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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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updates and coverage is on wb, our app, and smooegs. when did we decide that it is settled fact that tourshs are just pouring into colorado for legal marijuana? where is the evidence? somewhat anecdotes, don't tell me about your buddy who came to get baked. lets talk evidence. like what our steve staeger found. >> reporter: if you have lived here more than maunth, you have heard-- month you have heard it from friends from out of town, the perception w cheech and chaung movie, annoying, you hear it from tourists too. >> before i arrived i assumed a wood stock festival. >> reporter: this guy, he had a swear word on his shirt and i didn't notice it. >> a lot of hippies, pot-oriented themed restaurants or places, dispensaries, coffee shops. >> reporter: what did eric find? >> the complete opposite. >> at the beginning there was so
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would be smoking and, especially for families, it was a concern. >> reporter: denise miller works for a research firm that studied the impact of pot on tourism in colorado. out of all the tourss surveyed, only 5% say pot was the driving factor of the vacation. 12% reported visiting a dispensary while here. 64% said pot had no influence on their decision to come to colorado. still, those pesky perceptions. >>re about the legalization, there wasn't much publicity about all the restrictions that were included in that legalization. >> reporter: maybe those perceptionerize starting to die. >> the people who were concerned it would keep them away, aren't being kept away. >> reporter: interesting fact, those who went to dispensaries actually dird more stuff than people-- did more stuff that know people that didn't, they are less likely to climb, hike,
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the 21-year-old facing charges for threatening to kill a republican state senator is also in really, really big trouble with his mom. it not funny, the threat is not. but today when reporters went to the suspect's house his mother was too happy to out him as a loser who watched cable news and mouthed off on the internet. dillan hopkins is 21, lives at home with mom, he is facing harassment charges and admitted he threatened state senator laura woods on facebook because he was frustrated about election. woodicize a conservative republican from arvada thchlt mom is taking away his tv, internet, and phone and making him write an apology letter to senator woods. republican vice presidential nominee, mike pence, spoke to next shortly after the announcement of an arrest in new york and new jersey's bombing cases. ahmad khan rahami was injured in a shoot out with police in linden new jersey. he is linkd to the bomb found in
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york, 1 exploded injuring 29 people. >> mike pence joins us from iowa, thank you for your time. donald trump posted on fox and friends that he called the new york and new jersey bombing terrorism before the news did. and then following the orlando terror attack he tweeted "appreciate the congrats for being right on radical islamism." why does he see it as tunes to brag and boast a-- opportunities to brand >> i think donald trump is someone who, as a candidate and after he becomes president of the united states of america, is going to speech truth to the american people. this clearly was a series of terrorist attacks in new york and new jersey and in minnesota and in donald trump we have someone willing to say we have to change the policies and strategies and the leadership of the nation to confront terror: >> our conversation continues
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easier to revoke the citizenship of naturalized americans. we explore trump's comment that terrorists are praying for hillary clinton to win. next we will take a real look inside a trump campaign event. you will hear trump rallies sometimes described as a violent stew of angry people, racist chants, widespread anger directed at reporters. that is not what our jeremy jojola found when he went to trump's rally in springs, not as a journalist, just observer . >> got our tickets, headed there. a few protesters, we saw protesters. >> shirterize $20. -- shirts are $20. >> swag, everywhere, then as i walked through the security, which was handled by tsa, by the way, i was wondering who among me is among the so-called basket of deplorables. i wanted to stay away from the
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the arrival. and then it got even more epic. people holding up their cell phones, almost like a cell phone salute. i was like expecting harrison ford to step off the plane. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the united states, mr. donald j. trump. >> reporter: points. >> we are up 4 points in colorado. we are going to repeal and replace obama care. we are going to end illegal immigration. >> reporter: when he started talking about the wall, that is when i heard commotion. after all of that, things
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thing to get out... >> i see a mosquito, right now i don't like mosquitos so much. get out of here. >> reporter: for the most part, it was really a calm rally, moms were watching with their kids, people were really listening to what he had to say. >> november! november 8. thank you. >> reporter: the thing ended-- thing ended, show is over? no, things on the really loud. >> usa! >> no kkk, no racist usa. >> more muslims in the military have killed american soldiers. >> trump! trump! >> let him make saudi arabia great again. >> reporter: in the end, things weren't as angry as i was expecting, so i checked with colorado springs police, they didn't make it any arrests. so, our next step here is to do
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if she comes to colorado. >> be watching for that. frontier airlines is a hot mess today, long delays due to gate issues, the pilot union threw the airline under the plane saying "we believe the melt down is due to the same executive mismanagement that has placed frontier at the bottom of the industry in customer satisfaction." man. this time friday we were discussing why theit scare was not an active shooter situation, what woo saw was a slow search with no sign of active shooter or said response. investigators told us there is no evidence shots were fired at rose, the hospital went on lock down after reports of a man with a gun. nurses thought they heard shots. what he was carrying could have been a pellet gun or looked similar. police haven't found the man. that investigation is open.
