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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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school bus crash and the driver was killed. the reporter is at the high school and jonathan, we know this will be an emotional night for everyone including the opposing team. >> football players tend to play with a lot of emotion that this would be one that they did not want anyway. the crash happened sunday and the bus driver was killed when the bus went off the road and crashed into a pillar. three players and coaches were sent to the hospital and all have been released except one coach remains in the hospital. his condition is unknown. the team will take the field with players who have been medically cleared to play both varsity and jv players were on the bus when it crashed. tonight's jv game has been canceled. the defensive coordinator will be the interim head coach. the game kicks off at 7:00 following the game, he is
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we want to mention a nice gesture from the denver broncos. emmanuel sanders signed a football that they donated for the game tonight to be onto and off-- auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the families of those impacted. >> every parent who has ever put a child on a bus can relate, but those homecoming days and how important this is and the decision to go home from >> you can only think that this way playing tonight's homecoming game is the way to get through this and find some peace and what happened. >> we hope it's a good game for everyone involved. speaking of the bus driver, services will be held next week. friends and family will gather at crossroads church at 6:00 on monday. the public is invited that
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>> schools have been showing their support. students, their opponent made banners to show their support. football players from westminster brought dessert to legacy players during the team dinner. desserts were decorated with football equals family and legacy strong. joe coors, the great grandson and former candidate for he spun it off before retiring in 2000, 2012 he ran against a democratic congressman ed perlmutter who represents the suburban national district. he chaired several events including the classic golf tournament for hope house of colorado. they released the obituary and says in part much more than a
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and grandfather. the major sports enthusiast single-digit handicap golfer and passionate area, we are in the 9 backyard people are excited because so much is going on on the weekends. reporter: especially today, just comfortable temperatures. look at the temperatures, maybe you are enjoying a bit temperatures in the 50s and 60s, a little bit of and there be a few clouds in the sky by
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but i would take a sweater just so you can be comfy. live view overlooks the city and mountains in the distance, we have some clouds and they are carrying a little bit of rain closer to the foothills. there is only a small chance and they will be mainly confined to the foothills, it doesn't look like we will get much rain. >> it is so dry as high pressure has taken control of the forecast not only today but into the weekend. >> they start to clear out overnight. temperatures will drop to about 40 degrees and the harvest moon will rise at 7:17. we will have a few clouds early but if you are out and about and you can check out the
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be a whole lot more clear. in the mountains, yampa river valley and send ones, that's where we will have a freeze warning starting at midnight and temperatures will be in the lower 30s, upper 20s. freezing temperatures in the mountains but the nights are getting cooler. coming up in your forecast we will talk about the weekend forecast. this temperatures will be in the 80s for the last weekend of summer. we will have lots of sunshine but will also track a few storms. i will walk you through the forecast. >> thumbs-up. >> then we look forward to the next days of summer. we are following the fire,
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136th st.-- 136th st., west of quibec. >> it is burning through some pretty dry grass. the fire is making progress. we have seen some homes in the general area but there are firefighters between the burning area and those homes and it does not look like there is a ton of vegetation. crews are saying that no structures are threatened you can see the proximity. we will c >> the u.s. forest service and air support have been on it. >> i think we saw they had a single engine air tanker. they want to get this down as closely as they can. it's nice to see everyone on the scene quickly. >> we've talked about the homeless problems in denver but
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its own controversies between the city and homeless population. reporter: life is not always sunshine and rainbows. >> i try not to bother people. i face the music or something. >> he is homeless but says ladies life has gotten tougher. >> everywhere i went a cop would show up down. >> a recent decision has led to stricter enforcement. it was designed to maintain a safe and welcoming environment but people like amanda say it feels like something else. >> i think they just enjoy doing it. >> one of amanda's friends was taken away though she admitted that the arrest may have been the result of previous run-ins.
