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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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>> they say they are responding to shots heard there but there is no confirmation of anyone being injured. we have notice police responding to the situation. here's what it looks like from the ground. and a hospital spokesperson has told 9news that someone with a gun was spotted but no confirmation that shots were actually fired. we are not so sure, we will keep you updated as we learn more about what is going on. rose medical on lock down. a wildfire just west of quibec street is being mopped up. it can be seen in the north metro area. they see the firing is not threatening any structure. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. an average of 300 people
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on opioid painkillers. they are underway to stem that. president. obama proclaimed next week as prescription opioid and heroin epidemic week. what can be done to deal with that problem here. >> they are claiming the life of one american attention to colorado's on struggle to deal with those who are addicted. heroin abuse has grown worse to the point that the drug enforcement administration has made heroin focus the main focus in colorado. >> at the stonestreet clinic those on the frontlines of trying to stop the spread spoke about efforts in colorado. they ranked second in the nation when it comes to overall prescription drug abuse.
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prescription that they are safer than street drugs. as a result you have a misconception that because they are created in a sterile laboratory and prescribed by a doctor that there is some level of safety that is there. >> they pass the comprehensive addiction and recovery act which was signed into law. >> but the funding mechanisms were woefully low. >> more money is needed to educate the public as well as provide more treatment options. even so they admit it can be a tough battle. >> the challenge is getting people into treatment and to a place where they are able to say it is time to change my life. >> the first step on the long road to recovery. there are two bills dealing with the epidemic. one would make $500 million
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>> a picture showing a couple who overdosed while in a car with a child went viral earlier. today the grandmother who was in the car was sentenced to six months in jail. rhonda was in and ohio courtroom pleading no contest to child endangerment, public intoxication and a seatbelt violation. a judge sentenced her to 180 dales of it gained attention when police posted it online. the child that was photographed is now living with family members in south carolina. the friday night lights will be over the legacy high school football team. at they have decided to pay their homecoming game despite being involved in a deadly bus crash. 15 of the players and three coaches were injured and one of the coaches is still in the hospital. the driver of the bus was killed.
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view and the team has seen it a lot of support from other area teams. we will have a report coming up later in sports. a funeral for the bus driver will be held on monday. friends and family will gather at 6:00 and the public is invited to attend but seating will be limited-- limited. chopper worked there for four years and his has been-- her husband said she was perfect in every way. the principal of the school issued a statement saying due to ongoing rumors and the disruption to the academic environment, students were being sent home. police sent more officers to that area and the principal would not go into details about the threats. anonymous messages were received late last night and were sent through social media outlets as well as an anonymous reporting line. too young man who lost
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they were not in the military but they went to syria anyway to help forces fight isis. the caskets arrived by train. both families talked about their sons, brothers, and why they went to syria. >> he said i am first and foremost an american. i'm here for my country, isis is in america and i'm here because they are there and i would rather fight them over here that have everyone else have to fight them over there.>> he had a vision about the kurds, their situation, the revolution and had no interest in ceremony. any of this would have been a shock. >> too much already. >> this is too much for what he was about. he was there to do something and not be in the limelight.>>
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flights. the great-grandson of adolph coors and congressional candidate joe chorus has passed away. his younger brother confirmed his death in a statement. joe took over the division that became known as cores tech spinning off to become independent from its parent company. he had retired from that job in will not be included in the presidential debates. the commission on presidential debates made the announcement. it means we will be watching hillary clinton and donald trump take the debate stage on the 26. today trump gathered the media for the veterans event with the promise of a big announcement. president. barack obama was born in the united states.
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clinton started the movement in 2008, something that never happened during that election. clinton says she is healthy and in good state-- spirits and then attacked trump. >> imagine a person in the oval office who traffics in conspiracy theories and refuses to let them go no matter what the facts are. >> donald trump will be at a campaign event in miami. there is a new iphone which means people are thro some models sold out during presales. the hype surrounding the competitor samsung was the opposite. the galaxy note 7 had an overheating problem with reports of them catching on fire and the safety commission-- commission issued a formal government recall. >> just wanted to post this and share what just happened.
