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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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glen police not saying anything more that. westminster police saying officers were involved and there was a shooting, a suspect was shot. we don't know anything about information regarding injuries. as we get that we will share it with you. a mess for drivers in boulder county today. a stretch of the diagonal highway between boulder and longmont is expected to open any minute now after a tanker truck overturned causing a haz- mat spill. the northbound closed just serious injuries. also no word on what caused the crash. the stretch should reopen at 4:00 so we are still waiting to hear if that's the case. when we get an update we will pass it along. remember this fire yesterday? it all started with a juniper bush outside of the apartment building. fire crews say on 24 unite building at -- unit building is likely a total loss at east yale avenue. it shut the road down there
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several people and firefighters were treated for breathing in too much smoke but doing better today. some items inside might be salvageable. the owner is coordinating efforts now to get those items back to their owners. the red cross and salvation army are putting a few residents up in hotels. what a fire that was. denver police are looking for help in finding the driver in a deadly hit-and-run crash. this crash happened in june. police say, though, its has taken them three months to gather the forensic evidence leading them to a suspect. police say the arrest mando -- arrest arrest mando and -- armando and he hit a bicyclist on june 12th. it happened near the denver country club area. a man was killed. police held a press conference asking for the public's help for the driver. the driver is originally from colombia. he has lived in california and
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>> i think he's hiding somewhere here in the united states. may not be in colorado but i don't think he's left and that's why we are asking for the public's help because somebody has seen him. somebody knows where he is. somebody is a friend of his and, look, sometimes our friends do bad things and they need to be held responsible for it and they should take accountability on themselves. >> he has a warr arrest on charges of vehicular homicide and felony hit-and-run involving death. crimestoppers is offering a $2000 reward for any information. the city of boulder says it's still working on its cloudy drinking water problem. water crews say sediment was stirred up from the bottom of a treated water storage tank during construction at the water treatment facility yesterday. the white color is a result of a calcium added to adjust the ph levels of the water. the city has been asking
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residents are asked to not drink it either until it is clear. the water has been treated and disinfected within standard levels. you can call the city if you're still having trouble. highs in the 80s across the metro area this afternoon, although it was cloudy so that's a little bit deceiving. still warm out there. meteorologist becky ditchfield is in the 9 back yard. we are expecting a few more days of warm weather and then cool down. >> we are still in the 80s come tomorrow but wait until you see the weekend. i am still talking 60s in the drop especially after we have had two days, yesterday at 90 today awfully close. take a live look outside, still a lot of clouds here over the denver metro area but we managed to get quite a bit more sunshine and that helped to boost those temperatures. some of these clouds from moisture that's actually coming off of what was tropical storm pane, now a tropical depression might still bring showers to southwest colorado although right now that part of the
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the ground. look at the temperatures, 89 at dia, 87 in downtown denver. greeley at 91, 88 for ft. collins, eastern plains certainly got hot today with a hot -- temperatures and highs in the 90s. sterling 90 right now, fort morgan 91. mountains were the place to be with temperatures there, foothills up through the mountains in the 60s and in the 70s. rockies face the cardinals tonight, first pitch is at 6:40, we are going to be in the middle 80s for that. we will continue to see those temperatures fall into as the evening goes on. should be dry with partly to mostly cloudy skies for the game this evening. getting into tomorrow, clouds continue to hang around and at 5:00 in the morning, you might hear a little bit of rain on your windows. if you hear it, it's not going to last long, certainly not going to hit anybody. most of the showers for tomorrow stay up in the mountains. we are going to be talking more about our rain chances and the big cool-off headed our way in
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back to sleep. >> at 5:00 in the morning, then that's perfect, right? >> yeah, it's just you get in the deep sleep and then you got to get up. that's okay. >> thanks, becky. >> yeah. we want to update that breaking news we are following because, again, it's an officer-involved shooting, not much about the conditions here but this is rush-hour and huron street is closed between 124th and 128th. unknown when they are going to reopen that stretch of the road. you can see all the police cars er investigation. >> we know that no officers were injured. one officer did fire their weapon and one suspect was -- one suspect was shot. we are still waiting to see how that suspect is doing right now. we will continue to update you through the show as we get more information. >> sounds like westminster place are the ones that were involved in the shooting and -- >> get multiple agencies when you have a police officer fire their rep. the colorado department of