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part because of frustration with problems caused by some homeless people. >> you can't put that on everybody. it's not everybody's fault. we are different people. >> what we have in the community is standards for everyone regardless of whether they are housed or on host. >> wendy says the city is not targeting homeless people but because it appears that the homelessla find new solutions for getting people off the streets. >> we want to have the best possible data for data-driven solutions and understand the problem to the best of our abilities. >> it has certainly made more pressing in times like this, one of the things they want to
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many people are homeless that way they have a better idea of what resources are needed. >> it seems like they are looking for more information. two men who lost their lives fighting the war on terror are back home. they were not in the us military, they went to serious- - to syria to help kurdish forces. their caskets arrived by train families shared memories to explain why they went to syria. >> it's a mix of emotions. it is such a blend of grief and heartwarming emotions that people have been so kind and humbling about to have people
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brings our boys back all of the outpouring of support is amazing. >> he was not about ceremony.>> he had his idea about their situation and revolution and he had no interest. any of this would be a shock. >> this would be over the top. was about. he was there to do something and not be in the limelight. >> never needed recognition, just always there for others. >> and perlmutter presented flags to their families today. never a dull moment in the campaign. donald trump now says he thinks the president barack obama was, in fact, born in the united states. it was the shortest speech of
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>> president. barack obama was born in the united states.>> he became the most prominent advocate of the birther movement and went on to claim that hillary clinton started that movement. that is another conspiracy theory. trail and went after trump on the issue.>> imagine a person who traffics in conspiracy theories and refuses to let them go no matter what the facts are. >> she asked that trump apologize. he will be added campaign event and it is not known whether he plans to talk about the issue. they announced the change in the position as vice president
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after he got a stage he sat down and struggled for a response when i shared the news with him. >> they put out a statement which seemed to acknowledge that the president was in fact born in the united states of america. >> [ laughter ] we are two months from the election. >> o god. these things? i've kind of given up. -- i don't have any comment. >> trump himself didn't stay it. he said in 2011 he was able to bring this by component president. obama to release his birth certificate. mr. trump and did a great service by bringing closure to
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>> [ laughter ] >> i tell you what he's a great patriot for doing that, he deserves a lot of credit. come on. [ laughter ] i've given up trying to comment on some of the bizarre things that he says and does. is his candidacy-- it is his candidacy >> if i had to make you describe this presidential race in five words or less-- >> competence or incompetence?>> we talked about a lot more, you can catch the rest of the interview sunday morning on balance of power which airs at 850 just before meet the press. cnn is reporting gary johnson and green party nominee jill stein will not be will to
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15% pulling threshold to qualify. installed treatment-- hillary clinton and donald trump will be the only ones debating. tim kane and mike pence will be the only ones participate . johnson said being excluded would doom his campaign. almost exactly a year ago we visited st. mary's academy to celebrate an unusual feet. every person who took the ap calculus test perfect score. even last year. but we are shown they did it again. >> this one isn't zero. that was 29. the steps of the previous years perfect steps, gabby felt the pressure. >> i had a panic moment where i said i don't know any calculus.
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class at st. mary's academy all got perfect scores, all fives. >> then we have 25.>> gabby and her class had to keep pace. >> we were nervous that we would be the one person to get like a 4. >> she wanted her students to relax and have fun, that's what the teacher says works in her class. >> tr going to worry about scores because that was the only way to function. >> especially since the class before us did so well we never felt that pressure that we all had to get fives as well. >> of course they did. >> we achieved it again and it was absolutely thrilling. >> now the pressure is on again. >> i feel like the pressure is really high. >> they are driven to be in a
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>> this is very special what we have going on here. nelson garcia, 9news. >> that is no fluke. school leaders are not sure if any other school has ever achieved all perfect scores and people get angry, but it is worth pointing out, not that it matters, but this is an to you. they feel like this is history being made because that is an additional fact.>> it is amazing to see perfect scores, boys girls, doesn't matter. that may add to historical value if you think about it. >> it would be interesting to see how it stacks up. a public defender and nebraska says he is tired of dealing with marijuana in colorado but he has a fix that
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we want to give you another glimpse of this fire that looks like it is mostly out but it went right up to the property line and it looks like one person has a little bit of french property. you can see it is burning up against a green space. you can see smoke coming out but there's a lo is not going to burn again so firefighters will be happy. we don't know the cause but firefighters got on it relatively quickly and it looks like they have a handle on the situation. as long as it stays that way that may wrap this one up. >> i saw the homeowner with a garden hose just wedding down the area. we have too much experience with devastation and fires.
