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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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floats an idea to kill two species to help another increase its population. >> another 90-degree day in denver, the first day of fall is thursday and changes will come along with it. >> building the future leads to a discovery from the past. >> and a surgery will sideline a key member of the broncos defense. 9news starts now. an untold number of people fire gutted their apartment building this afternoon. four firefighters are among the six people treated for breathing in too much smoke. the fire started just before 4:00 this afternoon at the reserve hunters run. as many as 24 homes were in the building that burned. the complex sits on the edge of southeast denver near yale avenue and syracuse way. crews are still putting out hotspots there. 9news reporter dan grossman
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after this fire started at 3:54 p.m. we're just learning now that it emanated from one of the southwest apartments before spreading to those 24 hours engulfing most of them, if not destroying them. >> i heard a lot of shouting, pounding on doors. >> reporter: it was a day where being on the outside -- >> opened the door and the guy said hey, the place is on fire. you need to get out. >> reporter: -- gave context to don scampered out of his one bedroom apartment with a cd and nothing else. >> when i came down the stairs, i noticed this far decide right here fully engulfed. >> most of this area you see even where we're standing at was just covered in smoke. >> reporter: the flames shot out the windows hugging their way to the roof as it left its mark on everything it touched. >> you can see that the siding on the chimneys were all melted down and burnt. >> reporter: gaping holes show
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they aren't sure where the fire started, only that it spread to a size that required 75 firefighters to put it out. >> it was chaotic. i wasn't the only one trying to see if it was their apartment that was on fire. people were trying to run around talking to anybody in uniform they could see. >> reporter: it's too early to tell what may have caused this and frankly, firefighters are more focused on dousing whatever hotspots remain. >> pray for those families and that everybody is okay and gets that closure and healing that they need. can only offer hope to the few who were in it as they look on to what's next. >> i think i'm good, you know. you can always replace things. >> reporter: now if there's some good news for some of the folks who have been displaced by the fire it's that none of them need to stay in a temporary shelter. the red cross has assisted with giving them hotels, vouchers to stay in those, but most of them have been able to find friends and family to stay with until
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get the rest of their belongings. frontier airlines has been a hot mess today, long delays due to what the airline is calling gate issues. the pilots union threw the airline under the plane shooting us an e-mail sheaing, "we believe this meltdown is due to the same executive mismanagement and misplaced focus on cost cutting that's placed frontier at the very bottom of the industry in customer service and customer satisfaction." so there's that. a frontier spokesman said most of the delays were 30 today. dia's website shows longer delays including one eight hour whopper. frontier said that was a separate issue. colorado parks and wildlife wants to increase the number of mule deer. to do tat proposing killing mountain lions and black barrels along the front range to re-- bears along the front range to remove its natural predators. the agency said the black bears and lions are the leading cause
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parks and wildlife says it would trap and then shoot predators while studying fawn numbers to see if they go up. the agency is estimating that up to 10 cougars and 15 bears could be killed each year. representatives heard mixed feedback tonight at a public meeting in denver. >> i personally have seen six different lions in different locations in the last year and i know of other individuals that have seen more. i live there. i work there. i hunt there. in my opinion the parks and wildlife is attempting to do the right thing. >> i personally believe it is wrong and even evil to destroy a living creature for the sole purpose of seeing if its death has an impact on another species, especially when the evidence proves otherwise. >> opponents from the humane society who spoke tonight said these types of studies are inhumane. they say the loss of natural habitat and not enough food are major reasons for the drop in the doe and mule deer populations.
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release a revised proposal sometime in december. the man hunt for a bombing suspect in new york ended in a shootout this morning. 28-year-old ahmad rahimi was found sleeping in the doorway of the business. he's suspected of being involved in the bombing over the weekend that injured more than two dozen people. a tip led police to a bar in linden, new jersey. citizen born inning of a. his father said he's surprised toker that about this. >> reporter: did you know your son was -- surprised to her about this. >> reporter: did you know that your son was doing had? >> no. >> u.s. officials say rahimi and his brother and father traveled from the u.s. to pakistan and afghanistan a couple times in the past decade. he and his family have been radicalized, although before
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minnesota and the bombings got comments from both presidential candidates today. donald trump blamed this weekend's attacks on the immigration policies of hillary clinton and president obama. >> today we have caught this evil thug who planted the bombs. hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. >> we're going after the bad guys and we're going to get them, but we aren't going to go after an entire religion and give isis exactly what it's wanting. >> one week from tonight the first debate will take place between donald trump and hillary clinton. nbc's lester holt will be the moderator. the three topics are america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. the 90 minute debate starts at 7:00 next monday. we will carry it on 9news. today i asked republican vice president nominee governor mike pence about donald trump's
