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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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pouring in about the suspect in did you know that your son was doing this? >> no. >> had you no idea? >> no. -- you had no idea? >> no. >> a day after his arrest, information is pouring in about the suspect in the bombings in new york and new jersey. we will hear what his father had to say about the sa her bus, she made sure she gave them the same smile every day to every single child. friends family and coworkers fondly remember the knife of kari shapper, the bus driver killed more than a week ago. dozens of apartment buildings go up in flames leaving families homeless and wondering what happens next.
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are asking for your help to try to find her. her name is may lee. she is missing from the lafayette area. we know this is not the best picture of her but lee is 75 years old. 90-pounds with black hair. she was last seen walking near wanetka lake in lafayette. police say she has dementia and only speaks a dialect of chinese. if you see her, call the lafayette police department rit away. they are very worried about her. >> absolutely, they are. water so they can flush their pipes. that is the word. a construction project at the pataso water treatment facility has put sediment in the water. so your drinking water is probably cloudy. if the water doesn't clear up in the first flush, wait 30 minutes and try it again. as a precaution, don't drink the water until it clears up. summer's last gasp
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temperatures staying around 90 again. meteorologist belen de leon is in the back yard. >> a gasp. is that like a -- that is more of a yawn right? temperatures for today will be very summer like. our high today, 88 degrees. so this is going to be way above that normal high of 77. the record i had was set in 2010 of 94. so not quite that warm. but still pretty warm when you consider just septembe across the front range and out on the eastern plains. in the foothills those temperatures will be in the 70s and in the 60s. right now we have got 60s around town. a pretty mild morning up and over the divide. temperatures are in the 40s and in the 30s. it is dark out there right now but the difference from today to yesterday, we have lots of clouds. and i think that sunrise is just going to be a beautiful one. sunrise is going to be at 6:46. sunset at 6:59.
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increased in clouds is a tropical storm way out in the pacific. but the movement of those upper level winds are bringing all of that moisture into colorado in the form of clouds. and yes, even rain. mainly dry for us here on the front range the next 24 hours. but those showers will be increasing in the mountains tonight and in the overnight hours. a -- i will walk threw the storm timing coming up in just a few. >> right now let's look at the roads. amelia has that for us. what is up, pussycat? ,. >> 6:03. the airport in broomfield and now they are over 36 and pecos where we're hearing of a full closure of one direction of pecos this morning. it looks like this is going to be on the northbound stretch of pecos to u.s. 36. fire crews here. looks like there is a traffic accident. we will get more light in the picture to find out what is going on but a couple cars there right on the entrance to the ramp. u.s. 36 though as we come out
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affected so far this morning. 36th at broadway doing just fine. speeds are still in the 50s and 60s. we will learn more and get you an alternate there. federal or i-25 will be pretty easy way. broadway is also remaining open. across tower drives here, we -- across our drives or our highways we have a northbound 235 crash near colfax. backup a quarter mile long. . i mainly seen the cop just shooting at >> sounded like you know, pop pop. pop pop pop pop. >> a brief manhunt even faster chase, has the man suspected of planting bombs in new york and new jersey in custody this morning. 5 inland bond for ahmad rahami and a long list of charges including attempted murder. 9 news reporter colleen fererri here with more. >> reporter: this process as we know is just beginning right
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trying to figure out if he had any help in any of this. the fbi says he hasn't made any statements to investigators so far. right now his initial court appearance scheduled for step 28th. the union county prosecutors office says that rahami is charged with second degree unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlaurel purpose. in addition to the attempted murder charges. he could face 20 years in prison on each of the attempted murder counts. officials say the weekend bombings can state or federal crimes. both presidential candidates weighed in on this. first donald trumping the country was too soft on immigration and hillary clinton commenting on what trump had to say. >> these are enemies. >> it is wrong to put a loose canon in charge who can start another war. . >> reporter: new york manies mayor described all the bombings as terrorism but federal law says the crime has to meet certain elements to be considered domestic terrorism.
