landing in denver not their destination. they thought there was a suspicious item on the plane. this is a picture as they got off the plane. federal investigators searched that united plane and did not find anything. so eventually passengers were able to get back onboard and continue onto california. we expect to learn more information today about the 3 people shot at a senior living center in wyoming. police say a 77-year old shot 3 people officers found the 77-year old a few miles away. he shot and killed himself as they approached. we're working to find out his connection to the victims appeared how the 2 that survived are doing this morning. a new partnership between police and mental health workers called the co-responders program and it hopes to help police calm potentially violent situation.
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their job and helps mental health professionals to get out and get to the people who need their help the most. now, this co-responders program technically it's not new if you look across the country. one mental health professional says it may have started in the '80s in memphis and spread slowly across the country. just within the past year we've seen it grow in colorado. for example, the city of denver has expanded its program. they've already responded to nearly 500 here in littleton the police department is partnering with an agency called all health. when a police officer goes out on a call that officers will be able to call a mental health professional with all health. they treat thousands of people every single year. on top of that police here have received training that helps them to really assess situations even before a mental health professional arrives. so when they respond to a call what if there's no crime that's been committed and a person is just
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deal with that? >> we do respond to a lot of calls where a criminal act has not occurred and maybe a person is going through a crisis moment. once we deem that the situation is safe we can still call them in and if there was no crime committed then absolutely we would get them down that treatment path first. >> reporter: that's one of the goals of this program, not to unnecessarily throw people in jail. people realize that that's not productive for either the person thrown in jail or the police department. so they're trying give people the help that they need. and the commander that we spoke with said let's be frank police and community relations have not been great the past couple of years. as we've seen throughout the media, he says this can go a long way with improving relations. so this
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has already been implemented in other parts of colorado. the nation's largest fire fighting plane is one step closer to fighting fires. the faa has given approval for the global tanker in colorado springs. it couldn't fight fires until it got final approval. not an economic plan, not issues of international irrelevance, can you think of another presidential election candidates has gotten so much attention? both clinton and trump have now released health records and today it's back to business for both. both clinton and trump have busy agendas today. >> yes, they're trying to move past the medical record things which i'm sure we're not past right now. still will probably remain a focus. clinton has been out for the past 3 days and plans to return to full campaigning in north carolina
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her first since almost collapsing on sunday. while clinton is in north carolina trump is expected to detail his economic plan in new york and penz has a preview what, if they'll be talking about. >> we're going to cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms. >> now, on wednesday both candidates released more details from those medical records. coming up at 7 i'm going to detail what their doctors said. trump handing his medical exam records to dr. oz during a taping of his show. he's on the today show today and i'll have that interview for you. >> all right. thank you so much. moving onto something else now. i'm just not entirely sure what.
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[audio difficulty]. >> there is happening -- let me get to this. denver's newest city employee has a job of making more people want to walk to where they're going and to make that walk more pleasant. the chief pedestrian planner is asking for people's suggestions on how to make denver a very walkable city even better for people on 2 feet. he says a lot can be down to make walk moraling. ou sidewalks bigger, make crossing times longer to make more time for people to cross. >> it's called denver moves. we have a link on our website at good sized thunderstorms over our area yesterdayment thank you for tweeting this to me earlier in the day. a huge build up. when you see a storm like that that is a mature
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in the wake of the storms we've had slightly drier air move into the front raping that's why visibility is so good. it's not great over northeastern colorado high humidity low visibility that haze and fog will stick around until at least 9 a.m. we get sunshine here. temperatures moving into the mid and upper 70s late in the day, 1 or 2 sprinkles around here. tomorrow harvest moon comes upt and it's going to have a little reddish tinge to it because it will be passing through the earth's outer shadow. >> it's early enough i can see it. >> lots of great pictures coming in. controversy over a major
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tropical storm merante crashed into southern china this morning. dozens of people are hurt. the storm knocked out
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storm and will probably fade as it moves north, julia has weakened to a tropical depression, heavy rain is expected on the east coast for days to come. it settled off the coast of georgia and south carolina. let's talk about this because the east coast is asking the question: when will they catch a break? >> it's making very little progress here in the next day or 2 anticipated r this is right hugging the coast in the additional 1 do 2, 1 to 3-inch range. what we anticipate to happen today with moderate showers going there through the afternoon and evening tomorrow. we'll start to get some rain in the morning, and then slowly see that shift a little more to the east but you can see that right along the coast they're still going to be
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saturday. by the way snow, the rain at and above 11,000 feet. which leads a lot of allergy sufferers to say hey when can we freeze down here, these weeds are killing me? good morning. looking at sky 9 over i-25 and arapahoe. starting see the influx of traffic as everyone gets out and hits the road. we have numerous slip one to the north this is i-225 that is causing some slow downs and delays as well. so plan a few extra minutes, but it's the north metro area where we have numb are are you saying accidents still off on the shoulders but definitely causing some backups so the drive times are going to be increased as well and those speeds are going to be dropping. notice that speed southbound 31-mile per hour. we also have the bridge repair on u.s. 6, and i-70.