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terror arrest. governor mike pence joins us now from iowa. thank you for your time, governor. donald trump boasted on fox and friends this morning that he called the new york and new jersey bombings terrorism before the news did and following the terror attack he tweeted appreciate the congrats for being right on terrorism. why does donald trump see tragedies as opportunities to brag and boast about himself? >> well, i think donald trump is someone who as a of the united states of america is going to speak truth to the american people. this clearly was a series of terrorist attacks in new york and new jersey and minnesota and in donald trump we have someone willing to say we have to change the policies and strategies in the leadership in this nation to confront radical islamic terrorism. >> we discussed whether trump would make it easier to revoke citizenship of naturalized
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today that terrorists are praying for hillary clinton to win. you can see that conversation on the next with kyle clark's facebook page. a man from arvada went to court today accused of making a death threat against state senator lauren woods. dylan hopkins said since woods is a republican that loves guns, maybe she and her family should be shot. hopkins lives in arvada. the post said if you come here, i will grant you and your family a bullet straight head. woods felt threatened enough to alert police. she said it wasn't the first message she had gotten from hopkins that day. >> he had sent a message on a social media ad that i was running and the message simply suggested that i should shoot myself. it was just one of those ones you just delete and don't get upset about it, but within 10 minutes i got this very threatening message that was way over the line. >> police arrested hopkins at his parents' house over the weekend. today he posted bond with a
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date. hopkins faces a misdemeanor charge for the threat. we spoke with hopkins' mother. she said her son has been angry about politics lately but she was surprised to see the message. she said hopkins doesn't have a gun. there are no guns in their house. she said their son is losing his cable tv and smartphone. funeral services for kari chopper were held at crossroads church in thornton. chopper was driving legacy high coaches when she crashed the bus into a pillar. more than a dozen people on the bus was injured. chopper leaves behind a husband of 23 years and four children. tonight her husband spoke about color's love for the students who rode on her bus -- chopper's love for the students who rode on her bus including the time they bought new shoes for a student in need. >> he wasn't our kid, but he was. he was kari's kid because he was on her bus. that's who kari is and i think every one of you know that.
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to her, walked by her in the hallway and touched her shoulder and felt that love. >> cause of the crash is still under investigation. chopper recently passed a physical to continue driving for the adams 12 school district. the assistant pastor robert white of a church in thornton is accused of assaulting a girl when she was 12 and lasted nearly two years. wyatt turned himself into the adams county sheriff this afternoon. the head of wells fargo and to the american public over allegations that employees opened millions of unauthorized accounts. ceo john stumpf will face the senate banking committee tomorrow. in his prepared remarks he says he's deeply sorry that wells fargo failed customers and violated their trust. last week the bank was fined $185 million for allegedly opening up millions of bank accounts in order to meet aggressive sales targets
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rtd's new n line uncovered a piece of history. they unearthed an old railroad trestle. no one apparently knew that 200- foot span was buried there. >> the as the historical society and rtd had -- as the historical society and rtd had us expose it, we were very careful until they took their documentation and photos. anything found in the ground be it a penny or a bridge, call the take pictures. >> historians examined the bridge. the trestle appears to date in 1909. the area was filled in and covered in 1951. the historians determined there was no historic reason to preserve the trestle. it cook rtd about four days to remove what was left of the bridge. just so cool to look at.
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night on next. you can see our reporting commentary and analysis right now on the next facebook page. it's what a rocket ignition looks like in ultra slow motion, not just any rockets, one that will take us deeper into space than ever before. >> an argument for listening to your sister, in this case a brother who trusted his ended up $50,000 richer. >> colorado hikers can what lengths they'll to for a cold beer. >> fall is just a few days away. at some point you have to assume it will start feeling like it, right? >> and will the broncos have
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there's luck and then there's the kind of coincidence that defies all odds. these two folks are brother and sister and played the same powerball number and bought her tickets at different stores. he won a $50,000 payout, she added the power play option and she gets a check for 200,000. she picked her numbers because she said they just felt lucky. her brother who just moved here from vietnam thought why not? if they're good enough for her, they're good enough for me. they were just one digit from getting the $246 million jackpot. tian is using her winnings to buy a house. rockets that will help carry astronauts deeper into
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a booster rocket was tested today for future orion missions to help carry spacecraft to an astroid and eventually mars. the piece that flies off in the beginning of the test is a plug to prevent dust and moisture from getting inside the ignition. parts of that plug were found a 1/4 mile he fromthe test site. the booster heated up to $6,000 degrees during the successful two minute test in june. can't recall the last time a brewery or tap room opened with plato the pop-up tap room is only open one day october 1st. absolute brewing from boulder is catering to hikers who are willing to head 3 miles down the trail at ski cooper. it's at 11,000 feet. some beautiful sights are showing up in the high country as the leaves are beginning to hit peak in many locations, a look at when it looked like near vail over the weekend. all over the high country the views are getting more
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start planning your visit soon, nothing sadder than looking at leaves past their peak. we have information on the best drives and when to go under the colorado tab on or the colorado guide on the 9news app and send us your pictures. please do. all these gorgeous ones here belong to you. use the your take tab at hi there. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9news backyard. another beautiful fall foliage shot coming from a drive on sharing this picture. the snow capped peaks almost look like a painting. i show you the crested butte picture because with our nation's extremes today death valley had the topper of 110 degrees, but crested butte, the coldest station in the nation at 24 degrees this morning. it was a chilly morning in the high country and as the sun was setting along the front range tonight temperatures continued in the 70s. the clouds highlighted with that setting sun bringing out