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department of justice would take the lead on this. >> colleen, rahami's father said he had no idea his son was planning these attacks. the fbi spent part of monday taking stuff from the apartment where rahami -- rahami and his parents lived. they also searched the restaurant they owned in elizabeth, new jersey. his father, muhammed say the accusations weigh heavy on his heart. >> when you hear you in he's been accused of this, do you believe sir? >> i'm not sure what is going on. >> you're not sure. >> i'm not sure what has happened exactly. but, it is very hard right now to talk, okay? thank you. . >> rahami wasn't on any terror watch list. u.s. intelligence officials say rahami and his dad both traveled to afghanistan and pakistan multitimes over the past 10 years. another -- multiple times over
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right now. 24 units went up in flames forcing families to stay somewhere else overnight. the fire broke out monday afternoon at the reserve at hunters run. apartments in unincorporated arapahoe county. 9 news reporter jessica oh joins us from the complex. jessica squad cars, the fire injured several firefighters. >> reporter: that is right, gary. what a tough situation for the residents as well who are waking up and having to deal with the aftermath of fire. taking a closer look, you can see how intense the flames were and how much heat it generated as well. that third floor balcony is completely wiped out. the floorboards are gone as well. you can't make out any piece of furniture in this building. everything has been destroyed. we aren't sure how many people lived here, but we're told as many as 24 homes have been damaged. this 3-alarm fire was powerful enough actually to collapse the roof. four firefighter, two others
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inhalation yesterday. firefighters were here until about 11:00 last night putting out hot spots. it was a necessary set for them consider -- step for them considering how hot and dry thens can your yesterday. today -- conditions were yesterday. today the focus is on recovery and moving forward and coming back from something like this. there is a little bit of good news out of all this. all the residents who have been displaced were able to stay with family or friends last night. but for firefighters, the investigation is what is happening today. they are trying to figure out the cause of this fire, is a fairly newer building, it really is amazing to see and hear about how fast residents say this building was engulfed in flames. so no doubt investigators will take a closer look at things like smoke detectors and the sprinklers to see if everything was functioning properly. >> it sounds like it could have been so much worse though' thank you much for that. we appreciate it. the assistant pastor of a church in thornton is accused
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underage girl. prosecutors say robert watt of agape bible church started abusing the girl when she was 12 years old. they say it continued for two years. he surrendered to the adams county sheriff's office on monday. kari chopper had four kids, a husband of 23 years and family that extended to the kids she drove to and from school. kari chopper died more than a week ago when the school bus she was driving crashed at denver international airport. monday evening, friends, family and the adams 12 ho remember her. >> she would be missed by all the drivers, mechanics, because i tell you, she would get bus and a light would come on and she would go, a light is on, got to pull it on the corner and get that thing looked at. everybody knew kari at that district. it was great. >> police are still trying to figure out why the bus crashed. chopper just passed a physical this summer. it is required to keep drive forgo the adams 12 school district. a colorado lawmaker says
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says the one that 21-year-old dylan hopkins made on facebook was different. investigators say the facebook post said that since senator woods quote, loves guns, maybe she and her family should be shot. the post went on to say squad cars, if you come here, i will grant you and your family a bullet straight to the head. and before that post, she says hopkins sent her a message suggesting she should shoot herself. . >> it was just one of those ones, you just delete it you don't get upse within 10 minutes i got this threatening message that was way over -- way over the line. >> police arrested hopkins over the weekend. he now faces misdemeanor charges for making the threat. do me a favor. stop working on the bacon or high pressuring the clothes. look at your screen right -- maybe ironing the clothes. look at your screen right now. this sunrise is so beautiful. if you have a sunrise picture send it my way.
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our viewers via facebook, instagram, you name it. this morning we will have more clouds in our sky. temperatures at 67 degrees. the clouds will continue through the afternoon rush but it will remain mainly dry here in the metro area. we will have showers and, yes, even a little snow increasing in the high country. i will walk through that forecast. >> she said it. she said snow. >> she did. >> she also said bacon mmmm... >> now i'm if you're putting premium gas in your honda or toyota, reyou might want to rethink your approach. and the startling amount of money that americans are wasting on gas according to one survey that they probably don't need. and jim carrey facing a lawsuit this morning.
