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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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>> good afternoon. thank you very much for joining us on 9news at noon. we know the state gop is telling us joe coors who ran for congress in 2012 has died. he is the president of coors brewing company. we will have much more coming up today on 9news at 4:00 p.m. but i can tell you, pete coors says the entire family is deeply saddened by joe's death. attention today focused on the epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse. we keep telling you about these stories. today, president obama will bring heroin opioid awareness
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colorado ranks number two in the nation for abuse of prescription drugs. >> education to youth, and adults, about safe use, safe storage, and safe disposal messaging is critical to changingand addiction dangers that opioids present. >> she says congress needs to provide more funding to state and local governments to fight the take back locations in each of colorado's counties. we will have much more on the story coming up later on 9news. in washington dc, trump is changing his tune about the issue of where president obama was born. >> president barack obama was born in the united states. period. now, we all want to get back to
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again. >> trump had been the most prominent figure in the birther movement that alleged that president obama was born outside the country. even after obama made his birth certificate public five years ago, trump suggest ed it was a fake. president obama weighed in as well. >> we have other business to attend to. i was pretty confident about where i was born. >> today, at a veteran's conference, trump repeated the conspiracy theory the controversy. there is no evidence to support that. trump will be campaigning in miami. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. today, she joked with a crowd saying she is feeling much better. her pneumonia has republicans interested in women's health issues now. look at this. a beautiful day outside. fort collins on the left. denver on the right. a real nice day for anything you have planned outside. it is looking like a really great weekend too. belen de leon joins me here in
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this. only a few little sprinkles here and there. >> lit be fantastic. as soon as we were settling into the fall temperatures, mother nature does a snap and says y'all don't know me. because the temperatures for the next several days are going to warm up and it is going to feel like summer again. but look at today's headlines. temperatures in the 70s today. i will give you a thumbs upright there. the forecast is going to be mainly dry for today. there is a small chance of storms mainly highs low 70s up and down the i-25 corridor. the temperatures right now, oh, these feel nice under that sunshine. 60s around town. and a few 50s to 60-degree temperatures in the foothill. now, the chance for rain today will be really small. in fact, our rain forecast just through tomorrow, not looking all that impressive. we really do need that rain. but i guess this is a more favorable forecast if you want to do something outside.
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across the state. there is a bigger potential to those storms in the south and southeast of us. radar and satellite is dry across the state. but into this weekend, we could still see a small chance for a few storms so i will time those out for you. friday night light forecast is looking nice. we will have a few clouds in the early quarters. and then, by the end, that forecast is looking drier, temperatures will be in the 60s . i think a sweater will suffice. but, a grate football forecast. not only for tonight, but also into the weekend as the broncos take >> and keep acceptabling us the pictures. we love the pictures in the high country. it has just been awesome. >> speaking of, i have a few to share in the full forecast. that's a good tease. >> thank you very much belen de leon. two colorado men who gave their lives fighting terror in syria are back home. the body of levi shirley and jordan mac taggart arrived at union station today. they were killed in syria fighting with kurdish forces against isis.
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>> they did more than i ever did. okay? i got sent to vietnam. he went to syria. that's a difference. okay? so, and, we waited for this day for nine weeks. okay? and the last ... i wanted this day so badly. but the last thing i wanted to see was my son come up in that train. it is just like she said. a conflict of emotions. just getting kicked in >> in a special ceremony this morning, the two were honored for their bravery. the families waited a long time for them to be welcomed home and give them a proper burial. it has been an emotional come homing week for the legacy team in broomfield following the bus crash. they have all stayed legacy strong through all of it. at one point players and coaches didn't know if tonight
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view tonight at 7:00. one coach is still in the hospital recovering from the crash. services for carrie chopper, the bus driver who died in the crash are on monday and they are open to the public. for the second year in a row, a denver school has done something few others have done before. every single person who took the ap calculus exam scored a 5. the highest score possible. englewood. an all-girls school. this is the girls before the test nervous. but they did their perfect score two years in a row now. the teacher credits her students with having a lot of grit. still ahead on 9news at noon, he saved for 50 years to pass along a large donation to the university of new hampshire. but, what the school is spending the money on now has a lot of people really mad.
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making food posts a success on social media. our crew joins us in just a
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>> y temperatures are in the 60s , but under the sunshine, it feels so snow and ice. we are officially six days away from the official start of fall. that happens september 22. next thursday. and, the signs are everywhere. the changing leaves, thanks to judy for sending this picture in. and this one just in. oh goodness. larry, you really outdid yourself buddy.
