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follow politics but jefferson county made a list of 10 battleground counties to watch. republican political consultingfirm and remington research group put together the 10 county list. republicans hold voter registration engine in jeffco, clinton is 41-39. our floyd rr says those days are gone. here are the candidates and backers, donald trump in do vice president joe biden is in colorado today and tomorrow. actually, our political guy, brandon rittiman is sitting down with joe biden tonight and it is not too late to raise an issue you think brandon should bring up, you can get our attention with the hashtag, #heynext. a word on how we are using words in the nasty mrit skl season. hillary clinton's health has been the subject of all kinds of speculation and online rumor mongering, some conspiracy
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it has been said that that should make her ineligible for the presidency. angie, from arvada has epilepsy and some thoughts. >> i am not here to endorse any political candidate or anything like that. i just know there is huge misinformation about epilepsy. i am not qualified to be president for a million reasons, but epilepsy is not one of them. i am not telling but stick to her policies, you can't say somebody isn't qualified to be president because they have seizures. that is very clear discrimination. people really don't understand epilepsy. the prevalence of epilepsy is the same as the prevalence of breast cancer. but the death rates are even higher. fdr was a president and he had a disability and historians great him as one of the best presidents in our history. if you see somebody, even
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is anything but compassion, there is really something wrong about that. seizures are not the way people think of seizures. there are a lot of small seizures, i probably had several as we have been sitting here talking, where your brain kind of loses consciousness for a couple seconds and then you come right back to. i probably have a lot that i don't even know about. sometimes i catch it. other people don't catch it. to my friends who have epilepsy, i would just tell them not to things that they are seeing because they can be very, very hurtful. >> unique perspective there. 50,000 coloradans are living with epilepsy and at least 1 american president was, even though it wasn't widely known at the time. theodore roosevelt had seizures throughout his life. we pause to acknowledge our robot over lords, actually the robots dismantling the poison gas stock pile in pueblo, more unerlings than over lords, they
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for now we are telling them to disassemble mustard gas ingredients, getting under way after decades of planning. the robots are controlled by a team of 1300. the work began last week, the dismantling of the containers, at this point, they have destroyed 59 containers of mustard agent. 780,000 to go. the people in charge of the robots who will rule us all, say thingvise been going smoothly, then on to the other stock pile in kentucky. our next question is about a creepy looking camera we saw in the city. our jeremy jojola was near commons park and spotted this camera mounted all jangty on a pole. there was a box underneath that said something about traffic engineering, we checked with denver police, they had no idea what it was. then get this, we went back to take a second look and it was gone. we are sure it was harmless but
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and going in the city? late this afternoon we heard from public works, it is a traffic study camera, it watches pedestrian and bike patterns to determine if an intersection needs work. they will put those cameras at an intersection up to 24 hours at a time. so now you know. we are totally up for checking out weird stuff, send it to us with the hashtag, #heynext. few big conventions in thesity this week, hope the a' line, train to the plane is working,s in and out of denver. the enf lines this morning were perfect for people who like to cuddle with complete strangers. while all of you are late for work. the train had a mechanical issue, caused delays and peep had to pack on to the delayed train. so get close, people, meet your neighbors. make a friend. too close. if you are like me you have wondered why they won't let you keep your phone on dur agflight, the seemed-- during a flight, it
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>> please make sure your tray tables and seat backs are in full up right position, your lap top and small electronic devices are stowed and your potentially explosive cell phone is off. not used to hearing that last part, are you? we are hearing that is now part of the spiel on some flight s because of the samsung galaxy note 7, the phone you keep hearing about on the news, the one that prompted samsung's coo to issue a scripted apology today. >> we did not meet the of excellence that you expect and deserve. >> the consumer product safety commission is recalling all of the phones, which is going to cost the company a fortune. the problems have airlines warning folks to keep their phones out of checked bags and totally off the entire time they are on board the plane. several airlines have posted on their websites about it and made announcements at the gate. >> keep the phones turned off. >> reporter: we have seen tweets from passengers saying the
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during the flight. what a public relations disaster for samsung. one they are trying to clean up. to be clear, the note 7 with the new battery is safe. >> reporter: more than 100,000 phones have been returned. soon, all of them will. >> by the way, the new note 7 will be available around september 21st. if you are a stock tom brady person, apple's stock is on fire lately thanks largely to samsung's flames, the iphone tomorrow. >> see you what did there, steve staeger. denver start-up week has a heavy emphasis on computer science and coding, tools to solve problems. i stropped by tech company ghost spot check about getting more conversations in a industry that is 3/4 male. >> i think when people are picturing tem company-- tech companies and start ups, they picture young white guys on
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is that a perception problem? or a problem problem? >> i would say it is a problem problem. there is lot of issues of diversity in the tech industry and community and a lot of issues that minorities and women are facing in the field. it is definitely getting better. >> why does that diversity matter within coding and tech? >> it really matters because, you know, you are solving a lot of really big problems and issues and the more perspective that you can have approaching a problem, the better. w will test the theory that anyone can learn to code. she swears elementary kids can do it. >> are you up for the challenge? >> lets do this. >> did i move too fast for you? >> we will figure this out. >> i need tateach-- a teacher who decided to stop giving grades. where was that when we were in school? the skate boarder who rides faster than you drive.