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relive in colorado. we don't have to worry about tropical weather here. false. here is what is happening. tropical storm paine that is spinning over the waters of the pacific right now has winds at 50 miles per hour. but in the next 24 hours, it is going to take a more northeasterly route. although we won't be directly hit by this, of course, we do get the impact of this today in
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watch these clouds moving in from the southwest as we go throughout the day. in fact, here is a look at current radar and satellite. you can see all the clouds we have along i-25 right now. so, today it is going to be cloudier than what we had yesterday but that won't get in the way of our temperatures still warming up to above average. our high today, 88 degrees under these high clouds. currently we're in the 60s and 50s in the mountains. we have 40s and 30s. fast forward to this afternoon. 70s in the high country. 80 and 80s along i-25 and out in the eastern plains. some spots will get close to triple digits. lamar, i'm looking at you. here is our future cast. despite those clouds we will stay dry. 10:00, don't have to worry about rain. leave that umbrella at home. 4:00, we have maybe a bit of sunshine. those clouds thicken in the high country and then that rain increases in the mountains through this evening. a little bit of snow is possible in the high mountain peaks but no travel advisories
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chance for rain in the foothills and here in the city. most of any rain will be falling in the high country. but a 10th of an inch in the foothills in the next 24 hours. 60 your overnight low. that mountain rain and snow develops tomorrow. a bit cooler, a high of 84. on thursday, isolated storms for the first official day of fall. 82. windy and possibly some afternoon storms on friday. 80 and we're talking about 60s over the weekend. so a big cooldown from where we started at the beginning of the week we had 90s, amelia. a perfect weekend for race for the cure. a view here across sky 9's view, 70 and 225. boy, busy. definitely is the name of the game today on this tuesday start. but we're still problem-free in commerce city. where we're not problem-free is, i would say u.s. 36 and now 225 as we take a look to our cdot cameras here. our live view of the area of 36th near opposition doesn't show this crash or closure but as we head to the maps i want to let you know about an
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last few moments across pecos under the 36th overpass. pecos being closed down means alternates like federal or broadway are good ways to get around it. we have north bend 225 crash near colfax past your drive towards alameda and out east, watch for a crash close to e- 470 at quincy. a tua a man being shot while his hands were up. he had car trouble friday night. the police had gone to check out the suv left abandoned. one police officer tased him. a second one, betty shelby shot him after telling the dispatcher that crutcher wasn't cooperating. tulsa's police chief has asked the justice department to now get involved. a fight to stop a huge wildfire that is burning, been burning for nearly two months
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history. the national interagency fire center says the fire has cost more than $600 million to fight so far. the figure does not include the cost of damage to homes and property. the fire is 607% -- 67% contained right now. jim carrey calls the wrong offul death lawsuit against him a heartless attempt to try to exploit him. carrey's ex-girlfriend's husband is suing the comedian two years after she died of an er giving powerful pain killers to his wife. then tried to cover up his tracks, he claims. he says carrey used the alias arthur king to illegally get the drugs. white died in one of carrey's homes. it was ruled a suicide. carrey writes in a statement that he loved white and that the suit is an attempt to profit from her death. there has long been a myth about premium gasoline that your car performs better. you have heard that, right?
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americans need to think before
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the ceo of wells fargo is scheduled to do in front of of congressional panel today hat in hand to apologize for betraying customers' trust. senators will question question john stumphf on how much he and others knew about the scandal.
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without the knowledge of customers with order to meet assembles targets. a -- sales targets. a gas pipeline leak is causing gas price hikes. it could go up as much as cents 20 cents a gallon. analysts believe the short supply could extend into winter. if you are putting premium gas into a car that does not require it, aaa says you are better off burning your money. new rese gasoline did not increase the horse power or fuel economy. it also did not reduce emissions or clean engines any better than regular gasoline. premium blends can cost cents 50 cents per gallon more. a national survey of aaa said they found more than 16 million u.s. drivers spent more than $2 billion that the research found they didn't need to put in their gas tank last year. >> a lot of people are not happy about that story right now. >> i know, right.
