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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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inappropriately touched cadets by hugging them, touching their butts and being very handy. the investigation found numerous incidences of unprofessional and inappropriate conduct since she took over cat debt program last september. fresca is accused of favoritism calling female cadets the b word numerous times and also allowed cadets to work more than 40 hours a week without being paid overtime. fresca will appeal. we reached out to her and her attorney. neither a spokesperson for the denver management of safety said the office could not comment either. winter is coming. so is halloween and christmas, so don't freak out just yet. we do have time, but this is fresh snow at the johnson eisenhower tunnel this morning, just a dusting. loveland will flip on the snow machine in two weeks, no word when they will open. key stone is 50 days from opening.
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reporter matt renoux shot this shot of the changing leaves today. meanwhile sunshine and meteorologist becky ditchfield is out in the 9news backyard. wow, we live this little taste of snow, but it's pretty stinking gorgeous right now here. >> gorgeous, a little breeze, lot of sunshine, temperatures staying in the 70s for us. we'll see even cooler temperatures tomorrow and then we'll warm back up for the got going on right now, a low breeze outside 9news, partly cloudy skies, no rain yet. we do have a chance for some light showers here in the denver metro area. most of what i have seen has been out on the eastern plains where we've got a line of showers and thunderstorms that are stretching from sterling almost down into burlington including one severe thunderstorm warning for portions of kit carson county. this is going to go until 4:45
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hail 1 inch in diameter. they're expecting quarter size hail or bigger, possibly up to ping pong ball size and at times this cell has also shown signs that it might be rotating. now there is no tornado warning with this. this is just a severe thunderstorm warning, but if this storm is in your vicinity, make sure you're staying well away from windows. i would get closer to the center part of your home and just keep your eyes open for this to be we'll track it throughout the hour and then into this evening as well. our eastern plains is really the place where we're expecting a chance for severe weather today. it's marginal. the biggest threats are for large hail and damaging wind. here in denver, fort collins and greeley a light shower is possible but only a couple places may see some of that rain. 72 now, 74 at dia, greeley at 78, so a little bit warmer, 72 for fort collins and we've got lower, middle and upper60s
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foothills. for the next several hours we'll see temperatures falling, 72 by 5:00, 70 at 6:00, 60s through 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. overnight tonight looks clear, slightly better chance for some showers and thunderstorms will pop up tomorrow. i mentioned tomorrow a little bit cooler, but this weekend, oh, jonathan and kim, it looks fantastic! we're going to see lots of sunshine and temperatures creeping back up to the 80s, so i bet we'll smell a few barbecues going on. >> oh, yeah. this is a weekend just to hold onto >> going to remember this one for a while. thank you. vice president joe biden is on his way to denver. he's set to speak at the annual kordell dinner at the university of dinner around 7:00. he spoke in the aspens idea festival last july focusing on his cancer moon shot project. the party is at the hamilton gym from 5 to 8 p.m. we are expecting traffic
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because of the increased security. plan ahead if you're going to be in the area. an unattended bag at dia this morning was not a threat. the dropoff location on level 6 west was closed while it was investigated, though. in turn that led to big backups. police cleared the bag and the area around 10:00 this morning. nothing suspicious was found. 12 emergency agencies in and around the western slope have filed complaints with state regulators over 911 the complaints were filed against several providers including centurylink. they list at least eight days over a three week period where at least one communication center experienced an outage and they say the notification centers weren't notified quick enough about the outage. the agency wants providers to develop a plan to communicate to them during these outages. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail today. the polls are not in her favor. new voter surveys show donald
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and in some states passing clinton. here's nbc reporter steve handelsman. >> reporter: back on the campaign trail, hillary clinton still recovering from pneumonia but sounding as she said feeling better. >> i'm doing great. thank you so much. >> reporter: in north carolina she said three days at home reminded her many working parents can't afford time off or child care. >> for millions of moms and dads if they get sick, there's no backup. >> reporter: donald trump was talking about his plan to make some child care tax deductible. >> the tax relief will be concentrated on the working and middle class taxpayer. prepare low key specific, it might -- >> reporter: low key specific, it might be working. trump is virtually tying with clinton nationally in today's cbs new york times poll. the new quinnipiac poll puts clinton five points over trump, but it was 10 points last month