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i spent hours on the telephone getting reports on storm conditions, road conditions, but not anymore. the 9 news weather department has just been added to computers, search 9. it is a direct link to the weather information in the giant national weather service computer. nobody else in denver has it. what is new in denver tv? the computer linked to the world. computer search 9 with instant access to the weather in colorado and everywhere, only on
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>> a boss before the computer, he was unstoppable with it. we have one more week of summer left and you can tell ski season is knocking on the door. there is some snow on the ground in the mountains. this video comes from the eisenhower and johnson tunnels, can't just call it eisenhower tunnel, you cheat the johnson tunnel, a fine tunnel. fall starts a week from today. you took the words rig of my mouth, kyle, 7 days until the official start to fall. we are talking the winter season and it will be here before we know it. temperatures around the front range have been really nice, we are in the 60s, low 70s around denver, boulder, greeley, fort collins. some sunshine out there but it is completely different story across the eastern plains where we actually have been monitoring severe thunderstorms out there with the severe thunderstorm watch in place for far eastern colorado, nebraska, and kansas. for now, most of the action is
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the east. that will take the severe storms with it overnight, making way for a drier and warmer set up as we head toward the weekend. it really should be a fantastic one. tomorrow, just a couple of degrees cooler, we with will keep it 72, plenty of sunshine to kick off the day and then by the afternoon we will be watching for a few more thunderstorms out there. daytime highs, again, around the metro area, low to mid 70s, very comfortable, mild, warmer along the eastern plains, cooler in the high country, and that planning forecast? not too shabby of a weekend. we stay in the 70s, 80s on sunday, the broncos game looks stellar and of course that first official day of fall will be looking pretty nice as well with the temperatures returning to the mid 70s. >> a forecast like that, come back any time, danielle grant. a new attendance record, 12,500 expected there, entrepreneurship and tech, you know, coding drives a lot of that technology and that
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as the average field through 2030. more and more kids are learning to code. some of them, taught by software engineer, kinsey durham, who i can attest is a patient teacher. >> definitely get started early with your kids, there is amazing programs that you can buy them, not only like board games, i was at an elementary school a couple weeks ago teaching code and we played a board game and it was awesome because they really got to learn thoro game. >> kids can learn to road? >> yes. >> anyone can learn? >> anyone, yeah. >> news anchors can learn. >> yes. >> you are certain? >> i am very certain. >> exactly. >> okay. >> how are you going to call that multiply method? >> i called it multi. >> how will you get it to execute? >> how will i get it to execute?
