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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  September 20, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight, james spader. from "lethal weapon," actress jordana brewster. music from the cadillac three. featuring the 8g band with elaine bradley. ? [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] all right! that's great to hear.
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news. president obama gave his final speech before the u.n. general assembly today, saying, quote, "well, they're your problem now." [ laughter ] donald trump jr. tweeted a photo yesterday that likened syrian refugees to a bowl of skittles. upon seeing this, chris christie said, "open the borders!" [ laughter ] temple university yesterday to boost her falling poll numbers with young voters and told students, quote, "i need you." adding, "can someone show me how to use email?" [ light laughter ] federal prosecutors announced yesterday they believe chris christie was aware of the bridgegate scandal as it was happening. wow, first he gets strung along for v.p. then the bridge scandal comes back to haunt you. chris christie's having his worst year since he fell in wonka's chocolate river.
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he was okay. he ended up doing okay. libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson said in an interview yesterday that if he were elected president he would close the department of homeland security. added johnson, "i don't know how else to say it, i don't want to be president." [ light laughter ] donald trump campaigned in north carolina today where he had trouble deciding which bathroom to use because he iden a smart business man but he was born an idiot. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ivanka trump spoke on capitol hill today in support of donald trump's new childcare policy platform. yeah, let's let donald trump tell us how we should raise kids. donald, you did so well with boiler room and white dracula. what's your secret?
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angelina jolie has reportedly filed for divorce from brad pitt. said one observer -- ? so no one told you life was gonne be this way ? [ cheers and applause ] that's right. angelina jolie has filed for divorce from brad pitt, or as they explained it to their kids, "okay, everyone, gather around. [ laughter ] we got some bad news." [ light laughter ] and i apologize for this joke, i know it's mean, but we've been going through a really rough election. we're just excited there's something that people are excited about. [ laughter ] according to a new report, scientists have been able to identify the part of the brain that causes people to enjoy the misfortune of others, and here is that part highlighted in red. [ laughter ] we're awful monsters, us human
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and, finally olympic swimmer ryan lochte signed an endorsement deal with the website -- [ light laughter ] -- because as of right now debt is the only thing he's swimming in. [ audience oohs ] [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. he is the star of nbc's "the blacklist," one of our favorites james spader is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] she's one of the stars of fox's new show "lethal weapon." an [ cheers and applause ] and we will have music from the very cool rock band from nashville, tennessee. the cadillac three is on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] so we have got a great show for you. before we get to all of that, yesterday authorities arrested a suspect in the attempted bombings in new york and new jersey, and the waves that the media, candidates, and actual new yorkers have responded to the whole ordeal have been very telling. for more on this it's time for "a closer look." ?
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>> seth: thankfully there were no fatalities. all the injured have been released from the hospitals, and we wish them a speedy recovery. also the first responders, as usual, did an incredible job keeping people safe, and law enforcement tracked down the suspect in less than two days, which is amazing. so that's the good news. now here's the bad news -- the news. of course it takes time in a case like this for investigators to gather the facts, so while they were waiting, cable news chose to fill air time with meaningless details. in the heart of chelsea. the gym i used to go, funny enough, is on that street. >> that dumpster, when you look at the guy's hand next to the dumpster, i'm stunned at the size of that dumpster. [ laughter ] >> we're seeing a lot more emergency vehicles go toward the crime scene right now. we just saw a very large unit. it appears to have a structure on the top that could be lights, i think. [ laughter ] of course, it's evening here. it's dark. >> seth: that's right.
