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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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but very little wind and a lot of sudden -- sunshine, just a crisp beautiful morning for
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-- neighbors said they heard gunfire before he -- seeing police everywhere around the scene. >> we heard the pop pop pop and then we immediately heard the police presence and they were right there. they had every area around the blocks covered, and so yes, they were right on it. >> three suspects are still
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silver vehicle. the man led police on ship -- on a chase before he was shot. today christopher deaver's lawyers are arguing why he shouldn't face charges for hitting and killing a state patrol -- state patrol cadet with his car. trooper clinton rushing was died in may 2015. devers' defense says they didn't follow its own code -- he didn't follow his own protocol -- he's charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder and according to police, devers blamed the crash on a mechanical problem with his car. a burning bush likely started the hunters run fire in arapahoe county and fire crews say it started in a juniper bush outside the building and damaged 24 units be more than a
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it's a long process. it is long and painful. >> in many ways tuesday evening was more difficult than the one that preceded it. >> after the shock of what happened here wore off, the reality of what remained surfaced difficult to turn heads way. for others it was hard to keep theirs up. >> i've already had a fire in my life so i have no idea what i'm doing next. >> reporter: she was one of seven people treated for -- and her stuff is among the ash.
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[laughter] pretty much yeah. my cell phone and my car. >> reporter: the bush in front of here sparked, setting 24 apartments aflame. >> there was huge smoke and a lot of firefighters. >> reporter: it took them in an hour and a half to call the flames -- and a reminder of what happened still lingers on the pines across the sidewalk. for some who look on it's a reminder to be safe -- to be were in it, it's a reminder of what it means to start over. >> that was dan grossman reporting. it took 75 firefighters more than an hour and a half to put out the fire. they have to figure out what caused the bush to catch on fire. juniper bush catches on fire
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easily. new this morning hundreds of protesters are still on the streets of charlotte after a night of nonstop protesting and violence. the protests started on violence -- started after police shot and killed an african-american man on tuesday. 42-year-old keith scott died. they were looking for somebody else when they spotted scott's car. police say they had -- he had a gun and there are conflicting reports that he was holding a >> the subject got out with a weapon. they engaged him in one of the officers felt a lethal threat and fired his weapon because of it. >> you have to stop. you have to stop killing each other. >> again our sister station in charlotte says there are discrepancies to the story and neighbors are saying scott was
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protesters damaged marked police vehicles, threw rocks at a news crew and the fire tatian and at one location they smashed into a walmart. the officer who fired the deadly shot is also african-american and is now on administrative leave. tulsa police say officer betty shelby startesh used a stun gun. hundreds of people gathered peacefully until such approaches that shooting. 40-year-old terrance crusher was shot after police responded to reports of a start -- stalled vehicle on the roadway last friday. dashcam and helicopter footage showed him standing with his arms up before he was shot. community members want officer shall be arrested. she has said he's -- she thought he was high on something and was going to
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gun. ahmad rahami is an official suspect after the bombings this week. the suspect was found sleeping in a doorway and says the real heroes are those bringing the communities together. >> i'm not a hero. the police are the heroes. dmt is are the heroes. everybody working to bring new your door -- new york and new jersey toget today. i want to remind all americans -- we should target people based on the evidence not on their faith or accident. >> ahmad rahami is also facing charges for the shootout at the end of the manhunt in new jersey . two police officers wounded while exchanging gunfire with him are now out of
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attacks today and find hot -- to discuss how to address future attacks. just high clouds over us this morning and those have insulated us and kept us really warm this morning with temperatures in the 60s and 70s to start the day. we won't and about matt warm -- all that warm, just a few light showers possible late in the day. i don't anticipate much accumulation of rain low. we've been talking about the weekend that it will be the broncos and bengals this weekend with temperatures quite mild in cincinnati over the weekend. for us after a dry start we do anticipate a few light showers later in the day. >> all right, did you lose some cash in highlands ranch? the douglas county sheriffs department is looking for the owner of the stack of cash. we know it is at least hundreds of dollars. it was found in the parking lot of the highlands ranch town center in august.
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many clues they say could help an imposter claim the money. the owner of the cash has 30 days to claimant. otherwise, the county gets it -- 30 days to clean it, otherwise the county gets it. misty copeland is the first african-american principal ballerina for the ballet and she is in denver today, as a special guest of the women's foundation of colorado's annual luncheon showcasing icons and ideas to help women reach economic self- sufficiency. the ballet company has been around for 75 years but never with an african-american principal dancer. copeland is also performing on broadway in the show on the town and she will star in a documentary called a ballerina the's tailor -- tail. >> -- a ballerina's tale. airplane bathrooms could
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allergy treatment epipen has a lot of explaining to do over the price hike questions. and the broncos are paying their own stadium bills for now
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senator cory gardner is one of two u.s. lawmakers calling for an investigation into his own veterans affairs clinic. a veteran in colorado took his own life while waitin springs clinic. whistleblower also says the veteran's records were altered after he died. spokesman paul shapiro says they will work with the inspector general and senators to determine exactly what happened. a new report reveals a troubling look at a difficult issue. nearly 10,000,000 american adults seriously considered taking their own lives last year according to a new report that says more than 2 million
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actually tried. rates of suicide increased the most a young -- among young adults especially women. today the company that makes it depends will have to answer for joining price hikes. the house committee on oversight and government plans -- plans to question the mylan ceo allergy medical device that has gone from $100-$600 in less than 10 years. some lawmakers say pharmaceutical companies should have to justify big race increases in the future. big changes could happen in airplane bathrooms. the transportation department is considering making them more accessible to people who use wheelchairs. this would be the biggest change for airline travelers with disabilities since 1986. the department also wants to 10 seatback rules -- wants to change seatback rules and what
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and turkeys. >> does that count as somebody on your lap? a kangaroo in the pouch? [laughter] >> i don't think i have ever seen anything except a cat or dog on the plane. [laughter] >> that's very interesting. anyway, we digress. [laughter] all right the broncos are footing the bill for a stadium named after a bankrupt company. we're at it when they hope to sign over the naming rights and there could be something different at the front of mile high but first let's check in with marty animalia. -- marty animalia. plenty of clouds -- not hurting the view right now. here's david with a shot of some of the fall colors.