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grown academically through the school year. as 9news reporter nelson garcia shows us for districts in trouble with the states, these scores will impact the futures. >> why would the author say i'm first among your -- >> reporter: despite the work put in by teachers like hannah moore and the sheridan school district. >> reading in between the lines, that's awesome. >> reporter: they are all on the clock. >> i feel like they are learning a lot. >> leveraging where we are on the clock is >> reporter: this sheridan superintendent has been trying to get his district off the accountability clock, a time line for struggling districts. >> there are a couple of options for assignments. >> reporter: if test scores don't improve in time, sheridan could lose its accreditation from the state. cluff is not sure what that means. >> we are heading into a system that is kind of being developed as we fly it, which is very uncomfortable when you're on the receiving end. >> going to give you lots of time in class to work on it. >> reporter: moore teaches at sore academy, an alternative
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>> life has thrown them a few curve balls and they are trying to get back on track. >> reporter: but in doing so, the test scores here struggle which is not good for the district's clock. >> unfortunately the tests that they do take do not reinforce growth in learning. >> reporter: getting at risk mostly low income students to graduate transcends test scores and demands from the colorado department of education. >> really don't quite know what to do continue its work. >> we don't have much time left in class but we do have about five minutes. >> reporter: clock or not. in sheridan, nelson garcia, 9news. >> the state board of education will review the performance of school districts in the spring and decide possible consequences for the 2016/2017 school year. if a school district loses accreditation, the state says the district may be reorganized but even the colorado department of education does
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happened before. the suspect in several bombings across new york and new jersey is still in the hospital after a shootout with police. 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami is charged with five counts of attempted murder for firing at officers. prosecutors say he is also charged with second degree unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. could face up to 20 years on each of the attempted murder counts. federal prosecutors say they are still working to determine charges for injured 29 people over the weekend. if the attacks are deemed to be terrorism, the u.s. justice department would take over. a law enforcement official says the suspect's father contacted the fbi in 2014 after his son stabbed someone in a fight. his father expressed to the fbi that he was concerned his son might be a terrorist. the fbi investigated but the father later took back his comment and said he meant his son was hanging out with the
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after the aurora theater shooting is now helping victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. he says issues over the state could be the biggest obstacle in distributing the $26 million that is expected to start by the end of this month. 351 claim fors have been submitted. some are competing submissions for dead victims, 49 people were killed in that shooting, as many as 53 were hurt. the head of wells fargo apologized to customers today. earlier this month the bank agreed to fines over fake accounts. employees say they were pressured to meet sales goals by selling account add-ons to customers. the bank says it has fired more than 5300 employees after the past five years for their involvement in that practice. senator elizabeth warren who helped create the consumer protection bureau said today the ceo of wells fargo should resign. >> do you know how much money, how much value your stock
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while this scam is underway. >> first of all it was not a scam and cross selling is a way of deepening relationships -- >> i asked you a very simple question. do you know how much the value of your stock went up while this scam was going on? >> it's all of my compensation is in our public -- >> do you know how much it was? >> it's all in the public filing. >> you're right, it is all in the public records because i looked >> since all of this, we know how much wells fargo stock has dropped. it's fallen more than 15% this year. president obama is asking other countries to open their hearts and borders to refugees fleeing war. he addressed leaders at the annual united nations meeting today. the president said he wants the u.s. to accept 110,000 refugees by next year. that reignited the immigration debate for the presidential candidates. donald trump campaigning in north carolina today, he called
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terrorists from infill rating by i am -- infiltrating by immigrating to the u.s. saying just three would kill you, would you take a handful? the tweet caused a back lack online and from the parent company of skittles. the company saying that's an unfair analogy. president obama told the u.n. general assembly the u.s. must still help even if politics are difficult. >> you have to have the empathy to see ourselves, we have for our family, for our children. >> hillary clinton said today is not the time for extreme proposals adding that's what the terrorists want. gas prices could keep climbing in several southern states after a pipeline leak in alabama. the leak has slowed the flow of fuel across the south. aaa says the average prices for a gallon of regular gas in georgia rose nearly 5 cents just since yesterday. it's up 27 cents in just a