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going to bring my house down?>> the faa says the galaxy cannot be packed in your checked luggage and passengers are not allowed to use or charge it during flight. you are supposed to take it back. >> pretty scary stuff. not the kind of thing you want in your pocket. >> hiking is beautiful but we will show you a theory forest that is pretty magical. >> local students get a visit from sailors on board one of the newest >> they have all been taken
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we are working to get to the bottom of what is going on at rose medical center. you can see some of the response happening there as there on lockdown. we have seen officers on rooftops, street-level, again on lockdown after reports of shots heard, not necessarily confirmed that a shooting has taken place. streets are closed in that area near ninth in colorado so several blocks around it, you'll have a tough time getting through. police say they are responding to shots heard, no confirmation of an actual shooting or anyone being injured. we certainly hope that's not the case. a spokesperson tells us around 3:00 someone was spotted with a gun in the area but other than that we don't have a ton of information and we will
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of equipment has been stolen from canadian firefighters who were in colorado honoring fallen brothers. they had tents and other equipment into the trailer but it was broken into. the items were to be used in a memorial honor-- honoring fallen firefighters. a vancouver firefighter says the items were clearly marked canadian tents, tables, and cheers. >> it doesn't serve a purpose for anybody to host our families down re for their family members that have given their life in the line of duty, that's why we're all here. >> dozens of families will join others to honor fallen firefighters. it has been stored in colorado springs for several months and when crews went to get ready they noticed the latch have been broken and everything inside was missing. sailors from the uss colorado, one of the newest
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century middle school today and spoke to students and staff in the state that their ship represents. they talked about their submarine which is not actually been out to say and it will be the fourth every uss colorado. they also spoke about the importance of a good education highlighting how important smith and silence have-- science have been. the visit kicked off their project that puts 1200 weeks on veterans graves season in december. hiking in colorado can be pretty magical but in breckenridge there is one trail that is getting kids and adults a truly enchanting journey. we are joined live from breckenridge. there is a place called a ferry forest and the sound unlike anything i've ever heard about. >> is a unique and mystical place. right here is the ferry forest, a wonderful place to explore
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with the imagination to dream. >> in the mountains near breckenridge where the trees grow tall is a village with houses that are very very small. >> little houses with various. >> it is called the ferry forest and for kids like her it can be a really good time. with dozens and dozens of houses , some with pools. every step leads to a more magical moment that only a ferry village brings. >> magical, creative happy things. >> even dads who may rather be at their phones are excited to see treehouse bridges. >> then i saw this and this is amazing. >> for most, how this village
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to miley who lives down the trail a little bit. >> i was right by a. >> she said this forest-- >> was started by their neighbors and added to by other campers. >> they started doing it a couple of years ago and other neighbors trend in. >> while it goes away in the winter-- >> they take it down every winter and put it back up every summer. >> the houses tables and doors- - >> they can kind of walk around and explore. >> they are still around f leave everything where it sat. >> don't take it home or anything.>> so others can keep coming back. to see new things in a magical fairy forest in its prime. >> there are more things that i did not see last time. >> there are so many unique and wonderful little treasures you
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goes on for quite a ways. countless moments of enchantment. we heard that maybe neighbors started it but we also heard that kids started it so we don't know for sure. we know that it keeps growing every year, you still have a few more weeks before the snow starts covering it. got some directions on how to find it but once you get here it is a lot of fun.>> i have friends with kids coming into town, it is magical. be sure anything. fairies don't like it when you take their stuff. >> it's the little things. it will feel more like summer than fall this weekend. we're looking to track what looks to be a really nice
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information on this lot down. heavy police presence, we have streets in the area closed around ninth in colorado, denver police say they are responding to a report us-- shots heard. a man in a ball was seen on surveillance walking between buildings there holding a rifle around 2:30. we are also told he was wearing
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we're not exactly sure if police are still looking for this person. there's no confirmation of an actual shooting for anyone being injured. we will keep you updated as we get more. pretty fantastic friday in the weather world whether you are in the mountains or down here, plenty of blue skies. of this is the view from loveland and downtown denver is pretty stunning. if you are going to coors field as they face off the padres the evening, it should just be fantastic. nice and dry, no storms to worry about. if we say any-- seeing you there across south-central colorado with maybe some light showers through the foothills but that's going to be about it. we have a few clouds going and then mostly clear skies after midnight. feast your eyes on the harvest moon, it should be stunning they are on tonight. and a lot of us are in the 40s
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chillier across the northwestern and southwestern sections of the state through tomorrow morning, 9:00 and also down there door-- through durango and pagosa springs. >> by 1:00 we start clearing skies. maybe a couple of isolated showers across the palmer divide but they will not last long. 8:00 we're looking at sunshine and if you clouds push and by late afternoon. if anything we may have a few showers to the foothills. theyl across southeastern colorado really have the potential for some storms turning severe. nebraska, kansas, oklahoma and the texas panhandle's will be included in this one. tomorrow about 79, a little warmer than today. we were in the low 70s, 80s in sterling the 60s in the mountains. take advantage of the gorgeous weather while you can.