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>> so this kind of tells it we are about to start something. this is the name of what we are doing. these are inputs. >> exactly. >> and then down here it is how we want them to act upon each other and tell it to end. >> exactly. >> this is not intuitive. is this intuitive to some people? when you are teaching some kids, do they just click? >> yes and i find that it clicks more with people who have math backgrounds or, type of background, they get it a lot quicker, that is why it is so important for parents to get their kids involved when they are younger so they grow up with this mind set and approaching problems this way and thinking about loops and data structures and things like that. >> this has been very interesting, appreciate the lesson, appreciate what you are doing building coding to people around town and the world. fun hanging out. >> thank you so much. >> check out if you are
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as well. a denver bronco making the natural transition to breakfast cereal. a teacher makes the case it could be easier to grade
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traffic jam, the photo is from the past weekend as people went up 285 to see the first of the changing leaves and as the folks who live and work up there just tried to get their day to day done. so give them a break if you are in the high country, us flat landers are visitors in their beautiful backyard. a guy who lives right down the street from our office is officially the fastest skate boarder in the world. kyle wester is a colorado native. a colorado native who can go 89 miles an hour board. with the help of the speed suit over a specialized leather suit. 89 miles an hour. he broke the guiness fastest speed down hill record by 8 miles an hour a couple weeks ago. he won't tell us where but if you know your way around town, you might recognize where this video was taken. we are curious, though, how is it that he is able to slow down after going that fast? >> i go through the photo gates, i actually stand up slowly and
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foot brake, it means i keep my front foot on the board and take my back foot and drag it on the ground. >> wester isn't close to being done chasing speed, he wants to make changes to his board, to his aerodynamic outfit, he thinks he could hit 100 miles an hour. 100 miles an hour. we wish him luck and safety. the original report to boulder animal control was of a dragon spotted in a backyard. th a bit of an exaggeration, after a month-long search, animal control caught the iguana, some little kid thought he saw a dragon in boulder will be disappointed to see this story. the thing about fame is you have to scoop it up and enjoy it while you can. scoop it up. like a delicious spoonful of denver broncos kj anderson delicious breakfast cereal, cj's
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personal brand. not that there is anything wrong with your name on something. while talking broncos, defensive coordinator, that man a walking, talking-throw back in his 46 year of coaching in the nfl. the video the broncos tweeted out today pulls out some vintage footage of wade's earlier years with the broncos, some old school puffy jacket, the sweater, man, can you imagine how much you pay for the sweater at a vintage shop? tweet says "not much has chan" phillips, do it now, son of bum is his account. he is hysterical on twitter. several math teachers in douglas county are testing out a new equation, take class, add students, subtract grades. no more grades for homework, quizzes, tests. our nelson garcia looks at the results. >> reporter: in the castle view high school math class...
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>> reporter:... vince believes a distraction are the grades. here is problem, here is situation, talk about it. >> reporter: he wants students to learn from mistakes and work together. he won't game homework or tests. the result... >> you can listen, you can just hear mathematics. >> reporter:... surface is aul bigger than volume. >> reporter: students are supposed to make their own goals and write a journal about lesson. >> basic formula. >> reporter: instead of worrying about test factor a bit, part of the stress goes away and focus is on learning. >> everything we do is meant to be about qualitative feedback as opposed to slapping a number on it. >> reporter: some parents were concerned and went to the prinple rr, but he says he wants math teachers to find new ways of reaching students in a difficult subject. >> i think it benefits every level of learner and makes
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to do something different. >> reporter: sloan will get a final grade, he has to assign one, it will be based on effort and what she learned. >> getting an "a" in this class, it will be i worked hard for an "a." no matter how it is sliced. >> i would argue my students this year are learning and working at least twice as hard as the students that i have had the previous 11 years. >> reporter: getting a grade by not worrying about one. for next >> the principle told nelson he is looking as a pilot program and he will consider the approach in other subjects. thirsty at the end of a long day? grab your wallet.
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it is a sign, in denver, of the rising cost to fuel up. the regular news is watching the price of gas. in the mile high city you spend more to fill up on hydration. seriously, 2 gatorraids $3.33. we assume it is not $333, that is more expensive than regular or diesel. some thoughts on what we have talked about the last half hour, an anonymous e mail, a story about diversity at work as told by a white guy. anonymous, i respectfully reject the premise that white people can't be advocates for
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ed collins thought nice to think about what i am watching again. ed, bad news, jennifer vail says my husband and i find the new layout silly and child like, can we please have the real news back? jennifer, i have bad news for you and good news for ed, we
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? ? his 6-year-old sister was murdered so why is he smiling? tonight, dr. phil tells us wh t brother. >> he's not autistic. he's not weird. >> america's fascination with the killing hitting a fever pitch. >> hi, e.t. >> our exclusive on the set of the new jonbenet movie. what's taking on the tragic role too much for this child actress? plus, ashton kutcher's sexy modeling past. revealing his secrets to becoming big-time famous from smalltown roots. >> we're doing well right off
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we work out with tracee ellis ross. >> you want to see a little pop. and why this 12-year-old singing champ is drawing comparisons to taylor swift. >> oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh! new for september 15, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". it has been a ratings bonanza this week for dr. phil as millions have tuned in for his exclusive interview with jonbenet's brother burke. >> the fascination has to do with burke's his sister's death is not what people expect and dr. phil gave us answers today. >> hey, we can't find your sister. what do you think happened? she's dead. >> many of you have commented on burke's smile. this is anxiety. he's socially uncomfortable. >> at some point you have to move on. >> he's not autistic. he's not weird. he's not creepy. he's just nervous. >> dr. phil's very protective of burke who is coming under fire


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