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[ laughter ] "also there's a traffic light and i don't know if this is news but it's going from yellow to red and then back to green." cnn was to desperate for even the slightest development that they even aired a loop of a cop walking up to a trash can and looking inside it. >> take a look at this video. we have some new video in to us that shows police officers going around to the trash cans on -- it's really hard to see here, but on c flashlights. >> as richard quest first reported. >> right. >> plus that they were going from looking under cars -- not only looking in trash cans but looking under cars. >> seth: you've got to feel bad for that cop. he clearly did something to piss off the chief. "ryan, you're looking in to suspects. henderson, you're working with the fbi, and mcdougal, since you can't tell the difference between am and pm on your alarm clock, you're on trash can duty." [ light laughter ] but then we started to get actual information about what
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new york city. according to law enforcement two thieves accidentally helped to disable the second pressure cooker bomb left inside a rolling suitcase. the young men who sources described as being well-dressed opened the bag and took the bomb out before placing the explosive into a garbage bag and walking away with the rolling suitcase. [ laughter ] investigators believe they inadvertently disabled the explosive. [ cheers and applause ] they picked up a bomb and i think that's literally the plot of a roadrunner cartoon. [ laughter ] also, who are these well-dressed men scavenging on the sidewalk? "i'm off to monte carlo just as soon as i can find a new suitcase in the garbage." [ laughter ] we also started to get more information about the suspect, who was arrested yesterday, like his place of employment, a fried chicken restaurant in new jersey whose name spurred some media speculation as well.
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the name -- "first american fried chicken" that was owned by rahami and his family. make of that name what you will. >> seth: make of that name what you will? okay. to me, "first american fried chicken" sounds like a bank where you deposit your leftover wings. [ laughter ] "what sort of interest rates do you offer?" "well, if you deposited 6 wings you can expect an annual return of 1 and a half celery sticks." [ laughter ] "wow, that's really great." "that's why they c [ light laughter ] ? member fdic ensured. [ applause ] and then -- enough of that. and then there were the presidential candidates. hillary clinton offered support for the city but initially deferred comment until more facts came to light. >> we've been in touch with various officials including the
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as they conduct this investigation. and i'll have more to say about it when we actually know the facts. >> seth: waiting for the facts. seems like a reasonable measured response from an experienced public official, but i bet donald trump went a different way with it. >> just this morning i got off the plane. a bomb went off in new york, and nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> seth: you can't say the words "a bomb went off in new york" if the next thing you say is "nobody knows what's going on." [ light laughter ] are you a presidential candidate or the old lady who lives across the hall from me? "a bomb went off. no one knows. if i die. take care of my cat." [ laughter and applause ] now despite jumping out ahead early without any facts, fair is fair. trump did get it right this time, which of course means he totally wants credit. >> i was criticized for calling it correctly. what i said was exactly correct. i should be a newscaster because i called it before the news. [ audience ohs ]
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newscasters don't call the news before it happens. "in local news, a warehouse in brooklyn will burn down tonight, injuring three. fingers crossed." [ laughter ] and remember for the upside of calling it right you'll inevitably call something wrong. every 4th of july president trump will probably tweet "we're under attack, kill yourselves." [ light laughter ] as you probably noted by now, both candidates tried to use these kinds of moments for political gain. on monday for example, hillary clin trump's temperament and when asked to defend his temperament trump answered by using the word "win" nine times in less than 15 seconds. >> well, i know how to win. i know how to win. i have been winning. i do win. even in sports i win. and we don't win. our country doesn't win. we don't win at trade. we don't win. we can't beat isis. >> seth: wait, i'm sorry can we hear the first part of that again? >> even in sports, i win. >> seth: what is he talking about?
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what sports does donald trump win at anyway? dude can barely stand up without a death grip on the podium. he uses that thing like nana uses her walker. as he's done before, trump exploited this whole ordeal to call for draconian policies like profiling and a ban on refugees. but i think trump could learn a thing or two from actual new yorkers who showed just how calm they can be in the face of crisis. you know what new yorkers did the day after the bombing? they got on trains with muslims. they were protected by muslim police officers. they worked and played alongside muslims, because new yorkers know that muslim and terrorists are not synonyms. kind of like trump and presidential. [ laughter ] this has been "a closer look." ? [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with our friend james spader, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ?
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one price. unlimited data for everyone. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. back tonight to sit in with the 8g band, she's the drummer for the fantastic rock band neon trees, elaine bradley everybody. [ cheers and applause ] check out elaine's other band kissed out. their debuts single "minus
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so head on over to for more details. thank you so much for being here elaine, and give it up for the 8g band everybody. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest tonight is an emmy-winning actor you know from shows like "boston legal" and "the office." he stars in the hit show "the blacklist," which returns for its fourth season on thursday right here on nbc. let's take a look. >> i'm a violent man. i hurt people. i kill people. >> a young woman and her child were taken. >> i want her back. >> gather your team. our next blacklister knows where to find elizabeth. >> elizabeth, i will come for you. ? >> reddington is a spiteful, evil man. >> a five-way split. we're looking for a name. >> it's not for you to hear. >> well isn't this your lucky day? >> seth: please welcome back to the show james spader. [ cheers and applause ] ?