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want an adult beverage? you will have to earn it. describe your hiking -- grab your hiking boots and enjoy the view. more on that in a minute but first weather and traffic. good morning. >> hi, good morning. for the kids it is going to be a mild school day. maybe this morning, a sweater as they are headed off. 67 degrees. lurch time, 82 degrees. mild and dry -- lunch time, 82 degrees. mild and dry. and the last bell, temperatures at 88. clouds thickening through the afternoon although it wi anticipate any delays out at coors field. the temperatures will be in the mid 80s around first pitch and then gradually cooling to the 70s. i would take a sweater to be comfy in the stands. 6:23. , we're talking 225. we have a view of the northbound volume that is starting to push in towards the crash off to the right shoulder. northbound leading up towards colfax. backups notice area are extending back to alameda. it is intensifying pretty
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an hour. that northbound stretch is very sluggish. southbound pretty much on the light side and a little further out to the east.
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welcome back at 6:26. ms. stone will be teaching french and spanish at a maine
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ms. stonies actually rosetta stone, the computer program. the school couldn't fill the vacancy a fulltime french and spanish teacher so they are giving students the software instead. it costs $175 for every student. the school district says this really highlights bigger problem. not just for them but for schools across the country finding language teachers. a new pop-up tap room near winter park is sure to draw a lot of customers. you have to work to though. upslope brewing from boulder is opening the tap room for a day. it is at the end of a trail so to speak. a bore at the end of a trail -- a beer at the end of a trail. if you're interested in a cold one you have to trek 3 miles up a trail. >> it will only be open one day. october 1. that is it. get your hiking boots ready. i want to know who hiked up there with the kegs. that is the hard job.
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involved. being a mom is one of the most challenging jobs there is.
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residents at an apartment complex in arapahoe county without a home this morning following this massive fire. so what sparked it? we have the latest on the
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these are enemies. these are combatants. >> it is wrong to put a loose cannon in charge who could start another war. three explosions. one man in custody and terrorism at the forefront of the presidential campaign. we're less than 50 days from election day and both candidates the finger at each other. >> it can be a struggle raising kids. even tougher though doing it alone. the program giving two moms a surprise of a lifetime putting them on a good morning, everyone. -- on a road to success. good morning everyone. and belen de leon is in the 9 news back yard. sounds like another warm day on tap for us? >> unseasonably warm. temperatures today will be in the upper 80s and we costill see some 90-degree temperatures around town. here is what you will be feeling on i-25. for our friends on the eastern plain, pretty toasty. in the 90s.
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in the 50s and 60s around town. 40s for my friends in silver thorn. and out on the eastern plains, temperatures are in the 60s. it is beautiful over the city right now. the difference from today to yesterday is that we are going to have for clouds. now, despite those clouds, it will stay mainly dry for us in the city. but that morning planner will show those clouds thicken as we go throughout the day. temperatures will be in the 60s just a little longer and then by 10:00, expecting temperatures to be in the mid we're getting all of those clouds coming in from the southwest courtesy of tropical storm paine that is still over the waters of the pacific. thankfully we're not expecting any severe weather in colorado. but there is an opportunity for some rain and even a little snow in the mountains tonight and through tomorrow morning. i will walk thousand that forecast coming up in just -- threw that forecast coming up in just a few. amelia? good morning, belen. things are looking busy out here. 25 and arapahoe both directions
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but at least we haven't had any major crashes. let's keep it that way. nice and calm down to the south end. on our cdot cam, we have a northbound backup leading up to an earlier crash near colfax on 225. the backups are near alameda. cars tracking through at 25 miles an hour. a closer look out to that part of town will show those slowdowns are increasing. right now carrier travel time weigh wait i would say probably is about 15 minutes if you're coming in from the south new crash in commerce city northbound across vasquez. gary this could be visible from the highway drive that could impact your 2 isn't commute south and eastbound. these backups are extending closer towards thesplit. the suspect accused of multiple bombings in new york and new jersey is now facing attempted murder charges. ahmad rahami is facing five counts of attempted murder of a police officer after a shootout with them on monday. 9 news reporter colleen
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he's not talking to divorce. not right now anyway. >> reporter: he won't even give them his name. investigators say he wasn't on a terror watch list. right now they are really trying to figure out if he had any help if in any of this. ahmad rahami is a naturalized u.s. citizen. oh was born in afghanistan. officials say rahami and his father travel to do afghanistan and pakistan multiple times and that the suspect may have become radicalized. now, in addition to the five attempted murder charges rahami is also charged with second degree unlawful weapon and second degree possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose. his father spoke to nbc. >> did you know that your son was doing this? >> no. >> you had no idea? >> no. >> so, right now, we have heard his initial court appearance scheduled for september 28th. he could face up to 20 years in prison on each of those attempted murder counts. official says the weekend bombings can be pursued as state or federal crimes.
