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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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i've given up trying to comment on some of the things that he says and does. but it's his candidacy and we'll see what happens. if they thought isis wearing the uniform of the american military we'd all call them heroes. two coloradans whose bodies were brought home this morning. they went to syria to fight the islamic state to fight under
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they saw evil in the world and they gave their lives to fight it over the summer. >> levy and jordan were american heroes. and they deserve to be remembered that way. >> one of the biggest hearts, caring person. he just cared more about everybody else than himself. >> he said i am first and foremost an american. i'm here for my country. >> i know what wars look like. and i didn't want any of for my son. but i'm so proud of him for going. >> when he went over there the first time he said don't tell people where i'm at, but share the good word, the good fight. >> the stakes are so high, because isis is so evil. he couldn't stay here. he had to go. >> it means a lot to get closure. for everybody that helped make it happen through all the hiccups along the way. it's special. >> i wanted this day so bad.
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was my son come off of that train. >> nothing brings our boy back. but all the out pouring of support is amazing. >> if we could ask for anything, it would be that everybody doesn't lose sight of what's happening over there. >> i just want to live in a way that my brother would be proud of. >> they were transported back to the u.s. alongside a body of a third american, a man from north carolina who also fought and died in syria. legacy's high school homecoming game tonight. legacy strong is the phrase you'll hear in the hallways and you'll see on signs and t- shirts around town. it's the rallying cry for the community in broomfield after a bus crashed into pillars after it left the airport. our steve saager is in westminster tonight where the team decided the game would go on as scheduled. >> reporter: it's not just the motto for this school, do a
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for just about every school in the metro area. you'll sefo tows of support for everyone impacted by this. >> it's written on the cake, football is family. and consider the cake was delivered to the legacy high school football team by another. a competitor. oh how quickly in this sport of rivals do you realize everyone is on the same team. >> the last week has been really touching. i've had kids from legacy, mountain range, horizon northglenn, they've been calling me, texting me, facebook messaging me. >> josh chopper lost his wife sunday when she apparently lost control of the bus carrying the legacy high school football team and hit a pole near the airport. >> she was a beautiful person. a beautiful soul. and she touched the lives of everybody around her in a very beautiful and positive way. >> pictures of that crash aren't important now. the important pictures come when you search the dozens of
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support with banners, support for the school, the coaches, and the bus driver lost. >> one of my friend's sons plays for horizon high school and they had their game last night. and he called me and asked what my wife's favorite color was. >> the student section at headquarters wore yellow last night. carrie's favorite color. >> after i said goodbye to my wife for the final time at the memorial service, i'm going to reach out to everybody i can. and tell everybody in the world pouring of everything you've given to me. >> chopper has been around football his entire life as a player then a coach. and this week he once again realized everyone's on the same team. >> football's a family because it's a brotherhood. football embraces everybody around them. >> reporter: carrie's memorial service is on monday, chopper as he likes to say says he will respond to everyone after that memorial service.
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thornton's homecoming game. he used to coach there. there will be a special tribute to carrie there tonight as well. >> surrounded by support at every turn. that's good to hear. boulderites you have to lock up your bikes. they usually see fewer than ten bikes stolen. this year thieves made off with 43 bikes. and they are a special kind of bold and stupid, just grabbing bikes in the middle of th right underneath surveillance cameras. police note they really prefer it if you lock your bike up with a u-lock instead of cable locks. joe coors jr. died yesterday. he died from complications following a stroke. joe coors was 72 years old. our kim christiansen joins us with perspective on joe
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crossed paths with him many times over the years. >> i knew him socially, and i knew gail socially, she's a breast cancer survivor. but joe is the kind of guy that's just joe. like hey kim, how's it going. and they live on my side of town. and i can only say that he is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. and that is what you saw every single time you saw joe coors. you forgot he was joe >> sure. sure. >> and just talking to holly today she brought that up, his daughter, she said i forgot my dad's a public figure, her son who's in high school said you know, i have more golf games to do with grandpa. so it's going to be tough on that family. very devoted family man. very faithful. loyal to his church, his community, and everybody in golden knows joe coors as joe. >> kim, thanks. joe coors was right in the
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family. you heard him mention his wife gail and holly. he's surrounded by two other children and nine grandchildren. here at next, our search for the smartest kid in colorado led us to a group of high school students. for the second year in a row, the ap calculous class scored perfect fives on their ap exams. the results just came back. they kind of knew they'd be in a strong position. so the pressure was on not to be the odd woman out. >> we were all nervous that we like a 4. but we did so many practice tests and everyone was so supportive that in the end i think we all knew way more than what was required to pass the test. >> if you think you know of the smartest kid in colorado, email us next at or get our attention any time with the ext. one of the most powerful groups and conservative politics isn't helping donald trump. >> we're staying out. we think we can make the
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the country or here in colorado. they're targeting one race alone in our state. got 99 problems and this pitch ain't one. the winning idea from denver start up week's pitch competition. and this guy, whatever this
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that full moon is going to be rising tonight, just a gorgeous one. it's actually the harvest moon. it was said back in the day that that extra light helped the farmers do their harvesting. again, moon rise coming at us at 7:17. it should be spectacular and it will look pretty much full all weekend long. tonight will be a cold one. we're watching temperatures
