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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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this is 9 news. moments like this, i think it's important to remember what terrorists and violent extremists are trying to do. they are trying to hurt innocent people, they also want to inspire fear in all of us. and disrupt the way we live. >> president barack obama in a press conference earlier, urging the nation to manhattan and new jersey, also in minnesota. he said we have a role as citizens to make sure that we don't succumb to fear, adding that there's no more example of thn this than what we have seen from the people in new jersey and new york. >> a tense weekend for the east coast and this afternoon, the man wanted in connection to an explosion in both new york and new jersey is in custody, ahmad khan rahami was arrested. he was originally from
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to this weekend. investigators have link him to both scenes in new york and new jersey. they say he virtually made no efforts to cover his tracks. authorities just finished another press conference, at the new jersey police department. mayor de blasio and the nypd saying they have every reason to believe this was an act of terror, they said the opposite yesterday. they are saying they're not looking for any other suspects right now. and say there is also no the city. officials said that while there is a lot of technology involed in apprehending the suspect that they did very quickly, there's also plenty of good old fashioned police work that went into this. >> this happened 15 hours ago and now our suspect in custody, i think it's a tremendous job by all involved. i think the alert system is very helpful to the department, the fbi, and this and other instances also, it gets
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of us, the number of fbi agents, everybody in the city engaged in helping us keep us safe, this is the way to go, this is the future. >> safe, this is the way to go, this is the future. >> this isn't the first time they've used an alert like this, considering the potential threat they decided to use it, said it's something that they will do in the future, similar to an amber alert went out to new york and new jersey residents, warning them of the suspect. president barack obama says the stabbings at a minnesota mall were not connected to t jersey, isis did claim responsibility saying the attacker was a soldier of the islamic state. officials are working to confirm that. but we know the attacker was shot to death by an off duty officer after stabbing 9 people at the st. cloud's cross roads mall. police say he made at least one reference to alla, asked someone if they were muslim. president barack obama says, again, this is not connected to the other incidents on the east
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released from the hospital. backpack filled with clothes in a trash can caused the evacuation of a federal building in downtown atlanta. people were evacuated from the building, surrounding streets were blocked off for roughly a couple of hours, the police brought a bomb robot to check this out. turns out it was nothing suspicious, just clothing. 12:04 on your monday morning, happy afternoon to you back here in colorado, it is going to be a hot one, get used to having your ac on. 80s yesterday. we may continue the trend. let's check in with becky. >> just until the official start of fall on thursday, we've got a couple of days for some heat before things cool right back off again. and that is going to come up thursday, friday, especially into the weekend. right now, dry and sunny, we are really seeing the temperatures warm up quickly. it's 80 degrees just outside 9 news, skies are not only clear here but across the state, just
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plains, at dia, we've warmed up to 86, closer to downtown denver, 85. check out longmont, already up to 90. places like greeley, and fort collins, and the middle to upper 80s and we've got 70s now through the foothills, it is a warm first half of the day. we're going to be closing in on 90 this afternoon, 2:00, at 87, 89 at 3:00, 90 at 4:00. not really a chance for rain anywhere across the state today. and we're dry through wednesday, which is how long weather sticks around. thursday, rain chances return. and into the weekend, we combould cooling off into -- we could be cooling off into the 60s. that's a dramatic change. >> mother nature is saying, enjoy your last few days of summer, it will change. >> i know. we'll have all of the details coming up for you and i'll explain why it's happening and how long that will stick around as well. thank you so much. 12:05. authorities are asking people in the area to keep an eye out for a mountain lion that may have been spotted near eagle valley
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morning. that mountain lion was spotted near third street according to an alert from eagle county. call animal control if you see anything. well, colorado ranks second in terms of prescription drug abuse. 300 people in our state die every year from opioid overdoses, state attorney cynthia coffman is addressing the growing heroin and opioid problem today. she is pushing for law enforcement to administer a drug called narcan, a way to immediately reverse an o since the police officers are often the first people to arrive at the scene. it could save precious time and save lives. the press conference is underway at the university of colorado school of pharmacy, a national way to curb the -- she has asked state's attorneys offices to share information across state
