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boulder this morning.... needs to run their water so they can flush their pipes. there's sediment in the water from a construction project at the betasso water treatment facility. the city of boulder says its gotten reports of cloudy drinking water. if the water wait 30 minutes and try again. as a precaution--don't drink the water until it looks clear. good morning.. gary, corey and cheryl here with you - thanks for joining us this tuesday.. and belen is here! so good to see you -- fall is sneaking up on us - but when will we actually
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denver...and a win for one of the mayor's biggest initiatives. a 150-million dollar proposal for more the city council monday night. mayor michael hancock's plan will use property taxes and development fees to raise the money over the next ten years... this will be denver's first ever dedicated fund for affordable housing -- and aims to preserve or create 6-thousand income-qualified units. the council approved the plan with a nine to four vote - and called it a "step in the right direction." after the ten years are up - the city will review the plan.
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southeast denver apartment monday afternoon. six people were treated for smoke inhalation -- four of them firefighters.. it happened at "the reserve at hunter's run" - near yale avenue and syracuse way - just after 4 on monday afternoon. the blaze spread across three floors, eventually causing the roof to collapse. crews are still investigating what caused the fire - and exactly where it started. it took 75 firefighters about an hour and half to get that fire under control. kari chopper was a mom.. at home - and a mom to the kids on her school bus... friends and family remembered the adams 12 bus driver last night... after she died in a bus crash at the airport a little over a week ago. funeral services for chopper were at crossroads church in thornton. she had four children- and a husband of 23 years.
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own. chopper was driving coaches and players of the legacy high school football team - when the bus crashed into a pillar at denver international airport. three coaches were in the hospital for days- more than a dozen students also had minor injuries. the cause of that crash is stillnd denver's district attorney says the decisions a denver police detective and a security guard made saved others from being hurt. the two will not face charges for a july shooting. investigators says brothers kevin and robert jones were involved in a fight downtown.... and security guard edwin montoya used pepper spray to break it up. he called for help from detective randall wagner--who was working nearby. that's when kevin jones began firing into a crowd on the street
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and officer returned fire--hitting both of the brothers. kevin jones faces attempted murder and assault charges. a repeat drinking and driving offender was sentenced to more than two decades behind bars for a deadly hit-and-run. jonathan cordova was sentenced on monday for the hit and run death of ernestine maynes back in december... he'll spend 22 years in jail. his blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit.... it was his sixth alcohol and driving offense and third felony conviction. maynes was crossing colfax wadsworth boulevard when she was hit.. cordova left - but police later found him at his girlfriend's apartment. all of the people stabbed in last weekend's attack at a mall in minnesota -- are home from the hospital today. the suspect - 22- year-old dahir adan - was killed by an off duty police officer. isis claimed responsibility - but police are still investigating... they say - they haven't found any evidence that the attacker had ties to isis. the mall in saint
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reopened. the man accused of multiple bombings in new york and new jersey - is now facing atttempted murder charges.. ahmad rahami was arrested monday- after a massive manhunt led to a shootout with new jersey police officers. the attempted murder charges will be filed in addition to federal charges related to the bombings... those federal charges have yet to be filed. politicians - including both presidential nominees - continue to react to recent bombings in new york and new jersey... here's nbc's tracie potts... less than a week to
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next monday -- the nominees will take the stage in the first presidential debate. n-b-c's lester holt will be the moderator. the three topics the candidates will discuss are america's direction, achieving prosperity, and securing america. the 90 minute debate starts at seven next monday. we will carry it right here on 9news. president obama will speak at the united nations general assembly today. he's will speak to the section of the u-n that deals with policy making and representation.. it's the first event later he will have a luncheon with u-n secretary general and a rountable discussion with leaders of several foreign delegations.