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polls. clinton's illness and her not disclosing it could be a factor, but republicans are praising trump, less bombast, fewer tweets, more focus on voters' issues. >> his message is clearer. people understand on a given day what he's trying to talk to them about. >> reporter: and clinton understands the race is close. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> donald trump has a camp springs later this weekend. the man accused of setting fire to a florida mosque says he's embarrassed. 32-year-old joseph schreiber confessed to a judge today. the mosque was once attended by the gunman who killed 49 people at an orlando nightclub this summer. detectives say schreiber admitted to setting the fire and said he had no intention of hurting anyone. the judge referred to seven pages of prior criminal history and called him a flight risk. >> there really is no condition of release that can reasonably
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risk of physical harm. >> schreiber is facing 30 years to life in prison because of his prior record and because he is a prison release reoffender, he could still face federal charges in that case. 55 tobacco retailers around the country received letters today from the fad and drug administration, a first warning for selling products like e- cigarettes, e liquids and cigars to minors. during compliance checks minors were seen purchasing those items. if the retailers don't times. last year the rules were expanded to include e- cigarettes, hookahs and cigars. families in the u.s. are doing whatever they can to get their hands epipens that deliver epinephrine in the event of a life threatening allergic reaction. two pens that used to cost $100 now cost $600. one mother is considering
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regulations a single epipen in ontario costs about 88 american dollars. it's less than $190 for a two pack and in canada epipens can be bought over the counter, no prescription needed. >> an american citizen does require that medication, we can offer that to them at the same cost we would offer any ontario resident. we expect people to come and i think once word catches on that they can get it cheaper here, they problem will, but, you that people just don't know that they have the ability to try other places. >> american doctors say they absolutely understand why families are making the trim, just like the u.s., canada -- trip. just like the u.s., canada gets their epipens from mylan, but doctors and patients know it's the exact same product. park managers at mesa verde are moving ahead in the process to decide whether to increase
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public comment. the proposal would increase fees from 8 to $10 per person during the summer season may to october. an annual pass would go up from 30 to $40. the park superintend. hopes to use of the extra money -- superintendent hopes to use the extra money to offset maintenance costs. there's a meeting to discuss public proposal and feedback. by a viewer. it looks like the fall colors are arriving a little early this year. 9news mountain newsroom reporter matt renoux took one for the team this afternoon reporting on leaves, yeah, tough gig. >> reporter: you bet, kim. it is a rough day to be sure at the office today. you know, last year our assistant news director, tim ryan, talked about taking his family on a leaf road trip on colorado and they wedge over
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day. -- went over five mountain passes in one day. we did do three mountain passes on a drive i like to call the leaf loop and it is absolutely amazing. we started out this morning in georgetown and you can take that easy drive over genella pass where the leaves are just starting and drop over to highway 285 and pop right up on kenosha pass, a lot of places ll looking awesome. from there head into the small town of cuomo. the houses are as colorful as the landscape. head up from there over borreus pass. this is the dirt part of the road and bumpy at times but worth it. we caught some pictures just as the photographers say the leaves are peaking. >> i think it's a little early
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ahead, maybe five. we're coming over to cuomo right now to experience all the beauty of cuomo, the unique, the individualal it i. that's what i really -- individuality. that's what i really enjoy about cuomo. >> reporter: from there you head into breckenridge and from breckenridge you head over toyota 70 back to georgetown and the pass completing the loop. it's about 140 miles altogether, but it will take the better part of the day, several hours, beautiful scenery along the way, just incredible land escape. right here we're just outside breckenridge where you start to make your way back into the city after coming down off the mountain, just a spectacular day out here, condemn and jonathan, the leaves starts -- kim and jonathan, the leaves starting to peak for sure. around glenmont springs the folks are telling us about a week or two you can expect the
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i'm googling all this right now. >> reporter: go to cuomo. it's beautiful there. >> okay. all right. thanks again, matt. we know it was a tough grueling day for you, no hat required. you're going to be standing on the road telling us it's snowing soon, so you just wait. he will be. we'll have him out there every time it sending us your photos of these mountain drives. keep end sending them our way. we love them. >> use the #beon9. we have compiled a list of hikes on as well. so peep and leaf away, leaf peeping. >> it's my favorite time of the year. >> it's great. people are already in line for that new iphone 7. is it worth all the hype? i mean for some?