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price rise of nearly 4 cents from monday to today, up nearly 18 cents from a week ago. >> i'm concerned about the amount of gasoline that we have. i want people to first of all not panic and not worry about everyone filling their car up at the same time. >> our focus here is really on the response efforts in keeping our employees and the responders and the community safe. >> the rupture involved at least a quarter million gallons of fuel but experts say the environmental impact is still considered minimal becaus california has colorado beat. california's big sur wildfire has become the costliest wildfire ever in the united states. the fire is burning in the loss padres -- los padres forest, already cost $261 million and that doesn't include the cost of actual damage. fire investigators think it was
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contained. if you like to start your day with an eggo, you're going to want to know about this. kellogs is recalling eggo newt nutri grain waffles. use by dates of november 21st, 2017, and november 22nd, 2017 they were sold in 25 states including colorado, other eggo waffles not >> don't lego my ego. >> chocolate kip is okay. >> apparently. >> which is good news there. >> yeah. >> i like chocolate chip eggos with ice cream in the middle, just saying. there's a new trend happening with marijuana use, has nothing to do with waffles. >> no, but it's happening with one generation. it's a bit of a surprise. as we head to a break we are
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new surprising research that seems to suggest parents may be using marijuana more than their kids. pot use among older americans
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younger teens. remember, 18 to 25-year-olds are still the biggest users of marijuana but here's the surprise. it's the children of the '60s, '70s and '80s who are dramatically increasing their use of pop and they could be smoking more than teenagers in just a few years. here's nbc's tom cass tell low. >> reporter: pot has been at least a part of that i pop culture. >> hey, man, am i >> yeah. >> reporter: but get this, new research from the cdc suggests these days it's the parents who are getting high more than the kids. in 2014 only 7 1/2 % of 12 to 17-year-olds smoked pot regularly. that's down 10%. but 8% of 35 to 44-year-olds did and here's a shocker. regular pot use among 45 to 54- year-olds jumped 50%, among 55
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455%. >> tastes like freedom. >> reporter: could not rory -- robert corey is a father of four and occasionally a legal pot smoker. >> if you want to sit back on your back porch and smoke a joint, it is like the same five friends cracking open a bottle of chardonnay. >> rte toking up. >> typical soccer moms, and lawyers and doctors coming in here. >> reporter: in colorado you have to be 21 to buy weed but many of the shoppers in this store are in their 40s and 50s and haven't spoked pot since high school or college. >> whereas before it was a hush, it was a whisper, people didn't want to use the word marijuana but now it's definitely mainstream and people are becoming more okay with it. >> and a lot of like parents smoke weed and like their kids know about it and everyone is cool with it.
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gone mainstream, it just isn't as cool as it once was. >> i don't smoke pot and i really don't care for any drugs or anything that messes with the mind. >> personally being an athlete i don't think that's attractive, appealing. that's mostly why i don't spoke. >> nbc correspondent tom costello joins us from washington now with more on this report and, tom, this is a here in colorado. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. and you know, there's still a lot of concern about the effects of pot on the adolescent brain and for that very reason, just like alcohol, many researchers insist it's not appropriate for teens, especially for young teens. >> and your report found that still the biggest users, not to say it's just older adults and grandparents is that 18 to 25- year-old group? >> yeah, and that's key. the biggest group, the biggest
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but with older americans turning to medical marijuana around the country, not just colorado, that same generation that was at woodstock and the -- in the summer of '69, it seems that they are also kind of rekindling their relationship with weed. >> it is a bit of a surprise i think to many of us. and we know you are from colorado, you have got colorado connections. when you came here and looked at this, what was your perception of colorado and this whole marijuana thing here? >> reporter: you it really is for those of us who grew up in colorado and then i've been gone now for 20 years, although i -- it seems like i'm back all the time at least via the satellite connection with you, i think it's amazing how perspectives have changed in colorado, isn't it? how people have a different view of marijuana than they had 20 years ago or whenever you and i went to c.u. which was more than a few years ago and the thoughts on whether marijuana was appropriate or not and how that's changed over
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striking. >> it really is, yes, we were just talking about c.u. boulder today so i'm glad you brought that up. it's going to be something to study long-term impact and why people are choosing marijuana and as you appointed out -- pointed out in this record, older people view it as they view it just like having a glass of wine or having a beer. >> reporter: yeah, and i'm not endorsing them. we are not endorsing the use of marijuana, right? state legislators are making that decision. but a lot of that there are not the same side effects as with overindulging in alcohol. >> yeah. all right. well, we thank you for that report. i think that's going to engage a lot of discussion and conversation, always good to see you, tom. >> reporter: my pleasure. take care. colorado springs is cracking down on cannabis clubs for social smoking. the gazette reports that nine consumption clubs received cease and desist letters.
