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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 21, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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? i'd have all my karma coming back to me ? ? back to me back to me back to me ? ? if i had all my problems and it all came back to me ? ? than i'd have it
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>> a woman in her 70s is badly beaten after picking up a teenage hitchhiker. that teenager has not been found yet. a school employee is hurt, and classmates are left to deal with what happened. >> it is a long process. it is long and it is painful. >> investigators pinpoint the origin of an apartment building fire that left dozens without a home. they say it is one reason it spread so quickly. >> the rate of gas people pay extra for may not be well
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and a bronco player who want to join you for breakfast. 9news starts now. >> a violent robbery in the garage of a home in westminster ended with police shooting and killing one of the suspects. the hunt is on for others. it started around 3:30. 120th in i-26. the suspects punched the homeowner who pointed a gun at him before taking off. three people left chevy malibu and a man tried to get away on a bicycle. the man tried to run off as police officers tried to make their arrest, they spotted a weapon on him and opened fire. >> you could audibly hear the pop, pop, pop and a bunch of us thought it was fireworks or something. we came over and saw a man running through the parking lot. and ...
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heard police coming and ... they took him down. >> the suspect's name has not been released. no officers were hurt. the police are not offering any other details on that silver chevy apart from the fact one of the suspects is a woman with pink hair. boulder county deputies want to find a 16-year-old accused of nearly beating an elderly woman to death after she gave the 71-year-old woman had a bad head injury, several broken bones and cuts. she is in icu. the teen hit her with a blunt object. she picked up the teenager and two others, spent several hours with them, offered them a place to spend the night. after all that, one of them attacked her. the two others said they didn't want to hurt the woman and stayed behind to help investigators, the other teen hitched a ride with another
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down. kira connelly was killed driving on the wrong side of the road this morning. her friends put together a small memorial and organized a vigil on the football field tonight. noel brennan spoke with those who knew her the best. >> she was such a nice person. she was always happy. you would never see her having a bad day. >> reporter: a tree beside butterfield crossing drive. >> everyone knew her as just this funny free spirited . spot for friends like t.j. >> i wrote a note. i brought some flowers. and, this hat i always let her wear. >> reporter: notes, flowers, teddy bears are what friends of kira connelly need to see now. police collected evidence hour afters the morning crash. >> it's okay. >> reporter: can castle rock police says the investigation shows the 17-year-old was
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the road. she sideswiped a car and collided head on with a delivery truck. >> you see all these faces in the hall. heads on shoulders crying. just, everyone just in dispair. >> reporter: tonight, t.j. and others organized a candle light vigil for her. >> she is a great girl and we are just torn up about this. >> reporter: rachel's daughter would have been there if she wasn't away at college. >> i just wanted to come over for a minute and say a little prayer trying to represent her. >> reporter: you can tell she is missed. just stop by the tree at butterfield crossing drive. castle rock police say the driver of that delivery truck was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and has been released. the driver of the third car was not hurt. police are still investigating why connelly crossed to the wrong side of the road in the first place. kyle, obviously, this whole community is coming together
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>> thank you noel. she is missing again. alice kavert, the girl from westminster who ended up ten miles from home, the 14-year- old with autism was last seen around 5:30 at her home toe night. in august, she spent the night outside and was found in a hair salon in superior. five foot six, brown hair brown eyes last seen wearing a pink hoody and driving a pink zo kidnapped and they are concerned with her safety. two truck crashes closed down separate highways this afternoon. a section of the diagonal highway has reopened after a tanker caused a hazmat situation. roads were closed from j road to 63 street around noon. the highway reopened around 3:30 in time to handle most of the evening rush. no jokes about this beer truck crash. three people were injured.