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organization is giving women on the streets another shot at a stable life. the group's founder might
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y23eoy yvpy there is now a federal recall of samsung galaxy note 7 phone because it can catch fire or explode. earlier this week samsung issued a voluntary recall of the devices. today the u.s. consumer product safety commission issued a formal recall. samsung has confirmed a few dozen instances of the problem sole. samsung has promised replacement -- sold. samsung has promised replacement devices, but that was put on hold while regulators review the situation. here's some video of what our priorities look like, folks waiting in line for the new iphone 7 that doesn't go on sale until tomorrow. this is video from australia and japan, people in line saying it's as much about the experience as actually getting the phone itself. uh-huh. the new model has a lot of new features, some more practical than others. we wanted to know if the
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the hype. 9news reporter nick mcgill dives in. >> reporter: for consumers like brett odell it's all apple all the time. >> apple is out, man, yeah. latest and greatest everything. got to have everything match and sync, got to have the latest and greatest for sure. >> reporter: which is why it's no surprise when it comes to the release of the iphone 7 brett is counting down the minutes. >> we preordered ours. we got up at like 12:00 at midnight, made sure to order it for mine and my wife's. >> reporter: brett's for apple's greatest and latest, but when it comes to performance, is it worth the hype? >> iphone 7 is the best iphone apple has ever built. is it revolutionary? absolutely not. >> reporter: the new iphone has a new camera, better displays and waterproofing, but those same features can be found in other phones. apple's big secret, marketing. >> they spend all year fixating on how they're going to release
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two, three years ago, but they set it up so they convince you now is the time. now you need to upgrade. >> reporter: in fact, apple has been so good at marketing this product some versions of the iphone 7 have already sold out. so the answer to the question of is it worth it may change depending on who you ask. in denver nick mcgill. >> they can change one thing and i would still be online preordering it, yeah, for sure. >> reporter: 9news. >> it's all mind games. some people just don't care. >> jonathan. >> another reason he says for apple's success, customer satisfaction. the company far outperforms all the competition. if you listen to music, chances are you're duesing spotify. it now has 40 million maybed subscribers. it added 10 -- paid subscribers. it added 10 million paid subscribers last year. spotify hasn't confirmed how
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but back in june it said it had 100 million total subscribers paid and unpaid. there is a new way to watch thursday night football. twitter is going to start streaming live games. the site has been struggling recently. twitter users can watch using the twitter app on apple tv, amazon fire tv and microsoft's x-box one. the company says it wants to give cord cutters another sports watching option. the game is on buff bills. >> another excuse for -- buffalo bills. >> northerly excuse for me to sit there and -- another excuse for me to sit there and say no, honey, i'm not watching football. let's watch dancing with the stars. a new home for pieces of american history is about to open in washington d.c. >> next some of what you'll find inside the national museum
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today the law was talked about causing the country to continue to talk about north carolina. all the championships are being moved out of north carolina this academic school year because of h.b.2. the law requires transgenders to use bathrooms at schools and government buildings corresponding with the sex on their birth certificates. ncaa is reef locating seven championships because of that -- relocating seven law. governor mccrory is saying they are seeing a state that doesn't exist. >> no one worried about this. it was only until your mayor and city council created a solution to a problem that didn't exist. >> mccrory is down in the polls about six points depending on the survey you look at. some say he framed the debate over north carolina's law as one of common sense, safety and privacy. in washington d.c. the
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open. the 400,000 square foot building has been in the works for 13 years. it sits on 5 acres adjacent to the washington monument. many of the nearly 4,000 artifacts in the museum came from families across the country. the museum is centered around the african american experience in the united states, but the director says it is really for everyone. >> so we say this is a story for us all. this is a story that helps all of us, white, whether our families have been here 200 years or got here 20 minutes ago. this is a story that helps us better understand who we are as americans. >> there is a vintage open cockpit plane on display that was once used by the tuskegee airmen and visitors to the slavery and freedom exhibit hall will also see a one story cabin once home to slaves on a
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the point of pines plantation on pedestal island in south carolina. three years ago crews dismantled it piece by piece to transfer it to the smithsonian collection. it's believed to have been built in 1853 inhabited up to 1980 because the home was also in use after slavery ended. a door on the backside helps illustrate the transition from slavery to freedom. >> too often when people study slavery, they study slavery either just as a brutal institution we really want to focus on is the human experience. and when you think about yourself as a human being, you aren't just a person who works. you're also a person who loves. you're a person who takes care of their family and you're a person who takes pride in the work that they do and so we really try to focus on these three beats of the human experience so that people can understand really the enormous strengths and vitality of those who endured slavery.
