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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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senator cory gardener, and so did wefelt >> it is against the law to fire somebody for contacting their member of congress. >> republican senator gourdner says the va went after the whistle blower. >> we know he was taken into questioning for some sort of disciplinary action. >> the va has been here before but this time the accusation is being made about the va system in colorado. >> the last thing we want to do is repeat what the nation went through in 2014, across the exmroez around the nation-- explode around the nation, we want to get on top of it before it is an issue. >> the va responded saying "we will work with the senator office and office of inspector general to determine the facts and take appropriate action should any wrong doing be uncovered." senator gardener wouldn't say if the whistle blower provided dockiumation of falsified records but he said the va
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tv cameras in town turned to westminster where a police shot and killed a man following a chase. the guy was the suspect in a home invasion, he took off on a motorcycle, crashed near 121st and huron and was seen with a weapon as officers approached. the suspect was shot and killed. no officers were hurt. water front property in denver has been claimed by a group of people who are homeless, the city went back into reclaim that stretch along the platteiv downtown today. worker found human waste, spent needles and a lot of trash. ryan haarer went to chronicle the homeless camp clean up. >> it is not safe for the individuals that were living in those situations, there is a number of infectious diseases that they could expose themselves to, number of injuries. >> bob mcdonald is the executive director for the department of environmental health. >> i have been with the city for many, many years and i can only
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>> that other effort, the controversial downtown clean up in march. the city cited serious public health concerns during that much more public clean up. this may have been worse. >> while we don't think people should be sleeping on the streets and we understand there are some real public health and safety issues, this was a place for some temporary respite for folks. >> reporter: the colorado coalition for the homeless says this move only further >> most importantly, our outreach workers had relationships with people that were living in this area temporarily and now they can no longer find those people. >> reporter: the city couldn't let the camp behind the national western complex continue to exist as it was. >> this is about their health and well being as well. not just surrounding neighbors. >> reporter: the city outreach officers offered as many resorszs as possible to those
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>> city workers were out several weeks before the sweep talking to people living in the area, offering to connect them with mental health, housing services, denver's homeless shelters do have space available. the homeless coalition is quick to point out that not everyone who is on the streets wants to be staying in a shelter. people in rural colorado continue to just get crushed by health insurance premiums. this has been a familiar annual story since the passage of the affordable care act care and new premium hikes were announced today. people thon individual plans will be paying 20% more on average state wide. plans covering people on the estern plains will have average price hike of 39%, 37% in grand junction. here in the denver metro area, prices are expected to go up 17% on average. if, like most people, you have health coverage through your work, your prices barely knowing up at all-- going up at all. on the individual exchange,
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humana and united health care stopped selling on the plains for that reason. this time yesterday we showed you a burning apartment complex and we know the whole thing will have to be scraped. all 24 units, the fire started outside the building, they pinpointed the spot, haven't beenpointed the cause. the firefighter and 2 civilians went to the hospital have been released. we are pro-science around here on next, especially pro-cool science, like studying rocky mountain national park, researchers from csu were trying to figure how the glaciers respond to our climate and how they may fair in the future, researchers are tracking volumes for 2 years with time lapsed camera and laser technology and will compare tracking the area of the glaciers. since the 90s the glaciers have been fluctuating on size, depends on snowfall and temperature. in recent years they have been
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looking at something that a number of us visit. >> rocky national park is porpt part of our-- important part of our front range, resources, tourist attractions and like other national parks, people are up there and are really interested. they are attracted to them as aesthetic appeal of the mountain, i think that is important not to forget. >> the funding for the 2-year research project comes f next viewers love history, who knew that the old rail trestle story would be the single most popular story so far this week? a bunch wanted details on what rtd is going to do with the century-old wooden trestle it uncovered as it built the new n-line. a few asked for a piece of it, said you could use it around your place somehow. sorry, folks, rtd says once the historical society came out and gave the all clear, they
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no luck decorating your trendy apartment with reclaimed old wood, you hipsters. the douglas county sheriff's department is about to deal with a deluge of idiots, a stack of cash is in the lost and found, they gave our steve staeger vague details because they know steve is just slippery enough to try and claim it himself. >> reporter: usually when the cops turn to the public for help, they give quite a few details. >> we are hoping we can reunite bit more vague and probably for a good reason. >> the owner will have to give us information to prove that it is their property. >> reporter: being a good member of the media, we offered to help sharing as many details as they would let us. i made a couple of fliers with as much information as i could . >> the cash was located or found in a parking lot, a business parking lot in highlands ranch and the town center area. >> reporter: it could have been here. or here. we also know the cash was lost