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public consumption. colorado springs banned sales of recreational marijuana in the city but still had clubs that operated on the basis of providing marijuana to their patrons for trade. the product was supplied in return for membership agreements, so, you know, or they say like they would reserve a pot plant for you and in return you could smoke for free in their club because you're legally allowed to smoke. they are not allowed to sell. they are skirting the law a little bit. >> we have sat yes. it is a ride sharing program but some say it may be the safest way to get around. >> yep. coming up next, one program in the metro area helping people
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ah -- a new company is dallas is putting retired
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the company was founded by a retired deputy chief. it allows users to schedule a ride in a bubble or close range area centered in dallas. users are picked up in a car that belongs to the company driven by one of 65 outduty retired police officers. kids need a ride to games or grandma must go to the store, they can do it with a retired police escort. >> you can follow your child or you can follow your parent as they go to their location, you will get a prompt when they get there, a prompt when back. >> once you have worn that badge, you don't ever put it up. it's like extinction, you know, make sure son, daughter, mother, father, whoever gets where they want to go and in a safe manner. >> sounds better that some of the other ride share drivers i've had around the denver area. it's a flat fee of $17 for adults, $15 for adults, 17 for kids, most people say it's
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plans to expand outside of texas. >> brilliant. >> great idea. so many people know what it's like to struggle to get ahead. it seems like no matter how hard you work, you just can't get everything your family needs. what if there was help out there and that was the biggest gift you ever received? two moms who worked their way up from poverty did so. a program that helped save their sleeves helping them drive forward. here's is tarhonda thomas. >> reporter: so much paperwork. you would think they were signing their lives away but this is the pathway to a new ?? life. >> just go ahead and fill that out completely. >> reporter: all the signatures -- >> so andrea, you are getting the 2004 hyundai elantra. >> reporter: all the initials. >> that coweta, you are getting -- naquita you are getting a
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>> $0, it is a gift. >> reporter: for free. >> i'm excited. i am emotional. i want to scream on the top of my lungs right now. >> reporter: despite a disability, she worked her way out of public assistance but still can't afford a car. >> it's nice to know that there are people in the world who really care about those of us who are really trying. >> reporter: at one time homeless with three children, andrea ramos is off the re i wanted aa stick -- a stick. can we open it? can i go in? >> absolutely. your car. >> reporter: and about to get on the road. if anybody deserves this, it's these two moms. >> this is so nice. >> reporter: they changed their lives in a program with the center for work, education and employment. >> we work with predominantly
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single handedly support their families, they partner with denver rescue mission to turn donated cars into life changing gifts. >> we do everything we can to fix that car and use it as a gift to someone in need. >> reporter: these moms look forward to where their cars can take them next. >> going to work. going to the grocery store. oh, i'm so happy. >> reporter: confident they can face anything on the road ahead. >> you got >> yes. >> summer ain't over yet. >> she has got a sunroof too. >> how exciting to get a car, both women had to write essays showing why they need it, they deserve it. they are responsible for paying their own insurance and license plates but andrea and laquita say they can handle that. >> you see their emotion when they get into the car for the first time, that's what it's about. >> the freedom to go to work
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sometimes and you can't afford a car. the denver rescue mission started the vehicle program 18 years ago but this is a new partnership with the nonprofit center for work, education and employment. we have more information on >> we love it. hey, if you want to get in the car and drive somewhere or just take a walk, you should. >> roll the windows down. >> it's looking so pretty out there and it's in the 80s right now. >> so gorgeous out there. becky is back next with the
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it was one of those roll down the windows kind of day. another warm one but we are going to start noticing schooler weather as we -- cooler weather as we start to get into fall on thursday. boy, summer blew by so fast. >> i was whining it about it