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while out on the campaign trail monday, both candidate for president talked about the weekend attacks. hillary clinton accused donald trump of giving aid and comfort to islamic terrorists saying his anti-muslim rhetoric helps groups like isis recruit. trump, though, is showing no signs changing portraying many of the foreigners coming into the united states as a cancer within. he blames the attacks on her and the president's im tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. >> we're going after the bad guys and we're going to get them but we're not going to go after an entire religion and give isis exactly what it is wanting. >> a recent cnn poll shows voters think hillary clinton would make a better commander in chief but that trump would be better at handling
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we're standing here covered in smoke. >> families spent the night out of their homes after a fire ripped through an apartment complex in arapahoe county. many of them are left wondering what is next. 9 news reporter jessica oh was at the reserve at hunters run near yale and syracuse. jessica this fire took 75 firefighters to get it under control? >> reporter: it did. and it took about an hour to do so. and when they finally got this fire under control, this is all that was left. yo some of the units, you won't find anything salageable and it speaks to how -- salvageable and it speaks to how intense this fire was. 24 units total were destroyed. actually one of many buildings at the reserve at hunters run apartments. so many residents lost all of their belongings. you can imagine how difficult it would be to come home to something like this. this fire is actually so intense it spread to all three floors before collapsing the roof yesterday around 4:00. certainly emotional for the people who have been affected
6:37 am
frier started. -- fire started. ern it was chaotic. definitely a flow of emotions. i wasn't the only one trying to see if it was their apartment on fire. people were running around trying to see talking to anybody in uniform that they could see. >> reporter: to give you an idea of how fast this fire spread, one of the residents was telling us that he heard someone screaming outside there is a fire! everybody get out! by the time he got downstairs, looked back at his complex it was already fully engulf so it just took about a few minutes. and, by the way, there are four firefighters who had to be treated for smoke inhalation. we don't know how they are doing this morning. we hope they are okay. we will get that information to you a little later on. >> those firefighters work so hard to get everyone of those residents out safely. jessica, thank you. 6:37 now. life in prison without parole. plus 98 years for good measure. that is what is in store for agarol gang member.
