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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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football field... and unite on the side lines. the legacy strong homecoming game is tonight. two colorodo men who sacrificed their lives fighting isis... come home. the special ceremonies to return the caskets to their families. and- is the new iphone worth all the hype... the people already in line arond here in we're looking at all the hype.. and criticism today.
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happy friday all. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- not a badar pretty nice last summer weekend.
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high school... but at rival schools as well are showing they are "legacy strong." legacy high school in broomfield is facing prairie view high school for their homecoming game tonight... while three of their football coaches are still recovering from a deadly bus crash. a bus driver crashed the school bus sunday at d-i-a... the driver died on scene. two of the coaches
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they're using the hashtag legacy strong. even students from paririe view showed their support for the rival team. the game tonight is at 7 p.m. at north stadium. this morning- a special ceremony for two men killed-- fighting along kurdish forces in syria earlier this year. levi shirley and jordan mactaggart were not part of the u-s military. they went to help fight isis on their own. shirley is from arvada... mactaggart is from castle rock. they died about a month apart this summer. today- their bodies will finally return to colorado for propia for their return is planned at union station this morning. three fort collins officers were justived - when they shot and killed a suspect last month. thats the conclusion of an investigation. the officers were responding to a domestic disturbance back on august 25th... 63 year old jerry jackson broke into his estranged wife's home- then came out at the officers with a knife. the district attorney says the officers were justified in shooting jackson- after a stun gun didn't work.
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was killed that he would make police shoot him. a dozen 9-1-1 emergency centers are complaining to the state- about outages over the summer. a dozen agencies- mostly on the western slope- reported outages in june and july. the durango herald reports some of the outages were covered by other call centers... but the agencies say in some cases they didn't find out for hours the lines weren't working. the formal complaints are against century link, charter communications, and other telephone pr the i-phone seven officially goes on sale today... and people around the world .. are lining up to get their hands on one. apple says the black "i-phone seven plus" is already completely sold out.. so no luck there. 9news reporter vida urbonas is here to take a look at all the hype .. we're already seeing people camped out at stores in the metro area .. but reports are saying .. everywhere lines aren't as long as in the past.. we're hearing mixed reviews from
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the new model features and exhanced camera cameras .. better retina displays.. eliminating the traditional headphone jack.. and waterproofing.. despite mixed reviews.. we're seeing crowds showing up at apple stores around the world.. hoping to get their hands on the iphone 7 in downtown tokyo .. the new i-phone 7 launched in japan this morning could hear cheers as some 100 people lined up outside the store .. but crowds at apple stores appeared smaller than in the past.. customers also lined up outside apple stores in beijing and hong kong today.. . about 200 apple customers in australia became the first in the world to purchase the new i-phone 7 at sydney's flagship store.. it was friday there.. but they are a day ahead of us...
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we stopped by the apple store in aspen grove in littleton this morning .. and saw more than a dozen people camped outside. you can see the activity early inside the store.. online chatter is indicating the i- phone seven is unlikely to sell as well as the i-phone six, others think re p with the samsung galaxy note seven.. and batteries catching on fire.. might drive samsung users to the i-phone seven.
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galaxy note 7's back. don't turn them on - on an airplane. it's probably best not to plug them in the smart phones are now under a federal recall.. due to overheating batteries. the batteries could overheat and catch fire or explode. or if you do keep them turned off, unplugged and out of any checked bags. the phones have been blamed for at least 92 problems in the united states... including 26 burns and 55 reports of
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republican presidential candidate donald trump is all jokes- before his next scheduled trip to colorado this weekend. trump appeared on jimmy fallon last night... where he let the comedian mess up his famous hair do.
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in the white house. the billionaire businessman makes a lot more than the president's salary when he's working from trump tower. trump will be in colorado springs tomorrow night. hillary clinton is feeling better and is back on the capaign trial. she's pushing back at the "latinos for trump" founder who criticized an out of control immigration system a couple weeks ago. marco guttierez said that if we don't take care of our immigration problem we will quote "have taco trucks on every corner." clinton said she thinks a taco truck on every corner sounds "absolutely delicious." she and president obama both addressed a crowd at a gala for the congressional hispanic caucus institute. in the next half hour we'll talk about why clinton and trump are battling again... over the president's birth records. and... what vice president joe biden said about the race while he stopped by denver. thousands of
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that's usually reserved for royalty and presidents. the unusual petition to change one country's currency. and- we don't have to go far for this week's 9neighborhoods. we're exploring baker... where there's something for everyone. we've all seen them. the glorious, tasty
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babies. microcephaly causes abnormally small heads. up until now- the link between zika and microcephaly has been assumed. researchers in brazil and the u-s screened newborns with and without the birth defects. almost half of babies with microcephaly tested positive for zika. none of the healthy babies had the virus.
