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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MDT

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passengers heading to reno evacuate their plane at dia. the problem the pi before take-off that got them stuck. everybody get off of the street, let's go! >> bombings in new york and n c both being called terrorism. the question, are they linked. a man gets trapped for hours in a trench in centennial. i'm kind of sad that she's in the hospital. >> this little girl decided to help a friend whose home caught fire. 9news starts now. the broncos found a way to
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that reminded many people of the game last season. >> drew soicher joins us now with the 8-0 team. >> the broncos scored more points today when andrew luck dropped back to pass than the colts did. the broncos batted down three passes, and akibe talib -- aqib talib picked off von miller stripped luck of the football. shane ray carried into it the end zone, and the broncos win 34-20. >> yeah, i did see shane. i was like, man, shane, they took away a touchdown. he was like, what? i messed with him a little bit. but even with shane, you know, that's like a little brother to me. even when it's good, i try to find a way to poke at him to get him going even more.
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said. that that much more from the locker room. that's seven straight wins from the broncos if you count the two at the end of the regular season last year, two playoff games, a super bowl, and now two -- seven, right? two to begin this sea soon. good roll. >> you hear von talk about viewing this as a continuation of last year, and he looks loose. >> that's exactly what it looks like. no one was hurt when rolled into the grass while taxiing at dia. the united flight rolled off a paved area into the grass. a reno news reporter was on the flight. he said the pilot told him the brakes failed. he says passengers were not alarmed and actually seemed jovial. >> all of a sudden the engines roared really loud, which normally is pretty normal for
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instead we were slowing down, and all of a sudden the airplane stopped really suddenly. no one was injured, and everybody had their seatbelt on, so the reaction was, so, our airplane is in a ditch. >> they have been booked on another flight flew was scheduled to depart at 1kwr5067b8g9 no group has claimed responsibility for the explosion in manhattan. the bomb exploded in dumpster which was able to contain most of the blast but it was still strong enough to injure 29 people and blow out the windows of a gym across the street. >> when you see the amount of damage we really were very lucky that there were no fatalities at the time. >> we have a lot more work to do to be able to say what kind of motivation was behind this. >> everyone who went to the hospital has gone home at this point. four blocks from that explosion police found what looked like a crude bomb made out of a
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governor andrew cuomo said the two devices were similar. investigators are also looking into the links between the new york bombing and the wynn new jersey. there a pipe bomb went off before a marine corps charity race. police also found other devices that didn't detonate. new jersey governor chris christie is calling it an act of terrorism. there is no claim of responsibility and no suspects. the fbi was going door to door asking people if they had seen anything suspicious. a festival was cancelda over safety concerns. the islamic state is claiming responsibility for a knife attack at a mall in minnesota that injured nine people. police say the suspect was dressed as a security guard when he stabbed the victims at the crossroads center in st. cloud last night. witnesses report he was asking people about islam and yelling about allah as he carried out the attack. >> he charged me with a knife and said, are you a muslim, are you a muslim? how do you even respond to that
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from your face? >> the attacker was shot and killed by an off-duty officer. all victims are expected to survive. the fbi is investigating the attack as terrorism. thornton police are asking for help finding the person who shot and killed a teenage girl. it happened just before 2:00 a.m. saturday at a house party. police say there was some kind of argument, and a man shot the girl's left. fried old haley vargas was the person who died. police describe the suspect as hispanic in his late teens or early 20s about 5' 6", maybe wearing a ring in his nose and glasses. he could also be driving a red is he dan. metro denver crimestoppers is taking tips. you can remain anonymous. the number is 720-913-stop. tomorrow counselors will help students at peak to peak
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death of a student who collapsed at a cross-country meet. he collapsed during a 5k track meet. 37-year-old adrian shaffer opened fire on deputy terry jades along highway 287 south of longmont on september 10th. several 911 callers had reported a man with a gun walking along the threatening drivers. the boulder county sheriff's office says shaffer died overnight after beg in the hospital for a week. the shooting is still under investigation. 's 19-year veteran of the sheriff's department. west metro fire investigators still don't know what started a fire that sent a father and five-year-old daughter to the hospital september 9th. firefighters found the girl hiding in a closet. today a young neighbor took it upon herself to try and help.