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exhibition hall focuses on the role slavery played in america's history and its impact on those who were enslaved. >> to see something like that changes your whole perception and understanding. that's great. we could see a little bit of rain tonight, but it's moving out in time for that weekend. >> yes. becky is back next with the
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taking a cloudy look over the flatirons in boulder, one of the best cameras we have, such a gorgeous shot. >> they're full of bests in boulder. >> yeah. tell us about one you just learned. >> ncaa ranked the best mascot entrances in college football. >> you don't say? >> and we came in no. 1, no.
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>> they do some great entrances. they're showing great college football entrances, you know, and oregon has a good one. but they don't have a buffalo. they don't have ralphie that tears on down there with the wranglers. >> becky, please say we have a lot of buffs talking on the show today. talk about weather. >> really? i didn't notice. >> it's just kind of cool to see that. >> congratulations. that's awesome. >> i'm telling you, it's the handlers and ralphie just fires up >> fun time. >> this is good weather if you're a buffalo out there roaming on the range. it is. it's good weather for everybody. >> it's also a great transition. hey, becky. >> tell you what. everybody should be out and enjoying what we've got going on today. we have a little bit more sunshine than we have now, a few more cloud starting to roll in. i would -- clouds starting to roll in. i would not be surprised to see a shower or two before the evening is up. take a live look outside.
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to the west over the foothills, but sunny skies over the csu campus now. we managed to get up to 76 degrees today officially at dia just under our average high of 79, nowhere close to record setting. that record high still holds at 92 degrees set back in 2000. we're at 74 now out at dia, 73 at greeley, fort collins. the hotspot is lamar, 91. 80 currently for burlington, 50s ans mountains. here outside the 9news backyard a few more clouds, no rain and a little breezy. we're in a very mild 76 degrees, gorgeous, gorgeous day out here today. now across the state as we take a look, we have one, a very new severe thunderstorm watch that has been issued for the far eastern plains. this comes after a couple of severe thunderstorms have popped up out there. we're going to start you off with the storm that's just northwest of burlington pushing
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warning in effect for kit carson county until 4:45 p.m. we've had hail reported up to an inch in diameter from this ping pong ball size hail possible as this storm really holds together, moves into some very unstable air on our far eastern plains. as we get into tonight, these storms will continue to push east and will eventually move out of the state but not before we see even more hail up around places like akron and then east towardma this storm is for washington county. that's a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:15 p.m., again large hail and damaging wind the main threat with these cells as they push east, northeast throughout the remainder of the evening. there you can see that storm track as they push east, building starting at just about limon and up building as they push into the plains. we do have a marginal risk for severe weather on our eastern plains through the evening.
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general thunderstorms. i think all we'll manage to see is a light shower or two. the storms that we saw from yesterday pushing now out over the midwest and check this out. see that just off the coast? that, by the way, now is tropical storm julia, yes, gained some strength over the last 24 hours. we've got 40 mile-per-hour winds and it looks like julia is just going to kind of spin out there right over the atlantic. what does that mean for our friends out on the we certainly could see some problems with the rip tide. we also could see problems with storm surge. rain will amount all the way through saturday night up to about an inch for the charleston area. it's far enough offshore they won't see a lot of rain from it. meanwhile back here our weather pattern is going to change a bit. we've got this trough that's sitting right over colorado helping to bring in of?