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hundreds, they won't say what denomination. they aren't sharing any of that information because they don't want people trying to claim what isn't rightinally theirs and they know they will deal with people calling in anyway. >> it ties up our phone lines and we end up spending a lot of time and energy dealing with those people when we are just trying to find the owner. >> reporter: come on, people, don't be a jerk. take the lead of the good samaritan in all of this. they found hundreds of dollars in the parking lot and they took the high road and turned good people out there. this illustrates it. >> be one of those good people, the owner has 30 days to claim it, otherwise it will go to the county, the general fund and i didn't realize the sheriff's department has a lost and found. they reunited a lost drone with its owner, kyle. >> maybe the drone dropped the cash, conspiracy theory. thanks. there is a big hollywood divorce dominating headlines,
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too bad because divorce isn't funny, even if the couple is famous with a popular nickname, one relationship doesn't give a lot of insight into the broader picture of marriage today. government statistics show more than 1.6 million people get divorced each year, a few will be famous. most aren't. just peep who came to the conclusion they are better off apart. 800,000 marriages dissolving into 1.6 million sengal people, twice the population of san francisc more than double that rate each year. 2.1 million marriages a year nationwide. that means 4.2 million people are coming off the market. that is a number larger than the population of la. in denver, more than 5,000 marriage licenses have been issued so far this year, the most popular month for marriage licenses, august. a lot of happy newelyweds and some unhappy ones too. it is unfortunate but unlike
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from coloradans for coloradans, it is like they are not trying anymore. we ordered a truth test with a side of scrutiny for the ad, and we wash it down with a beer, a civics lesson for free. brandon marshal up from bended knee, he is standing for
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truck crash, 3 people were injured, anything more than a scrape is off limits, run away truck down loveland pass hit a car and flipped on the run away truck ramp, one was seriously hurt. the pass is closed, we are sending good thoughts to everybody involved. hi, there, i am meteorologist kathy sabine. what a weird september day. typically this time of year we have blue skies, lots of sunshine,nd but cloud cover out there. in spite of the clouds, 90 in the city today. can you believe that? way above the average of 77 and back in record territory again. autumn begins thursday, though, we have changes coming. look at all of the high and mid-level cloud cover moving from the southwest. the remnants of hurricane paine, there will be welcomeed rain in southern california, arizona, in denver, cloudy period and gray day tomorrow with isolated
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last day of summer and the first day of fall with the best chance for getting that rain on the ground across the san juan and cristo mountains probably the next 24 hours. in denver tonight, cloudy and mild with light winds, drop to 61, where we start you off tomorrow morning and we will have the potential for a little bit of drizzle, few sprinkles recally on, a mix-- early on, a mix of cloud and sunshine, warl, mid 80s-- warm, mid 80s, numbers drop a bit in the first few days of fall. lo80 weekend and you know what? the equinox is thursday, 8:21 in the morning, the first few days in the season, it will feel like it. the opposition argument about colorado care is what david spade says about chris farly when on the airline fumbling with the blow-up life preserver, he is a big dumb animal, isn't he folks? the first ads against amendment
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a new round suggests it is too big. politics guy, brandon rittiman has your truth test. >> reporter: this ad repeats some claims we have already tested, which you can find on now the no on 69 camp calls coloradans for coloradans, still not making that up, is back with this impressive sounding claim about the universal health plan's size, saying it would... >> create a single program that would be bigger than mcdonalds, starbucks, and nike. >> reporter: thats also needs a little context. first off, it is not bigger than those 3 companies combined, and it is also not true if you only look at the new tax that would be raised to pay most of the cost of colorado care. the new taxes are expected to raise $25 billion. you can see that is not bigger than mcdonalds or nike, but colorado care also aims to repurpose billions worth of state and federal money that already goes towards health care, meaning the total revenue
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billion. that is bigger than any of these companies. as we have pointed out before, there is a good reason for that. it is how much health care costs in colorado already. and colorado care is meant to replace most of the health coverage people use in the state right now. bottom line, this claim about size is true to the facts, but it also reflects the large size of health care spending in general in colorado. the question for you as a voter is whether you want those costs to be paid for with the system of health today, or an official state system paid for with new taxes instead. with your truth test y am brandon rittiman. >> as always, you can see all of brandon's research online, if you are into that kind of thing. boulder county has a sneaky awesome way to get people information about voting this year, slip it under their nose when they least expect it. kicking out coasters to bars, breweries, restaurants, next time you are knocking one back in boulder county talking way too loudly about political views
