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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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bible park. the apartment complex is called the reserve at hunters run, no reports of any life threatening injuries. firefighters working this scene are from denver, south metro and cunningham. from sky9 we could see at least four ladder trucks with five or six lines of water flowing onto and into the building, a really large fire and a large complex as well, no injuries reported so far. bombings in new york and new jersey and a weekend stabbing attack at a minnesota shopping mall once again point to homegrown terrorism. in linden, new jersey, this morning police arrested ahmad kahn rahimi after a shoot outwith officers. an investigator was wounded in the leg. investigators say there is no evidence there are more bombs or more suspects. president obama said there does not appear to be a connection between the bombing suspects in
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>> our law enforcement at every level, federal, state and local, are working together around the clock to prevent attacks and to keep us safe. >> a young somali man is the stabbing suspect at a medical in -- mall in st. cloud, minnesota. he stabbed nine people, all survived. a part-time officer shot and killed the attacker. isis publicly claimed responsibility for that stabbing attack in minnesota. at this point there is no firm evidence the ma bombings in new jersey and new york was connected to a specific group or just a sympathizer. 9wants to know investigator whitney wild looks at what's being done to stop people in the u.s. who decide they want to be terrorists. >> reporter: after a stabbing spree in minnesota and bombings in new york and new jersey we are once again asking how or even if attacks inspired by radical islam can be stopped.
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guarantee. >> reporter: ?0he says isis person person wait -- perpetuates the echo today. >> i think what it shows is that there is a particular that precedes isis. isis has elevated the rhetoric because now isis can claim look, we actually have a state here. >> reporter: it's still unclear how closely linked to isis the suspects in this weekend's violence were. he says isis works with loose connections, general encouragement the only formal order. >> isis benefits in that way because they don't want to sort of have a paper trail that leads the authorities to them. >> reporter: stopping the
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difficult task, but the professor says as isis loses ground, their clout flynnishs. he notes in france fewer -- diminishes. he notes in france fewer are leaving to join them. the fear then is that another will take their place. >> even if we destroy isis tomorrow, we are still going to have this problem on our hands. >> reporter: in denver whitney wild, 9news. >> law enforcement tells nbc news that the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings may of any specific terror cell. again 28-year-old ahmad kahn rahimi is the main suspect in those bombings and the fbi says there is no indication rahimi was on law enforcement's radar. so what led authorities to him? pete williams gives us the detail. >> reporter: what we're told is that three kinds of evidence led to the identification of the suspect. a fingerprint found on one of
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the cell phones attached to two of the unexploded bombs and thirdly, surveillance video that showed him walking on the streets of new york at the time the bombs were placed. put that all together. he became their main suspect. >> after 9news at 5:00 nightly news will have the latest on the new york city and new jersey bombings. nbc's coverage includes an exclusive interview with a human rights attorney on how she's working to combat isis using the international justice system. an court for the first time today accused of making a death threat against a state lawmaker. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman was in court today. first let's talk about the nature of this threat. what happened? >> reporter: according to court documents, the man threatened state senator laura woods, a republican, saying that since she is a republican who loves guns maybe she and her family should be shot and then it got more direct. he said he lives in arvada.