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so alternate routes will be coalfax or i-70. >> thank you. i hear interest rates might rise should i move to cash? what's the best way to save for retirement if i'm self-employed? these questions and more can be answered by our volunteers in today's money line 9. keep them busy. look it, no phones ringing yet. they can help you with investment planning. just call the number on your they'll be here until 8 a.m. hero heros week continues with a look at the men and women in the medical field. more than 900 million people pay visits to a physician every year in the u.s. the stress appeared responsibility can be overwhelming but some still go above and beyond for their
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>> reporter: there's something about the stage. >> just everything that i'm feeling. >> dalton could never stay away. >> i was 4 years old. >> he's dreamed of competitive dancing ever since but 2 years ago his dream died temporary when he was diagnosed with cancer. as everyone at his high school was getting ready for home coming he got ready for chemotherapy. >> i felt my stomach drop. you're trying to process it you figures you're going to hear you have cancer. >> meet his physician and nurse at children's hospital colorado. >> he is a very special person to us. and every time i talk about him i cry. >> patients may start out as strangers but they say over the course of 2 years he has become family. >> when she comes in the room we're always you know, just talking not even about medical
6:47 am
thing. >> i could think of so many defining moments for him. >> the minute we walked in the room i knew that he was a person that was not going to have cancer define him. >> having those 2 on his side meant everything to the 18-year old. >> doctors and nurses aren't asked to have a close relationship. it's meant to be oh you're supposed to treat this person. she go >> it's hard. . >> he will not be the last patient so he wants to encourage others the way they encouraged him. >> never go to that dark place, you know, always stay positive because it's what will keep you going. >> it's what they help him do allowing him to get back on his
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immediately came in was can he still dance? >> yes, he can and thanks to his family. >> it's definitely something i will continue to do for a long time. >> lots of smiles thanks to those awesome doctors and nurses. he says the main tumor is gone. he's currently undergoing a clinical trial at university hospital in addition to receiving chemotherapy. >> huge thanks the medical field. a push on capitol hill could protect families from getting blind sided from lifesaving medicine. the price for epipens jump 400 %. it now costs about $600. now, members in the house and senate plan to propose a bill to require drug makers to justify price increases of more than 10% and they have to give at least a month warning before
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this morning russian hackers are releasing more confidential medical information. these are the same hackers who had information about biles and williams. they broke into the database of the agency that does drug testing the same group of hackers is thought to have been behind the democratic national committee hack in june. the rockies hold yet another mlb offensive record this morning thanks to a little help from the diamond backs. okay a lot of help. combined a score 257 total run ares in their series against each other. that is a new record. they did that in 12 games. arizona has had the better of the series and continued wednesday night. they won 1-6. some hits to the wallet hurt a little less than others. some come by choice. broncos linebacker marshall is proving that this week. he's lost a lot
6:50 am
his decision to kneel cost him endorsements. and he was find for an illegal head. >> some were saying it wasn't enough. what you mean? that's some people's salaries al that fine has not stopped him from setting up a fund and pledging money for the cause he supports. so every time he makes a tackle he says he's going to donate $300 to local organizations helping to solve social issues in our community. he makes a lot of tack ankles so that could b >> that will add up. a beautiful day ahead for us today. will it stay that way as
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quiet morning in colorado we have a storm system off to the northwest of us in western wyoming and it's going to continue to pull in progressively warmer and drier air over the course of the weekend. it will take a good 2, 3 days before we get there. but we are going to see drier conditions through saturday and sunday. rain chances today highest in northern colorado and may see 1 or 2 tiny showers around the metro area. much better chaps for rain north of fort collins. everybody gets a good deal of sunshine today with mid-70 to say near 80 degrees. if you're out in the middle of day it will feel plenty warm to you with 60s and 70s in 9 mountains. a round of thunderstorms develop this
6:54 am
evening. check this out 10, 11:00 at night still moderate to heavy storms anticipated with the best rain along the wyoming and nebraska borders through the later part of the day today. dry and warm in the south, mild out west with 70s, 60s in the mountains. pretty close to 90 in southeastern colorado while we stay in the upper 70s to just about 80 degrees. a very small chance for a light shower late in the day today. those scoot out of here before sunset tonight. it's a clear,oo fall feeling in the air coming up tomorrow with a small chance for a storm tomorrow afternoon. we'll see drier conditions move in saturday, sunday and then monday and tuesday we heat up dramatically. taking a look at the traffic this morning. an update on the rtd lines e and f are up in full force so no delays.
