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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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about the route biden will take. however, there will be rolling closures to make way for his motorcade. biden has endorsed hillary clinton, no word whether the upcoming election will be a speech topic tonight. seen here with kim christiansen in an earlier visit to denver. donald trump will be in colorado this weekend. he is holding an event near the colorado springs airport saturday night. tickets are available through his website. it is, however, expected to be a small venue. he was in colorado springs in july. and the health of the candidates continues to be a topic. trump was a guest on dr. oz. dr. oz read the results of his latest medical test showing he has a clean bill of health. hillary clinton campaigned in north carolina today. the democratic presidential candidate is still recovering from pneumonia but says she's feeling better. clinton and trump are now almost tied in today's cbs new york times poll.
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clinton not disclosing her pneumonia diagnosis and trump's renewed focus on voters issues are seen as factors in those recent trends. whether you like it or not, summer is coming to an end. i'm sorry. a sure sign of the upcoming season change, some snow overnight near the eisenhower tunnel, not a lot, but still a sign winter is coming. in denver a comfortable day in the 70s, sunshine, some clouds, danielle grant is in the 9news weather center this evening. >> the weekend forecast looks fantastic. we got to get through tonight and tomorrow night first. outside right now overlooking downtown denver the huge towering cumulonimbus clouds in the far off distance haven't seen much action so far, but you can see across the eastern
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thunderstorm watch in place through midnight. one severe thunderstorm still severe in parts of kit carson county severe in warning till about 5:45. did have some reports of golf ball size hail north of burlington and 60 mile-per-hour winds along i-76, the north eastern plains a good handful of storms, too. around the metro a lot of folks seeing sunshine and 70s. we still have a couple more afternoons of storms. tomorrow a cooler day, low 70s and believe summer. say so long because it will be fall like that. >> no, no. i don't want to believe you. >> sorry. >> thanks, danielle. 180 bales of hay went up in flames in a spontaneous combustion fire near longmont. mountain view fire and rescue responded to the hay fire off highway 66 and 17th avenue yesterday. it took crews about nine hours
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to spread out the hay and douse it with water. hay is baled when wet or gets wet, it can cause bacteria to grow and it can catch fire and burn from the inside out. no one was hurt. no structures were threatened. a columbus, ohio police officer is on administrative leave after shooting and killing a 13-year-old boy last night. tyreke king ran from officers investigating an armed robbery. tyreke pulled out a bb n his waistband that looked real. one of the officers shot king several times. it wasn't until after he was shot it was determined he was using a toy bb king with an attached laser sight. police asked residents to remain calm and stay patient because the investigation will take some time. >> i will not let an officer out on the street to perform their job if i don't trust them to be capable of doing so. >> the officer involved has been identified as brian mason,
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camera. the lawyer for the family of the teen says tyreke being involved in an armed robbery would be so out of character for him and added he was an 8th grader who played football and was in the young scholars program at school. police in wyoming say a deadly shooting at a senior living facility may have been the result over an argument of poker parties held in a common area of the complex. 7 7-year-old larry rosenberg wrote a letter and gave it to a person who live three people yesterday morning. the woman who received the letter said rosenberg was upset about the poker parties. cheyenne police wouldn't comment but did say there has been a longstanding animosity between rosenberg and the people he shot. a 45-year-old who worked at the complex was killed, two others wounded. rosenberg killed himself as police approached him after the shooting. police blocked off a section of the passenger dropoff area at dia this
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around 7 a.m. the area on level 6 west was closed when the bomb squad and k-9s came in to check it out. one of the dogs got a positive. >> whether it was the item, whether it was the bag touched something else, whatever was in the bag, it could be anything, but those dogs, once they hit we have to take this precaution and make sure we follow our next steps and that was to call out our bomb squads. >> it did turn out safe. police never take chances in a case like this. it has been three months passed a measure for short term rentals in the city. the new law that went into effect july 1st requires homeowners to register with the city in order to rent out their home. 9news reporter christine noel joining us now. the city is sending out reminders? >> yes. more and more residents are listing their house or room on sites like vrbo or airbnb. earlier this summer city council implemented new rules
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to get a short term rental license. you haven't done that yet, you'll receive a letter like this in the mail. you have until december 31st to get a short term rental license or potentially face a hefty fine. here are the reminder. owners can rent their primary residence less than 30 days at a time and must get a lodger's tax id and need the okay from their hoa if they have one. renters must certify they have permission from their land lord to do short a spokesperson for the city's department of excise and licensing says this soft force the beganup 1st. they're giving owners six months to get this str license. come the is first of the year -- come the first of the year you have to have a rental license. it's $25 to apply and can be done online. >> we've really tried hard as a city to make this easy for people. we understand this is a technology driven business and
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them to get licenses. so compliance is definitely our no. 1 goal here. we feel we've made a pretty clear straightforward easy path to licensing. >> the city put together a short term rental advisory committee. they're looking at the fines for first and second offense and so forth, but the fines do go up to $999. >> they're giving outs reminders. how -- out reminds. how does the city know if -- reminders. how does the citykn have a rental? >> the city is looking at the air bb and vrbo websites. -- airbnb and vrbo websites. the vietnam memorial wall is in dacono the next four days to allow visitors to honor and remember veterans. this one is about 80% of the size of the one in washington d.c. the wall's colorado home
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in dacono. it took that company and other organizations including the local vfw and rotary club two years to bring the wall here. >> i've had people say many times that people come to touch the wall and it touches them. i think it touches everybody in a completely different way. some it heals. some it opens wounds. we want to simply offer it as an opportunity for those who can't get to d.c. to come here and find whatever they wish. >> the traveling version of the furniture row off i-25 in dacono until sunday. there will be a closing ceremony at 3 p.m. on that day. >> pretty incredible. a new study might help me and others like me understand why i'm not very good at math. >> maybe me, too. also ahead a car goes up in flames and the owner is blaming it on his phone. >> fall colors started reaching their peak in some areas of the high country, the best viewing this weekend coming up.