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you and your family a bullet straight to the head." that was enough for woods to feel she had to take it to the police. woods said it was not the first message she got from him that day. >> he had sent a message on a social media ad that i was running and the message simply sucked that i should shoot myself. you know, it's just one of those ones you delete and don't get upset about, but within 10 minutes i got this very threatening message that was way over >> woods net us after a morning -- met us after a morning of knocking on doors for her campaign. she said she and her volunteers normally wear shirts with her name on them but decided not to do that today and maybe for the next little bit to be safe. this weekend 21-year-old dylan hopkins was arrested at his parents' house where he lives. he was able to post bond on his own recognizance. he's facing a misdemeanor charge for the threat. according to court documents,
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on his facebook account. woods says she thinks it's an example of young people being too impulsive. >> we can see it in sexting, in bullying in school, in the social media attacks and for these kids, i would like them to stop and take a breath. when in doubt, that's sort of what i raised my kids to understand, don't. >> that sound similar to what hopkins mom told us. she said her son d about politics recently. still she was shocked at the message. she said he doesn't have a gun and there aren't any in the house. she wants her son to write an apology tonight to woods, the community and that he will lose some privileges at home. she's planning to take the cable tv and internet access out of his room and reach place his smartphone with a flip phone. as for the more serious legal consequences, hopkins is due back in court october 12th. >> brandon rittiman reporting,
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no evidence shots were fired inside a denver hospital complex that was locked down for hours friday after reports of a man carrying a rifle. nurses thought they heard shots during a lockdown at rose medical center. police may have mistaken the sound of doors shutting and locking. police found no shell casings and did a room by room search. they're looking for a man who was carrying what appears to be a rifle or bb gun outside the medicant liberties union filed a lawsuit seeking to expand access to a drug to treat hepatitis c. in colorado medicaid patients can only get the drug after their livers suffer some degree of scarring. the attorney general's office is buying 2,500 drug overdose kits to help police and emergency responders
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epidemic. the attorney general cynthia coffman announced the training for officials in 79 counties there. have been 6,500 overdose deaths in colorado since 2006. the money comes from settlements with pharmaceutical companies. a well known gang leader in greeley has been sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 98 years. 35-year-old john silva was convicted of first degree murder, violation of the crime control act, burglary, robb felony drug charges and accused of two killings in the operation of a drug ring. colorado springs residents who had damage from flash floods in late august may not get help paying for their losses. none of the residents had flood insurance and no one declared it a national emergency, so federal agencies aren't paying. the city is denying accusations
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pay for damages. the homeowners face thousands of dollars in repairs. some are rentals that are not habitable. fema which runs the national flood insurance program says many people mistakenly believe their homeowners insurance covers flash flooding, but that is a separate policy. if you do have any kind of insurance like that, look into it because it will cover some flood damages but very often at times not like an act of god flooding, flash flooding, things like that. >> so important know your policy. >> also ahead gasoline shortages across the southeast and the price changes expected.
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drivers are finding some gas pumps completely dry in metro atlanta. fuel supply in alabama, georgia, tennessee and the carolinas have been threatened by a pipeline spill in central alabama. a quarter million gallon leak was discovered last week forcing the pipeline from down. some governors have declared states of emergency. gasoline prices are increasing across the south. projects prices in six southern states will go up as much as 20 cents per gallon. it might seem early, but hiring is underway for the upcoming holiday season. kohles is on track to hire more than 69,000 seasonal workers for more than 1,100 stores nationwide. hiring began in august.
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to be filled by mid-november. ups is looking to hire about 95,000 seasonal employees. ups says it needs the additional workers to help with the increase in package volume from november through january. the kun tremendous' leading pediatricians -- country's leading pediatricians says codeine should not be prescribed for patients under the age of 18. parents should stop giving the drug to their children. the fda gave a similar warning about codeine to life threatening, sometimes fatal reactions. it can be especially dangerous for young children. >> codeine is also a respiratory is i prevent. it's a -- suppressant. it's a narcotic. so children can get in trouble with. this parents john times misdose their child because they --
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understanding the amount they are giving. so compound the overdosing and the codeine, that's a situation where children can get in trouble very quickly. >> so get any medicine with codeine in colorado you need a prescription. the american academy of pediatrics suggests other options like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. two men in japan enjoying a round of golf staled a bit too far into -- strayed a bit too far into enemy territory to find a lost ball. when they went into the woods to look of 10 monkeys were not happy with the intrusion. the men said they started running after them. one man hurt himself when they tripped and fell. they had to fend them off with a bunker rake. he's demonstrating clearly. this happened sunday near tokyo. it's not the first time something like this has happened in the same area. the lesson? just take a drop. don't go after the ball. >> i have to. i lose too many. >> just don't play pro b1s.
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they're all worn ought because i find them while i'm looking for my ball. breezy and unseasonably warm temperatures today will be followed by some cooler days and nights.