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information on how to text to register to vote and how to get your ballot in on time. cheers to civic engagement. i have had the dream, you have had the dream, the question is, why do so many of us have this one particular nightmare? how denver keeps on trucking. >> failure is not an option in this industry. >> we never knew about the fleet
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the most colorado thing we saw today was by lisa dianne martin, she made it to the top of the last 14er that had eluded her in a quest to paint the landscape from the colorado tallest mountains, 2 year,s 2 months, and 2 days to create the 58 paintings, she posted t wrote "many good days, many hard days, many all nighters. i learned what my limits were and were not." photo journalist, chris hansen, whose work appears on next, is putting together a spectacular story about lisa and her quest, we will give you a heads up on when that will air. cj anderson is taking the bold step of putting his name on something, unafraid if it puts a bad taste in a few people's
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unveiled, mile-high crunch, don't listen to the haters-- listen to the haters, cj, they will buy the cereal. brandon marshal is getting serious about his pledge to go beyond public protest and to be a positive force for change in our community. today he stopped by 2 elementary schools in denver, greenly and bal verdy, he went to challenge kids to approve attendance and get it up to 95%, after he was criticized for kneeling durin inequality, he has been getting involved and met with the denver police chief to ask about mraument practices, to learn more on how they operate. now the outreach to encourage kids to value education more, he is donating $300 for every tackle he makes to organizations creating change in denver. what is a 2-story totem pole doing in the city of denver? a 53-foot tall totem pole off
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put it there 20 years ago, omosh to the namesake, the tribe in southern oregon, when kent learned of the reputation for building beautiful totem poles, he had one made and brought to denver, all these years ago. civic center eats, packs them in during the summer months. a lot of people go, enjoy, relax, as other folks slave over hot grills to make it all happen. the mack shack. >> hot side, you can go with it. >> i am jeff, a chef of jeff's, the owner. >> parsley. >> my name is chef brian, this is the quinoa food truck. thank you, tofu, got tired of the corporate world war i. >> nobody wanted-- world. >> nobody wanted me to quit corporate and open a food truck. >> they didn't want to pay. >> are you crazy? you can't quit a job like that
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awesome. >> we are in the same business and like to help each other. >> when a new truck, i try to help, show them where to go, what to do, what not to do. >> start of our day, commercial kitchen, get the truck loaded. >> quinoa and beans. >> everybody bumping around, we are very, very busy. >> out of the house by 5:30, and i am back home at 5:00. >> we will get those right up. >> here is your pesto bowl. >> rery long days. >> i wouldn't trade it for anything. >> to be able to the park, has been the best part of it. >> i love my business, i love what i do and i love my
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may i make a recommendation? where we point you towards something that isn't ours but is awesome. bet you had the dream, i are had the dream, most on the next team had the dream, where you are back in college, back in school and realize you class, finals coming up or you need the credit and you are not prepared to pass. the paugs post says that-- washington post says that dream is common, they talked to a neurologist and analyst and there are bunch of conclusions of what it means in the article we are referring to but the biggest conclusion is people with type-a personalities and achievement-related stress may be more likely to have this dream again and again . you can find the link to this recommendation on our facebook page where you can make your
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in tonight. recently, brian, props for shout out to science, too many nonbelievers. we will push science, we think it is vital. joshua, what has kyle been smoking? i got a bunch of voices but that isn't one. james smith, kyle, a truck-supporting lib, beer drinking reporter with a basis. james fshgs turn on your spell check, bias, reporter with a
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brad and angelina's divorce shocker. >> it's heavy. >> adoption, cancer, h so what went wrong? >> do you think this will have a happy ending? >> their six kids, why she's asking for full custody. >> i love being a mommy. i love my kids. >> the cheating allegations, new details and the clues we saw early on. >> if it doesn't work it's the worst honeymoon ever. >> no show has been with brangelina more than "e.t." >> you get marriee, happiest time of your life and on the
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>> to the bitter end. >> stop it! stop it! enough! ? >> now for september 20, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> it is quite possibly the biggest divorce in hollywood history, angelina jolie files to end her marriage with brad pitt. >> information continues to emerge. we have new details and insight into what led to their surprising split. >> we love him every day for all being a great father and a great man. >> when we're not with the kids we tend to just go to bed. >> what did you go for new year's? >> private. >> angelina filed the divorce papers late yesterday. she cited irreconcilable differences and one of her attorneys said the decision was made, quote, with the help of the family. >> this split was a long time coming. they've been fighting for the last year. they haven't slept in the same bed for a big chunk of that and the last time they were in new


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