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a driver in florida said his samsung phone did this to st. lucie, florida. the driver of the 2008 hyundai sonata said he was charging his galaxy 7 on the passenger side when he heard it pop and it caught fire. he got out of the car. fire crews are investigating. federal consumer safety regulators have formally recalled 1 million of those smartphones after dozens of users reported the device catching fire while charging. the u.s. consumer product
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using and power down the device. the phone was recalled by samsung two weeks ago. apple's new iphone is selling out. customers will find some in stores tomorrow. not all choices or options will be available. the initial quantities of the larger iphone 7 plus have already sold out worldwide. the smaller iphone 7 in the new black gone. people can order them online. they won't be available for purchase in the new 7 line has improved cameras and does away with the traditional head phone jack. a new study suggests we could be bad at math because of an abnormality in our brains. researchers at stanford university say the problems is in procedure a memory which is linked -- procedural memory which is linked to automatic tasks like walking, riding a
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sense. is that math does not to me. the next two weekends could be the start of the peak season for fall colors in the high country, could be a few days earlier than usual. summit, clear creek, park counties among them. >> 9news reporter matt renoux noles us a drive you can do in one day that -- shows us a drive you can do in one day that takes us over some great mountain passes and landscapes. >> reporter: heading out to see colorado fall colors and all you need are wheels and open road. >> beautiful. you can't beat the views here. >> reporter: because the asphalt might not be the prettiest bring to look at, but where it leads you can be spectacular. >> the mountains is what it's all about. >> reporter: it's exactly how tony cracknell decided to spend his birthday taking in fall leaves on the first leg of something we like to call the leaf loop. starting in georgetown and
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drivers have a nice well paveed road to see leaves just starting to peak before dropping down onto highway 285 and up kenosha pass taking you right into the small town of cuomo where the houses are as colorful as the landscape. >> the beauty of cuomo, the uniqueness. >> reporter: from there you're on a dirt road heading up boreas pass where we found professional photographers steve byers. >> of bit. >> reporter: and clyde jones. >> taking it in for what it is. >> reporter: who say this fall seems to be a little early. >> i think it's a little early honestly. we're problem three days ahead, maybe five. >> reporter: and looks to be peaking around here this weekend. >> warriors pass is peaking right now. >> reporter: making this narrow and at times rocky drive more than worth it before heading to breckenridge back to i-70 and eventually where it
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ever want to head back. somewhere in summit county matt renoux, 9news mountain newsroom. >> matt renoux sitting on the job. what a day for him. mattes says the leaves -- matt says the leaves along rabbitwood pass look really good right now, glenwood springs still a couple weeks from their peak. >> we've posted the drives on on our 9news facebook page. we should start warming up maybe after tomorrow, looking
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i've been loving the sweater weather, but i understand it's not going to last much longer, at least not through this weekend. >> it will come back. i promise. >> it will be back before we all know it. ye guys, fantastic, plenty of sunshine and temperatures returning to the 80s, our final weekend of the summer season. can you believe it? just flying by. this evening we're watching the clouds pushing in, temperatures in the mid-70s this afternoon, a few degrees shy of where we should be for this time of year. a cool front pushing through the area. that is helping keep us cool around here picking up on those gusty winds. at the airport mostly cloudy
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here in the 9news backyard feels pretty good with the clouds overhead and our temperatures there at 72. you can see what's going on on hd doppler 9 right now. we're watching that front pushing throughout parts of colorado with the main system further up to the north. is in also creating a little chaos across the eastern plains where we have a severe thunderstorm watch until midnight with a couple cells that have turned severe. this one in particular has been pushing in across kit carson county will extend out till about 5:45 as kansas, golf ball sized hail with that one just several miles north and east of burlington and then several storms that have been firing up along the i-76 corridor east of byers and bennett, a handful of lightning strikes and heavy downpours and we've been watching out for hail as well. in this web camera shot sterling looking out there and dark daunting skies in the far off distance. tonight temperatures cooling off, mid-40s, storms staying
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about level clock, midnight we'll go with mostly clear skies. those clear skies will allow our temperatures to drop like a rock, mid-40s, stay in the 50s in southeastern colorado with 30s in the mountains. the rest of tonight we're watching showers fly by. in nebraska and kansas it will keep them up at night. by 11 p.m. there are those mostly clear skies i was talking to you about and tomorrow morning tgif, 8 a.m., maybe one more day of school or work, plenty of sunshine. by arch we'll watch clouds roll back into the i-25 corridor with a couple light showers forming in the foothills, might find one or two crossing the urban corridor. we'll be left with clouds tomorrow evening as we watch out for that harvest moon, should be pretty spectacular. there's that cold front digging into parts of the midwest tomorrow. back behind it, high pressure to help keep us warm and dry heading toward the weekend. just you wait. 72 degrees, a dry sunny