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today, 70s tomorrow. over the weekend that shifts east. it will take the cool air with it and we'll be warming up. we've got 80-degree weather that is back in the forecast once we get back into sunday. the next 24 hours showers and thunderstorms will be possible again, but that will be coming up tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon mainly after 3:00 or 4:00. these storms will be very isolated. they aren't expected to be severe across the denver metro area. we are going to be a little cooler before comes. overnight lows tonight to the middle 40s through fort collins, greeley and denver, eastern 40s and 50s, lows dipping into the 20s and 30s in the mountains. i think a few of those places up there like to see the dip in temperatures closer to ski season, upper 40s the lows along grand junction and the western slope. look for mostly clear skies in denver, winds southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour, so a cool evening. tomorrow 72, sunny start and an isolated thunderstorm or two
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again they aren't expected to be severe. then all this cool air starts to shift east and we warm up, 77 degrees our high saturday, mostly sunny, sunday 83. i'm going to call that a perfect weekend to do some grilling outside. then monday, tuesday, even warmer with highs in the middle to upper 80s. so the warm-up continues for the start of the workweek. hopefully everybody gets to spend some time indoors especially if you're getting too hot, weekend is going to be perfect. i can't wait to see all the pictures on social media and what people do with it. >> i'll be posting. it will be nice out. >> jonathan is heading up to the mountains to look at a little gold. it is part of our nation's capital here in colorado, a traveling version of the vietnam memorial wall. it's part of an effort to honor
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rodriguez tells us the wall that is here is just as moving for some as the original. >> this wall is a reminder that freedom is not free. >> reporter: reaching out to touch history through the passage of time. >> i've had people say many times that people come to touch the wall and it touches them. >> reporter: a version of the vietnam wall that is slightly smaller than the original in washington d.c. it's about 80% of the size, but with 100% the feelings it evokes. >> i haven't turned around and looked at it yet. it's very emotional. >> to see it here out on the eastern plains of colorado. >> reporter: this is the american veterans traveling tribute version of the vietnam memorial. it travels across the country bringing the wall to those who may not be able to reach the real thing. >> and there are our jets. >> it's a tradition for people
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served alongside someone to bring things. >> 58,307 names. >> reporter: the wall's colorado home the next few days is on a plot of land offered up by furniture row in dacono, part of a local efforts by the vfw, rotary club and dozens of volunteers to bring the wall here. >> it does not just happen overnight. >> reporter: but when it does happen, so do other things, painful memories for some. >> part of what i see on the save. >> reporter: and a chance to really for others. >> the hardest is when you start looking and reading name of people. my dad's a vietnam veteran navy. so he will be out here tomorrow with me to share the wall. >> reporter: sharing a history still so fresh for so many. >> i hope we leave this event a more humbled and awe inspired individual because of those in attendance today. >> reporter: maya rodriguez, 9news. >> wow. >> this traveling version of
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be at furniture row off of i-25 in dacono until sunday afternoon. >> there will be a closing ceremony at 3 p.m. marking the end of the wall's time here. well, there is another big state rivalry, but there's a friendly wager going on. >> two mayors are all in in
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here is a school bus driver in california giving kids really great reason to be excited for the new school year. gina kahn has fixed up more than 40 pairs of shoes just since school started. she has posted some of the before and after little boy came on her bus with shoes that were falling apart. she offered to fix them. now kahn wants to do a shoe drive where she can get shoes fixed and give shoes to kids in the community. >> here in stockton it's not a bad city to a lot of people, but it's my hometown and if i can give back, i want to. >> there's a lot of pride in stockton, absolutely. you might imagine. it's expensive to fix all those
4:42 pm
kahn wrote a letter to her favorite paint and glue company. they sent her more paint, brushes, rags. good story. >> we don't realize the actual connection bus drivers have to every one of those children that they see every day and notice the little things. >> good point. >> that's wonderful. the rocky mountain showdown between colorado and colorado state behind us, now there is a friendly wager going on for the upcoming csu versus unc football game. >> the northern colorado ar rams at hughes stadium in fort collins saturday. the bears are 2-0 , rams 1-1. the wager is for a basket of locally produced products from their respective communities. the mayor from the winning team will get the basket later this month at the colorado district meeting in evans. saturday's game is ag day for the rams. this year's is the35th ago day. it will be the last one at
4:43 pm
created by phil mcgraw, athletic director from 1976 to 1986. an man science director suggested to him -- animal science director suggested to him that csu partner with the beef industry for the very first ag day and since then there have been over 200 scholarships totaling more than $500,000. there's live events and great food to eat as well. slacker and steve joining us now to talk about kitchen catastrophes and you're no night? >> do not do not let me in. okay. so i just got a new convection microwave and you're apparently supposed to take the racks out of them when you use it as a microwave. >> yes, you are. yes and? >> what? i didn't and it made a zapping sound and i'm pretty sure i need a newone, but i did not get shot by my oven.