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you have a car pointed out. make sure it is pointed the proper direction. >> things look like they are getting under control.>> any kind of flare up and we will get back to you. a judge ruled that bobbi kristina-- a bobbi kristina brown's partner is legally responsible for her death. she was found unresponsive and died about six months later. a judge signed an order saying that gordon repeatedly failed to meet deadlines. trial will be set to determine how much he will be required to pay in damages. the lawsuit is seeking $2 million and gordon has not been charged with a crime. >> a defender says his state should decriminalize marijuana and regulate distribution.
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in the criminal justice system should not be treating a health issue. that's interesting because nebraska and oklahoma filed a lawsuit here in colorado saying that our system is causing more part to cross into their borders illegally. the supreme court declined to hear that case. the federal minister-- aviation administration says so many people are registering drones that is concerned there wive them. 550,000 drones have been registered in nine months since the process went live. they are coming in at a rate of 2000 a day. by comparison the faa says they are just over 260,000 manned aircraft. no word what the faa plans to do about potential
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zika virus. they see the money will be used for mosquito control, enhanced laboratory capacity and kits. the governor has authorized $26.2 million. raccoons can cause trouble but that does not mean you have to deal with them on your own. they say people are using illegal traps and cost a raccoon they responded to an injured raccoon and his front-- from paul was caught in a fence trap. once it escapes he was running around the neighborhood with a broken paul. animal control caught up to him but said he was so badly injured he had to be put down. anyone with information on the person setting these should, arvada police. >> when they do not want you to
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>> we do not talk enough about selling on the news so we're going to fix that. if you want to get in the fashion industry, one student is making clothing for all women
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breaking into the fashion industry is no easy task but one student at colorado state that speaks to millions of way women. she is in the department of design and merchandising and her environmentally conscious plus sized designs are now on display at the schools museum. >> so cool, congratulations.
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little girl. >> i made dozens of pillows because it was the only thing i could figure out how to make. my mom was very supportive, she would bias fabric patterns that was adamant that we took initiative to learn what we wanted to learn. so i did tingle her machine several times while she was cooking dinner. >> that's what happens. but i love the fact that you knew that you could start drawing so decent at drawing. my mother says i'm fantastic of course. >> when my friend mentioned what if we just draw close? -- draw clothing? it was life-changing. i never thought people did that for a living. >> i've always been a little plus size and i thought it was a fantastic idea to make my own
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environmentally conscious saying that some cottons are better to use than others, you've discovered the materials that work best?>> it comes down to the pesticides as well as the amount of water used to grow the cotton. cotton is a great fiber but we can do it organically. we need to start thinking about fabric and also how we consume so picking something that has good artistry and keeping it for a long time.>> what is next? >> i'm starting my own company. i'm working with the csu venture program and they are helping me to get going.
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>> that's crazy. i said i bet all of your calls- - all of your friends say i have a special event and i need this, and you are okay with that? >> i say please do.>> anyone with ideas are opportunities please let me know, i am happy to hear you out. >> you know that saying find your passion? it becomes clichi because you've got it. >> exudes from me so it is easy when you love it. >> csu must be very proud-- prime. we will remember your name when we shop. >> people can catch me speaking this thursday evening. >> thank you for being here and good luck with your career, thank you. >> by the way, belen de leon
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short sleeves and flip-flops
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make sure you look up tonight. the moon that will be rising will be the harvest moon and a super moon. >> to pay the price of one. although it will appear fall, tonight is the night when it is
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>> the harvest moon is defined as the full moon closest to the beginning of autumn. the official start of fall is september 22 and will also be a super moon which occurs when the moon is closest to the earth it rises around the same time and gives off a lot of light which is how the moon got its name the day there's artificial lights, it would be around the time that they would be harvesting their crops so it gives them a little bit of extra time to working to evenings.>> i'm glad we had an
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the eastern sky so look away from the mountains just after sunset tonight. it should be a good deal. >> that's important. >> those are great pictures. it's beautiful. >> it's a beautiful evening right now that we will look forward to sunset because there are not too many clouds out there.>> belen de leon is in the backyard, how are we looking heading into harvest moon time term honeymoon, is given to the full moon in june because it's usually a popular month to get married. so that's the one in june. skies will be partly cloudy but eventually they will grow clear and we will see the beautiful moon. it is the last weekend of summer and we have a clash of seasons
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here. you have beautiful views like this one and a few days ago we had snow in the mountains. over the weekend our temperatures will be warm like summer. to social media to ask how you will spend the last weekend of summer. she said your work, trimming trees. >> taking the kids on a hike. >> lafayette arts walk in broomfield days tomorrow. and on facebook generals play football. we're going to go for a ride on the harley, and an next-- end of summer barbecue. >> now i'm hungry just thinking of that. >> if you want to reach me on social media or snap check you can find me on all of those. i want to know how you are spending your weekend. temperatures got into the low 70s. temperatures in the mid-70s on the eastern plains.