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as well as those reds and oranges, just stunning as the leaves are starting to change. . sister 90 degrees as we kick off a brand-new week and as we transition officially into fall, temperatures will start to feel like it as we wind into the low
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stocks finish the day lower. the dow fell idiot points, s&p 500 sit 8 while the nasdaq dr we want to get you are to rose medical center where there is a lockdown in place. maja rodriguez is on the scene. what can you tell us? >> we have a very active seen out here, lots of police in the
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trying to get more details about what exactly is going on. rose medical center is on lock down. around 3:00 someone in the vicinity was spotted with a gun. the hospital was placed on lockdown and it is not clear if there were actually any shots fired. we are being told that this investigation is ongoing their working to secure this particular area. all the inbound traffic has been shut down. there ar out. your way from update which is supposed to be coming momentarily and then we get that we will bring that information to you.>> we heard 2:30, 3:00 is about when surveillance footage may have picked up this individual. it has been an active seen for the past hour. do you get the feeling that these are ramping up a winding
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be calm. we saw a couple of police vehicles going by very quickly about 10 minutes or so ago but at least in this area where we are which is near nights and dahlia. >> the hospital was preparing, in case and needed to take any sort of measures, have you seen anyone going in and out that looks like they may have been injured or nothing like that since we've showed up? >> we did not this area with its lights on. we have not seen anything other than that at this point. >> we've been seeing information coming from dpd on twitter. they describe this individual with a ball and flannel shirt, do you know if they are putting that information out there because they are still looking for this person? >> all we know is that the investigation is ongoing and
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looking for this particular individual as they continue to search this area. >> it sounds like the information is coming in and starts at this point?>> thank you, we want to get a look at that area right now, rose medical center currently on lockdown, it has been going on for a couple of hours. we're looking to get more information as to what exactly is happening. >> heard reports of shots heard but again, denver police have not confirmed that actual shots were fired, but waited we see a heavy responsible officers at most of the intersections. we also saw some officers on rooftops in the complex around it, and streets are closed around ninth and colorado.
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to stay clear because we have seen a heavy police response with a lot of vehicles. >> they are telling us about surveillance video they saw with a man with a ball and flannel shirt, that is apparently for their looking for. >> and a long gun. only shots heard, not seen, so getting a live look, heavy dpd presents. we will keep yo information. kyle clark will bring you the latest if you have any news to report with updates to this story. the beautiful weekend ahead. >> i think everyone's eyes have been focus on the weekend and it really does look stunning. >> this is our last one of the summer season. tomorrow will be in the upper
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have the chance of seeing some storms turning severe along the eastern plains, so just be mindful, those storms will be coming in your direction. if you're heading to the mountains, 50s and 60s, just stunning and a quick check on those numbers will be in the upper 70s northern colorado, hotter as we head for the start of next week, close to 90.
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tonight, birther bombshell. donald trump finally admits president obama was born in the u.s. but ignites more controversy, falsely claiming hillary clinton started the birther rumors he spread for years. clinton firing back, accusing trump of pushing a racist conspiracy and getting backup from the first emergency gas hike, pres spiking at the pump for millions of americans, after a massive pipeline spill triggers multiple states of emergency. brought back to life. caught on camera, first responders saving a man at the brink of death from heroin overdose. the feds launching a new mission to battle a growing epidemic. and destroying your data. why all that personal information you thought you deleted


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