4:44 pm
storing handguns in the oven and so she was shot by her oven. >> yeah. that's a kitchen catastrophe. >> that would be a catastrophe. kim, you don't even cook, right? you have your servants, right? >> i cook a little. my sister did start a fire with a pop start in the toaster. i have -- poptart in the toaster. i have no idea why because because we didn't have enough storage space. >> i can't say i've had any kind of experience like that, oh, my gosh, shot by your own oven. that's nuts. >> that's much worse than flames coming out of the poptart, but it's a distinct smell you don't lose quickly. >> she hasn't had a poptart since. >> okay. you guys. >> thanks, guys. >> see you, guys. >> smoke alarm goes off, dinner is ready. that's what my friend always says.
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beginning today through october 15th 9/11 is celebrating hispanic heritage. in our first story we feature an organization giving women on the streets another shot at a stable life, an organization that is thriving under their young and ambitious leader. fo conceal the identity of the sexual assault victim in this story. >> it was hard and it was my life and it was a mess. >> reporter: sometimes looking backwards no matter how hard is the only way to move forward. >> my children were devastated that i couldn't just get it in my head that i could do this.
4:49 pm
that for 20 years. >> east colfax, west colfax, colfax. >> reporter: maria's reality played out under these bright lights. >> that was my black hole. that's where i survived and that's where i felt the safest. >> reporter: danger was her safety. >> your mind ain't clear, so to survive you do what you got to do. for me it was to make money to survive. >> reporter: for maria going backwards was routine. >> i numbed myself a lot with drugs and alcohol. >> reporter: until she realized that stepping back can actually help her move forward. >> i had a bunch of crack and i flushed it down the toilet and emptied all my alcohol in the sink. >> reporter: maria found a place in the denver area that would force her to face her past. >> i either needed to get my life together or i might as well be dead. >> this is our residential space. >> reporter: streets hope helps victims of sex trafficking live in a
4:50 pm
addictions, trauma, help regain a sense of who they were always supposed to be. >> it was beautiful. >> it's like your safe haven here. >> it was beautiful because i never realized so many people could love me and not even know where i've been. >> reporter: one of those people is nina martinez. >> a common misconception is that sex trafficking doesn't happen in the u.s. or it doesn't happen in colorado or it doesn't happen in denver. >> reporter: nina joined streets hope in 2011 moving her way up to executive director over the years. >> we have up to 10 women who or the commercial sex industry. we operate a one year program. >> reporter: the organization has grown in their short time here, something nina called a challenge being a young latina in the nonprofit sector. >> i really had to push through a lot of those barriers and really have my voice be heard. just to see this hispanic beautiful young alleged, you know, have her life where it is and still -- young lady, you know, have her life where it is and still be loving and giving
4:51 pm
they're there for a reason. >> reporter: now nina is inspiring other women by bringing structure to their chaotic world. >> it gives hope and it's an awesome thing to see. i think i get more from them than they get from me oftentimes. >> reporter: so as things begin to move forward. >> i'm a mom. >> reporter: did i hear a grandmother, too? >> i'm a grandmother, too. >> reporter: it was maria's step back that helped her get there. >> today i don't have to go to colfnd drink. >> we all have a purpose and it's just a storm we went through in life. it just makes us stronger. we just got to reach out for help. women empowering women is amazing. >> maria recently started a new job and is working on rebuilding her life. streets hope began in 2004. nina says it's the only organization in colorado that offers these kinds of services
4:52 pm
it's pretty incredible. maria didn't know at a certain point literally whether she would be dead or alive and this program came across her table, so to speak, and it said they told her it might be three months before we could potentially get you in and it was shorter than that. she did everything she could to get clean. it was a tough one year for her, but now she's even coming back giving back to that organization. she was actually in the video talking to other women who are going through it now. it's inspiring to see what they're do >> she's been there. she understands. >> yeah. >> there are never enough programs to deal with addiction and things, but you have to realize they're all tied in together and this is very specific, which is wonderful. >> nina said i-25 is a major corridor for sex trafficking going all the way down to the border. it's an issue. it's cool to see that they're doing something about it here. >> could be right around the corner from you.