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loveland pass and hit a car. one of the people injured was seriously hurt. the pass was closed for cleanup and investigation. clouds kept the sun away, but didn't keep the temperatures down. we hit 90 in denver. that is 55 degrees of 90 degrees or hither year. that is the fifth most in any year. the most was 73 days in 2012. number two is 2000 with 61 days. one more day with 90 plus and we will tie 2002 for fourth plac kathy sabine takes a look at the probabilities coming up in a few minutes. the fire that spread through several apartments in southeast denver started in a juniper bush outside the building. dan grossman joins us. families can go back to salvage, but it won't happen any time soon. >> reporter: it won't be until the end of the week. the cunningham fire department has turned this over to the
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>> it is a long process. it is long and painful. >> reporter: in many ways. >> so sad. >> reporter: tuesday evening was more difficult than the one that proceeded it. >> i could see it. >> yeah. >> i could see the fire truck. >> reporter: after the shock of what happened here wore off. >> it reminds me of my house. >> reporter: the reality of what remained surfaced. >> all i can this is that i hope nobody had pets. >> exactly. >> reporter: for some, it was difficult to turn their heads away. >> >> reporter: for others. >> i knew at that point, i probably lost my apartment. >> reporter: it was hard to keep theirs up. >> this is happening again. i have already had a fire before in my life. so, i have an idea of what i'm doing next, yet i have been through this. >> reporter: lauren is one of seven people treated. her ms are among the ash along with everything else she owns. >> a cell phone. [ laughter ] pretty bad. yeah, my cell phone and my car. >> reporter: firefighters know
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the bush in front of it sparked setting the other 24 apartments aflame. >> there was ha lot of smoke. >> reporter: it took firefighters an hour-and-a-half to calm the flames. a number of families are displaced as a reminder of what happened still lingers on the pines along the sidewalk. for some who look on, it is is a remind tore be thankful. >> you see hunter's run and you are like no way. >> reporter: for other who's have been through it, it is a reminder of what start over. >> it will be good. and so this is what a juniper bush looks like. >> reporter: they are particularly vulnerable because of these small thin leaves. it allows them to stay a little extra dry and hold onto other dead leaves. if you plant them, they suggest doing so at least 30 feet away from the exterior. >> thank you dan. fires like that are why many landlords and apartment
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at properties where it is optional, some renters choose to take their chances. rocky mountain insurance association says it doesn't cost that much. nationally, the average is about $16 a month. it covers personal property and liability protections when someone is hurt or damage was caused by your negligence and your belongings don't necessarily have to be in your apartment. if you lose your camera on vacation, in many cases it is covered. all over colorado on thursday. vice presidential candidate mike pence will hold a town hall that afternoon in colorado springs. it is his second colorado trip of the campaign. and thursday night, donald trump jr. will be speaking at the mesa county fairgrounds. congress today heard an apology from the head of wells fargo where employees opened fake customerths without their knowledge. earlier this month, the bank
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the employees said they were pressured with sales goals. democratic senator elizabeth warren says the head of wells fargo should resign. >> so, you haven't resigned. you haven't returned a single nickel of your personal earnings. you haven't fired a single senior executive. >> i accept full responsibility for all practices in our retail banking business. >> the only way that wall street will change is if executives face jail time when they preside over massive frauds. >> a criminal investigation has started at this point and wells fargo stock has fallen more than 15% this year. a fire north of los angeles has the attention of two colorado companies. the canyon fire is burning outside of santa barbara.
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contained. it is uncomfortably closed to launch pads used by united launch alliance and spacex. a rocket is perched on one of those pads for digital globe. it was supposed to lift up sunday, no word on when it will go up now. aaa thinks millions of drivers are making the same expensive mistake at the gas pump. >> the broncos might have started a trend with their mini for the old stadium. >> there are active vol cay ynoas volcanos and then the one that erupted twice in one day. and kathy sabine has a look at when we will see 60s as high temperatures. >> and i will tell you the one glaring omission on john
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>> triple a says millions of
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gas if their cars really do not need. 70% of american drivers have a vehicle that only needs regular fuel. only 16% need premium. the other 14% call for mid grade. triple a found in the last few months, people unnecessarily filled up 270 million time. that more than $2 billion that drivers spent on gas ey did not need. aaa say it is other big mistake drivers make is they think it is better all it means is higher octane. aaa research centers looked into cars that need regular fuel and found no difference. >> i feel so deceived. the texas rangers are moving to a new ballpark soon. that man threw a curve ball to repurpose the current stadium. the old park may have a new role in an entertainment district. plans are still in the works
