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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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leaders from around the world descend on new york for the united nations this is 9 news. leaders from around the world descend on new york for the united nations general assembly, security tight, tensions high after three explosions in new york and new jersey. now, there are concerns a terror cell could be working there. and an initiative an epidemic, heroin and opioid addiction, getting first responders ready for the worst with a program to save lives. all hail to the denver defense, the broncos beat the colts and we are thanking our linebackers for the big win. an injury update on demarcus ware. belen de leon joining us, your dress is appropriate. >> it is, and it is going to be bright and sunny today as well, i'm looking like the sun.
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to hang on, very summer-like, highs today in the 90s, here in the metro area, and in the upper 80s in a few spots and temperatures closer to the foothills and the 80s and 70, we've got 50s and 60s on the map, so even though it is a cool morning, this is still warmer than 24 hours ago. by about 5 degrees. closer to the foothills and the front range mountain, temperatures there are in the 30s and 40s, now, satellite and doppler radar is sew so quiet, we have a few clouds in o our forecast for today will stay bone dry. don't need to worry about any severe weather. don't need to worry about any thunderstorms. the threat for stronger storms today lies in the midwest and also the south and the mid-atlantic, a rainy weather pattern in store for them. today, the temperatures will rise, 68 degrees under mostly sunny skies at noon, and 82, and 3:00, plenty of sunshine, put on
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day, i'm going to toss it over to me mate amelia earhart. >> good job, i don't have any doughnuts for you. across 270, easy beginnings across commerce city and sky 9, 6:00, we will see their view as they leave broomfield and head towards denver. we do have one early crash here, it's not affecting your i-70 drive, it looks close to 50th and federal, of the highway drive between there and i-76. across our side streets, there are police activity wrapping up at 900 south rain, all involved with a stolen vehicle, resulting in a crash, could be flashing lights as they wrap up the investigations. there were no injuries, it will wrap up fairly shortly. and out across to union station, if you're going to head out to catch a flight this morning, it's a great start. university of colorado a-line is running on time, 37 minutes out
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the airport this morning. cheryl. amelia, thank you so much. it's 5:32. right now, the concerns of an active terrorism cell in the new york-new jersey area is real. several law enforcement officials are telling nbc news they are concerned after more pipe bombs were found near a new jersey train station overnight. one blew up just as the bomb squad robot tried to disarm it. nobody was hurt. the mayor of elizabeth says two men found a bag contag night, there are worried there could be more explosions. this happened a day after a pipe bomb went off inside of a trash can, about an hour away from the elizabeth train station. fbi agents are also looking into a bombing that happened in manhattan on saturday. and this morning, five people are being questioned about the blast. the explosion happened near 23rd street between 6th and 7th in
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but everyone survived. moments later, the police found a second device on 27th street, they were able to get rid of that one, without it exploding. it's unclear if it's related to terrorism. the new york explosion was determined to have an intentional act, the explosion in new jersey used flip phones, and nbc news says the device found in elizabeth on sunday night, looks similar to the one that exploded saturday morning, in seaside park, new jersey. the united nations general assemb new york city today. the meeting is about a mile away from one of the blast sites. security for this event is always intense but even more so now. dozens of officers are patrolling outside of the united nations building, barricades are set up, an addition 1 ,000 state troopers and members of the national guard have been deployed throughout the city. both presidential candidates are responding to these bombings
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donald trump spoke about the explosion in new york moments after it happened on saturday. before the police could confirm what happened. >> we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant. and we are going to end it. we're going to end it. so we'll see what it is. >> and he tweeted last night as well, saying, quote, warmest regards, best wirs and condolences to the victims. hillary clinton weekend's blast, quote, apparent terrorist attack, but showed caution about it late saturday. >> we have to let this investigation unfold. and i'll have more to say about it when we actually know so facts. >> recent polls show more people say this they trust trump on terror but think clinton will serve better as commander in chief. one person is dead after a shooting in federal heights. police say they found a man shot in his chest around 6:00 sunday evening at west 99th place.