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>> seth: how are you? >> i'm great. >> seth: it's always so wonderful to see you. usually we show a clip of a show but you actually requested we show a sort of sizzle reel like that, because a clip would give too much away for this season. >> yeah, we really had trouble. we really had trouble. they sent a couple of cliper context such as this has to really be a little story unto itself. >> seth: sure. >> like 30 seconds, a beginning middle and an end. and this year we didn't have that, unless it gave away something that, you know -- i mean, once you're into -- about ten minutes into our show, then you're suddenly into things that you shouldn't know. >> seth: excellent. >> until you're there.
11:55 pm
>> well, there you go. [ light laughter ] >> seth: and we got to see you shoot some dudes, and we got to see you run around a little bit, and that was very nice. now i have heard that you're very involved -- this is obviously the fourth season, you're involved in the writing of this show. you're not a writer per se, but you talk to the writers. do they like having the star of the show call them up and talk to them? [ light laughter ] >> uh -- i wouldn't know. [ laughter ] i mean, you know, they're in los angeles and i'm in new york. they're incr g collaborative, and we've become very close over the years but you know, there could be an enormous amount of eye rolling on the other end of the phone. [ laughter ] >> seth: right. >> that i would be completely unaware of. and there could be an enormous amount of cursing and you know, all kinds of stuff after we hang up. >> seth: do you like that? do you prefer that to -- >> i'm fine with that, yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: i guess it's nice. 'cause you get to talk on the phone, you don't have to go to l.a. you just -- >> right, and i am fine with the eye rolling.
11:56 pm
meet you half way on stuff i'm sure that -- >> no, i mean, as long as we, you know, do our very best to make the best show that we possibly can. you know, this is a very, very difficult show to make. >> seth: yes. >> it's uh -- there's a lot going on all at the same time. and there's a lot of balls to keep up in the air that on our show at least, i don't think any one juggler is capable of keeping all of these balls in the air. so really, truly, i think everybody is thankful that there happening, 'cause it's a very difficult show to write. it's a very difficult show to produce. it has never had -- it's never turned into an equation. you know? >> seth: that keeps it fresh for an audience as well, because i think once you figure out an equation, it only takes a few episodes for the audience to figure out as well. and then they're ahead of it. >> right, right. and then i think, everyone involved including the viewer, starts to get bored with it all.
11:57 pm
>> seth: you know, and then nobody wants that. >> or one's career. >> seth: yeah, there you go. speaking of -- >> i've gotta tell you, i am -- as excited as i am to come out and talk about our show that's starting this week, thursday. >> seth: yeah. >> yes, i'm -- i'm really excited about the new season of your show with fred -- >> seth: documentary now? >> with fred -- >> seth: oh, thank you. >> if you guys -- [ applause ] >> seth: that's very kind. >> well, clearly this audience is very familiar, but those people who are out there watching, if you haven't been watching "documentary now," you should. it's some of the best that there is on television. >> seth: thank you. it's so refreshing to have someone come out and plug my project. [ laughter ] >> it's really -- i'm sure the producers on "the blacklist" are very pleased.
11:58 pm
>> seth: you are one of the most fascinating backgrounds. i love -- every time you come here we talk about your growing up, and you grew up -- i didn't realize this. you grew up -- your parents were teachers at a new england boarding school. was it a boarding school? >> my father was a teacher at a boarding school. my mother taught at a elementary school. um, i mean, a grade school went through ninth grade in the next town over. but we grew up on a boarding scho was an english teacher. and we lived in a dormitory. and my father was the senior faculty member on campus, so we lived in this -- and the campus was actually an old estate, a very old sort of estate, and it had the sort of main house and the estate was the house that we lived in. uh, now it was split up into threes. in that there was this sort of -- this wing here, and this wing here. both had other faculty families living in them, and we lived in
11:59 pm
section of it were our bedrooms, but then a big section of it was also dormitory. >> seth: okay. >> and my father was a very -- he's no longer alive, but neither of my parents are still alive. but my father was a very sweet, quiet, shy man who really was -- spent a great deal of time alone. he loved to fish, and he loved to walk the dog, and he and i would take -- go on walks through the woods and i would talk incessantly the entire walk. and he would -- i don't think he ever said much more than "uh-huh." [ laughter ] "oh yeah?" "right." [ light laughter ] >> seth: did you ever get the sense that he was thinking, "man i wish i was on my own right now?" or you think he liked it? [ laughter ] >> no he -- i was his only son and we had a very funny -- i mean, we went on a camping trip once up to the gaspe peninsula. >> seth: just the two of you? >> just the two of us, up in nova scotia.
