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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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on the suspect bomber and what it took to track him down. and program to give women a second chance at success. how a big gift helps hundreds get new jobs and a fresh start. >> very nice. good morning. happy tuesday. belen de leon joining us. holding on to summer just a while longer? >> temperatures today are still above normal. we will be close to 77 degrees this time of year. instead this is what we have. can we this! temperatures today will be rising into the upper 80s. we could still see some 90- degree temperatures around town in the foothills. 70s are what is in store for you. now the difference from today to yesterday, temperatures only slightly cooler, plus, more clouds. coming in from the southwest. still mainly a dry day in store for us. no severe weather is expected across colorado. we will be lucky if we see any kind of rain. but that rain is expected to develop tonight in the high
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rain could even be mixed in with a little snow. notice how on on the eastern plains expected to be mainly dry day. temperatures outside right now are mild. we have got 60s around town. clouds over my head. temperatures in the foothills in the 40s and 30s. now, around 9:00 a.m., 71 degrees. partly cloudy. clouds thicken through lunchtime. 82 degrees. and through 3:00, it is a cloudy and dry afternoon. temperatures at 88 degrees. but we do have few days. i will talk about that coming up in my full forecast. right now a look at those roads and amelia has that for us. hey, belen. 5:31. the drive is great. that is pretty much all we need to show you. so much green here. 270, i-70, i got gary's attention because he thought i was going to wrap up that early. i will show you a couple other things metroplex we're looking at our -- couple other things
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garry, welcome back. but hey, -- >> hashtag #girlpower that's for sure. >> all the sleepy ladies. >> thanks, guys. stuff can be replaced. lives cannot. that is what the residents said after this apartment fire in arapahoe county. four firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation. neighbors said they were tough watching everything burn. >> reporter: absolutely. it took 75 firefighters about an hour to put out this fire and when they did, this is all they were left with. we are going to focus in on one of these amounts to see if there were any items that would be salvageable. but as you can see, taking a closer look inside these buildings, this fire was so intense, there really isn't anything left. everything has been destroyed. firefighters say there are at least 24 units in this
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reserve at hunters run apartments. many of these residents lost all their belongings. you can imagine how difficult it would be to come home to something like this. this fire so intense it spread to all three floors before collapsing the roof. certainly emotional for the people affected by this. they still don't even know what started this fire. >> it was chaotic. a flow of emotions. i was trying to see if it was my apartment. people were runnin they could see. >> reporter: so, again, we heard that -- in addition to four firefighters there were two residents who were initially treated for smoke inhalation. to give you an idea of how fast this 5 was spreading, we spoke with one resident yesterday. he heard someone yell outside, hey there is a fire get down. by the time he ran downstairs cheryl and came outside and looked back at his complex this building has been already destroyed and fully engulfed in
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it is 5:33 now. this morning, police are asking for everybody's help to find a missing woman. share her picture or tell a friend about it. her name is may lee. she is missing from the lafayette area. we know this isn't the best picture of her but the only one we have at this point. she is 75 years old. 90-pounds with black hair. she is about 5' 3", last seen walking near waneka lake in if you see her, call the lafayette police department rit away. jonathan cordova got drunk and got behind the heel again and again until he killed someone. he made his last bad decision last december. he was sentenced monday for the hit-and-run death of ernestine maine. police say cordova left the scene but was tracked down and arrested at his girlfriend's apartment.