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eye on opioids. monumental cease fire organized by russia and the u.s. is over and they're blaming the country's rebel groups for undermines that agreement. the military says rebels repeatedly violated the cease fire, which went into effect last week. it the armed groups took advantage of the troops to mobilize and arm themselves. this is similar to what has happened in past cease fires. meanwhile, the u.n. says the syrian government has on stukted key component to the deal. back in colorado, funeral services are scheduled for today for the bus driver killed in a crash more than a week ago at dia, kerry chopper was driving a bus full of legacy high school football players and coaches when she crashed into a pillar. services for her will be held at the cross roads church in thornton at 6:00 p.m. tonight, the public is invited to attend but keep in mind that seating may be limited. well, they've been missing for four days now, and police across the state lines are
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woman from pueblo. and her 2-year-old son. 21-year-old mariah cruz and her 2-year-old son gabriel have been missing since thursday. the two of them could be travelling in a 2013 red mazda 2, it has colorado plates a-109832. police really aren't sure where they're headed at this point, and anyone with information is asked to call that number on your screen. 12:08. a plane landed safely at dia after pas fald, imagine how scary that was. united flight 296 was about to take off after 7:00, bound for reno. passengers say the pilot had to throw the plane in reverse after the brakes failed. not to give their furry friends things like chocolate or grapes but there's a long list of other common food s that could also be very dangerous, and a cast member from jersey boys is here in denver to sing the national anthem, he did it for the broncos yesterday, he
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i'm not going to lie, it's really heating up out here in the 9 backyard. might have something to do with the black dress i'm wearing, the temperatures will be well above average. outside, plenty of sunshine, sitting right over the denver metro area and a light breeze, temperatures at dia up to 86. same for you, greeley, eastern plain, range from 81 in sterling to 87 in burlington. we've got 64 degrees right now in leadville, but most of the
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in the 70s. and we're approaching 80 in grand junction, along the western slope. here outside of the 9 news backyard, lots of sunshine, our current temperature is 80, we'll be warming up very quickly from now to about 3:00, 4:00. where those highs will be approaching 90. we are dry out here. not dangerously so for most of colorado but southwest wyoming, we've got high fair danger, a d 8:00 including cheyenne and laramie, 40 mile an hour gusts, low relative humidity will contribute to the fire danger there this afternoon. long-term, i'm watching out for hurricane paine, because believe it or not, that could impact our forecast. paine right now, a category 1 storm with maximum sustained winds at 90 miles per hour, might gain a little bit of strength better it loses strength as it approaches the coast. takes a right hand turn and very
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rain chances here to colorado. the other thing that's going to contribute to our big changes later this week is the system that will be coming onshore, within the next 24 hours. you can see all of that green indicating cooler air that will be arriving with it. it's scheduled to push into colorado by friday, so thursday and into friday, it's going to bring us cooler weather, and it's also going to help to increase the rain chances. today's chances for rain, next to nothing. most of the state will be mostly sunny all the way through today get a few more clouds building in and that may help keep temperatures from getting too hot out there tomorrow afternoon. highs today, 90. 89 at greeley, 87 for fort collins. eastern plains hotter, we'll reach the lower to middle 90s for you. in the mountains highs reach the 70s and a couple of 80s and the western slope will be close to 90 as well. again, highs today, 90. our record high is 96.
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we'll have plenty of sunshine, won't be a record setting day but a hot one. 57 is the low tonight, clear and mild. a little bit breezy at times, but tomorrow, 89. a few more clouds out there. wednesday, 86. so still pretty warm. then that cooler air arrives, we've got 70s in store for thursday and friday with a better chance for isolated showers and check out saturday, chance for rain, with highs in
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welcome back, everyone, 12:16 on your monday, a fantastical isn't in denver to sing the national anthem. he'll do it for the rockies, too. he played frankie for broadway. it's a true story of how four blue collar kids became one of the greatest success stories in pop music history. they wrote their own songs and invented their own sounds, sold 175 million before they were 30. we're so lucky to have this tony and grammy award winning actor here in denver. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to know how yesterday went. >> it was fantastic, the broncos are lively fan, i'll tell you. >> oh, yeah. sea of orange, like. >> sea of orange, just very rambunctious. amazing between the fly over and the fireworks and the parachutes, and unbelievable. really a lifetime experience. >> yeah, and you're going to do the same thing again on
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get that opportunity? >> very lucky. i'm alum of the show, the show will be here, i've come to talk about it and inform people about the show, what it's all about, and i just got lucky. >> when is jersey boys coming to denver. >> jersey boys will be here november 9th through the 13th. 6 shows only, so get your tickets at the denver center. >> yeah, that's the thing, too, is i you know, i said i'm going to go to the show, i always procrastinate, you can't with this one, there's six shows >> get them now. they are on sale, go for it now. >> what's fascinating this is the mob string. >> yeah, they know the song, they know frankie valli and the four seasons, but they don't know the back story, that's what's so interesting about the group. they were with the mob and the mafia and you learn about the back behind the scenes portion of that, in the show, it's a great story. you know the music.