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71 is the temperature at dia. >> my voice is going. >> okay, let's take a look at what is happening out here, 72 degrees across colorado right now. the forecast is looking sunny and we have a few storms closer to the foothills but are not expecting any severe storms. temperatures are in the 70s or 60s, the western slope has temperatures in the 70s and a closer look into the city, temperatures are in the 70s so great all around. we have an area of low pressure spinning out for the midwest and a cold front so that is what we are expecting with stronger storms. around colorado we have high pressure control which is
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on, i'm going to have a marco rubio moment. limited chance for warmer temperatures. no severe weather is expected. for the rest of your evening the temperatures will be in the 70s, eventually the 60s and two tonight skies will gradually clear. for many of those that develop they will bring light rain which will be mainly happening in the hi of the city. temperatures will drop to 48 degrees with skies coming clear . the harvest moon rises at 7:17. depending on where you are you may be up to say that as soon as it comes out. the lows for tonight will drop into the 50s and 40s and temperatures in the 30s and 40s. in some spots we could see some freezing temperatures for tonight.
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that is where we have the freeze warning in effect tonight. temperatures dropped to 80 degrees, skies partly cloudy and let me show you what i have going on for the extended forecast. tomorrow will be nice and then after that temperatures for sunday, a great forecast for the broncos game. we continue to warm up with 83 and thursday is the official start of fall the temperatures at 82. the take away, the weekend is going to look nice. now we have brandon, lots of people say they are going to take to gardening. >> a round of applause to you, i'm proud of how you got through that, that was fantastic.>> debbie is here to sell us on the idea of being able to plant things in autumn. >> it's the perfect time to
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>> it's a beautiful day, the nights are nice and cool so the plants don't need as much water. you have trouble keeping them watered that this time of the year you can put plants out and they love the cool evenings and warned daytime temperatures. >> how long until everything shovels? >> it depends on what you print. some of the things would be very nice, this will definitely last because it has perennials. even the ones kind of behind it , you see them on that side, those are perennials so once we get into the frost they can be transplanted into the garden and will come up next year. then we have things like pansies
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just smaller versions and we put some kind of fall colored pansies with some cabbage in this planter that looks like a log. >> we will put these and now, off and on if you water them periodically they will continue to bloom during warm spells in the end of march you get three seasons out of them. >> nothing says fall like a big part of these on the porch, things like that. we can make it look more like autumn by adding accent sticks. >> looks like we have a be at work. >> while we were setting up,
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which is a great time to plant them because they are not stressed by superhot temperatures. they like the cool evenings and then they are nice and strong for next year. >> anything to help make sure you get them established?>> you may need to prepare the soil again if it is a bad in the ground fertilizer so something that will give them a little bit of a boost. this is time to plant tulips and daffodils and you can plant them amongst or in between your perennials or between pansies. we could do a pansy or a bald. that affect in the springtime, you get pansies blooming down
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bringing a double effect to that. >> if you plan now you reap the rewards in spring. >> associated landscape contractors, always a pleasure to talk to you. >> we are following a little bit of breaking news. if you are around colorado and ninth street near rose medical center, there is a good deal of police activity because rose which means no one can leave are going. there were reports of suspicious activity so police have put the hospital on lock down. this is a busy area but that is why you will see a good deal of police presence. we don't want to overreact because we don't have any confirmation but right now rose medical center is on lock down and police will continue to
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confirmed. >> we have a list of 9 things
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if you're not doing anything outside you better change your plans. >> there are nine different things to do in colorado posted on and the mobile application. >> how to larimer square tomorrow and sunday. the colorado crush art show is going on and features over 75 international artists creating 45 different murals. it is a 10 block radius between broadway and 35th. there will be food, music, and other activities. the denver gem and mineral show is going on and is the second largest event of its kind. there are book and jewelry designers and also workshops to
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and those under 13 free. we have a preview coming up next at 6:00. >> that's going to rock. >> yes it's going to rock. the broncos are playing the colts sunday. the game starts at 2:25 and coverage will start at 9:00 so we will have coverage in the locker room and on channel 20. >> we don't want him to have so much luck. >> if you like garlic you are in for a treat, if you don't, there's a way you can modify this party treat. so you can get ready for the game.