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seasons to look forward to. >> gorgeous colors up in the high country right now. >> yeah. becky, those wonderful colors in our state. >> i know. i've got a couple pictures to show you guys too of what people are capturing as they are headed up there. we have had beautiful weather across the state. if you've had the chance to head up to the mountains and snap pictures of the fall colors, good for you. now, as we head into the next couple of days. we are going to see a few more clouds, see a few more chances for rain so the bluebird skies not necessarily out there for le so out there right now, we are going to call it mostly cloudy skies over denver. this is the way it stays through the remainder of the evening. check out some of the mountain pictures, though. fall colors are just stunning, thank you, kate for sending us in this photo. and then look at lake dillon, isn't that beautiful, that yellow, gold right against the blue sky. a big thanks to jen for sending us in that photo as well. if you would like to head up and see for yourself the beauty
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place to be. they will be peaking through october 3rd and then as we get later into october, the peak moves into our southern mountains. right now temperaturewise, 60s and 70s for those mountains areas, denver is at 89, 90 in greeley and we've got 97 right now in ray, low 90s in most other eastern plains locations. here outside the 9news back yard, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures at 86, so it's really nice out here 86 even with the clouds, it feels gorgeous. we are expecting to see more pretty temperatures as we head into tomorrow too. the cool-off will be gradual getting into the weekend. today cloudy but look at that, not a drop of rain there on the radar screen except for southwest of colorado as we head into this afternoon and this evening, we are not under any risk for thunderstorms or even showers through most of the state. however, i am still watching
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depression paine, paine at one point a hurricane and a tropical storm earlier today and now been downgraded. still has organization to it but what i want you to notice is this band of showers that moves off of paine into southern california out through parts of arizona, ute and almost -- utah and makes its way into southwest colorado. we are also getting clouds from that. that's where our clouds are coming from this afternoon and they will continue to feed into colorado over the next couple of days as paine continues to take a by friday, even bigger changes are headed this way. we have got a big system, we call it an upper level trough that is sitting just off the pacific northwest coast so it's that dip right there in the jet stream. right now sitting off the pacific northwest. it will be making its way onshore and by friday it pushes into colorado. what i really like about this map and why i show it to you is it makes it pretty clear, we
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but it also depicts colors because north of that jet stream we typically see cooler air so that's what those colors are indicating and by friday cooler air is really going to start to make its way in and saturday you're going to feel it with highs in the 60s and the 70s. showers, our chance for rain will be increasing, most of the showers that we see tonight and into tomorrow will be in the mountains. some mountain areas may see a mixture of rain and snow, especially well above 10,000 feet but it mountains. 4:30 in the morning i wouldn't be surprised if you heard or if you're up that early you saw a couple of sprinkles here around the denver metro area, short lived, they diminish quickly, we will be left with mostly sunny skies for the remainder of the day. most of the showers tomorrow stay up across our central and southern mountains and those are isolated, just a threat for general thunderstorms across the state tomorrow afternoon. overnight lows tonight, temperaturewise in the middle
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the 60s, so a warm night out east. mountain areas will see lows in the 30s and 40s, out across the western slope in grand junction, a low of 56. highs tomorrow climbing to just the low 80s, so a little bit cooler starting tomorrow. east you're still hot, eastern plains will be in the low 90s and mountain areas get up into the 60s tomorrow afternoon. winds tonight will be out of the southwest at five to 10 miles an hour, we will be mostly cloudy, showers stay in the mountains tomorrow, highs reach 82, we may see a sprinkle otherwise partly sunny skies through the remainder of the day, northwesterly winds will be at five to 10. as we get into the rest of the week, chances for rain increase by the way, friday also gets darn windy around here, 80 will be the high. then the front pushes through and we get cooler. we only get up to a high of 70 on saturday. i do have a chance for isolated showers in the forecast, upper 60s on sunday but the good news there is that it might be cool
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really good weather for the race for the cure early in the morning. guys. >> yeah, that is. >> maybe sweater weather there early in the morning. >> it might be. the runners i think will be okay. >> they will be fine. they will get the blood pumping. good stuff. >> thank you, becky. >> thanks, becky. breast cancer doesn't discriminate. we know that. it affects everyone no matter your race and even gender. in colorado one in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. >> and we say it all the time early detection is the dien do monthly self-breast exams and if you notice any changes, you should talk to your doctor. you doctor should testimony you when you should get a mammogram. your doctor may recommend other tests including one that doctors say is four times better than finding cancer than mammograms alone. >> for some women who have dense breast tissue, a mammogram might not be sufficient and there are other tests that can be done as well. mris are one of them. there's also a new test coming