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this was his 6th alcohol and driving offense and third felony conviction. a greeley gang member will spend the rest of his life in prison and then some. john silva was convicted of beating and stab manning to death in 2013 with a medieval weapon. he was on parole at the time of the attack. he used what is called flail. silva's rap sheet goes back two decades and includes a 12 year stint in prison for manslaughter. he will serve without parole plus 98 years. it is 5:35. new this morning, the tap water in boulder is murky and there is a warning not to drink it. there is sediment in the water from a construction project at the pataso water treatment facility. if the water doesn't clear in the first flush, wait 30 minutes and then try it again. as a precaution, don't drink the water until it looks clear. frontier airlines is going
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a lot of work today to get back on track and smooth ruffled feathers. they claim gate issues for long delays at d.i.a. yesterday. but the pilots' union blames the airline. they e-mailed saying the problems were due to executive mismanagement and cost-cutting. a frontier spokesperson said most of the delays were 30 minutes or less. but we found one at d.i.a. on the web site showing an 8- hour delay. frontier said that was a separate i delays for frontier at d.i.a. yet. denvers mayor clocked in a big win with the city council. last night they proved a $150 million initiative for affordable housing downtown. mayor michael hancock's plan will use property taxes and development fees to raise the money over the next 10 years. the goal is to preserve our create 6,000 homes for people who can't afford the rising rent in the city. the council proved the plan with a 9-4 vote and called it a
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wildlife experts want to kill some animals to save others. the new proposal from colorado parks and wildlife would eliminate some predators like cougars and black bears to try to protect mule deer. the cougars and bears are the number one killers of does and fawns in northwest colorado. they would shoot and trap the predators while studying fawn numbers to see if they go up. the plan would mean killing 10 cougars and 15 bears every year. the humane society says this type of study is in food sources are also contributing to those lower deer numbers. the number of active wildfires across the united states is dropping from peak summer highs as we they hade head to fall but one fire is burning out of control. this one at vandenburg air force base in california. it has burned 3500 acreses with no containment. parts of the base has lost power. they say only essential
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base. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. our skies aren't going to be as plow as what they are yesterday. and that is courtesy of tropical storm payne that is spinning off the coast of the baja. the movement of the upper level winds are bringing all of that cloudiness into colorado today. now the chance for rain will increase tonight for innocents. in some high mountain peaks we could also see a little bit of snow. but that is not going to get in the way of our temperat 88 will be our high for today. normal high is 77 degrees. the record high is 94. sit back -- setback in 2010. your drive this morning, and even this afternoon should be just fine. temperatures in the 60s early and then later today in the 80s. under a few more clouds but staying mainly dry. cheryl? thank you, belen. it i is 5:38. the man accused of the bombings in new york and new jersey is
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talk to investigators. ahmad rahami will not tell them his name. he's facing attempted murder charges and could face terrorism charges as well. witnesses say the shootout sounded chaotic on the streets. >> just sound like, you know, pop pop pop, pop pop pop. >> we will continue to conduct investigative activity to insure we completely understand rahami's social network. >> federal charges in these bombings have yet to be filed. investigators are looking into his possible ti terrorist cells. he had traveled often to afghanistan. police say rahami planted the explosives in chelsea and manhattan. new york officials are calling it an act of terror. an official act of terror though must have the intention to intimidate or coerce a civilian population. investigators argue rahami terrorized new york and new jersey for three days. this black and white surveillance photo helped police track down their suspect in just matter of hours.
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8,000 camera network in new york city. after the september 11th terror attack, the city created the ring of steel. now the city uses more and more cameras to track crime. the camera surveillance system now covers lower manhattan and midtown including the chelsea neighborhood. helping hundreds of women move forward with their lives. next, the program giving one big gift to help women get on their way to a new job. plus, colorado craft beer
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many single parents will tell you every day can be a struggle juggling kids, work and other responsibilities. it is not easy. but one program is offering help. taronda thomas has more. it is helping parents find a path to success? >> absolutely. a big misconception about single parents that they don't
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to work at all. that couldn't be farther from the truth for the people participating in this program. their hard work has been rewarded big time with a big gift. laquita walker and andrea ramos have both received cars. walker has a teenage son. ramos has three children under nine years old. they both worked their way off of public assistance. they learned soft skills like learning computer programs. andrea and laquita got jobs, but getting to the jobs is hard without a car. now they have one less thing to worry about. >> very, very thankful and, i just -- i am at a loss for words how grateful i am for this gift. >> we were homeless. we didn't have no one out here. and they have just helped me so much. and i can't thank them enough. >> nice!
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to denver rescue missions vehicle program. professional mechanics and participatants in the rehab program fix up donated cars and give them away. this is the first time the rescue mission has centered with the organization for work and employment. they are getting ready for their annual fundraiser on thursday. for more, go to 9 news now couple. we also have information on the vehicle program. they are looking for more nonprofits with with can which to partner so they away even more cars. so, denver rescue mission wants to get those nonprofits in so they can get those cars out to people. such respect. i mean, parenting with two is so hard. and -- and -- for what those women have done -- >> absolutely. >> they deserve it. >> they needed to public assistance for a while but now we have worked our way off of it, we're grateful and proud and we want to stand on our own two feet. >> that is a good thing for those ladies but for all of us to take something like car for
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using, hey, even if it doesn't run, you can still donate it and they can fix it up and give it to someone who needs it. >> terrific. just terrific. let's check in with belen. >> temperatures above normal. highs in the upper 80s. some spots could see 90 but it will still be a dry day. we will have high clouds, increasing. they will be mainly dry. now after today, we will start to gradually cool down. tomorrow, the high of 84 degrees will start you off with clou on thursday, a chance for isolated storms, temperatures at 82. and then on friday, 80 degrees. so, the next 24 hours kind of the main mover of what is going to happen in our forecast is going to be tropical storm payne and that moisture increasing into colorado. but from thursday into friday, we have another storm system approaching from the west. it will increase our winds on friday and also bring us a chance for some rain. a reinforcing shot of cooler air over the weekend.