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that's just me. always there when you need them, tomorrow they are being honored in colorado springs.
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a developing situation in denver. rose medical center is on lock
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denver police say there were reports of shots heard. >> there is no confirmation of gunfire at this time. the hospital is treating this as though it may be a situation where a gun has been fired but even though there are reports that may have been heard, denver police say they cannot confirm what actually took place so they are responding and we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as we get more information on what is happening. all this week we have been honoring the heroes among us and we are focusing on firefighters, >> the international memorial is in our own backyard. 5000-7000 people from all of the country are headed there for the memorial which is tomorrow. corey reports that it also went
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renovation. it truly honors our everyday heroes. reporter: we have 123 names being added to the wall. >> courage, family, sacrifice. a few of the words that describe a hero. 7400 names are listed on these walls. dating back to 1918. the center statue has never walls went up here. >> a firefighter reflects on the call he just went on and the guards watching over heroes at all times, the guardians of the fallen. one section is a heavy reminder of the sacrifice made, 343 names. >> it is overwhelming. >> he is one of the many who
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>> i was so-- i was in new york a week before and his fire station was right below my uncle's apartment. >> he met a young firefighter who had just started his dream job to be a firefighter for the new york city fire department.>> the next week september 11 happened and as they started identifying everybody, his name popped up. had just gotten off the shift and braced back to the firefight-- firehouse and for the world trade center. he died at 23 years old after two months on the job. >> you know people and meet people and you see their names come up. you start recognizing means and you know the families and the history so that is what
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story. this week my father's name was added to the wall. he was gone much too soon at the age of 57 from an aggressive cancer that was ruled a line of duty death. >> this is his youngest brother who died when he was 48. >> families come here for many reasons. a memory or to find peace. >> and wife. >> maybe most importantly to show respect that the fallen here is a sacrifice has not been forgotten. it will unfortunately see many more tears as flags are often left like this. >> more often than not they are like this which is the unfortunate part. >> just another reminder of the sacrifice and courage made by heroes that walk among us every
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>> the firefighter memorial is tomorrow open at 10:30. it is open to the public. they are honoring 123 firefighters.
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that's going to do it on 9news at 4:00. but 9news at 5:00 is just getting started. the legacy high school football team is under the lights one week after a deadly bus crash. the sport from there can support from competitors is under the spotlight. the fbi is getting sued because of a cell phone. an enchanting journey along the colorado trail next on 9news. >> this is 9news . >> we want to get to a story that has been developing over the last hour. rose medical center is on lock
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>> they say they are responding to shots heard there but there is no confirmation of anyone being injured. we have notice police responding to the situation. here's what it looks like from the ground. and a hospital spokesperson has told 9news that someone with a gun was spotted but no confirmation that shots were actually fired. we are not so sure, we will keep you updated as we learn more about what is going on. rose medical on lock down. a wildfire just west of quibec street is being mopped up. it can be seen in the north metro area. they see the firing is not threatening any structure. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. an average of 300 people


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