12:00 am
he'd grown up fishing. he grew up on farms up in vermont, and he -- we went on this camping trip, and we had a volkswagon bus at the time, and so he had built -- he was very good. he spent a lot of time in the cellar as well, on his own making things, and he had built these sort of bunks to go in. we'd taken out the middle seat, you know, in the volkswagen bus. so it was a big empty space here, and he had built these bunks in there, so if the weather we're inclement or whatever, then instead of sleeping in the tent we'd slee the dream as a kid. >> yeah, i mean it was great. we didn't spent -- we went on a camping trip for two weeks, we didn't spend a single night in the tent. we spent the night in the bus every night. it was fantastic. but, one of the things with the trip was my father, who had done a great deal of you know, cast fishing in the ocean and so on. he wanted to do some fly fishing, and he really -- he hadn't done any of that since he was a kid, and he really and he
12:01 am
and so he had built these fly fishing rods, and he wanted to take them up, and wanted to do some fly fishing in these rivers and streams up in the gaspe peninsula. so we go up there, and the days would be spent with my father standing in a stream or a river, in his waders and all the rest, casting away, you know, and teaching himself how to fly fish. and i would be upstream or up river splashing around the rocks talking to him incessantly and he'd be saying "uh-huh, yeah. [ light laughter ] what was that? go on. uh-huh." and i would be splashing around and throwing rocks and everything and bouncing around the river chasing every fish in the vicinity -- [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah that can't be helpful. >> -- away, he didn't catch anything. [ laughter ] for two weeks. >> seth: but he was so content to be with you. >> no, absolutely content. no, no, he loved it. he couldn't wait to get out there again and spend time. and he was a lovely, lovely man. anyway, so we're living in this
12:02 am
he was so lovely that we had -- this is during the 60s -- and i was growing up there -- >> seth: i knew by volkswagen bus it was the 60s. [ laughter ] >> so we had -- so it was interesting times. and we had sort of the biggest troublemakers on campus in our dormitory. my father was very popular with them because he was again very shy and he wasn't -- he liked his own privacy and respected other people's privacy. so they'd be up to whatever the hell they pleased in their room and my father would -- when it came for check in night, you know, time to check in at night, he'd go up to the hallway, he'd check the sign in sheet, and he'd just maybe look down and make sure everyone is signed in, and just sort of sign it and then he'd maybe, maybe, if he had something to say to somebody, he might walk down the hallway. and the doors would be closed to the rooms and they'd all be in there you know, doing bong hits and, you know, whatever they were doing in there. [ laughter ] and you know, tripping wildly on acid.
12:03 am
have been all kinds of stuff going on the other side of just one thin door. >> seth: all he had to do was open the door. >> all he would have to do was open the door or just sniff, you know. [ laughter ] but he didn't. and he would just walk down the hall, and if he needed to speak to a student he'd go -- [ knocking ] "jesse." "yeah." and my father'd go -- he'd ask them the question through the door. or he'd say, "can you talk right now?" and jesse would go, "uh. okay, okay. hold on one sec." and my father would just wait in the hallway until that student felt it was time to open the door and was ready, and so on and so forth, he was incredibly respectful of other people. he was lovely. >> seth: he would have made a terrible police officer. [ laughter ] >> yeah, yeah. but he wasn't a police officer. >> seth: that's right. that works out good. >> it worked out really well. >> seth: i can't tell you, i always love having you here. and you have to come back soon. and it's just such a pleasure. >> thank you. >> seth: thank you so much for being here.
