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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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i'm really just concerned on why we can't get on our plane and i understand hope that the flight is safe. >> it was but for a few hours there that was security concern at dia, one that forced the
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squad. denver police have since given the all clear to passengers. they shut down drop off on level 6 west of dia. passengers were only able to use the east side. as you can imagine that created a little congestion in that area. sky 9 took this video this morning as the bomb squad investigated. an officer discovered an unattended bag when bomb sniffing dogs were brought into check the bag they alerted officers that something was wrong. >> security ishe important thing for us and the airport so making sure that when we get something like that we always want to make sure we take that precaution and take the next step which was to call out the bomb squad. at this time that bag social security going to be tested further just because we're not sure item dog hit. we still need to take those extra steps on our end to find out what was the reasoning for the hit. >> now, travel is back on track. everything is okay. there is no
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so let's talk about something that's going to make lots of you happy, sunny skies over denver, blue skies looking beautiful like a typical colorado scene. if you can not wait for the weekend we are living for it. we've got good news. it's like pat i don't weather this weekend. >> oh my gosh. it's so nice to sit outside and enjoy it. this weekend we're going to warm it up a little bit. you'll be smelling a lot sunday of the both days look dry. smallest chances for isolated showers out there. we've got a very small chance for that today. outside right now very dry, mostly sunny skies a couple of clouds on the horizon. we take a look at the radar screen. one light shower is trying to form in our northern mountains, it will continue to build but most of the state not expecting severe weather either. it's going to
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if we see anything in colorado it will be a strong storm right around the colorado nebraska, colorado and kansas state lines. so right now we're at 70, 68 out at dia. we're going to make our way into the upper 70ses today. we'll be in the mid-70s by 2, 3, and 4:00 this afternoon. there's a chance for one or 2 showers tries to push across i-25 onto the front range. tomorrow a slightly better be cooler so prepare yourself for that but saturday and sunday looks so nice. in fact 80s will be learning. >> nice. okay. so go get some burgers from thee fire up the are grill this weekend. now, before you go do that let's catch up on some more stories. donald trump says he plans to scale back on foot
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the united states aimed at protecting the waterways. he made that announcement there today. it sets limit or carbon pollution from plants. he outlined plants to limit the scope of what he calls the fda food police. hillary clinton is back on her feet and back on the cam trail today. she made a stop in north carolina a washington. those are her fist public appearances since sunday after becoming dizzy and dehydrated in new york on sunday. now, vice president joe biden will be in colorado today. he'll be speaking at the annual corvell dinner. security will
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kent 30 will be honored. we have a link to this event on our story on tickets are about $500 but they're expecting a crowd of about 700 people. well, it turns out we weren't supposed to know the amount of a settlement that a texas county reached with the family of sandra bland. she's the woman who died in a jail cell last summer. the family told a houston tv station that the lawsuit i $1.9 million. the attorney for the county says they've reached a potential settlement but it's not final. he adds that the parties agreed in writing to keep the terms confident until they're finalized. littleton police officers will have new partners when responding to 911 calls. they're mental health workers. it's part of something known as the co-response program. police departments across the country have started to use it. littleton officers who respond
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person seems to be having a mental health episode. if they are the officer calls in an expert from all health networks. that the group treats thousands of people in the metro area every year. officers say the partnership will also help prevent situations where people with mental health illnesses are put in jail. >> maybe the person is going through a crisis moment. once we deem that the situation is safe we can still call andf them down that treatment path first. >> the police department received a $350,000 grant to fay for this program and a word of note the city of denver just expanded its co-response program and added even more mental health professionals available to respond to calls. some big changes to a bad intersection in aurora.
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night to talk about the big changes. the main problem drivers trying to make the left turns. the city hopes to fix that with a continuous flow intersection. drug prices you know this, they are just getting out of control. the recent price surge of the epipen is one example. now, lawmakers can take a big step toward moving towards a bill to require drug makers to justify drug increases of more than 10%. the price of the epipen jumped 400 % in 8 years. the makers will have to give at least a 1 month warning before the price hike. a man in florida says a samsung phone caused this. the driver says he was charging his phone on the passenger seat when it burst into flames. he says he heard it pop just before it
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local police say they're still looking into this to find out whether the phone really caused this. if it did this would be the second time that a samsung phone has been blamed for a car fire. well, a new test would help your chances testing breast cancer. what makes it so effective ahead.
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you know, i am not complaining about today, temperatures are going to be in
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also on tap or the weekend and if you like to spend them outside i think you're going to love this forecast. outside right now a few more clouds sitting over fort collins than what we're seeing in denver. showers are possible later on today. we're at 69 fort collins, 68 in denver. we've already hit the 70s and even some 80s on our eastern plains. here outside 9 news loads of herement take lunch outside if you can. the radar screen is looking nice and quiet, a couple of isolated showers starting pop up in our mountains. and we're not anticipating severe weather today either. that threat is going to be well off to our east. just a threat for general thunderstorms across parts of the front range.