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leaves on the groundful absolutely stunning. 65 degrees is the temperature at dia. here in the backyard, our temperatures are a very comfortable 64 under the sunshine of course. let's take a look at the forecast across the state. starting off with your current 60s down low. and out in the eastern plains, we have managed to hit in the 70s . in the mountains, 50s , in the western slope, 68 degrees. fast forward to this afternoon. upper 70s in grand junction. 60s for the high country. and, 70s down low. and out on the eastern plains. so, really a nice your workweek. and you know, if you have anything to do outside, a great forecast for you as well. radar and satellite is kind of quiet. if we slice the country in half, it is quiet in the west including here in colorado. the threat of severe weather is for the central part of the country, texas, and oklahoma: a few thunderstorms right in the middle of the state. but mainly dry for us. the storms that develop will
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more clouds. lightning is always a hazard. 3:00, becomes breezy. clouds increasing. it is partly cloudy through this evening around 7:30. and then, through the overnight hours, maybe some light showers. by midnight, maybe a few clouds. through tomorrow morning. those clouds move out of the way and we are talking ability sunshine. as we start off your saturday. tonight, 40 will be the overnight low. it will eventually become clear. lit be partly cloudy for us. the harvest moon rises at stunner. across the state, 30s , 20s for the mountains where you will have a better view in the early evening hours. then affined night is where we get a better shot of seeing that beautiful moon in the city. i want to invite you to come see the rapids tomorrow. they will play against the san jose quakes. cheer them on. and cheer me on as well. i will be singing the national anthem out there. so we would love to get a big
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for the rapids versus quakes forecast. tomorrow, the high, 80 degrees. gets even warmer on sunday. 86. monday and tuesday, mainly dry. highs in the upper 80s . and next wednesday, a high of 83 degrees. warm and dry the next five
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>> welcome back. the fallen firefighter memorial
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springs. they are asking people to get there around 10:30. it is free, open to the public. you know, this is such an important memorial. because every year, as we know, thousands of people come for this very ceremony. it is the international fallen firefighters memorial. in colorado springs, 5,000 to 7,000 people come from all over the country and canada. they will be there tomorrow morning. this year, get this. 123 names are going to be added to the list. you have to get there. get there early. because this is event. 10:30 tomorrow, free and open to the public. one of the names being added to the list, john whalen. he served with denver fire for 15 years. he passed away from injuries he suffered while fighting a fire. he leaves behind a son and a wife. well, a recent donation to the university of new hampshire is causing some controversy. it is a very generous donation, but what it is being used for has people upset. long time library cataloger at
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and left the school $4 million. some of the money will go to a career center but the other part could go toward sports. there is is a proposal to allocate a million dollars for a video scoreboard at a new football stadium. something family and friends say he didn't intend and they call the plan a disgrace to his spirit and his memory. one thing the internet cannot get enough of these days, food. good old food from facebook to instagram to pinter so, what makes these segments such a hit? our fix this crew is joining us next to talk about the science behind making a great food
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>> welcome to fix this presented by home adviser, the free and easy way to find the best home pros. >> we know you have seen them, the tailgating recipes you just
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social media. >> and i have been watching many of them today. today raquel villanueva talked to two of the main 9news recipe contributors about what makes these segments such a hit. because you will post something on it. it usually has a lot of calories, a lot of fat and yumminess and it keeps going. >> you go online trying to find a tailgating recipe. all of a sudden you are 30 videos in and you don't know where all the time has gone. but you are really hungry and you need to go to immediately. well, this is exactly how it is done. >> why are these videos so addicting? to find out, let's go straight to the source. kelly and amanda make the food videos you see on fix this and >> why are food videos so popular? >> because people like to eat. i think it is something we
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parties, with sports, with everything basically. >> and there is one ingredient that rules them all. >> the ones that have done the best in the past, the best one was a guinness irish cheddar mac and cheese we posted on national mac and cheese day. that one obviously did very well. >> i don't know anybody who doesn't like cheese. >> the one playing right now is a cheese bread, that also did well. we posted that one for the olympics. >> real talk. do the recipes work? >> there will always be a link with the food videos are fun to watch. you read the steps and don't know what they mean, but reading through the steps is better thanked just following the video alone. you can look at the ingredient list and hopefully make some delicious food. >> let's see their newest recipe starring what else but
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>> to find out how to watch all the recipe videos, visit
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>> now, we just saw the nacho cheese recipe. you have to remember with the natural cheeses, not guilty the kind you get in this little can over here, they are going to kind of get harder faster. so, you need toe make sure you keep them in a crock pot, keep them heated for a little while. >> yeah, that's good advice. i would have just stuck it out there. >> and it would get cold. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> >> i know. >> it tastes a lot better. >> yeah, we have so many recipes. you have one coming up sunday. >> i call them garlic cheese poofs. because i have combined two different recipes. one includes cheese. what do you know? and it is a super easy snack you can make in a bunch of different ways for any sort of game day. >> that airs at 7:50.
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these are chocolate candy surprise pokimon balls. so if you have a party. they have little surprises. little candies inside. >> like a little pi?ata. >> yeah, it's a little party for the mouth. >> fun! >> that's my favorite. >> all right, thank you very much so watching. all of this is on
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>> are you looking for help with your fix this project? project advisers are taking calls to help you find the
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>> well it is a great time to go hikeing in the high country. it is just beautiful out there. well, one thing will take you in breckenridge to a magical journey. get this. along 4:00 trail, you the fairy forest. the trees are tall, but the houses are very small. all along the trail, you can see fairy houses and a fairy village and princesses live alongside fairies in the houses. if this isn't a teaser for you, to join us later on today on 9news, i don't know what is. >> that's awesome. >> we are taking you there. matt renoux is taking you there this afternoon. >> now i want to go there personally and take my kids. that looks fun. >> and it is a great day for it too. >> it is. and even into this weekend, we
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though. tomorrow high of 80. sunday, 86. and then, monday, and tuesday, high ins the upper 80s . the forecast for sunday could not ask for a better day for broncos to take on the bolts. temperatures will be in the 80s. >> all right. well thank you very much for joining us. we have had a great noon newscast. but we are back here at 4:00. so we will see you then. >> have a great weekend! >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838
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