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>> reporter: four hours. >> what do we got here, kiddo? >> some apple juice and cider and spice. >> how much is it? >> we're just taking donations. >> reporter: donations for a friend in need. >> the day before, she was like, see you tomorrow, and i'm like, yeah, because every day would be like the same. but the next day, their house caught on fire. so we didn't see each other >> reporter: bergen saw burn marks on the house next-door and foes her friend needs help in the hospital. it's a lot to take when you're little. >> i was really sad that my friend couldn't play. >> would you like some ice? >> so i tried to take my mind off of it. >> reporter: by take her kindness to the corner. >> like flies to honey, media swarmed. >> i was kind of nervous
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coming. i've never been on the news. >> reporter: and the response was pretty amazing. >> i'll buy some for all my guys here. that okay? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: this was bear general's first fund-raiser. >> our next-door neighbor's house caught on fire. >> reporter: even she can't believe how generous people have been. >> some people just made donations. >> yeah, some people didn't even want anything to drink. >> reporter: she is learning that wi >> i know why the firefighters came. because i'm raising money for that little girl. >> reporter: and that's how a six-year-old can deal with the very adult situation right next- door. >> thanks for saving my friend. >> you're welcome. thanks for doing this for her. that we've asked for an update on her friend's condition. and swedish medical center tells us the family is asking
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bergen does not like to brag, but there were a couple of 20s in that donation jar. the south adams county fire department says a crew was working on some kind of line near east 72nd and ivy when the collapse happened around 11:30. the man was buried in dirt from his waist down. emergency responders got him clear and pulled him out just before 3:00 this afternoon. seriously. they are highly trained for this kind of rescue, and safety is the utmost importance. >> the man was talking with rescuers the entire time. they took him to denver health. everyday technology is finally making its way to air- traffic control towers. that could mean faster flights, fewer delays. the upgrades phase out the radio chatter between pilots
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instead, flight controllers can now text message or transfer computer files right to the -- bit. it can cut a 15-minute process down to just seconds. it also should reduce the risk for miscommunication. >> rather than me having to manually type and enter that information after listening to it read to me on voice, i can automatically uplink this into our flight management computer and modify the route. >> by the end of the year, 50 airports should have the new system faster flight times can also save on fall. at this point there are eight domestic carriers, plus 17 international, that have signed on. next on 9news at 10:00 -- >> she survived a fire and spent months recovering from what it did to her. >> and obviously deep and extensive burns for more than half of her body. >> it is a miracle i'm alive. >> now she has a reason to
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tellers. after a warm and dry start to the week, temperatures are set to fall in time for the start of fall. live your full forecast coming up. von miller is the highest paid defensive player in the nfl, but is he the best?
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injuries to deal with and certainly one of the most difficult to recover from is a major burn. a half a million people a year suffer burns serious enough to require hospitalization in the united states. and in tonight's story tellers, 9news reporter chris vanderveen ran into a woman who was ready to become more than a statistic. >> there's someone in there! >> reporter: good seldom sent people to the bar x motel. >> there's somebody in there! >> reporter: so when a fair broke out on the second floor, one woman's fortune went from already bad to significantly worse. that's desiree garcia, the woman in the video, the woman burning alive. >> she was that bad. >> reporter: four 1/2 months later -- >> an obviously deep and extensive burn over more than half of her body, at a glance.
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him someone's fortunes finally changed. garcia's skin still bears the scars of a fire that burned 70% of it. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: the fact she's still here -- >> it's a miracle. >> reporter: still with her mom. still capable of saying this. >> i'm doing good and proud. >> reporter: that says something. >> i feel good. >> reporter: more profound than most words ever >> there's somebody in there! >> reporter: fires sometimes burn someone just enough to let you think they might be okay. she is walking, but when doctors saw her, they knew she was nearly dead. >> i would say a good month or two where it would be unfair, unrealistic to be surprised if she suddenly got so sick that we thought she wasn't going to recover. >> reporter: swedish medical
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just to make sure she would have enough. >> but she made it. i thank god for. that. >> reporter: and yet -- >> dressing changes, skin grafts. it was painful. >> reporter: more than a dozen surgeries later -- >> i'm leaving, angela. >> reporter: desiree can finally say good-bye. >> i'm proud of you. you did so good. >> it was tough. it was really tough, but i did it. >> reporter: people who work in burn units sometimes call those units a cocoon. >> thank for everything. >> reporter: because life inside is nothing like life outside. >> i eve been here a long time. it's been a long journey. >> reporter: from today on there will be no nurses nearby. uncertainty will replace the sterile hauls. >> you want to walk out? >> reporter: walking out, that was always her goal. because somehow she walked out of there as well. that was day one. to be sure, good fortune did
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>> it is going to be new to me. everything is going to be new again. >> reporter: but at least it's now getting her out. >> bye, guys. >> bye! >> reporter: chris vanderveen, 9news. >> the motel bar x remains closed to this day. fire investigators previously told us that motel was in violation of a number of fire codes. it was a beautiful afternoon. temperatures got all the way into the middle and upper 80s for a lot of you. not a op the radar screen, that i saw on the radar screen. and we got another day just like in this store for us tomorrow. take a live look outside right now. dry, nice, and cool around the denver metro area. we're going to cool off as we head into this evening. out of those 88-degree highs, that was the official high at dia, a good 10 degrees above average. that record still holds strong
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around fort collins. we've got a mixture of 50s and 60s for the eastern plains. 40s, 50s, and 60s for the mountains. here in the 9 backyard the temperature is 63. that radar screen much like this afternoon, very quiet all across the statement most of the activity is well off out across parts of the east coast where we're seeing some of those showers diminish. we even had a threat for severe weather up around minnesota today. that has diminished as well. as we head into the of days we're going to be, yes, watching the tropics. this is tropical storm payne. maximum sustained winds at 70 miles per hour. it is expected to gain some strength, then will weaken again. see how it makes that right- hand turn? moisture from payne is going to impact our forecast, helping to bring chances for showers back here to colorado.