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burlington. you may see storms that produce larger hail. the bulk of the storms from yesterday are well off to our east. it's the backside of this system that's going to be pushing in today and for the next couple of days it's going to keep the cooler weather around until we get to the weekend because then or weather pattern shifts. you can see some of that cool air will be taken by the jet stream off to the east and that's going to allow us to warm out out here and we're talking a today 70s with isolated showers, maybe a thunderstorm or 2. more possible on our eastern plains by late this afternoon and into this evening. i'm talking 7, 8:00 tonight. after that skies will clear. we have a quiet night. then tomorrow a slightly better chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm here in denver.
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50s and 60s for the mountains. l chance for some light showers here in denver today. stronger storms possible east. 46 will be our low tonight, skies clear then a little cooler tomorrow 72 the high with those late day storms. we're dry saturday and sunday. saturday 79, sunday 83, monday
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there is a heroin epidemic into the u.s. and it's made its way to a kindergarten class. the teacher found 30 packs of heroin in a lunch box. he tested negative for opioids. the teacher thought the boy was playing can candy and realized it was just so everybody -- every kid is safe. that could have been -- he probably could have passed it out as candy. >> so dangerous. police have not said whether ore introduced the boy's parents. they're trying to figure out how he got those drugs. well, breast cancer they always say early detection is a key. a new test could be the most promising technique yet toward finding problems earlier. it's called mbi.
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better at finding cancer than a mammogram alone. it's especially good at finding tumors within dense breast tissue which half of all women have. why? in typical mammograms dense brep as white which is the same as a tumor. with this the woman is injected andra cancer cells which makes it easier to identify. >> this is the most promising technique we have toward 0 deaths for breast cancer. >> the technology exists right now? >> it exists and it's available. >> in studies of 2,600 women 32 cancers were found, 8 detected by mammograms, 29 detected when an mbi was added. breast cancer kills 40,000 women in the u.s. every year. the race for the
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away. there's still time to sign up and participate and support is survivors. 23,000 people participated last year. go to our website so that you can sign up. summer might be coming to a close but it does not mean you
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colorful colorado our late season gardens should be the most floor i couldn't say of the entire year. we've got some tips on how to make your garden cool and colorful. >> it's important that you pay attention to your beds. you've got to keep everything cleaned up so they continue to bloom and
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right now i'm working on trimming back these seed heads but to keep them blooming i've got to keep them dead headed so there's still this fabulous blight yellow for the fall. >> this is one of my favorite late bloomers in the summer. in order to get the butterflies come back once the bloom is spent cut it off. it will levi shirley general rate. >> this variety is call lemon queen. what we're and these should be fine through fall. >> one of the joys of the late garden season is joy seedum. >> another late season bloomer will astors. there are several varieties. these are a new york astor. the bees love them.
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the new england astors are just beginning to pop. you might remember they were cut back by a 3rd. most of them require a moderate amount of water but this one does not. it is called dream of beauty and native to the great plains. >> this grows to about 3 to 4 feet tall and prefers partial shade to full sun. best underneath a bunch of larger plants. >> here we have the lovely annual, it's black and blue salvia. this is a late season bloomer and the birds absolutely adore it. >> get to work in your garden make sure that you do everything you can to make it floor i couldn't say.
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represented in america's got talent last night. lincoln bridge sang 7 years. 24 dancers performed creating new shapes. you probably remember they got their start on season 6. the team's director says it was a sir my invitation to come back and perform. they got the call 2 days before the end. >> sunday just this past sunday at 4:20 i received a from my amazing producer on america's got talent. he's like lynn can you put a show together and come out here tomorrow. and i was like sure no, problem. but my cast is incredible. the parents are incredible. and i sent out an email and within 24 hours we had a show rehearsed at our satellite theater. >> if you would like to see the magic for yourself they would be doing a holiday show this
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so look for details on that. still ahead the story of the day, a real tear jerker. you've
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okay. you've got to watch this. so cute, soul mates for sure. this little boy and girl grew up together in china. they're not actually related but they hav they even call each other brother and sister but they were separated when the 4-year old was adopted by a family in north texas. when they were going over the adoption materials they notice this had little boy in every single picture. they even shared a weekend foster mother. after a little bit of research the couple was able to find a home for the little boy not far from him. he reunited with her at this airport and they were so happy. and guess what, the
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they didn't even know each other, but now they say they will be friends forever so that they can all stay together. doesn't that just warm your heart? >> so sweet. i love that story. >> gives you faith in humanity. >> kids have so many emotions and feelings and the fact that they remember and love each other so much. >> great to see. how do you follow it really. >> but you've got something good. i do. upper 70s look for a shower or 2 late this afternoon. tomorrow a little bit cooler so 72 the high a chance for an isolated storm in the afternoon. what i'm really trying to lead you into is the weekend forecast because we're back to the upper 70s on saturday, dry saturday and sunday, sunday high of 83.
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did you gorgeous for the weekend. get outside and do something. >> we'll go home and start making our weekend plans. be sure to come back at 4:00 for 9 news at 4. have a great day.
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. donald trump on an extreme presidential diet. surprised new confessions to dr. oz. >> now on "extra." ? he wantso house but first he needs to lose weight. >> is it important -- >> those were all the tests that were just done. >> a results of trump's tv health exam with dr. oz today months after telling mario. >> you lost the weight. >> oprah down 30 pounds and down 117 million. all new details on her weight watchers stock plunge. justin timberlake, aj callaway.


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