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you've had a lot of opportunity to process the history of this, what's something that fascinates you? >> you know, i mean, as you said in the intro, they sold 175 million records before they were 30. that's incredible. and the widespread knowledge of this group, i mean, i've down the tour in south africa, korea, guys. they've just so worldly and everyone loves coming to the show. >> and i'm sure it's a big honor for you as well, you've got to meet some of these guys. >> i did, the first time i met them was in my auditions, singing their songs to them. >> not nerve-racking at all? >> not at all, a very calm situation. and i've met them in -- since then as well. it's an amazing experience and the role of a lifetime. so proud and happy to be a part
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is it still exciting, amazing to be on the stage, see all of the crowds and the lights? >> it is, the audience makes it interesting for us every night. we get a lot of people that have never seen the show before, it's completely new to them and we keep it lively backstage, and keeps it fresh for us as well. and again, the story is written so well, and the music is just so fantastic that it's always fresh. >> so people need to check it out. >> they have to check it out. >> all right, jersey boys will be coming to the denver center for t buell theatre, november 9th through the 13 thd, we have all of the information on the website, buy the tickets fast. >> quick. >> because they're going to go away. by the way, we can see you on wednesday, everyone should go to the rockies game, watch him sing the national anthem. thank you so much for joining
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welcome back. well, we know that most pet owners know chocolate, things like grapes are toxic for dogs
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foods can be dangerous, even deadly for your pup. 9 news consumer reporter tarhonda thomas has your list. >>reporter: this dog was alone with their toddler and a bowl of grape, later sam noticed the grapes were gone. >> i think what he said was did you feed him grapes? what did you say? >> yes. >> yes. she said yes. >>reporter: knowing that grapes can be toxic for dogs, they >> really eat anything and there's some human foods that can cause serious health problems. >> the fda released information on people food that can make dogs sick. here are a few you might not know about. on gones, garlic and -- onions and garlic and chooifs, it can progress to anemia. macadamia nuts are toxic for dogs and can lead to vomiting
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many processed foods like gum can cause a rapid spike in a dog's insulin levels. >> a few pieces of chewing gum. >>reporter: and like the family knew, grapes along with raisins and dry currents, can be extremely toxic for dogs kidneys and causing renal failure. thankfully, he was fine. >> part of our family. i think from now on, we'll probably just not have grapes. >>reporter: but not all d react the same way. >> small dogs tend to be more sensitive than larger ones, but to keep your pooch safe, stick with dog food. >>reporter: you might be wondering about cats, the fda says cats can have similar reactions to dogs but typical cats are picky eaters and less likely to eat something that will make them sick. tarhonda thomas, 9 news. >> definitely true about cats. hey, one wants your glowing
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to court for them. two judges and a state appeals court have ruled that negative reviews of the firm have to be removed from the consumer site. well, now, yelp is trying to take that matter to the california supreme court. they say removing negative reviews would leave consumers with a biassed view. the court has until mid october to decide whether they will hear the case. a final check of the weather
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we need to hit the pool. >> not a lot are open anymore. but i tell you what, highs close to 90, if not there today, same for tomorrow. today, tomorrow, and wednesday, all dry. wednesday's high will reach about 86 and then as we get towards the end of this week, we start to cool off, into the 70s for the official start of fall. check out saturday, 69 with a chance for some storms, it looks like race for the krur right now, dry with -- cure, dry right
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the system, though. >> we'll get through it, we'll be okay. >> thanks so much for joining us, have a wonderful rest of
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did i mess your hair up? >> donald trump's worst hair day ever. the story behind the late night moment going viral today and what you didn't see after it all went down. then bill o'reilly's spin on trump's visit to oz. >> i thought he was visiting the wizard. >> aj as the cable news king today on the trump hillary wars and his own feature on fox news. >> i'd love your job.


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