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meet for the first time without the united kingdom represented. the evidence of bre-xit. the leaders plan to talk about how they'll keep the union together and avoid more defections. britain voted to leave the e-u in june... the country's departure is not yet finalized. new prime minister theresa may says she's in no hurry to start the formal two year process of leaving. a house intelligence committee says nsa leaker edward snowden is not the hero he claims to be. snowden tried to whistleblower by leaking stolen documents in 20-13... he's now living in russia to avoid arrest. but the intelligence committee says- he did more harm than good. many of the leaked documents were military and defense secrets- which had nothing to do with americans' privacy. snowden is askign for a presidential pardon because he says he helped the u-s by revealing secret domestic surveillance. a movie about snowden's story hits theaters today.. starring joseph gordon levitt. thousands of
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modern day hero. the b-b-c reports.. a petition to put steve irwin on currency has 20 thousand signatures. irwin was known as the "crocodile hunter." a stingray's tail stabbed and killed him in 2006. the petition says it wants to recognize the -quote- "all time greatest australian bloke." this isn't the first time the issue came up- irwin has actually been on an australian coin already. he appeared on a coin in 2009.. .as part of a series honoring inspiration australians. one denver neighborhood has something for everyone.. if you can afford the rent. in this week's 9neighborhoods... we're exploring baker- just down the street from here. but first, lets check in with marty and tracey. today- i--t--t tech
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today- i--t--t tech campuses across the country will close their doors for good. the for-profit education company is shutting down.. after sanctions from the department of education. the department of education banned new students from enrolling at the schools using thousand students across the country need to find a new place to study. eight thousand employees are losing their jobs. there are itt tech campuses in aurora and westminster. more and more people are buying houses... just to sell them again. between april and june- nearly 51 and a half thousand homes and condos were flipped and sold. that's according to attom data solutions. home flipping is at a six year high... and the fliipped homes are selling for an average of 62 thousand dollars more than what the flippers
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pandora's music streaming service is getting a makeover. the company is introducing "pandora plus" to replace its current paid pandora one service. the new five dollar per month plan will allow more skips, track replay and the option to save music for offline listening. pandora's ad based free option will also see some changes- including track replays and more skips if listeners watch an extra ad. let's check in with
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9neighborhoods is taking you to baker this week. it's an area not too far from us here at 9news on the edge of downtown denver. the neighborhood runs just west of i-25 to the south platte river. it's bordered by 6th avenue on the north, south broadway on the east and east mississippi on the south. there's a mix of historic and modern homes in baker. according to the baker historic neighborhood association, this area has the largest number of what they call "middle class" queen anne homes in denver. the denver business journal says the median price for a home is 438 thousand dollars. like the rest of the denver market, that's a jump from the year before, when homes were 9.6 percent cheaper. it's also pricey to lease an apartment in the
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median rent is over 19 hundred dollars.that's up from 18 hundred in 2015. between breweries, bakeshops and neighboring south broadway.baker has something for everyone. join our instgram tour of the area this afternoon. long before colin kaepernick took a knee... one girl took a stand by staying seated. next- the teacher that pushed back.. and what side the
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was colin kaepernick.. there was a young girl in northern california. a teenager in california took a stand - by not standing for the pledge of allegiance in her
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this time the school is siding with the teenager. id said -- today people in mexico will celebrate their heritage and independence. september 16th marks mexico's independence day. the country is planning parades, music, and fireworks. these are pictures from the last year's celebrations. quite day in mexico. on this day in 1810, father hig,l capacityia urged
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spanish ruling class. . beautiful celebrations. so colorful. colorado companies are taking another step forward in the space industry. in the next half hour, how you can fete a look at a
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this weekend's weather looks perfect. >> absolutely. looks generally dry on sunday. we may see a few showers saturday afternoon, but i don't think they're going to interfere much with anybody's activities. today it is a cool start. it will feel drier to you as you head out the house. we had thunderstorms -- late in the afternoon. this is scott whitaker's view looking to the east. we had some big storms on the eastern plains yesterday afternoon and evening. this morning it is cooler. it is drier. temperatures moving into the 40s and 50s by the time you wrap up this morning's rush hour. we had into the low 70s today. and while there's a chance for a height shower or thundershower this afternoon, anything that forms will be weak and affect a very small number of locations around here today. and i hope to get them out of here by 7:00 tonight,


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