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. you know our next guest from her work in the "fast and furious" franchise and "the people versus o.j. simpson." her new show "lethal weapon" premieres tomorrow night on fox. let's take a look. >> three tours overseas. bet you saw some pretty intense stuff. >> well, that's all classified. i wish i could talk about that, though. you know, but also, you never
12:09 am
>> i don't think you're paranoid. i think you're in pain. i'm very familiar with this game. what you don't talk about can't hurt, right? but i'm the one who i.a. is gonna ask if you're field ready, so you're going to have to. >> i'm an open book. what would you like to discuss? >> how about your wife? >> next question. >> okay. but they don't get any easier. >> let's try. >> seth: please welcome to the show jordana brewster. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: how are you? >> i'm really good. how are you? >> seth: it's so nice to see you again. i've been doing the show for about three years. i think this is the first time this happened. you and i were guests together on conan o'brien's show years ago. >> oh, yes.
12:10 am
we've cut out the middleman. so we don't need conan anymore. we can do this on our own. >> nice. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i want to say congratulations to you not just on the show, but you have two children now. you have two kids. >> i do, i have two boys. >> seth: two boys, three years old, three months old. >> yes. >> seth: how is the three-year-old adjusting to the new dude in town? >> he's okay. i was very nervous about it. because i had a younger sib -- my sister, bella, came when i was two. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and my parents told me that i tried to stick gum in her soft spot. top of her head? >> yes. >> seth: right. >> the little soft spot that you try to protect no matter what. >> seth: yeah, putting gum on it is a no-no. >> right. [ light laughter ] so i heard from everyone. everyone was like, "oh, julian's going to freak out. he's gonna flip." and of course, i set the precedent, so i was like, "okay." but he's been really good. he's been very, very sweet. he asks for his baby. >> seth: oh, he calls it his baby. >> yeah. >> seth: that's very nice. >> when we came home from the hospital, i was like, "okay, let's not show him the baby." >> seth: is there a way -- do they tell you how to do it? >> that's -- so, the pediatrician was like, "don't --
12:11 am
like pretend --" >> seth: not alone outside. [ light laughter ] >> no, not alone. >> seth: be like, "there's a weird kid here, just give us a second." [ light laughter ] >> but, julian was eating in his high chair when we came home, and he was like, "where's my brother?" >> seth: oh, that's great. >> that's the first thing he said. >> seth: that's very cute. so they're off and going. >> yeah. >> seth: does three mean your oldest is going to school? >> yeah, we've had our first week of preschool. >> seth: and how is that for him? and how is that for you? >> it's -- you know, julian drops the f-bomb a lot. >> so maybe i should have asked, how is it for julian's teachers? >> i'm a new yorker so like, i have a potty mouth, and my husband's constantly telling me, like, "jordana, you have to clean it up." so i'm so petrified of what's going to come out of his mouth. what he's going to say. all the parents have to stay there -- >> seth: what is a three-year-old -- how does he drop an f bomb? can you use it in a sentence? we'll bleep it. so you're fine to say. >> i can. so my dad says, "what the [ bleep ]" a lot. >> seth: yeah. >> and julian started saying
12:12 am
>> about anything. >> seth: does he like, flip through cartoons, like, "what the [ bleep ] is this?" [ light laughter ] >> i do have to give my son credit because he does use it in context, and in the correct context. >> seth: oh, that's great. [ laughter and applause ] that's really great. yeah, that's very new york. like, "yeah, he cures, but he curses right, so don't worry about it." [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: so that's good. and i believe i've heard that -- julian i've seen on your instagram, he is a fan of superheroes. six-month-old i would hope that would be true of my son, ash, as well because it would be sad if i was the only one in the family that likes superheroes. but does he have a favorite? >> he's obsessed with wonder woman. >> seth: okay. >> like, in love with her. >> seth: great. >> and when he's pissed off at me, he's always like, "you're not my mommy. wonder woman is my mommy." >> seth: got it. [ light laughter ] >> and he wants to like -- he says he wants to go to bed with wonder woman. [ light laughter ] he like -- he just -- he loves her. so i hired -- >> seth: he's very adult. >> he's very adult. [ light laughter ] so i hired wonder woman,