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pretty big changes temperature- wise. watch all those green colors. that indicates cooler air just off the pacific northwest coast. as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, it starts to come on shore and digs into colorado. that's going to bring our temperatures back to seasonal haze, if not even cooler as we head into the weekend. so getting into this week we're going start you off dry. that's certainly the case for the next 24 hours. skies tonight are going to clear. we're looking at maybe an isolated shower or two in our foothills at best tomorrow. pretty dry day from the western slope to the eastern plains tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are also going to be similar to what we saw today. overnight lows tonight dropping into the lower to middle 50s across the front range. the same for our eastern plains. the mountain areas will see lows in the 30s and 40s while the western slope will drop to about 55. denver, 55 our low tonight.
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to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow highs reach 89. not record setting. that record high 96 last set in 20 10. that will hold. winds will be out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour, and a dry day for just about everyone. we are going to keep those warm temperatures around even into tuesday with a high of 88, and then that cooler air starts to build in. 83 will be our high on wednesday, 82 thursday, showers back in, at least the chance for it thursday and friday's high 74. by the way, we've got fall that is starting on thursday as well. so just in time with that temperature drop. i think this week, though, looks really, really good, even with temperatures in the 60s and 70s come next weekend. >> all right, looks good. >> thank you, becky. the actress who played the eldest daughter in the sound of music has died. she passed away saturday from complications of a rare type of
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known for her role in the
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hi everybody. the team with the horseshoe on their helmet and a quarterback named luck were in denver.
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honoring the three players whose numbers have been retired. john elway, floyd little, and frank tripuca. butler had a clear path to the end zone, but butler's right hamstring suddenly popped and indy had to settle for a field goal. however, when andrew luck was picked off by aqib talib who add bullet go through his hamstring, he returned it for a touchdown. von miller had never been able to sack luck before. got to him three times today including a strip that shane ray returned to the end zone. broncos win 34-20. rod mackey is still at the stadium. >> reporter: so as it turns out defense doesn't just win championships. they win regular season games as tw. d no doubt the difference against the colts today with two fourth quarter touchdowns as they continue to make the
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>> pass intercepted, aqib talib to the 40. >> i set out in my zone with anticipating the stop. i was able to make the play, make a guy miss. practice makes perfect. >> do you ever feel sorry for the other quarterback? >> i've got to get mine, too. what type of pass rusher would i be, feeling sorry i have a sack him? that's what i'm supposed to do. i el i get him on the ground. that's why i dance and do all the crazy stuff that i do when i get to the quarterback. that's what i live for. i'm a pass rusher. >> our team has a lot of heart. if the game is on the line on defense you can almost guarantee that we're going to finish the game and win it for us. so we like that. we have been in that situation all year last year. so coming into this year, same thing. so that's something we're accustomed to. we like wing on defense.
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it quick at first, but it wasn't working out. we said, okay, if he holds it, we are either going to get sacks or picks. it worked out both ways. >> our defense, they're playing exceptionally well. we know we have one of the best defenses in the league, the best secondary in the league. von just showed what he can do. it's fun to watch those guys. a whole bunch of pro bowl players out there. >> touchdown denver! >> the defense has said they don't need to be better than last year's team because they expect the offense will be. but so far, they have been. still at the stadium, rod mackey, 9news. >> man, rod sounds sick. i sure hope i'm not sitting next to him on broncos tonight. the season just started but the broncos already have sole possession in the afc west. everybody else has one loss. the raiders were beaten by the falcons and set a record for


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