6:38 am
greeley gang member. silva was on parole at the time of the 2013 attack. police say he used what is called a flail. it is a medieval weapon. a stick with a spiked metal ball on the year. silva's rap sheet goes back nearly two decades and includes a 12 year stint in prison for manslaughter. man arrested for drunk driving six times before he hit and killed a woman walking across the street will now spend 22 jonathan cordova was sentenced on monday for the hit-and-run death. last december this woman was crossing colfax avenue at wadsworth boulevard when she was hit. cordova was found at his girlfriend's place. his blood level alcohol was three times the legal limit. it was his 6th known, dui. in your money news, a first for denver and a win for one of the mayor's biggest initiatives. a $150 million proposal for more affordable housing was
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monday night. mayor michael hancock's plan will use property taxes and development fees to raise the money over the next 10 years. this will be denver's first ever dedicated fund for affordable housing. it aims to preserve or create 6,000 income qualified uniteds. - units. bears and mountain lions could be killed to help protect the mule deer population. codo the leading known cause of deaths for does and fawns. a study proposal would involve reducing the cougar and bear numbers in regions in northwestern colorado. park and wildlife says it would trap and shoot the predators while studying fawn numbers to see if they go up. there is plenty of mixed reaction to this proposal. >> i personally have seen six different lions in different locations in the last year and i know of other individuals
6:40 am
i work there. i hunt there. and in my opinion, the colorado parks and wildlife is attempting to do the right thing. >> i personally believe it is wrong and even evil to destroy a living creature for the sole purpose of seeing if its death has an impact on another species. especially when the evidence proves otherwise. the agency is estimating that up to 10 cougars and 15 bears could be killed each year. parks and wildlife says it will release a when they ig -- revised proposal when they figure it out in september. our viewers are getting those sunrise pictures. i want to share one with you. gina robertson woke up and got her camera and took this wonderful sunrise picture in wells county. thank you so much, gina for waking up with us. we see a little pink in the sky. right now. but you know what, into this weekend we will see a whole lot more pink and for a great cause. race for the cure happen this sunday at 8:00 a.m. the 5k fun run. the forecast is looking dry.
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9:00 a.m., 53 and then around 10:15 the survivors ceremony. calm weather then. temperatures at 57 degrees. hope everyone can make it out. >> sure runners will love that. perfect temperature for a race. colorado you never cease to amaze us. yellows and reds and oranges are brighter than ever this year. so many of you are make making trips to the high country and taking in changing colors. we want to thank you for sharing these amazing pictures with us. keep those coming. we're having a great time sharing these on ci >> gives you an idea of where you want to go. >> that looks nice doesn't it? >> the blue sky that is kind of post card blue. it is pretty. >> colorado. siblings can be our biggest rivals, but also our greatest supporters. >> yeah. but when faced with winning a race or giving his brother hand, this british triathlete decided to make a bigger sacrifice. >> we were homeless. we didn't have no one out here
6:42 am
much. and i can't thank them enough. >> two women who worked their
6:43 am
6:44 am
i m agined. a lot of people can relate
6:45 am
seems like no matter how hard you work you cannot get everything your family needs. >> but what if you got help in the form of the biggest gift that you have ever received. 9 news reporter taronda thomas is here with that story. you found out about a program that helps hard-working people. >> it absolutely does and rewards them in a way they never thought possible. two moms who worked their way up from poverty. the program that helped change their lives is also now helping them drive forward. >> sign your name and print. >> reporter: you would think they would feel like they are signing their lives away. >> it wasn't too bad. >> reporter: but this is the pathway to a new life. >> just go ahead and fill that
6:46 am
>> reporter: all the signatures -- >> so andrea are you getting a 2004elantra and and laquita you're getting a honda civic. >> reporter: for free. >> i am excited. i am emotional. i want to scream at the top of my lungs right now. >> reporter: despite a disability, laquita walker worked her way off public assistance but still can't afford a car. >> it is nice to know that there are people in the world who really care about those of hughes are really trying. >> reporter: at one time, homeless with three children andrea ramos is off the streets. >> it is a stick! i waed can i go in? >> absolutely. it is your car. >> reporter: and about to get on the road! oh! >> reporter: if anybody deserves this, it is these two moms.