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hospital. officers say that woman was not injured, though, the detectives are now preparing warrants to search that home. funeral services for the bus driver killed in that legacy school bus crash will be today. friends and family are going to gather at cross roads church in thornton. the public is invited to attend but the seating will be limited. chopper worked for adams 12 five star schools for four year, her husband says every way. the pilot had trouble getting the plane to stop, so it rolled into the grass at dia while taxiing, nobody was hurt. united flight 296 was about to take off, just after 7:00, bound for reno, nevada, it rolled off a paved area into the grass. passengers say the pilot told them that the brakes failed and he to throw the engines in reverse. it's a problem that families across the country have to deal
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to lend a hand. first responders could soon be able to help more. a new initiative to get a life-saving drug in their hands. 9 news reporter jessica oh has been follow thg announcement for us, and first responders will get training to combat it. >>reporter: that is the goal, corey and we talked about how staggering these numbers are, not just across the country, but in colorado as well. colorado actually ranks second when it comes to overall prescription druse that claims the lives of nearly 300 coloradoans every single year. so today, again, there is that statewide initiative to get a drug called narcan into the hands of law enforcement officials across the state. sonar can, by the way -- narcan is an overdose drug reversal. you can imagine if someone has an overdose, by the time it takes for somebody to call 911,
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medication, precious time is wasted, so if they can use this drug right away, they may be able to save lives. to give you an idea how serious this problem is in colorado, state representative diana -- recently said that heroin is such a problem and has worsened so much in our state, to the point that sit actually the main -- it is actual the main focus here. we are hoping to learn more about what the state plans on doing to combat joint press conference outside of here at 10:30 this morning, guys. >> thank you. it's 5:48 now. congratulations to belen who is going to do traffic or weather now? >> let's take ail look at that -- take a look at that. i will gladly do that. the colors in the high country are just beautiful right now. in the central and northern mountains, we have those golden colors just popping, so for those of you who want to make
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family over, here is the average dates of those aspen peak colors right now in the north and central mountains, and give it towards the end of the month in october, for our southern mountains, if you want to visit the hike, for today, those temperatures will be in the 60s, and in the 70s, temperatures today will be summer-like in the metro area, in the upper 80s, and 90s. in denver. all right. belen, thanks so much. you know, yesterday, we watched a little bit of the wheelchair rug by event, some of the rio, they had a great game, and the number of people who saw it? rio was much more than even expected. it all wrapped up with the closing ceremony last night, we're going o let you know which country won the most medals. >> we are on defense. and we do, too, the league's best defensive team does it
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it's 5:41 now, the denver defense came through for the broncos. big play, that led to two defensive touchdowns. miller was able to sack indianapolis quarterback andrew luck three times. the broncos arguably have the best defense in the league and certainly like to benefit. >> our team has a lot of heart, the game is on the line on gog to finish the game and win it. we like that, we've been in that and this year, the same thing, so something we're accustomed too, we're used to it and we like winning on defense. >> yes, absolutely. gosh, just love our broncos. the final score was 34-20. demarcus ware has a cast on his arm this morning, it's in a sling as well. he could be out for 3-6 weeks after a sack he shared with von miller. 3-6 weeks, that's the best case
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elbow, in the third quarter. >> heal fast, please. >> brandon marshall continued his peaceful protest by kneeling during the national anthem, he tell us us he isn't being deterred by the loss of endorsementes and it's not going to change his message. he said, quote, i'm not afraid of any penalty, i'm going to do what i believe, quote. marshall lost $32,000 in endorsement money after his contract with century link and air academy federal credit union ended. if you haven't been training, now is pull out those running shoes t susan j komen race for the cure is weeks away, how you can save the lives of thousands every year. we will check in with belen and amelia. >> temperatures for today are going to be in the 90s, can you believe so far in the month of september, we've had four days of 90-degree heat? and we're going to do it again today. now, for the kids, i know my kids last night, mom, i have no shorts. so i was washing late at night,
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morning. first bell, temperatures will be at 61, it's going o be sunny and mild by lunchtime. blue skies, temperatures at 82 degrees, and by the time that last bell ring, temperature also be around 90 and hot afternoon in store for you, summer is hanging on just a little bit longer. across the state. you'll notice that the eastern half of colorado will have those temperatures in the upper 80s. low 90s. in the mountains, temperatures will be in the 70s, the western slope 89 degrees. check out what's happening now across the state. 62, it feels cool, but we're actually about 5 or so degrees warmer than 24 hours ago n. the high country, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. if you like the heat, soak it up while you can. we're going to see a cooldown for the remainder of the week, and 60s by the weekend. >> well, belen, sounds like the weather forecast is shorts and sweater, we're looking at 270
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city, thornton and northglenn doing fine as well. outside, the maps, we have one problem across the side streets, very close to the i-70 corridor. you could see the flashing lights here in the area. there is a crash working at 50th and federal as well as some earlier police activity across our side streets in the 900 block of south grain to the east of sheridan between there and i-25, a stolen car that ended in a crash, no injuries involved. but we are keeping a close eye on that one, otherwise, the drcr green, that includes i-25, the 25 drive through middle portion