4:40 pm
breast imaging test, uses a special x-ray to detect any tumors in the breast and this is particularly important for women with dense breast tissue because sometimes that can hide a breast tumor. >> dr. john reiterating that early detection is just so important. this weekend thousands of survivors and supporters are raising awareness at race for the cure. the race is this sunday. here's what you need to know. the race starts and finishes at the pepsi center, the 5k starts at 8:00. you can find a link or register to donate on either way you can donate or run, whatever you want to do. following the race at 10:15 we will honor the breast cancer survivors participating in the race and we hope to see you all there. >> and as becky said, the weather should be really nice so couple times it's been a little too warm especially for a lot of people that participate that are in the middle of chemotherapy and it's too warm, can't control the temperatures --
4:41 pm
when that 5k starts it will be perfect. this could be the future, a machine to detect all of your emotions. you need girls, i don't think you can get them all but just saying. >> and they say that the technology could be coming
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creepy out, creepy. >> welcome to the 4:00 news. >> if your computer smartphone could talk happy or sad, would it creep you out? >> absolutely, or if device, testing what my mood is. i don't like that at all. >> a new device developed by researchers at massachusetts institute of technology can detect a person's emotions using signals reflecting off a person's body to measure human behavior. >> researchers from m.i.t. say their eq radio device is 87% accurate in telling if someone is excited, happy, angry or sad, about as accurate
4:45 pm
as kim christiansen pointed out the other 13% may be teenaged girls. >> yes. they change emotions so quickly, you can't detect. >> the machine gets confused. they say it could one day be used by film studios and advertising agencies to gauge audience reaction in homes to adjust temperatures based on mood or healthcare. m.i.t.'s team plans to present the work as a mobile computing conference next month. creepy. >> yeah, absolutely. >> don't let my girlfrie >> women intuition -- have intuition alone. monitor what mood you're in before you start your show. >> we are always in a good mood. look at this. we are such -- >> liar, liar, pants on fire. >> until we found this story that we want to tell you about. i don't want to call it the pizza place, but they are putting grilled cheese inside -- not just cheese in the crust
4:46 pm
>> in the crust. >> in -- it brings us to these people who are trying to combine foods that shouldn't -- somebody has got -- patented the -- it's a hamburger or hot dog hybrid. >> he's opening stores, you wants people to be part of the franchise. i like hamburgers for this reason. >> and hot dogs for that reason. >> and i don't want them together. >> because it wrecks everything. >> we are exploring business sore food combin- bizarre food combinations that either should i know kim puts peppers on everything. >> i do. >> what's your food combination that you wish wasn't out there? >> i don't like what hamburger hot dog idea at all and i don't think i like the grilled cheese thing but like cronut, good one. >> that was a smart one. that one makes sense. that's the cronut, doughnut, sweet, salty, savory, all at once, right? >> yeah. >> this grilled cheese thing, don't we get enough cheese on pizza? and then the butter too?
4:47 pm
>> gross. >> well, we will talk about those food combinations. that's interesting. >> my stomach hurts. >> i don't know. all i know is wine tastes good with everything and so do hall pianos and grape -- jalapenos and grape jelly. thanks, guys. >> kim is having a glass of wine and jalapenos tonight, an interesting choice. >> i love the two, no matter what. maybe you haven't heard of him but you have definitely heard of his beer. >> next we are honoring hispanic heritage of the man and decided to do something
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4:50 pm
today, we want to introduce you to 9news is celebrating hispanic heritage and today we want to introduce you -- 9news is celebrating hispanic heritage, today we want to
4:51 pm
you may not be familiar with his name but you have probably tasted his beer, blue moon. he tells us how he originally wanted to study medicine and decided to be a beer doctor instead. >> they all got exposure -- >> reporter: success didn't fall to the sky for this brew master. he's been hard at work as the founder of blue moon beer since 1965. he was born and raised in wheat >> during the 60s and 70s -- '60s and '70s it was a lot different than it is now. people didn't value diversity. >> reporter: as a student at c.u. boulder keith felt it. at times he was the only hispanic in class. >> it made me work really hard to get good grades and to really prepare myself for future professional life. >> reporter: but while keith was planning his future, something came along and changed those plans.