6:47 am
lives in a program with the center for work education and employment. >> we work with predominantly single-parent families. >> reporter: 30 hours a week training them to get jobs and singlehandedly support their families. they partnered with denver rescue mission to turn do fated cars into life-change -- donated cars into life-changing gifts. >> we do everything we can to fix the consider and use it as a gift to -- fix the car and use it as a gift to someone in need. >> reporter: these moms look forward to where the car will take them next. >> going to work. going to the grocery store. i'm so happy. >> reporter: confident they can face anything on the road ahead. >> you >> yes! >> summer ain't over yet! >> still time to enjoy summer. to get a car both women had to right essays to show why they need it and deserve it. they are responsible for the insurance and license plates but andrea and laqita say they can handle that. denver rescue mission started the vehicle program 18 years ago but this is a new partnership with the work center for education and employment. to learn more go to the story
6:48 am
everybody who watched that today will feel differently when they get in their car absolutely? >> absolutely. >> happy to be able to go to work in your car. >> if someone is at home and has an extra car they can donate it to this program. >> they can donate it even if it doesn't work to the denver rescue mission. they will come pick it up and try to fix it up and give it to someone who needs it. >> taronda, thank you much for that. let's check the weather once again. weather and traffic. >> the weather for today will be cloudier. we have clouds streaming in from the southwest courte currently spinning over the waters of the pacific. now it is going to be monitorially dry for us despite those clouds you see -- going mostly dry for us despite the clouds you see. >> this viewer says this serious is from a little west of centimeter -- says this sunrise is from a little west of como. we will still have warm
6:49 am
above normal for this time of year. the best chance of seeing any rain today is going to be in the high country. here are the highs. 70s in the mountains. oh yeah, 86 over in grand junction. could see 90-degree temperatures to the south and also to the southeast. now, mainly dry if you're headed to the rockies game, you should be in good shape. i will walk threw your forecast in a -- through your forecast in a few. sky 9 this morning. while we see a lot of heavy volume on the highways and we are starting to see those headlights picking up, sky 9 is looking for what is being called an auto-pedestrian crash in the area of i-70 and havana. no details, sky 9 has not located the possible accident. coming up, we will neck with the helicopter again in just a few minutes -- we will check in with the helicopter in just a few minutes. always so tough when we hear about crashes like this. >> thank you much.
6:50 am
demarcus ware thanking fans for their well wishes. he's looking forward to getting back after having surgery on his brian arm. ware could miss anywhere from four to five game these think. and when he does return, he will be playing in a cast. he fractured his arm on von miller's helmet when they shared that sack on sunday. his teammates are willing to sacrifice him now if it means they will -- he will had been there for them when they make a run at another super bowl. >> being able to have core, that extra rusher that they fear -- that -- extra anchor out there, that extra rusher, we want ware in the playoffs coming 100 miles an hour off the edge rolling at the end of the season. >> yeah, with ware down, broncos itser mike cliffs expect shane ray and shack barrett to get more defensive snaps on the outside line backer position as could veteran dakota watson. get your tim tebow jerseys from the new york mets.
6:51 am
popular ones tore the baseball team. the former broncos quarterback had his first workout with the baseball team monday. tebow practiced at a minor league workout facility in florida and he's already dreaming of the majors. >> the goal is to one day play in the bigs. and, and i don't know if there is a backup goal. just that is the goal. you you are not going -- when you set a goal but you don't look at the goal every day. you focus on the here and now. you focus on the present. you focus on being the can every day. and the journey. >> there is a big crowd for practice as you can imagine. tebow t-shirts and other memorabilia already on sale on the mets web site. two of the items already among the current top sellers. and dimension yesterday was the first day of -- did i mention
6:52 am
practice? >> he has a lot of fans. all the award, all the titles, all the glory in the world can't trump brotherly love. british triathlete johnny barron lee was in the lead but started getting dehydrated. he was about to quit when along came his big brother, alistair who gave up the chance to win himself and propped up his younger brother the rest of the way to the finish line. and if you saw at the end, not only did he get him to the line, he pushed him lovingly over the line so his brother was second and he was third behind him. >> isn't that awesome? >> i love that story. great story. >> very nice. >> we hear he is okay, too. >> all kinds of lessons there. enjoy this last gasp of sr