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the sky. thank you so much for sharing those. some of the clouds are present for your morning drive with 60s between 6 and 9 a.m. tomorrow. 90 in denver today, almost 100 in lamar, 71 in leadville far above the average and in record territory. at the airport this hour still pretty dry, humidity at 29%, 70 degrees and we're close to that number here in the 9news backyard as well. quiet on the radar tonight. so i thought i'd show you the regional rar composite. while it's generally quiet across the western u.s. we are tracking what will be the remnants of hurricane paine. all that tropical moisture will come into colorado with the form of a high and midlevel cloud deck. there will be beneficial rain as this hurricane moves inland and falls apart. winds now to about night miles per hour bringing that rain -- 90 miles per hour bringing that rain into southern california. areas we've talked about all
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a big dome of warm air is south of us. our southern mountains have the best chance of seeing some much needed precipitation. even with the afternoon cloud cover temperatures will be very warm again, close to 90 in the city. we await a storm later in the week that will bring a push of cool air the first couple days of fall. notice on the southwest flow we get some high clouds in at 9 a.m. then we get a break, back to sunshine. the greater push of clouds and stick around, no rain, a warm day just more cloud cover than we saw today, lows in the 30s, close to 60 in grand junction. temperatures tomorrow are very similar to today, close to 90 in denver, close to 100 again in southeastern colorado again in spite of that cloud deck. good travel weather in and out of the high country and the next 10 days really the time to start planning that fall
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starting to peak and good travel weather coming up. tonight 58 and light winds, sun- up at 6:44, a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow, a warm summer day with highs above average. we're dry wednesday, but a cool front backs in wednesday night, isolated showers thursday and friday. fall begins on thursday and for the first few days of the new season we're into the 70s. we see comfortable temperatures right through the weekend and but certainly cooler than the summer-like readings we've enjoyed today and will again tomorrow. the autumnal equinox is thursday at 8:21 a.m. marking the start of the new season. in the high country fall is clearly in full swing, a great time of year to get out and view the leaves by bike, by mike or perhaps by kayak or canoe. so -- hike or perhaps by kayak or canoe. so many of you have creative
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call home. >> it's just perfect this time of year. >> if we can get the microphones working, everything will be stunning. truex, jr. fought through adversity once again. his career has been fighting through adversity and he'll win in chicago land! >> with that denver took a pretty big step toward having another championship team. furniture row racing and driver martin truex, jr. win the first race yesterday playoffs, the third of the year for the team and clinches a spot in the next round. last night the left rear wheel align. was off by 10/1000 of an inch, but he ill wins the race. tomorrow we chat with eric
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. maybe five more seasons won't be so terrible. ware made a decision this morning to undergo surgery on his broken right arm which will force him to miss at least the next month. demarcus injured himself during the 3rd quarter at first the future hall of famer thought he might be able to play through it, but x-rays showed an ulna fracture. >> being able to have that extra anchor out there, that extra rusher they fear out there definitely changes. the key is to have them be ware in the end rolling at the end of the season. >> first game ware misses is sunday at cincinnati. 9news broncos insider mike klis thinks von miller will be the
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>> reporter: the immediate reaction to demarcus ware's arm surgery is the broncos will be just fine. don't be so sure. it's true this incredible denver defense all starts with von miller and the sack master as he's now marketing himself is off to a terrific start, but with ware down i wonder if miller is now double teamed the once in a while but most time. we all talk about how shane ray and shaq barrett are quality sack rushers. ware wasn't playing much but just enough to frighten the other team. in the long term ware's injuries might help the broncos. ware and shaq can use the playing time and ware will have fresh legs for the stretch run. the key, though, is von miller. as long as he stays healthy the
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dare i say it this early, repeat as super bowl champs. mike klis, 9news. st. louis cardinals pitcher martinez hurting the rockies again. he intentionally hit dj lemahieu with a pitch. tyler anderson plunks martinez, all even now. until martinez batted again with two men on base and he knocked them both in with a double. ca much, needed oxygen when he returned to the dugout and then never seen this before, martinez calls timeout while pitching and asks the ball boy to bring him a cup of water. roccos lose 5-3. still of the night comes from lower downtown where todd helton's burger shack was closed down because a batting practice home run shattered the glass at the order window in
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hey, have i ever mentioned how much i loved sports? i do now more than ever because former broncos quarterback tim tebow began his professional baseball career today and instead of the usual zero people who attend an instructional league practice, more than 400 fans and 70 members of the media showed up to watch timmy take batting practice, swing looks good and he was assigned his favorite jersey >> this just in. >> moments ago major league baseball released fresh data on its jersey sales. tim tebow new york mets no. 15 has the top selling jersey, no. 1, first time ever any athlete was at one time no. 1 in the nfl and no. 1 in the major league baseball, that's right. >> no jackson for that?
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tonight show next. jimmy has hillary clinton and
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