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metro area. we're looking at a few clouds now. i'm thinking mostly clear after midnight. across the state and especially out to the west, we're watching freeze warnings out there until about 9:00 in the morning, upper 20s, lower 30s, craig meeker, hayden, pegosa springs, durango, you folks all included in that. the rest of the night looks good. tomorrow morning, even better. we kickoff saturday with plenty of sunshine. there are the clouds that come racing in at 3:00 or 4:00. i'm not but we'll have potential for strong to severe thunderstorms across the southeastern plains. maybe you're firing up the grill as we say so long to summer, this is our final weekend, those numbers will be pretty warm, upper 70s, into the 80s for the weekend, and that heat, it sticks around for the start of next week. i'm tim phillips with americans for prosperity. >> the deepest pockets in conservative politics are only getting involved in one big race in colorado this year. the sixth congressionallal
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represented by republican congressman mike coffman, challenged by democrat morgan carrol. >> would you consider supporting mr. coffman in the congressionallal race. >> americans for prosperity is not getting involved in the presidential race to help donald trump and it's left republican senate candidate darrell glen hanging in colorado. it's where i started our discussion with tim phillips when we met up in aurora. he's in dire straits against senator michael why not colorado? >> we try to get involved where we think we can make the biggest difference. and we think in colorado, it's in this congressional race with congressman kaufman. >> so you guys are going door to door talking to folks. what happens when you knock on a door and somebody wants to talk about the biggest story in politics which happens to be donald trump, what do you say? >> we say we're focused on this congressional race and we want to talk about the issues, on
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how kaufman has done a good job urging them to vote no on her. it's a race getting a ton of coverage. i know the candidates have been in colorado a lot. but we stay focused where we can make the biggest difference. >> big debate in colorado these days about where this state stands politically. based on what you see, honestly now, where's colorado? where's it going? >> in non-presidential years our sign has shown to do very well. but if you're truly going to move a state move this state on the issues, we have to show we can win big races in presidential years. and this congressional race, morgan carrol, congressman kaufman, it is a big one, we acknowledge that, we do. >> thanks for your time. >> great to be here. >> welcome to colorado. >> it's always good to be here. >> morgan carrol's campaign sent a statement saying everyone who believes our election should be free from corporate influence should be concerned that the coke brothers are attempting to buy
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mike kauffman owes his campaign to the coke brothers. a final tribute to the strength of legacy high ahead
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with steve saager on a different assignment today our noel brennan was next up for
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fashion show, but we couldn't find a cat fashion show, so we sent him to the annual gem and mineral show to see if he could make rocks interesting in 60 seconds. >> reporter: this might not rock your world. >> people collect rocks like stamps or coins. >> reporter: but rocks are everywhere. here, here, there, and here. >> this is the 49th annual denver gem and mineral show. >> reporter: at the second biggest show of its kind? the country. >> reporter: an exhibit hall of collectors, dealers, scientists, paleontologysts, and this t-rex devouring children,. >> i am a puppeteer. because of my puppets, i got hooked on paleontology. >> if not the bones, the gems and the rocks will knock your socks off. >> that's the colorado state
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>> reporter: rock collectors do. >> if you didn't, this is a good place to learn. >> we always need more geologists and mining engineers. >> paleo puppeteering doesn't seem like a bad gig either. >> denver has the second largest gem and mineral show in the u.s. i think noel just learned himself a plane ticket to tucson arizona for the biggest one. if you saw my sad attempt to learn coding kindergarteners yesterday you should check it out. the next big thing might be the soccer sidekick. more than 150 entrepreneurs pitched their products to a panel. and there's your winner right there. the soccer sidekick. the ball spins on that cord and comes back to a player in a way that's supposed to feel like it's being returned by another person not just a rubber band. they won 25,000 in prizes, including road trip flights to investor meetings.
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about legacy high school's courageous decision. and we'll fulfill our promise
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legacy high school in broomfield is making a courageous decision to play homecoming game following last week's bus crash. it's a reminder to come closer and lift each other up. good luck tonight legacy.
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child. me and my husband are very, very excited. it's a big day for us. i found out a couple days ago. i took like six pregnancy tests just to be like on the safe side. it doesn't get any more safer than that. all of them were yes, yes, yes, yes. now it's soaking in and i'm able to just spread the news. >> what i'm excited about is that my birthday is coming up. >> when's your rt >> march? and how old are you going to be in march? >> 7. >> the good news today is i'm a musician. i have a couple of upcoming shows coming up. >> i just became a grandpa for the first time. so my grandson's two months old. he's just the most awesome guy on the planet. >> i just feel happy, because it's always good to be happy. when you frown, you mess up your day, when your happy, it
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around you sees you and is happy too. i want to make sure we mention this with a microphone this time. legacy high school is making a courageous decision to play homecoming tonight following last weekend's bus crash, these shirts that are around town, it's the simplest reminder of a serious commitment to that community to come together and come closer in tough times. good luck tonight, legacy.
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? ? "e.t.'s" emmy countdown. >> i'm here in the middle of all the madness as "the people sweep, but will the juice be watching on sunday? new bombshells from jonbenet's ramsey's brother. dr. phil today pulling no punches. >> lack thereof. >> plus -- the beatles come together again. how paul and ringo are reliving their glory days. then paul walker's brothers still fighting back tears nearly three years after his death. their new interview sharing
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>> and as "everybody loves raymond" turns 20, we flashback with ray romano. >> doris made a pass at me. >> now for september 16, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". just two more days to of it's biggest night and kevin frazier is on location at the microsoft theater in downtown l.a. where the emmys are going to take place. >> nancy, final preparations are under way as everyone tries to t on sunday all of the stars will hit this red carpet and they'll pull this white covering up and thhre will be focus on the cast ask crew from the mini series "the people versus o.j. simpson." here is the big question, will o.j. from behind bars watch the show as the man who plays him gets an emmy win. >> o.j. >> how was that experience?


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