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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 16, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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don't shut me out to shut me out don't shut me out ? ? to shut me out the sun coming out to shut me out don't shut me out ? [ cheers and applause ]
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it's been an eyesore for months following a massive fire. finally gn old rockies inn. >> a visit from the vp, what joe biden told the crowd at du tonight. >> very hurt. i mean somebody came and took our personal property, something that we hold dearly. >> thieves target large trucks around the metro area. >> opponents show their support for legacy high school proving some things are bigger than football. >> and one museum features things most people would rather forget.
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vice president joe biden is in colorado tonight, one of his last visits while in office at the annual corvell dinner at du. the vice president insisted we have the strongest military in the world and said america is more respected today than when he and president obama took office. biden told students these time of change are the best me times of change are the best times to be involved in government. >> because you have your hand on the wheel, with a lot of luck, some discipline and a little bit of courage we can bend the arc of history just a little bit and we can set a course for the world for the next generation or more. >> political reporter brandon rittiman is sitting down one on one with the vice president
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tomorrow on 9news. donald trump comes back to colorado this weekend. he'll be in colorado spring saturday night at a rally at the jet setters of colorado near the airport. the doors open at 5:30. the program begins two hours later. you can sign up for tickets at trump's kin website. it's best to get there -- campaign website. it's best to get there early. hillary clinton said her time off recovering from pneumonia gave her time to think about her campaign and her goals. she talked abou carolina. it was her first appearance since her doctor put her on bedrest nearly a week ago. she said she will never give up fighting for the welfare of children and families. clinton compared her style with donald trump saying she will never be a showman. she also brought up north carolina's controversial bathroom law. >> i'm running for the lgbt teenager here in north carolina who sees your governor sign a bill legalizing discrimination
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and if anyone wonders what the costs of discrimination are, just ask the people in businesses of north carolina. look at what's happening with the ncaa and the acc. this is where bigotry leads and we can't afford it. >> in the next few days clinton will hold events in washington d.c., philadelphia and new york. denver police have a warning to the owners of ford trucks. they're being targeted by stolen than all of last year. here is 9news reporter vicente arenas. >> reporter: ford trucks like this f350 in northglenn are favorites for thieves in metro denver. this giant diesel was stolen from vance pierce's driveway this weekend. >> as soon as i unhooked it from the trailer, i locked it up, keys were in my pocket. i don't know how they got in the truck. there's no evidence of broken
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or something to get into the truck. so it's just terrible. >> reporter: the denver police department says in 2015 137 full size ford trucks were reported stolen. this year the number so far is 180. >> so we're very disturbed by it and i can't believe that somebody would do this, especially in broad daylight in the middle of a sunday afternoon. >> reporter: denver police are now trying to figure out why ford trucks have become so popular. dpd recommends than a basic car alarm. so does andrew slater. >> it's not a guarantee, but it's a good deterrent. >> reporter: older cars are more at risk he says. >> a factory car alarm will honk the horn if the door opens. the only way to he on the door if you're -- to open the door if you're a thief is to break the window and by that time they've gained entry into the car. >> reporter: slater says stopping thieves these days requires a more elaborate
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sensors, audio sensors that will set off the alarm before someone gains entry into the vehicle. >> reporter: but police say even something like a steering wheel lock might help. back at the home in northglenn the owner tells us his truck did not have an alarm. tonight we have a happy update to that story. i spoke with the owner a short while ago this evening and he tells me that his truck has been recovered. he is very happy. denver police tell us they aren't sure why thieves are choosing the full si trucks and the national insurance crime bureau says across the country ford trucks were the most stolen truck last year. >> very popular, though. >> a lot of people like them. a vigil tonight remembered a 13-year-old boy killed by a police officer in columbus, ohio. dozens gathered to hold a home of silence for tyreke king. police say officer brian mason shot him. king ran into an alley, turned
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gun from his waist band. officer mason opened fire. it was then discovered that the teenager had a pellet gun. >> take time and we need to make sure that we give this time. we want to have all the right answers, not quick answers. >> our safety director and police chief have worked very hard on building relationships between the police and community. i call on each of us to redouble those efforts today. >> of is mason will receive receive psychological counseling. he's on leave pending the investigation. if you don't remember the old rockies inn, perhaps you remember the fire that destroyed it back in april. we watched from sky 9 as the roof collapsed. since then it sat there, a burned out hulk near evans and i-25 with people wondering when it will ever be torn down. 9news reporter noel brent noel wren -- brennan found out.