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breast cancer -- can affect everyone.. and everyone can be a part of the
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one in seven women in colorado will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.. early detection and awareness -- can be life saving.. this weekend - thousands of cancer survivors and their supporters will be in downtown denver to race for the cure.. we'll have live coverage during the 9news morning show, starting at seven. the 5k starts at eight.. there's still time to sign up for the race.. we have more information on 9news dot com.. it's beginning to look a lot like -- fall! in some places anyway. the leaves are changing...and cooler weather is supposed to arrive any time now.. belen will have a look at the forecast - in just a
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battling an out of control fire at a california air force base. the "canyon fire" has consumed about 6-thousand acres at vandenberg air force base.. right now - it's six percent contained and continues to grow. fire officals say no structures are threatened right now -- but they continue to keep a close eye on several nearby rocket launch pads
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personnel are still working on the base. up in the high country - leaves are starting to hit their autumn peak - changing to a sea of gold and red. the view gets more incredible every day - but won't last forever. if you want to see them - start planning a visit soon.. we have info on the best places to go - on 9news dot com-- or the colorado guide on the 9news app. and we want to see your pictures! if you're lucky enough to be in the middle of all the leaf changing - send it our way. go to our facebook - or use the hashtag "9 w-x" colorado parks and wildlife wants
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deer in our state.. but their plan - doesn't sit well with some people. they say - "removing natural predators" will help the deer population. that means - killing mountain lions and black bears along the front range. the plan includes trapping and shooting predators - while studying fawn numbers -- to see if they go up. they estimate - about 10 cougars - and 15 bears - would be killed each year. opponents at the humane society say - loss of habitat and food supply - are bigger reasons behind a mule deer decline-- and that the plan is inhumane. a revised proposal is due in december. the head of wells fargo - has a long list of apologies to make. he'll start on capitol hill - later today. it's a battle of the sevens... the i-phone versus the samsung galaxy.. but one clearly has the upper hand
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the head of wells fargo - plans to say sorry - to congress and the that employees opened millions of unauthorized accounts. today -- c-e-o john stumpf will face the senate banking committee. the associated press got a copy of his prepared remarks. stumpf says he's "deeply sorry" the bank failed customers -- and violated their trust. last week - the bank was fined a combined 185 million dollars -- for allegedly opening millions of bank accounts without customer permission -- all in order to meet aggressive sales targets. buying premium gas -- probably isn't even worth it.
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money...especially if your car is designed to run on regular fuel.. contrary to popular belief - premium gas did not increase horsepower or fuel economy. it also didn't reduce emissions or clean engines any better than regular old unleaded. triple-a says - save yourself the 50 cents.. that's how much more premium blends can cost per gallon.. last year - american drivers spent 2 point 1 billion dollars on ultimately - just didn't live up to its name. i-phone versus samsung... warranty service provider "quaretrade"put the i-phone 7 and samsung galaxy note 7 to the test -- looking at water resistance and overall durability. they all survived the water test -- but some sounds were muffled after taking a swim... but the ultimate winner - was the sidewalk. both the new iphones and the note 7 shattered
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not to drop that new phone. one million galaxy note sevens were recalled last week..after reports that the battery overheated..causin g burns - and even some explosions.. now -- nearly a third of consumers say - they'll pass on the replacement.. and go for the refund instead,,, and about of quarter of those surveyed say - they'll switch over to i-phones -- samsung's major competitor. check it out...this is what a rocket looks like -- in super slow motion... nasa released slow motion video of the test for a booster rocket that will be used in future missions. they will be used to help carry spacecraft to an asteroid and eventually - to mars. the piece that goes flying off at the beginning of the test - is a plug to
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parts of that plug were found a quarter mile away. looking at the bright side of life is the best way to live...especially if it comes after a dark period.. one woman in texas is taking that motto to heart - and sharing it with
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and it's also a much needed pick-me-up. take a look at this -- "electric lime" - "kismet lavendar" and "jovial pink" -- are just a few of the colors being expertly applied to nina dillman's victorian-style home. she lives in fort worth texas when you take it all in at once - it might look familiar. she has always loved the bright colors in the pixar film "up." but the brightness was ultimately inspiried - by a dark time in her life... evyo a new outlook on life - it's too short to not do the things that make you happy. so far - the neighborhood has been supportive. a lot of couples
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exaggerating. but for one pair of newlyweds in washington - it was their reality. taylor and kevin slaughter said "i do" -- while riding a roller coaster at the state fair. a morning show host for a seattle radio station - officiated the wedding from a coaster car behind the couple. the brief ceremony was broadcast live on the air it's something the radio station has done for 28 years. there was also rain on the wedding day -- but the couple wasn't even phased.. the groom says the high speed
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making headlines today... more at 5..... that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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lost their homes... as crew after crew tried to control a large apartment fire... we'll show you the damage still smoldering this morning. if your water looks weird- and you're in boulder- it's not the sleep still in your eyes. the water warning you need to hear before brushing your teeth. and a kennedy- gives a shout out to a bush... on behalf of a clinton. the unusual political party switching happening online today. good morning.


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