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68 degrees with a chance for showers. weather clearing by sunday with a high of 66. amelia, i know you got your uggs ready. you're set. >> i don't know what you're talking about belen. we are looking now at a current view here across our cdot interspraysu interface. the city is waking up. they are hitting the roads and we're starting to see a little bit of additional volume there. out across our maps. plenty just a few patches of red including south bend 25 as you come in towards 58th avenue. a little bit of a slowdown expected because of sun glare eastbound across c-470. right now though speeds are on the high side close to 70. and if you're hopping on the train to the plane, enjoy the
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time for your money news. the new world trade center denver campus is expected to cost $200 million. our partners the denver project in the river north district is supposed to open in 2019. the world trade center organization announced the first plans for the project back in february. it will be a 38th and blake. the previous world trade center was downtown between broadway and 16th for 29 years. the new location is on the rail line from union station to d.i.a. here's some proof that cast beer isn't really just a niche business anymore. a colorado distributor is selling to a big corporation.
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selling to breakthrough beverage group. the aurora company started 10 years ago and distributes brands like left hand, funk slope and river north with out of state labels like dogfish. they have a location in aurora but really based in new york. it currently distributes colorado's adele, great divide, and thirsty yet? >> we love to see your pictures. look at all that gold up there. it looks like they have hit their peak in summit county. get ahold of me. get me a ring. well, on social media. twitter, instagram and snapchat. weather questions or send me your cool weather pictures. over town right now we have
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officially until 6:46. sunset 6:59. that gives us 12 hours and 13 minutes of daylight. our day length is getting shorter and shorter as we're headed into the winter solstice. today, start off the kids with a sweater. 67 degrees around lunch. 82 for the last bell. 88 degrees and i think it will still be a warm afternoon despite the clouds that we have around town. sickest and front the map right now. 40s in the high afternoon. upper 80s -- 70s in the mountains and we will have more clouds. remember i have been telling you about that moisture moving into colorado courtesy of tropical storm payne. 10:00 this morning, more clouds in the mountains. it is overnight when we will start to see rain and even a little bit of snow on top of those mountain peaks lasting overnight and through tomorrow. here in the city, a possibility for maybe some rain on your morning drive tomorrow. it will be light though. 60 your overnight low and then
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officially start off fall on thursday with isolated storms on friday. it turns windy. race for the cure happen this sunday. hope you guys can come and join us. amelia? good morning, belen. perfect weather for race for the cure. we will help you get around delays this morning and find the best parking spot. there will be so many options for public transportation to get right down into the city. light rail being one of the in the meantime, great conditions so far this morning. our live views across 6th and sher dan are picture -- sheridan are picture-perfect. and up to the north and as you head into downtown, equally nice. 14 minute stretch through southbound at 60 miles an hour. both directions of your i-70 corridor at the mouse trap checking clear. as we head on out to the west side, really pretty view out there as you head out to check out the fall colors.
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social. use hashtag #9wx. keep our morning drive nice and safe. thirsty? grab your hiking boots.
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welcome back at 5:55. in colorado, 11 women are
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it doesn't mean you still may not be at risk. according to nbc medical expert john torres, 85% of breast cancer in women happen in women who tonight have a family member who -- who don't have the disease. >> know your own body. i can't emphasize that enough. that means doing periodic self breast examinations. you want to do those because you know if there is any changes. if there are change, bring them to the atton >> this weekend, there is going to be a show of force to find a cure. thousands of survivors and supporters will gather in downtown denver to raise awareness for early detection for breast cancer and try to find a cure at race for the cure. we will be their live during -- there live during the morning show. if you would like the take part, i hope do you. there is still plenty of time. it is a terrific morning.
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sunday at pepsi center. then we will honor the breast cancer survivors participating. it is a touching morning and a lot of fun. >> more importantly we need to raise a bunch of money. >> a lot of money. million dollars for local efforts last year. >> all stays in colorado. come out and see us. it will be a good time. >> it is 5:57. are you okay over there? >> we're getting there. >> all right. if you don't think fall is the most beautiful time of the year, you probably don't live in colorado. right? >> right. so our really talented photographers. just look at the subject though that they have to work with. the colors are jumping off the screen as we look at these pictures that you are sharing with us from all over the high country. >> keep them coming. today we would like you to use hashtag #9wx. we will show as many pictures as we can here on the show. a high school in maine
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full time french and spanish
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pouring in about the suspect in did you know that your son was doing this? >> no. >> had you no idea? >> no. -- you had no idea? >> no. >> a day after his arrest, information is pouring in about the suspect in the bombings in new york and new jersey. we will hear what his father had to say about the sa her bus, she made sure she gave them the same smile every day to every single child. friends family and coworkers fondly remember the knife of kari shapper, the bus driver killed more than a week ago. dozens of apartment buildings go up in flames leaving families homeless and wondering what happens next.


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