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looking at the planning forecast throughout the day, temperatures are in the low 80s and a few light showers are possible later in the day today. all right, thank you marty. out of about we are seeing a little bit of traffic across the east side of town. so far the backups have not settled in across this portion of our drive but we do have word on an accident right around the exit towards 285 itself. this is a westbound crash approaching 285 with speeds leading up to the rack -- up to we will keep a close eye on this area of time -- of town
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time for your money news, today the federal reserve plans to make a decision on the future of interest rates. there has been me interest rates sooner than expected but experts seeing -- think they are likely to leave them the same today. nearly all financial experts interviewed today said they think the fed will increase rates in december and they think the november election could play a role in the decision. after months of secret construction apple has unveiled a massive solar plants built in the -- arizona desert covering 300 acres and it will power the mesa data command center.
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500 homes with energy at once when the sun is shining of course. denver is hot when it comes to unemployment but cold when it comes to finding homes for the -- families moving to town to come to work. the report there's a growing shortage of single-family homes and denver needs more than 67,000 new building permits to get back to a historically normal home-building pace. they are attritting factors to rising home prices in the area. streaking -- speaking of that they will decide today whether they are going to move the twin likes annexation to the pool county commission which means it could become space for low-income housing units. the track is located at 6500 twin lakes road near the twin lakes open space. housing and human services says the new homes are needed but many don't want to lose the scenery or wildlife.
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the denver broncos will start paying the bills next month for the stadium but they hope to sell the rights to somebody else sooner rather than later. the denver business journal reports the team has no intention of coming -- owning the naming rights long-term and they hope to sell by the end of the year. for now the team will make orderly payments to the metropolitan football stadium district to obtain the rights. in august fixed -- volunteered to take over the contra filed for bankruptcy in the spring. it's another warm day on tap . >> yes it sure will as you said earlier, corey, the last full day of summer coming up today. plenty of clouds over the area this morning with showers down south and southwest. more where that came from moving about of arizona and new mexico we will see some rain spreading to southwestern colorado later in the day
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afternoon showers are taking that familiar pattern. when they coming from the southwest, they really do favor foothills areas, mountain areas, down south and west in kenosha pass and of course down toward monument hill, but the rest of us may get a light shower or two but it will not be much at all. certainly not anything to change any plans about and no intense weather anything like that. they will be really modest. temperatures are here in the 80s. farther north and east dry and hot with upper 80s to near 90s. look for 70s and clouds in the
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if your drive takes you on i-25 -- mostly dry conditions. as we look out for camera here across 25 and arapahoe you can see the lane shift taking place and then we've got debris drop in the road so a lot of folks are hitting the brakes quickly to zoom around this one so use some caution if you're headed
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on the approach to 285, delays are in the area starting to loosen up a little bit but we could see possible backups ride along 285 south. she had just seen a hit-and- run and called 911. >> where did this happen? >>--
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breast cancer affects so many people. one in seven women in colorado will be denied -- will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. the koman foundation puts on the race and thousands will be at the pepsi center raising awareness and remembering those who have lost their lives because of cancer >> i think anybody knows somebody who has had breast cancer including men. they can get it and they have wives, sisters, brothers, children. >> you can hear more from dr. joyce moore and the latest on treatments and find more information about this sunday's race for the cure. register on the day of the race
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they will honor the survivors participating in the race. it's a really fun morning, very emotional and moving and we hope to see you all there. i will be at the start- finish line so come by and say hi. >> where your pink. >> i will. >> a lot of tutus. >> i will. well maybe not the 22 . -- the tutus. [laughter] imagine that you spend more than half your life alone the lights always on and nothing but a tv and a radio. at six deck 20 to find out why a pennsylvania man has been going through that for more
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this is 9news. >> one suspect is dead after a robbery at a westminster home and did in a violent confrontation with police. we are following the latest in the search for three more suspects this morning. i was shaken just thinking, is it real. is that the same guy i am watching on the news? >> he spotted the suspect and called police who found the terror suspect in new jersey tells us what he first thought when he found the man sleeping on his doorstep. >> where did this happen? >> a woman called 911 to report a hit-and-run but the only problem was the operator who answered was 3000 miles and an entire ocean away. >> not sure how that happens. good morning everyone, right now three people are hiding from police after a violent


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