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old stadium. there is no real blueprint for this. no other major league team has ever decided to save its old digs. more big box retailers are looking way ahead. macy's announced it plans to hire thousands of people to work in its facilities during the holiday season. kohls, 69,000, and target, 70,000. there are plenty of options for those looking for part time work toward the end of year. for those interested in less conventional positions, look into jobs with companies that specialize in benefits. >> forget that in the fourth quarter, a lot of companies are going through open enrollment. and that requires a rampup in employment. whether it is temporary or long term. organizations really do need additional help and support in those areas. >> other options to consider,
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since colorado and denver are destinations for many people during the winter. or if you prefer to stay at home and work, amazon taps colorado as one of several states where holiday employees can work from home full time as customer service associates. cameras close to the crater of a costa rican volcano captured two separate eruptions. the firsted happened at 3:00 in the morning. infrared cameras captured it lasted 15 minutes. once the sun came out, it was back at it again. that particular cloud rose more than 15,000 feet in the air. and forced the airport and costa rica's capital to shut down for several hours. always so interesting to watch isn't it? i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9 bag yard. it was kind of a strange september day. typically, we have blue skies. a lot of sunshine this type of year, but we had a lot of cloud
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you missed it, this is what the sunrise looked like. this is the sunset. and this up near rabbet ears pass. this is the evening in the maroon bells area. 90 in denver. 65 leadville. 82 grand junction. the average is 77. we are in record territory, but temperatures will start to trend down, our weather once again changing. isn't it always around here? tomorrow morning you may have a w a little sprinkle activity l. is just enough cloud cover and moisture tomorrow morning that temperatures will hover in the mid 60s between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. winds are light out of the south at dia. 76 there. here, downtown outside the studios we are 74. regional radar and satellite composite shows where all of the cloud cover is coming from. the remnants of hurricane cain moving inland. wind to 35 miles an hour.
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will stream toward southern colorado. lower elevations, the i-25 corridor and the eastern plains will see mainly cloud cover and maybe a little drizzle. we may see isolated showers linger through. but really no big changes in the pattern until the cool front arrives. temperatures will run above average again. we have mid 80s here with the heat really on in the central and southern plain states. out west, even with all of that north. that comes late in the weekend, best chance for showers overnight will actually be in the central and southern mountains. a little rain and snow mix way up high. denver is dry overnight. cloudy, this cloud bank is acting like a blanket. trapping all of that warm air from today. notice how early tomorrow morning there is the potential for actually some moisture coming out of those clouds. may have a little drizzle or a sprinkle but i think it will be a quiet day. a cloudy day. and a warm day with the best
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decent travel, a little cloudy for september which is a little unusual. 39 leadville. 57 grand junction. 60s for the plains tonight. notice the cooling trend for the western half of the state with highs still in the 90s down south. temperatures above average again. but, they will start to trend downward as we have a shift in the weather pattern for the first few days of fall. city forecast tonight, cloudy, and dry. with light winds, low, 61. sun up at 6:45. and we give you mostly cloudy skies. a few sprinkles of drzl the morning. sun comes out not for very long and we will be in the mid 80s in spite of the cloud cover. isolated showers but our best chance of rain comes in friday. autumn equinox is thursday. fair amount of cloud cover. isolated shower. weekends remarkably cooler. 68 saturday, 65 sunday. moisture is limited. it won't be entirely dry for the weekend or the race for the cure. cool comfortable conditions for runners and we are back to beautiful september weather that we love.
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hard to pick these pictures today. monarch pass, they are all so amazing. time to take the fall foilage journey. the next ten days is the best time to go. kyle? adele? >> gorgeous. and we have good news out of westminster. alice kaber has been found safely. this is the young woman who
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>> from the colorado sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> hi everybody. scary moment at tonight's rockies game before it began. freak accident. rocks third base coach stu cole was throwing batting practice to tom murphy when two balls collided in the air and struck him on the side of the head. he checked out okay at the hospital and just took the night offer. rock keys were beaten by the saint louis cardinals. the only thing that collided with charlie blackmon's home rocks lose 10-5. c.j. anderson is flaking out tonight. but don't worry. the flakes are sugar coated. anderson unveiled his new breakfast serial. it is called c.j.'s mile high crunch and aaron matas helped him to pick a slogan. >> you say the name of the cereal.