4:53 pm
we've got a dog for you. >> becky is back next with an appropriately named dog,
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traffic--i-25 and university. vice president joe we've got a live look at i- 25 and university. it's always busy, especially busy tonight. vice president joe biden is in denver. he's going to speak at the annual kordell dinner at university of denver at 7:00. >> the denver police department hasn't provided any specific closures, but traffic could increased security obviously. plan ahead if you're driving in that area, but always busy like kim mentioned. >> it is. it's troubled for about an hour or so, but now this might extend it a little longer. becky ditchfield coming along with an awesome, awesome dog. >> harley is so sweet. look at him! his face, i just cannot get enough. so harley is an 11-year-old
4:57 pm
sweet, really friendly. he has done well with children and dogs and has actually lived with cats in the past. he walks well on a leash and loves car rides. you can visit harley at the dumb friends league quebec street shelter. look at him. he's so good. even better coming up on saturday, september 17th, we've got the glendale farm open space dumb friends league wagon trail come adopt harley, bring him out there and all the proceeds benefit more than 3,500 hopeless pets at the buddy shelter center in castle rock. he's got a $50 registration fee and if you raise an extra $25, you can also wear this t-shirt when you bring him out to the dumb friends league annual wagon trail saturday, 707 tonight.
4:58 pm
so can't you guys imagine who won't want to adopt harley here and bring him out to the wagon trail? >> i think adele is interested. so if you want harley, you better bring him out now. >> adele is some stiff competition. >> look at that face, oh, my gosh. he deserves a wonderful home. >> we talk about driving to look at the leaves. take harley along in the car. >> yes. he would love that. we have to find him a good home. thank you, becky. >> that's going to us. thanks for joining us.
4:59 pm
next at 5:00 it's an emotional visit for those who come. >> i've had people say many times they come to touch the wall and it touches them. >> thousands will pause and remember at the traveling display. >> also ahead register your vacation rental or pay a foon, the city of denver start -- starting to enforce its regulations on rentals. >> and the best routes to see the fall foliage this weekend next on 9news. >> this is 9news. vice president biden will arrive in denver in two hours to speak at youth of denver at 7:00. traffic could be worse than
5:00 pm
about the route biden will take. however, there will be rolling closures to make way for his motorcade. biden has endorsed hillary clinton, no word whether the upcoming election will be a speech topic tonight. seen here with kim christiansen in an earlier visit to denver. donald trump will be in colorado this weekend. he is holding an event near the colorado springs airport saturday night. tickets are available through his website. it is, however, expected to be a small venue. he was in colorado springs in july. and the health of the candidates continues to be a topic. trump was a guest on dr. oz. dr. oz read the results of his latest medical test showing he has a clean bill of health. hillary clinton campaigned in north carolina today. the democratic presidential candidate is still recovering from pneumonia but says she's feeling better. clinton and trump are now almost tied in today's cbs new york times poll.


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