4:52 pm
medical school he saw an advertisement at university lab to do beer research for coors brewing company. >> i'm going to check out what this is all about. because beer is fun, i like to drink it and make it. >> reporter: and out of more than 75 applicants. >> they said they would like to have me the day after i graduated. i had to ask myself if i wanted to go to med school and work with sick people or make beer. >> reporter: med school was replaced wi-- created blue moon beer, inspired by belgium abusing but americans -- brewing, but americans weren't ready for the new brew. >> thought craft beer was amber ale and amber lagunaer and i come -- lager and it's cloudy, a belgium style beer, barley malt and spiced with coriander and orange peel. of course people say i don't get it. i remember there were times
4:53 pm
year and you would go back home and family was always there and that's what kept things going. after you put in the hops -- >> reporter: blue moon has been going for 21 years now. it served in 16 countries -- it's served in 16 countries around the world with spinoffs like the white ipa and summer honey wheat, his latest brew is a nod to his roots. >> wanted to bring some of the hispanic culture into a beer and i was thinking of a drink i used to have when i was a kid, made with rice milk, cinnamon and sugar. >> reporter: and despite winning awards and even being on "jeopardy," his biggest reward is sharing his success with his family. what's a secret? i'll leave you with the doctor's orders. >> you believe in yourself and what you do if you work hard, you live here in the best country in the world, there's no reason why you can't be a success.
4:54 pm
journalist manny sotleo, belen de leon, 9news. >> it's advice you hear so often and it's advice that's so true. work hard in the greatest country in the world and you might do something with your life. >> wow. reason to be proud of him in so many ways. >> good for him. >> keith says that the best part of his success is being able to give back to all of those who have helped him along the way. >> he also believes in helping the next generation by sponsoring scholarships for students. >> you say good, doesn't it? >> yes. good inspiration if you ask me. if you're looking for a new addition to your family, we have the solution for you. >> becky is back with rico. >> hi, rico.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
lt so today we would like to introduce you to the cuteett little chihuahua -- cutest little chihuahua named rico.
4:58 pm
little guy. he's great with dogs. his size and with children over 12 years of age. so he would make a great playmate for another dog and would be a wonderful indoor companion. believe it or not, he's on the quiet side, and would love to have a family of his own. brian and kim, you wouldn't believe it, but they were telling me that rico was actually originally brought in because they had found him, he had been attacked by a coyote left in his life and i know there's a family out there who needs him just as much as he needs them. yeah, when >> he's a survivor. >> nice little lap dog. >> cool, thanks. >> rico needs a little rest right now. in a nice place, away from other critters that are going -- >> that's right.
4:59 pm
that's the suggestion. next at 5:00, a metro denver related to a serial bank robber who the fbi calls the wicked wig of the west. > load of beer crashes as it comes down a mountain pass. at least one person was pretty badly hurt. and two powerball winners in denver and the coincidence doesn't stop there. the colorado lottery says it's never seen anything like it before, next on 9news. police confirmed one of
5:00 pm
20th avenue and huron street. they are not releasing 90 information about the suspect. there is a new conference going on at this moment. the situation is ongoing, they aren't saying why they responded to that area, we do not have any reports of any officers injured. we all are learning this may have started as a home invasion. streets that were closed earlier, huron between -- is now reopened. we are told also that the suspected home invasion is dead. again, an officer-involved shooting. police are asking people to avoid that area in westminster. the fbi calls her the wicked wig of the west bandit. she usually wears a wig and sunglasses and wig when -- wig and sunglasses when she robs a bank. nick mcgill has more. >> reporter: as far as unusual


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