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of the eyesore next-door. >> i am a bartender here at the dirty duck bar. >> reporter: bartender kitty alvarez was hoping for a bigger happy hour crowd. >> it's kind of hard to think you want to go into a bar next to a burn down abandoned building. >> reporter: hard to think the dirty duck survived the fire that april 1st. 167 days since the fire was put out. >> just bring it down already. what's taking so long? >> reporter: remnants of the rockies inn are still in plain sight. >> it was depressing to see tv single day. >> reporter: but in recent -- to see it every single day. >> reporter: but in recent weeks crews have been working. the cleaning up and tearing down will last another couple
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next-door -- >> the duck will go on. >> reporter: -- will soon be no more. green box self-storage plans to build an environmentally friendly solar powered storage facility on the site of the rockies inn. they hope to finish judge -- construction in about a year or so. people there, those businesses, will have construction to deal with the next year or, so but at least they won't have this burned out be sitting right there. >> ror duck, noel brent unanimous. thank you. we have a -- brennan, thank you. we have a little bit of summer left. there was a dusting of fresh snow at eisenhower tunnel this morning. loveland will flip on the snow machines in two weeks, no word when it will open. keystone is 50 days from opening. until today the recall has been voluntary.
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galaxy note 7. the problem stems from its batteries that can explode or catch fire. demand for the note 7 has been high since its debut last month. samsung received 92 reports of batteries overheating in the u.s. including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage including fires in cars and a garage. >> because this product presents such a serious fire consumers to take advantage of this recall right away. >> samsung says it's identified all the affected products and stopped selling them. the new note 7 replacement devices will be available in the u.s. and most retail locations no later than september 21st. cuba has been successful in dealing with the zika virus, so now that country is hosting a conference to show the u.s. and other latin american countries how it's done.
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here in the u.s. the cdc reports 43 local cases. >> this meeting will be the first test to implement in the countries the recommendations of this study. we want also to share lessons and to learn what different countries have been doing in dealing with the zika virus next month. tomorrow legacy high school in broomfield will play its homecoming football game as scheduled despite a bus crash sunday that killed a bus driver and seriously injured three coaches. legacy plays prairie view high school. ahead of the game students there made banners to show support for the legacy team and players. tonight football players from westminster high school brought dessert to the legacy players during their team dinner,
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with the words football equal family, their way of saying that some things are more important than winning or losing. two coaches are now recovering ? at home. one coach is still in the hospital. cooler days and nights and the leaves are starting to change, especially in higher elevations. bill cleary used a drone to shoot the aspen trees at rabbit ears pass, changes well on the red, yellow and orange. it is a big blow-up moon and it looks angry. >> you may want to forget them, but reminders of past relationships are making their way into a museum. >> cool temperatures tomorrow, gorgeous weekend on the way. danielle has the full forecast next. >> and something peculiar dawns on broncos defensive coordinator wade phillips. i wonder if you've already
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mesa verde national park is looking to increase prices to pay for the preservation of the iconic cliff dwellings to increase fees $8 to $10 may to october. an annual pass would go up 30 to $40. the extra money would be used to offset construction and rehabilitation costs there. one of the houses at mesa verde has been closed since february because of falling rock. someone spotted a dragon in a backyard in boulder. at lst called into animal control. we can now say with some authority it was not a dragon because animal control caught an iguana in the 1200 block of ithaca street in south boulder today. they think he was someone's pet. he's at the boulder humane society and will be put up for adoption if no one claims him. drivers in china were forced to dodge a giant
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and vehicles on the road. it was on display at a mid- autumn festival and came loose in strong winds. locals call it the furious moon and they say it spiced up the festival a bit. >> yeah. that's spicier than the pumpkin latte. >> not every day a moon rolls over you. >> yeah, that's something. danielle grant, thoughts on the angry moon? >> i don't know. cars were pulling on the shoulder trying to get out of the way of moon tomorrow night. it will be a beauty out there. we will have to watch out for a few thunderstorms, too and then all eyes on the weekend and it looks fantastic. we're watching for a couple storms around the front range tomorrow afternoon moving across the eastern plains, a slightly cooler day on tap tomorrow. then the weekend is here. we're saying so long to the summer season. can you believe it? our last one until the fall equinox.