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told us that the paralympics don't get the attention that they deserve. fair point. u.s. paralympic team cleaned up in rio, 115 medals, the most in 20 years from team usa. 4 of colorado's 13 paralimpians medaled. that is sofia, she won silver in the 100 breast meter, her first paralympics. 3 colorado paralimpians helped rugby take all deserve a shoot out. newby had 4 goals. team usa lost the gold to australia narrowly by 1 pint double overtime. von miller is getting paid this year. stupid money. average annual slry, $19 million. -- salary, $19 million. math is hard, but stay with us. $19 million average annual salary, that means for every second of live action, you know,
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live action, von miller makes $5,564, per second, approximately. that means he makes the average colorado-- makes the average coloradoan annual salary every 10 seconds of play. vice mike pence, tells us what donald trump meant when he said terrorists are praying for hillary clinton. 3 generations of women take on colorado's toughest trail. this is new, and old, and
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how nice to have some warm, sunny weather for the last few days of summer? i am meteorologist kathy sabine, other than a few high clouds in the distance, a spectacular day, our high, 90a far cry from the average of 77, not a lot of moisture around the region but we are tracking moisture coming
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level cloud cover associated with pane will effect the remnants, a dry day but cloudy afternoon. in spite of that we expect temperatures in the 90. we miss the much-needed precipitation. some areas may see scattered showers late in the day. for the overnight period, not bad at all, fair skies, light winds, forecast low at 58. a beautiful day tomorrow until about 2:00 when the high and we have temperatures that start trending down, moving into the first couple dayoffs the new seize-- days of the new season, starting to feel more like fall with temperatures near 70 friday afternoon. beautiful scenes coming from the colorado high country and here i am striving to give you a brilliant fall foliage forecast, in hopes i might be aced back. the naturalized u.s. citizen arrested for the bombs in new york and new jersey
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denaturalization is actually exceedingly rare, can only happen if someone joins a terror group within 5 years of becoming a citizen or lied on the application. today i asked republican mike pence if a trump administration would be more willing to strip citizenship from suspected terrorists. >> the suspect in the north carolina bombs was a naturalized-- new york bombing was a naturalized citizen. >> i think what donald trump and i are committed to doing is providing our military with the resource s that they need to be able to hunt down and destroy those over seas that are projecting force against our people or inspiring terrorist violence here at home but we are also committed as the law and order team in this race. we are committed to making sure that our law enforcement community has the resources and the tools to get beyond this era
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begin to identify people who would represent a threat to our families and communities. >> governor pence, lastly, you have committed yourself to increase civility in politics over the years, i notice that earlier today mr. trump said on facebook that terrorists are "hoping and praying hillary clinton becomes president so they can continue their savagery and murder." does that jell with your idea of civility and politics saying terrorists are praying for the >> well, i would say to you that what troubled me even more than any aspect of any other statement is that hillary clinton said that donald trump, my running mate's rhetoric was giving comfort to adversaries, the only thing that does is weakness. >> you are saying that clinton's comment that trump's words give aid and comfort to the enemy, that is out ov bounds but him saying terrorists are praying
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statement? forz >> i am-- i have to tell you i think one of the things that appeals to people about donald trump is he speaks straight from his mind and from his heart. the american people hear him loud and clear. we have got to be killing to speak about these challenging times and the truth is that the weak foreign policy of hillary clinton and barack obama in the last 7 and a half years has emboldened enemies. >> thank you for your time and of the campaign. you are entering thebackly air force base influence area, what-- the buckley air force base influence area. what the hell does that mean? we search for an answer. no one was searching for this. >> nobody had a idea it was
