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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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crowds shut down charlotte's interstate 85... tuesday night - police there shot and killed a man... they say - they were searching for a suspect with a warrant - when they saw a man with a gun start to get out his car. one officer fired - kill43 keith lamon scott. scott was prounounced dead at the hospital. the officer has been with the department for just over 2 years. and in tulsa, oklahoma -- more protests - after a different police shooting last week.. on friday -- 40-year old terence crutcher was shot after police responded to
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helicopter footage appear to show him with his hands up at one point during the incident. he was not armed. now, people want the officer, betty shelby, arrested and charged. the justice department is investigating. good morning... thanks for joining us - cheryl, corey and gary here with you.. and marty is back!! just in time for a few more warm september days.. this morning --
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still looking for three suspects - after a violent robbery turned deadly. a fourth suspect was killed - after police say he led them on a chase and threatened officers with a gun. it started in a home's garage on tuesday afternoon - near 120th avenue and i-25. police say -the suspects punched the homeowner and pointed a gun at him. three suspects are
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police say at least one of them should be easy to spot... a woman with pink hair was in that group. the fourth suspect - left on a motorcycle.. he eventually crashed and led police on a chase before he was shot. a woman who was just trying to be nice... ended up getting brutally assaulted. now boulder county deputies are looking for a teenager. they say he seriously injured the 71-year-old after she picked him up while he was hitch-hiking - and even offered him a place to stay. police found her at her house in jamestown monday night... she's now in the hospital in i-c-u. police say she had a significant head injury and broken bones and cuts - after a 16-year-old boy beat her with a blunt object. the woman had picked up that teen and two others and offered them a place to spend the night. the other two teens reported the assault to a neighbor - and
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the suspect got away - by hitching a ride with another driver. one man will likely spend years in prison - after he admitted to shooting a northglenn police officer. adrian moya pleaded guilty to attempted first degree murder. an officer's ballistic vest saved his life - after moya shot him during a traffic stop back in december. moya will face between 20 and 32 years in prison. sentencing is in november. a juniper bush... that's what caused monday's massive apartment fire.. what fire investigat don't know yet - is what caused that the bush to go up in flames.. the people who lived in the building are having to start over. the cunningham fire department has turned the scene back over to the hunter's run apartment complex... but residents won't be able to see what's left of their homes - until the end of this week. most of the burned buildings will need to be demolished. 24 apartments were burned...and several families displaced. the fire deparment also says - if you have juniper bushes
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sure it's a least 30 feet away from your home.. they're thin, dry leaves make them an extremely flammable plant. friends say 17 year-old kyra connolly was never in a bad mood. monday morning - the castle view high school senior was killed in a crash near the school. friends put together a small memorial beside butterfield crossing drive. they left notes, flowers and teddy bears by a tree - as castle rock police collected evidence in the road. investigators say wrong side of the road when she sideswiped a car and collided head- on with a douglas county school district delivery truck. news of what happened spread quickly..
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hospital with minor injuries and was released. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused connolly to cross over to the wrong side of the road. senators are calling for an investigation - into our state's v-a clinics.. recently - a whistleblower went to congress -- and said an army veteran committed suicide - before he could get mental health care at the colorado springs clinic. that whistleblower also said - the clinic may have falsified the veteran's records after he died -- and that he had info on long wait lists in nv springs and golden. senator cory gardner and wisconsin senator ron johnson say - that information should be enough for for the inspector general's office to investigate. later today- the prosecution and defense will make their first points... in the trial of christopher gebers. gebers- is accused of hitting and killing a colorado state patrol cadet and injuring a trooper back in may of 20-15. cadet taylor thyfault died in the crash and trooper
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patrol didn't follow its own policies during the high speed chase. they also say the patrol had no reason to pull gebers over. gebers is charged with first degree murder and attempted murder. ahmad khan rahami now faces federal charges in a string of bombings across new york and new jersey.. the bar owner who found him and tipped off police says - everyone he's not a hero - and cautioned against discrimination and quick conclusions as the investigation continues. rahami will be charged with using a weapon of mass destruction - and bombing public places. investigators say - he was seen on surveillance video - and his fingerprints were all over an unexploded device.
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campaign: we're learning more about the money this morning. here's n-b-c's tracie potts... the trump campaign will be all over colorado tomorrow - although he
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the trump campaign will be all over colorado tomorrow - although he himself won't be here.. vice presidential candidate mike pence will hold a town hall colorado springs. it's pence's 2nd trip here.. and tomorow night - donald trump junior will be speaking at the
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this weekend, thousands of
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survivors and supporters will gather in downtown denver to raise awareness for early detection for breast cancer -- during race for the cure.. breast cancer affects everyone -- and hits those in colorado especially hard.. one of the most important things people can do to prevent breast cancer -- is to be aware... you can find a full interview with doctor moore - and more about this sunday's race for the cure -- on 9news dot com. marty will have a look at your full forecast... in just a
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to national parks -- sounds like a great weekend. this saturday -- rocky mountain national park will waive all entry fees in celebration of "national public lands day." it's a great time to visit.. the aspens are changing and the elk are bugling... so if you go - be
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this afternoon -- the federal reserve is making the federal reserve is making an announcement on what they plan to do with interest rates... and 'tis the season - for hiring! companies are gearing up for the holidays..
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most economists
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change just yet. so far - interest rates have stayed the same since a hike last december. but - economists say - november's election could play a big role in future decisions.. and the federal reserve will likely wait until after the votes are tallied - to avoid influencing the election in any way. more big box retailers - are looking ahead to the holidays... macy's announced: it plans to hire about 83-thousand people to work at its department stores, call centers - and shipping facilities. kohl's wad thousand positions. and target aims to fill 70-thousand jobs. definitely plenty of options - for anyone looking for part-time work. other options include - hospitality jobs: especially since colorado and denver - are big winter destinations. or if you prefer to stay home and work: amazon has tapped colorado - as one of several states where holiday employees can work from home full time - as customer service associates.
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and we're celebrating here at 9 news... coming up - our belen de leon introduces us to someone who made beer - his own
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celebrate by introducing you to keith villa -- the man behind blue moon beer. he told our belen deleon how he ended up in the beer business instead of his original plan: medicine. keith says that the
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him along the way. he also believes in helping the next generation by sponsoring scholarships for
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miles and half a decade... won't keep a service dog from his little girl. journey home... so a stolen stray can finally find his human again. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a
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school as usual... won't be easy today. students remember their classmate... as question linger about her death. and violent protests after a deadly night in north carolina... the latest on the 12 officers injured... and the man good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- three suspects are


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