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right now, heavily armed fbi agents are focussing on this fried chicken rest flaunt elizabeth, new jersey, those agents are part of the investigation into three explosions that happened in new jersey and new york this weekend. the late o's blast happened overnight found in a trash can. just in, the police have identified another man from police video. the new york police department says they're looking for 28-year-old amid -- five people were stopped on a bridge overnight and are being questioned about the new york blast right now. let's get a check of the forecast with belen now, 90s today, summer holding on. >> yes, by the end of the week,
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and we're seeing those fall colors in the high country already, thank you so much to our viewer, our friends whoshgs think of us over the weekend -- who think of us over the weekend and send us the picture, like j. j. we're getting lots of great shots from the pass, so you can always tag me, facebook, twitter and on, upload those. here's what's happening across the country, currently, we have high pressure over northern new mexico and the texas, that's bringing us dry weather in colorado. in the northern tier, we will have a potential for a few storms, in the midwest, super rainy along the mid-atlantic and the new england states. let's bring you back home. 62 degrees, a few degrees warmer than just 24 hours ago. in the high country, 30s, 40s, the western slope, currently stands at 53 degrees. fast forward to this afternoon,
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mountains. upper 80s for fort collins, greeley, denver, 90 degrees. our normal high this time of the year is 79. so we're going to be 10 or so degrees above average. on the eastern plains, temperatures around 92 for my friends in rey. now, get your purple ready because this afternoon, our rockies will take on the cardinals first pitch 6:40, you're sitting out there in the stands, it is going to be hot. h.o. t. plenty of blue in thesk our temperatures will gradually cool into the mid 70s, so i don't think you'll need the sweater, because it's going to be super mild out there. futurecast will be quiet across the state, just bone dry, but we don't have any red flag warning issued. conditions are high for fire danger. sky also be clear. overnight through tomorrow morning, we have high clouds increasing in the mountains and
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and then tomorrow, hazy sunshine, high of 88 degrees. wednesday, 85 degrees. then we're gradually falling into fall, that kicks off officially on thursday, the high is 78. the dry streak will continue through then. the next chance for storms doesn't appear to pop up in the forecast until friday. the high will be at 65. as of now, that saturday is looking cooler, the high of 69 degrees. amelia, how are the roads look so good, we are now at 5:51, out to a very dark start, today, your official sunrise time doesn't come up until 6:45. i hate to say it it, but the days are getting shorter, of course, we're seeing the sun sets come earlier as well. as you get out this morning, a busy drive in c-470, colorado boulevard. a few incidents, but the freeways have been quiet and calm. on our side streets that, police
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around the 900 block of south drain, after a crash involving a stolen vehicle, there were no injuries there. i-25, less than 15 minutes f you are going to hop out across 225, aurora, southbound, your drive is 11 minutes and your speeds are still about 60 miles per hour. >> i saw 71 on there, someone is speeding this morning. >> slow it down. thank you. every day, just in colorado, 11 women are diagnoseed with breast cancer, but there's a 99% five year survivorship rate. that's why the next 7-days are so important. over the next week, we're getting ready for the annual susan g.coman race for the cure, survivors across colorado, one of the best ways that you can help. denver's first lady, marylou will be singing the national anthem. >> remember getting the first
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was not a very pleasant experience, but i'm glad i have done it. and will continue to do it. cancer does not discriminate. so it doesn't matter if you're black, white, green, blue or yellow, it doesn't matter. and it doesn't matter if you have history of it at all. you have to get tested. >> so here's what you need to know about the race. it is this sunday, the 5-k ts center. if you aren't feeling a 3-mile run, that's okay, you can walk. at 10:15, we will honor the breast cancer survivors who will participating. a great time to be together. you can find all of information to register at coman fans all over the world watched the closing ceremony of the 2016 paralympics on sunday, the paralympics were popular, china topped the medal count,
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u.s. were next. the pair olympians weren't the
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ralympians weren't the only ones, the dog olympic games in rio, next. in rio t paralympics are over, but the games are not, rio de janeiro's dog owners and their pups are taking part in the first-ever rio dog olympic games. dozens of different breeds, ages, sizes, competed for medals
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agility and aquatic jumping, the gold medal winner, mima, a 9-month-old beagle. she's 9 months old, a lot of olympics ahead of her. they are adorable. my dog would not know what to do there at all. >> it sounds more official when you say aquatic jumping. organizers hope to hold the same event every year, it will be popular. here's a look from sky 9 this morning, it is still dark and early, if it weren't for the headlines, we wouldn't be able to see a thing out there. a lot of cars on the roads here. >> a lot of green so far this morning. first, the gift of an education and then the gift of life; we'll have that story for you coming up at 6:00. that's all for news at 5:00 a.m.
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this is 9 news. three explosions, even more devices found overnight and this morning, the concern is real. that an active terrorism cell is working in new york and new jersey. we're tracking the latest developments happeningn > the opioid epidemic is not just an issue across the count what state leaders are planninge using another drug. >> feels really honored that i was able to you know, give him his life back. >> 20 years ago, she gave him the gift of knowledge. now, a teacher is giving her former student the gift of life. it's a story you're going to want to tell all of your friends about today. it's a great one. >> a good one. right now, the police across the state are looking for this


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