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3 generations of women from 1 tough family took on the colorado trail. that is not easy for anyone of any age. 62-year-old raundy gralburger planned the trip for her and her 17-year-old granddaughter, mikey, they would hike the 500 mile trail. they came down to start in waterten canyon and putting in 20 miles a day, when they didn't
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nearest town. that was their first time hitchhiking. 19 days in raundy got shin splints and her daughter came in to make sure the quest would continue. what is an airport influence district? the meaning behind the seens around buckley air force base, the signs say we asked the city and they said it about transparency, to warn those thinking of moving in to the area they can expect loud noise, aircraft emission, and increased risk of plane crashes obviously close to a base or airport. the city says it has signs up with warning for 4 airports, buckley, dia, centennial and front range airport. when a home is built inside airport influence district, builders are required to give a notice, that f-16s may be
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or night f. you are buying near an airport, check the fine print, chances you will see airport influence district. we kid about the train system, the a-line. we are fascinated by the old train system they uncovered. construction crews were working on a drainic project and unearthed an old trestle bridge, they think the plans are from 1911. we get a closer look, now, through the lens of photo journalist, chris hansen. going on with drainage in the area. >> a few weeks ago you would drive through here. >> we are at green tall, just south of the northglenn 112th station. >> yeah, it is interesting. you get to see all kinds of different stuff. >> there are, on some projects, surprises that may or may not come up. >> when we first started excavation, we started digging
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an old railroad tie. >> we found an old u.p. trestle privilege, formerly acquired. >> i was surprised it was there, once we found the span, we uncovered it just at the top. historical society rtd had us expose it, we were careful to expose it. we didn't hit it with any equipment or anything until the documentation, took photos. anything in the ground, a penny or bridge, more than 50 years old, call historical society, they document and take picturesism all that good-- pictures. all that good stuff. 1951. the pipe was put in 1951, that is when they buried. set in since 1951 under the dirt. nobody had any idea it was here. i have never ran across a train trestle. i have rain across strange things but not a train trestle.
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cool. historical society came out to make sure there weren't special artifacts and did give rtd the okay to take down the trestle and continue with the project. we are backane bit with
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we try to appreciate and highlight the small things you tell us that make things betterx like the neighborhood who left gaterade bottles, tammy spot
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neighbor, margey doing a good deed for trash workers, working hard all the time. tammy shared the photo, we share it with you with the hopes you will look for the chance to do something nice for someone this week. feedback is always nice, mike, get rid of the next show, guy is way too full of himself. a cartoon show would be better than this. do a cartoon next time? i like that.
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this is "e.t." >> are you ready for this? >> ready or not -- >> hello! >> -- "e.t." has all the surprises you didn't see. >> i've been here before. >> from a-list red carpet collisions -- >> maybe if you grab him. >> oh! >> -- to the backstage tears. >> i love you. >> that will get you every time. >> we're celebrating the people versus o.j.'s big night. >> i'm going to take my shoes
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jaw-dropping fashion. >> the underwear? >> where was beyonce. plus, the emotional showstopper. >> i'd like to dedicate this to my father who passed away on friday. julia louis-dreyfus after he historic win, and the emmy's most talked-about moments. >> i love it. >> now, for september 19th, 2016,s tonight." >> tv's biggest night lives up to its billing with major surprises. here's the moments and record-setting victories. >> let's start with one of the night's biggest winners, the people versus o.j. simpson. stars that took home the emmys for the first time. >> the emmy goes to "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> emmy's emmy date.


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