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peaks and, of course, some of the leaves starting to change colors, but that perfect blue in the background. tonight was decent, slightly below average but nice, 78 degrees, low 80s in ray, burlington and 92 in lamar. 70 degrees in eagle and comfortable across the western slope. now at the airport mostly clear skies, low 50s, cooling thing off, wind southeast about 8 miles per hour. a little breez backyard with our numbers cooling off to the low 50s. the storms were rocking and rolling across the far eastern plains tonight. this area of low pressure to our north with the cold front brought us some gusty winds, ping pong size hail and now the severe weather is pushing through minneapolis, open la, parts of southern nebraska, kansas where a severe thunderstorm watch will be in
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carson, cheyenne counties until midnight. the showers and thunderstorms are starting to fizzle out for the far eastern plains and clearing skies until about midnight or so. that will allow our temperatures to cool off quite a bit. low 40s in the front range, low 50s in lamar and cool in the mountains flirting with the freezing mark. our storms long gone making way for sunshine. tomorrow morning it should be a gorgeous start to your friday, maybe a little chilly early on. send the kids with in the afternoon our temperatures return to the 70s. you can see the clouds beginning to race into the i-25 corridor i'd say about 2:30, 3:00 and showers following suit. a couple of rumbles of thunder and watching out for small hail. these showers move out about 10:00, 11:00, spotty across the palmer divide. the chance for seeing storms turn severe tomorrow, not
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we'll watch the area from wichita south through oklahoma and texas. there goes the cold front and the severe weather. back behind it high pressure. we're in store for a fantastic weekend. a little warmer and drier conditions, too. 72. we'll watch for one or two isolated afternoon showers, sunset at 7:05 and just wait till you see that harvest moon. it should be spectacular. i'm looking at it here in the 70s across the i-25 corridor and some spots 60s in nederland, low 70s in brighton, longmont, loveland and look at this extended forecast, not too bad if you love summer, soaking in all the sheen and heat this weekend. we return to the mid- to upper 80s for the start of next week, a little above average.
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watch another system that pushes in basically just cooling us off as we finally say hello to fall. it's official one week from today, you guys. then we can bring on all the sweaters, the pumpkin spiced lattes that you want. >> but until then hold onto the boots. it's going to be 87 tuesday. dozens of volunteers worked to free several manatees stranded in the pond of a course following hermine's flooding in florida. florida fish and wildlife volunteers went to work at 9:00 this morning and initially pulled out four manatees, two mothers and their calves. as the day wore on, more were found. each manatee underwent a health assessment before returning to the gulf. >> this whole area was under water. john boats were going up and down the fairways.
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manatees on the golf course at the team. >> one of the manatees rescued is one of the largest fish and wildlife has ever seen weighing in at 1,400 pounds. if you ever find yourself in los angeles, you could hit the typical tourist places like hollywood, sunset boulevard. >> or you could go to the museum of broken relationships, the smithsonian of sorrow, filled with more than 100 like love notes and poems, even a wedding dress stuffed into a pickle jar. >> don't understand. >> he said the marriage was stuck. john quinn opened this museum. he got the idea from a similar one in croatia and finding donors wasn't hard like the woman who put the wedding cake topper on display after her marriage and in the museum lots of couples were looking around.
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there's a place where all my sad memories can have a happy home. >> about the quarter of the way through it's holding hands more tightly and by the time they're leaving here even making out or they're like pleat pretzels. >> it costs -- pretzels.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher.