6:55 am
so starting get busy out there and already dealing with numerous crashes. but once again like i said the e and f line no major issues. just expect a couple minor delays. we are starting to see the slow downs i-70 westbound the speeds dropping down into the 30s so that drive time is going to take a little bit longer and that map is getting lot more colorful. still have that didn't on i-225 south bundled but it's the north metro area w numerous accidents causing some major delays here. i-25 southbound at 84th and then we have 2 accidents on i-76 southbound 1 at u.s. 85. so the north metro area that's where the major delays are now. i-25 we are starting to see the slow downs southbound as well. so it's going to be a little bit longer if you're just getting in the car right now. >> every minute gets you closer to your weekend.
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top stories we're following today. good morning. in littleton the police department is working on a new program that will help them respond to people who may be going through mental difficulties. it's called the co-responders program. it's been spreading across the country for years but now in the city of littleton the police department is officially working with a mental health organization known as all health to respond to 911 calls. a police officer responding to a situation will be able to assess that a that call does neat mental assistance. then that officer will call the co-responder who is a mental health professional appeared that person will come and aid the one who does need the professional to come and respond to them. the goal is to reduce incidents where police officers have to end up writing tickets or throwing someone in jail and instead get them the help that they need. the city hopes to continue to grow this program through a grant. the 47th vice president of
6:57 am
colorado today but don't expect any campaign or, rallies. the event is at 5:00, there are still tickets available. you can find a link to get the tickets on hillary clinton says she's well enough to get back on the road. she took 3 days off. she's expected to make a stop in the battle ground state carolina. our doctor looked over clinton's doctor's letter and it shows that she is a healthy person. >> donald trump says he feels as good as he had when he was 30. today we're hearing from dr. oz. he handed over his medical records to dr. oz during one of the tapings of his shows. he says he's a bit overweight but for the most part he's in pretty good health. dr. oz will be on
6:58 am
whether you'll have a say to pay for to visit a national park. if approved the entrance fee would go up. per person and motorcycle fees would go up 8 to $10 and an annual park pass would cost you $40 instead of 30. go to the parks website if you want to weigh in. the family of sandra bland the woman arrested who was later found dead in jail wrongful death lawsuit for $1.9 million. the family lawyer says it was also agreed to change jail procedures. you may remember seeing dash cam video showing her being pulled over for improper lane change. there was a struggle before she was taken into custody. the officer was not charged but he was fired. small rain chance today very small in fact it goes up a
6:59 am
into the lower 70s for tomorrow. after tomorrow it does get warmer saturday, sunday, things start heating up around here on monday and tuesday, but the heat won't stick around for the entire weekend, and again for sunday, temperatures right in the low 80s, right in the middle of that nebraska game and of course hey it's an afternoon game, i can watch the whole thing. >> i know. >> yeah, it's kind of fun. >> i was so bummed for the opener. i had to half time. so the first thing i did was check the score. >> i'll be able to watch the whole time. and it's going to be hot. >> warm too. >> in the bright sunshine like that it will be warm and i think it favors the broncos visiting teams battling heat and sun and altitude. >> love that. >> all right adopt forget it's hero he is week. today we're
7:00 am
use the hashtag be on 9. >> youn get a much dee good morning. back to his old ways? after days of taking the high road, donald trump takes a shot at hillary clinton's health. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. >> as clinton returns to the trail today and releases more of her medical records, trump in >> your bmi is high. >> this morning dr. oz joins us live. scandal grows. hackers releasing another batch of data, the private information from at least ten more american olympic athletes exposed. is there more to come? nbc news investigation. the canine teams the tsa relies on to sniff out explosives at some of the nation's busiest airports failing critical tests.


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