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:54. we have to go directly up to sky 9. they are over anaud- pedestrian crash right in a construction zone. this is -- in an auto- pedestrian crash near a construction zone. this is the northbound lanes of havana where is this is all happening. fire crews just arrived and from what we have seen so far, one person looks to be where they are focusing underneath that white truck. not the box truck but the passenger truck there to the left. we're not sure about the injuries yet. very tough. this is going to be here for a while. as f goes, peoria is a -- as far as an an alternate,, peoria. we have got a brand new accident northbound. it leads up to the exit to alameda. 12 miles an hour is if backup. that northbound stretch is
6:56 am
minuteway minute wait, belen. please take it easy out there. in your forecast today at least we don't have that sun glare for your morning drive. we have more clouds in the sky today. but despite those clouds, our temperatures are still going to warm up. we're two days away from fall. give it some time. although we have summer weather now, by this weekend, you will have around lunch, 82 degrees. by the time the last bell rings, 88. you won't need your umbrella but we have clouds increasing from the southwest. we will start to see rain develop in the mountains. 63 right now in the metro area. 50s in northern colorado. 40s in the mountains. a few 30-degree readings out there. this afternoon, 86 out west. 70s for the high country. 80s for lower elevations, above
6:57 am
in pueblo, they are look can at possibly breaking a record high -- they are looking at possibly breaking a record high. watch how these clouds increase and thicken during the day. around 1030, cloudy around town in northern colorado and in the high country. then overnight, through tomorrow morning, rain starts to develop in the mountains. nicked with a little bit of -- mixed with a little bit of snow. by tomorrow morning in the metro area we could be dealing with a little rain for our morning drive. the heaviest amount of rain will be falling maybe about a 10th of an inch in the next 24 hours, close to the foothills. 60 will be your overnight low. tomorrow we start to cool things down. 84. 82 on thursday. friday, windy with storms in the afternoon. 80 and 60s on saturday and sunday. cory? really feels like fall this weekend. thank you. 6:57. here is a lack at top stories we're following today. -- here is a look at top stories we're following today. the man accused of multiple bombings in new york and new
6:58 am
charges. -- attempted murder charges. ahmad rahami was arrested after a shootout with new jersey thattempted murder charges will be filed in addition to federal charges related to the bombings. those federal charges have yet to be filed. dozens of people are wondering what happens next after they lost all their belongings in this fire. two dozen units burned in an apartment building monday afternoon. three people were treated for breathing too much smoke. this happened at the reserve at hunters run near monday afternoon in arapahoe county. investigators will spend the day trying to figure out what started it. this morning, police are asking for people's help finding a missing woman. this is her picture. her name is may lee. she is missing from the lafayette area. it isn't the best picture of her but lee is 75 years old. 90-pounds with black hair. she was last seen walking near wanetka lake in lafayette.
6:59 am
and only speaks a dialect of chinese. if you see her, you're asked to call the lafayette police department right away. if you're in boulder this morning, check your water and maybe make sure you let it run a little bit. a construction project at a water treatment facility left sediment in the water. the city of boulder says they have gotten a number of reports of cloudy drinking water. if you do have that and the water doesn't clear up right away, wait 30 minutes and then try it again. as a precaution, just don't drink the water until it looks clear. temperatures are cooling down after today. 84 for tomorrow. we officially start fall on thursday. friday turns windy with a chance for storms in the afternoon. 80 degrees. then 60s by this weekend. for sunday morning, race for the cure. the forecast is look going. looking dry. stay tuned. we hope it holds so everyone can come out and enjoy it. >> fans of the harry potter series can live like the young wizard and you don need a
7:00 am
>> is that all? we're going over to channel 20. we will meet you there. >> you have that in your pocket, gary! did he act alone? more questions than answers about the suspect in the bombing attacks in new york and new jersey. ahmad rahami hospitalized this morning after a shoot-out with police. investigators focusing on his trips overseas t motive for the terror spree. his father speaking out to nbc news. >> did you know that your son was doing this? >> no. no. >> you had no idea. >> no idea. >> the very latest on the investigation. blame game in the wake of the bombings. donald trump and hillary clinton accuse each other of making the country less safe. >> hillary clinton's decisions overseas have left us with the threat we face today. >> donald trump is being used as


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