12:13 am
over to his birthday party. >> seth: okay. >> and like i was a little worried, like -- >> seth: it's a little weird. they're different universes. but okay, that's fine. [ light laughter ] >> are they? >> seth: it's just like wonder woman and batman would know each other, they wouldn't be hanging out with spider-man. anyways, that's going to be a lot worse than the fact he swore when he was three-years-old. he'll be in school and people will be like, "uh, that's weird." anyway, okay, keep on. >> so they showed up and i was like, "you guys, i have to warn you, or forewarn you, that julian might want a little alone time with you. just don't be rude." i said that to wonder woman. >> seth: to wonder woman, you said this. >> and she looked at me like -- she was a little freaked out. but it a - okay. he was very shy around her. he was like a little gentleman. >> seth: oh, that's good. >> and then later he regretted that he didn't hug her, is all he could talk about. [ audience aws ] >> seth: really? >> he wants -- he wants a redo. >> seth: gotcha. he was like, "wonder woman here, and i didn't hug her. what the [ bleep ]?" >> like, i didn't hug her, mommy. [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: the [ bleep ] is wrong with me? come on! so, "lethal weapon." obviously this is -- for a television show, this has a lot of action. you are familiar with action
12:14 am
but, as we can see from the clip, you are a therapist in this film, which leads me to believe that you might be outside of the action. >> so far, yes. i'm like sitting back, hanging out, and just like, writing on my pad and paper. which is lovely. >> seth: yeah. >> which is so nice, i'm like, you guys take it. because tv is like, very hectic. the schedule's insane. >> seth: right. >> very happy to be -- >> seth: just sitting back and chilling out. >> yeah. >> seth: that's very nice. now, i did not realize this, you were in college through the first "fast and furious" film. >> i was. obviously you're very young. you did not know what that movie was going to be, or that it would turn into this franchise. and is it true that you had your doubts about doing the first one? >> i didn't have my doubts i just never foresaw that it would be this huge thing. >> seth: right. >> it was a small movie about cars. it was called "redline" at the time. >> seth: it was originally called "redline." >> it was originally called "redline." and then i remember -- a producer told me, "okay, we're switching the title to 'fast and furious,' and i was like, that sounds a little like a porn." >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> and, i just -- but now in
12:15 am
i will say "redline" also kind of sounds a little bit like a porn. [ light laughter ] it wasn't like, originally called "mrs. dashaway's country home." [ light laughter ] i'm glad that they changed it to "fast and furious," because that is better. and i'm glad about "lethal weapon." and congrats on the two kids, and everything, and it was great to see you again. >> thank you, congratulations to you, too. >> seth: give it up to jordana brewster everybody. [ cheers and applause ] the series premier of "lethal weapon" airs tomorrow night on fox. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] we are a military family. they travel a lot. every four years when we got re-stationed you think it's going to be the biggest change in your life but there's always more changes to come. the first thing that we would do when we would get into our new place was set up the beds. and when i go to t.j.maxx i buy good quality things that are going to last a long time. everything i get there, i get at a lower price.
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>> seth: welcome back, everybody. just a quick programming announcement. we're very excited about this. we're going to be doing a live show next monday september 26th following the first presidential debate. wil forte will be here, along with some other great guests, so make sure to tune in on monday. it's going to be a lot of fun. so stick around, and we'll be right back with um -- uh -- hey, wally buddy? how long have you been using that cue card? >> oh. well, now that you ask, since the beginning, mr. meyers. you say, "l night, and this guy has been with me for every show. >> seth: can you bring that card up here, buddy? >> sure, mr. meyers. >> seth: have a seat, wally. >> uh, is something wrong, mr. meyers? >> seth: well, wally, this isn't easy, but there comes a point in every cue card's life when -- when it's time to say goodbye. >> what do you mean, mr. meyers? >> seth: well, this old timer's getting up there. do you see these dog ears?