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phillips has a conspiracy theory tonight. three days before pro bowl quarterback andrew luck leads the indianapolis colts into town phillips had an epiphany that brought total clarity to the defensive coordinator. >> anybody think it's interesting that the colts symbol is a horseshoe and their quarterback's name is luck? anybody notice that? is that >> reporter: does that keep you up nights? >> i nine those kind of things -- mean those kind of things -- >> reporter: hard to defend. >> yeah, they are. >> the broncos have had terrible luck against the colts lately, but 9news broncos insider mike klis thinks all this can change on the pages of his notebook. >> reporter: trevor siemian won his first game with the no. 1 overall pick of the 2011 draft playing on the other
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this week defense the no. 1 overall draft pick of the 2012 draft, that being andrew luck. for siemian too pull off -- against the no. 1 overall draft pick of the 2012 draft. that being andrew luck. for siemian to pull off this week, it might not be so easy against luck this week. >> in all my years going against him, the respect that he should get, i don't feel like identify given it he's -- i've given it to him. he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. i haven't had a sack on him yet. i got close, but he just has that knack for keeping his eyes downfield and feeling defense and still making great passes. >> reporter: now that ware is von's partner, miller brought out the splash brothers reference that belongs to steph curry and klay thompson. i'll say this. the current broncos team has
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players, a lot of very good players. demarcus ware, if he retired today, and von miller, who is well on his way. mike klis, 9news. in buffalo tonight the jets beat the bills and former broncos wide receive eric decker caught a touchdown pass for the sixth consecutive game, a new team record and longest current streak in the nfl. jets win 37-31. i'm all about the preps. high school ba out wheat ridge. dalton keene, you're on 9news. keene underred his own blocked -- returned his own blocked punt for a touchdown. chargers win. 5a, rebounds are throwing -- rebels are throwing the football. you're on 9news! columbine leads 38-14 in the 4th quarter. cherry creek took care of
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stanley. you're on 9news! stanley scored three touchdowns. bruins will 28-3. horizon beat mountain range. isaac salazar, you're on 9news! salazar returned a kickoff 87 yards for a touchdown. hawks win 41-10. rockies had the evening off, weekend series with the san diego padres begins tomorrow. strange but drew, tonight's red sox game with the yankees was the 3rd inning because the garage in foul territory down the left field line wouldn't close. they finally got it. any of you who owns a 100 4- year-old house understands. sox win 7-5, strange but drew. still of the night from denver where broncos running back cj anderson's new breakfast cereal was
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the frosted corn flakes look delicious in the still of the night. i like frosted flakes, so i will buy a box under the guise of research. my wife doesn't like when i eat sugar cereal and i am addicted to fruit loops and lucky charges. >> i knew you -- charms. >> i knew you were going there. >> john elway's comeback crunch and ed mccaffrey' >> the fact that you know that,
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y23esy yvpy just a bit cooler tomorrow, a few storms and then we are home free, a gorgeous weekend, 70s and 80s, fantastic start to the week next week and then
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my favorite comedian is on the show, norm mcdonald, all time favorite and jimmy messes with donald trump's hair.
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amazing grace. is she the next taylor swift. >> just hours after winning agt, 12-year-old grace van der wal is here with me. >> now on "extra." america's got talent's new million dollar baby. >> grace vanderwaal tab >> what did you think when you heard your name called. >> this is happening, i did it. >> grace's next move revealed. agt's rating through the roof. >> i think i had a tiny bit to do with it. >> and gives trump a t o >> called women fat pigs. attacked rose o'donnell. meanwhile, okay you're fat too. >> and healthier than hillary. >> a giant new couples rumor. jlo and calvin harris. are they or aren't they? >> and ariana grande. versus ryan seacrest. >> oh is that what i did?
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the stars pour into the beehive for beyonce's l.a. concert. then -- >> this is how "extra" does fashion week. >> our secret weapon inside. >> and a curvy cat walk takeover. ashley graham debuts her new line. >> now on "extra." from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment pi >> coming up. baldwin's body after baby. a strip down selfie just 24 hours after giving birth. >> and jimmy kimmel's warm up act. >> by first america's got talent crowns a new winner and she's only 12 years old. this morning grace van der wal came straight to me to talk about her victory and where he goes from here from an emotional victory on america's biggest stage.
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>> yes, of course. >> right to ours. >> how are you, grace? congratulations. what did you think when you heard your name called. >> this is happening, i did it. >> the pint-sized dynamo performing her original for me. or do you want me to leave? >> no. stay. do whatever you want, boo. you do you. >> i don't know my name. >> i don't know my name. i don't play by the rules of game. >> hours after introducing stevie nicks's landsliding perfection. >> i'm getting older too. then getting this rock star endorsement. >> she reminds me a lot of me and she's got it. >> she a legend and i was really excited to work with her. like genuinely nice woman. >> what music star would you like to meet and work with. dream scenario. >> kate perry.


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