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isolated afternoon, evening thunderstorms and we'll be done with everything. about 57 in nederland, 60s in blackhawk, idaho springs and bailey, 70s across the metro area and in northern colorado, too. look at that, about 73 in fort collins, a few degrees cooler than today, still pleasant. look for tons of sunshine to kick off the day and then we'll watch for maybe one or two thunderstorms pushing in, pretty similar to this afternoon. we'll watch the clouds rolling through after 2 or saturday, sunday, i know, my eyes are glued. it's looking fantastic. loads of sunshine and we'll watch those temperatures warming up to the mid- to upper 80s on monday and tuesday. broncos game looks fantastic. the start of next week looks fantastic. then we'll watch for another dim as another storm system just grey's -- dim as another storm system grazes the area potentially bringing a couple thunderstorms for us wednesday but keeping us cool for the
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don't go anywhere. 9news at 5:00 return stocks closed higher today led by gains in technology and healthcare companies. the dow was up nearly 178 points. s&p added 21.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. sacked tom brady and cam newton and aaron rodgers and russell wilson, andy dalton and carson palmer, but never has miller been able to drag indianapolis colts quarterback andrew luck to the ground. three regular season games, one playoff match-up, zero of his 61 career sacks have been of luck and miller wants to change that this weekend. >> he's andrew luck. i think in all my years going
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should get, i don't feel like i've given it to him. he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. i haven't had a sack on him yet. i got close but, he just has that knack for keeping his eyes downfield, feeling defense and still making great passes. i tackle him, almost, good hit, you know. i think that his character, you know, you're looking for a quarterback like man, get off me, but he's like nice, good hit, man, when he 35-yard pass on you. forget the raiders or patriots. as 9news sports reporter rod mackey shows us, the broncos should consider the colts their arch rivals. >> reporter: what is it about the colts? denver has lost an incredible eight of their last nine head to head match-ups against indy. >> it's real. the last couple years they came in here and beat denver in the playoff game and last year. i just the way it is. it's the same team -- it's just the way it is.
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>> i don't know if when they see the broncos, they just want to go out there and try to kick our butts. they're very well coached. we know that, the coaching staff over there and especially his background being in baltimore. having that physical background he has, he just instills that in his players. >> we try to go back and clean up. they might come back and try to attack us the same way. we're just trying to clean up our mistakes from last game keep moving forward. >> reporter: peyton played a part in all of those games. in fact, this will be the first meeting between the broncos and colts that hasn't included manning since 1993. john elway was the quarterback way back then. now it's up to trevor siemian. >> obviously learned a lot from peyton, but you got a lot to think about out there. you're trying to find a solution for the next play. so you're always thinking forward. we also got a great view, a lot of vets, helps keep me pretty focused.
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weekend series with the padres begins tomorrow. rox have to win 13 of their last 16 games in order to avoid their seventh consecutive losing season. that's rather unlikely considering they just got swept by the last place diamondbacks. strange but drew, the ceremonial first pitch prior to last night's rockies game in phoenix was performed by acrobat christian stoynev his chihuahua scooby. this started out so promising, guys, the catcher waiting patiently. christian a hand balancer while scooby danced on his back. anticipation built while everybody knew the ending would be spectacular and then he put down the dog, picked up the ball, let scooby sniff it and made a lousy throw, strange but
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>> and look at the smile. ism thinks he's so good, too. >> the satisfaction as if he did go so great. >> he's supposed to take the free hand and toss the ball. >> he grew up in a family that's in ringling brothers and that's whatever delivered. >> not impressed. >> sorry for wasting your time. >> can we say the strange but
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breaking news tonight. police attacked. two officers assaulted by a man wielding a cleaver. the attacker shot at the scene, the fbi trying to determine, tm. don't use them. a new federal recall on the samsung phone blamed on sparking dozens of fires and now growing fears about other samsung models as well. back on the trail, hillary clinton returns after her health scare, to a virtual dead heat in a new poll. and a new call for donald trump to release his taxes from the leader of the gop. desperate 911 call. an abducted woman leads police right to her captor. tonight the shocking discovery made at the scene. and sniffing out danger. an nbc news investigation revealing k-9 units at major airports missing


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