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don't. you will be running back for more. >> c.j.'s mile high crunch. >> every bowl is super. >> i like the second one. you will be running back for more. that's a good one. >> the last one was the best. [ laughter ] still of the night comes from toronto. where canada beat the united states at the world cup of hockey. but ryan getslaf's helmet ended up on patrick the still of the night. john elway has three super bowl championship rings. a gold hall of fame jacket but he is missing something that would cement his place in football history. erect that man a statue already. sure, the retired jersey number unveiled this past weekend was nice. but, the most influential personal in our state's history
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the team knows how to do statues. they unveiled one of owner pat bowlen a couple of years ago and it is magnificent. arms folded. sunglasses. that dude is in charge, right? the broncos seem more commit today embracing and honoring their history than any in pro sports which is what makes this so baffling. the ring of fame along the fifth level facade is wonderful. pillar. mile high monument. just recently erected in the parking lot, might be the single most beautiful thing i have ever laid my eyes on with the possible exception of a 7/11 slurpee machine on bring your own cup day. mmm. where was i? just outside mini mile high, barrelman had a statue, the fan has a statue. the dude was not.
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or just the right pose. this would work. so would this. and this. a helicopter statue would be cool. elway required 18 years ago. hasn't it been long enough? he retired 18 years ago. he wouldn't say so, but don't you think john wonders as he walks past dan morino's figure in miami, bart stars in green bay? baltimore, the city refused for has two. and get this. the indianapolis colts have already commissioned a peyton manning statue and he retired 18 minutes ago. elway is just as deserving of this honor as any former player in nfl history except arizona's pat tillman who gave his life for his country. that is the most significant statue of them all. maybe elway himself is against it because he is running the
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ceremony. that's okay. he'll get over it. don't the broncos want little kids walking up to the stadium 100 years from now asking daddy, can you tell me about that number 7 guy? truth is, denver is a lousy stature town. it is bad that joe sacic is not outside the pepsi center. the rockies but that should probably be in brooklyn. that national league clinching mold would work. carmelo anthony demanded a trade and forfeited his statue ability. there is a big bear at the convention center. and a big blue horse at the airport. no elway. it is time to give this man a
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>> you know i love my bobble head dolls and these three of elway are really cool. but they are only six inches tall. elway's figures should be six foot three. life size. >> don't you think? >> with a proportional head. >> you had a great idea about the helicopter. >> it could be a weather vane and spin in the wind!
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>> you wake up to some cloud cover tomorrow. but not a bad day. mid 80s . that is above the average of 77. temperatures start to decrease as we head into thursday and friday. best chance for showers will be friday. the weekend, mid 60s , comfortable. really going to start to look and feel like fall. >> tonight show is next. jimmy has mark wahlburg and sophia vergara. it is a remarkable show we have on tap for you next.
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angelina files for divorce from brad? what a's really going on with this co-star. >> we're outside l.a. tracking all the clues today. >> the last time they were seen together. why she wants physical custody of all six kids. including reaction today. >> plus brangelina from the beginning. >> he's my family. >> new video, sofia and e catching a plane after the emmys. >> hours after interviewing up a the winners for "extra.." . ryan lochte's return to the dance floor. after last week's security
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opening up about chloe's new man. >> what do we think of tristan. >> now on "extra," the entertainment capital of l.a. hey erne welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez and we are all over the big story everyone is talking about today. brad pitt and angelna jolie's divorce. >> mario from the hundreds of millions at stake to the battle for the custody of their six children, those details coming up. >> the details coming up but investigation and discover that brad was unfaithful? jerry has every new detail? >> this the money shot at the >> we trace the time line to uncover all new clues behind her decision to file for divorce. their steamy scenes from the world war ii drama reminiscent of mr. and mrs. smith where brad and angelina famously became a couple. >> who's your daddy now. >> this may be the last public
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tmz first broke news of the divorce insisting there was no third party but angelina was quote, fed up with pitt's anger problem. brad telling people magazine he's very saddened. what matters most is the one of our kids. new video. george clooney with his wife amal in new york. w divorce george? >> refusing to comment. >> john voight in los angeles. >> -- concerned about the kids and all that. i wish the best. >> sourcing telling angelina had been considering divorce for month. >> welcome back to new york brad. >> he was spotted solo in new york in july.


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