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i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9news backyard where i don't think it could be more perfect, a beautiful summer day and more summer-like weather coming up for the last few days of the season. outside we're tracking some fair weather cumulus clouds in the city, a couple fires burning up over the higher terrain, but your evening forecast looks good, 88 now, lower 80s by 7:00, no issues for the drive home. up at loveland this afternoon it was so spectacular with those cumulus clouds dotting the horizon, temperatures today 84 in e, 67 grand junction, 96 in lamar, far above the average of 77 almost in record territory. at the airport this hour 90 degrees, bone dry, 9% relative humidity. in the 9news backyard outside the studios close to 90 downtown as well. taking a look at really our radar and satellite composite, we'll give you the wide view. there's not a lot going on across the western u.s. minus
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from hurricane payne. as looks as though some of that moisture may move from california and arizona and we may see some of the moisture in the form of midlevel clouds about 2:00 tomorrow. notice how the moisture cuts off just outside el paso and las vegas. denver is dry. there's a cooler air mass to the north of us, warm air in the southern plains and there will be a few showers southern california and southwest. close to 90 in the city home, the heat really building -- in the city, the heat really building. i think statewide fair skies overnight, light winds, a beautiful start to your day. we have the morning sunshine at 4 a.m. and get you into the my morning period with a beautiful forecast, but late in the day all of that tropical moisture
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-- hurricane payne comes in. it is dry but a mostly cloudy afternoon. 50s on the plains and then watch those numbers soar. close to 100 in lamarr, close to -- lamar, close to 90 in denver and 70s on the western slope, really nice in areas like blackhawk, conifer and evergreen, 77 tomorrow in beautiful estes park. a mild night, our low 58. tomorrow morning sunshine, clouds increasing after 2, dry mild day, highs above average again. we see a mild dry day wednesday with a weak front backing in, a few showers thursday into friday. gradual cooling trend as we head into the first couple days of the new season. the autumnal equinox is coming up thursday, september 22nd, 8:21, marking the start the new season, but in the high
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>> i know. i misspoke yesterday because i thought it was 10:21, but clearly that was eastern time that i saw. >> we always have to check that. >> did you hear, that kathy? adele made a mistake. >> it's only the first one in the last five minutes. >> i've known you 24 years. this is the first one. >> she is aiming for meatloaf. can you tell? broncos ba about how to deal with his arm injury. >> inside tim tebow's batting
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it's been an up and down day with slight losses on wall street. traders looking ahead to a possible interest rate hike this week, the dow losing 3 1/2, s&p unchanged, nasdaq down
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. broncos linebacker demarcus ware will save his season by undergoing surgery on his broken right arm. ware injured himself during the 3rd quarter of yesterday's victory over the indianapolis colts. at first demarcus thought he might be able to play through it, but x-rays showed an ulna fracture which would have lingered all year if not taken month and have a chance to return at full strength. >> four or five weeks, something like that. i don't know. let us go get this thing taken care of and probably have a better answer for you, but obviously we know we're going to get him back. so that's very encouraging. >> broncos play their first road game sun against the cincinnati bengals -- sunday against the cincinnati bengals and we're live. 9news broncos insider mike klis
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von miller looks incredible this season. >> reporter: drew, where are they playing the super bowl this year? >> houston, texas, his hometown. >> reporter: houston, texas, they can leave tickets for brock osweiler at the vip window at the broncos lounge. >> good point. >> reporter: i tell you von miller, it was you who made the point about a month ago or so that von miller was underpaid. you might the highest paid guy in the nfl was andrew luck. he got 87 million guaranteed this year. von miller got 70 million. von miller gave the broncos more bang for the buck yesterday. he is on an incredible pace. as long as von miller stays healthy, he is the guy that makes the rest of that defense go. he's the 1 that the defensive coordinators have to stay up at night to try to game plan for.
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for others and von miller is the key to making the team stay healthy. >> thanks, mike. miller had such an easy time getting his lands on andrew luck because as 9news sports 9 to anist drew litton shows us luck had a -- noon toonist drew litton shows chest. 9news coverage of the broncos victory over the colts ends in a photo finish. ?[ music ] ?
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martin truex, jr., drove fast as a turtle this weekend and has the trophy to prove it. the first race in the chase for the championship is called the teenage mutant ninja turtles 400. the prize is something you'd see in the clearance bin at toys r us. even so he he's rightfully proud of the accomplishment and posed with the trophy, strange but drew. former broncos quarterback tim tebow began his professional baseball career today and instead of the usual zero people who normally attend an instructional league practice, more than 400 fans and 70 members of the news media showed up to watch timmy take batting practice.
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so does tebow's mets jersey. he was assigned his favorite number, 15, strange but drew. new york mets jersey sales right now, no. 1 is noah sindergaard, their all-star pitcher, no. 2 is make your own jersey and
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developing news tonight. terror takedown. a dramatic shoot-out in the streets. the man wanted in bombings that terrorized new york and new jersey, captured alive after a massive manhunt. the suspect allegedly caught on camera at bomb scenes in manhattan. today's arrest just hours after a new explosion near a new jersey train sta how authorities use evidence left behind and the public's health to track him down. tonight new details about the suspect, a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan, his past troubles with law enforcement and his travels overseas. and troubling questions. what was the motive and did the bomber have help? "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in


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