12:21 am
>> seth: that's how you know he's had a good life, hell, better than most. but father time caught up with him, just like he's catching up with you and me, and well, it's -- it's time for him to go. >> where is he going to go? >> seth: upstate. to the -- [ laughter ] to the cue card farm. >> what's a cue card farm? >> seth: it's where all the old cue cards go. >> will he be happy there? >> seth: of course. >> happy as a hallmark card? as a birthday hallmark card. >> will his mommy card and his daddy card be there? >> seth: yeah. >> and will everyone love him so much that their hearts want to burst like a big wet water balloon? >> seth: the biggest, wettest water balloon you've ever seen. [ light laughter ] >> oh. no, no, no mr. meyers. i wouldn't want you to take him. can i come with you? >> seth: sorry, wally, but this cue card is my responsibility, so you just sit right here and
12:22 am
all the good times you two had together. [ light laughter ] ? ? ? [ light laughter ] ? ? [ light laughter ] [ gunshot ] >> seth: oh no, he's still kicking. [ gunshot ] hold him down so i can finish this. >> i'm trying! he's too strong! [ gunshot ] you shot my leg! >> seth: i'm sorry!
12:23 am
[ gunshot ] [ sigh ] [ light laughter ] >> did -- did you take him to the farm, mr. meyers? >> seth: what? >> did -- [ light laughter ] did you take him to the cue card farm, mr. meyers? >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. he's at the farm now, though. took a while to get there, but he's at the farm. >> oh, gee, i sure do miss him, mr. meyers. >> seth: i know you do kiddo, i know. that's why i bought you this brand new baby card. >> oh boy, for me? >> seth: that's right. >> i'm going to name him whitey. >> seth: oh, don't do that. [ laughter ] >> can i go write on him? >> seth: yeah, of course you can. >> thanks, mr. meyers. i'm a 51-year-old man. [ laughter ]
12:24 am
with music from the cadillac three. [ cheers and applause ] ? ?i live in a nameless town? ?in a black out? ?midnight where we used to dance? the ugly halogen lamps? ?oh, it all went away so fast? ?in a black out?
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: tonight's musical guests are a trio from nashville, tennessee, making their television debutit performing the fan-favorite track, "the south," give it up for the cadillac three. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? ? my boots and buckles red clay and sand
12:30 am
? where the beer seems cooler and the women seem hotter ? ? where the world don't seem so damn modern and a good ole boy like me still has a chance ? ? that's right this is where i was born this is where i'll die ? ? yeah this is where i was born and this is where i will die ? ? >> it's 'bout to get real southern up in here! ? ? it's all about the south georgia alabama mississippi
12:31 am
? 'cause florida i'm thirsty hit me with your tennessee whiskey and crank it up loud ? ? laid back crazy old timers sweet magnolia dive bars and diners ? ? oh yeah oh and even if you're up north ? ? come on down come on down oh it's all about the south ? ? ? ? ? from daddy's don williams to mama's patsy cline we're walkin' after midnight singing tulsa time ? ? where the beer seems cooler and the women seem hotter ? ? where the world don't seem so damn modern hell ? ? this is where i was born this is where i'll die oh that's right ?
12:32 am
? it's all about the south georgia alabama mississippi louisiana carolina ? ? don't you wanna get down and dirty ? ? 'cause florida i'm thirsty hit me with your tennessee whiskey and crank it up loud ? ? laid back crazy old timers sweet magnolia dive bars and diners ? ? oh yeah oh and even if you're up north ? ? com d it's all about the ? ? ? ? ? ?
12:33 am
? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: the cadillac three, folks. the debut album "bury me in my boots" is available everywhere now. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] music experience is sponsored by miller lite. the original light beer. great taste, and only 96 calories. and for even more music, check
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to james spader, jordana brewster, the cadillac three everybody. [ cheers and applause ] great job! special thanks to miller lite who sponsored tonight's music, elaine bradley, and of course the 8g band.
12:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] ? ? ?
12:37 am
? >> carson: hello there, i'm carson daly this is "last call" we've got another solid line-up for you tonight, let's get right to it. the spotlight is on the actor colman domingo. we've got our music from black lips at the fyf fest, but first sullivan stapleton is an australian actor currently killing it as an american fbi agent in the hit crime drama, "blind spot." for more, here's tonight's "last call spotlight." ? >> i hate people touching my eyes. i flicked a guy in the [ bleep ] cause -- i said to him, "you


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