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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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we are following some breaking news out of denver right now. a fire is burning at 15th and california. this is a picture from denver fire. they are responding. they are at the scene right
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construction at this time. we have a crew on the way. we are going to bring you details as soon as we get them here on 9 news, online, on social media as well. you can see the smoke coming out of there. again, they say this is a building under construction. in the area of 15th and california. we are also following another developing story in denver right now. police are investigating reports of shots fired in the area of 32nd avenue and clay street. three school were on lockout, those lockouts were half hour ago. 9 news reporter nick mcgill is live outside north high school for us. and denver police have been clarifying some information, so what do you know right now? >> reporter: yes, that's right. everything is back to normal here, colleen. students for the most part out and about on their lunch break and really unaware that anything even happened. we have been told that all of this happened around 9:15 this morning when a group of people,
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people, tried to rob or carjack someone. police say that is at least when one of the suspects fired shots and all of them took off, into the neighborhood. now, fortunately, no one was injured during that exchange. well at one point, it was thought that two of the suspects were north high school students, and may have run into the high school. but police say that is not the case. and there was never any threat to any of the students. now, the last time the school was placed on lockdown, we spoke to a dps spokesperson will jones and he lockout was a precaution. >> we just want to make sure that our parents understand that all students are safe. there was never a threat to the school. and agavin -- again we are pleased we have this close working relationship with denver police department so any time they are doing their work, we can continue the work of educating our kids in a safe environment. >> jones says the schools always have to be prepared because the police do a lot of the work out in the city. and the school happens to be located in the city. now, as far as the
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those suspects. we do know that they are not north high school students. we have not heard any update, other than that, but we will continue to update you, on all of the 9 news platforms. guys? >> nick, thank you very much for being out there and following this for us this morning. the fbi has released an image of two men that investigators want to talk with in connection with the bombs in new york and new jersey. the agency says the men were seen saturday night removing the bomb that did not explode in new york piece of luckage and leaving the device behind while taking the suitcase. these are the two men investigators are looking for. they are sought as witness, not suspects. federal prosecutors have charged ahmad khan rahami with planting a bomb in new jersey and two in new york city this past weekend. the search continues this morning, for three suspects involved in an armed robbery westminster in the 1200 block of banknock street yesterday afternoon. according to westminster
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things out of a garage when the homeowner approached them. one of suspects punched him the case and pointed a -- in the face and pointed a gun at him and they all took off. the person crashed at 120th and huron. and as officers tried to arrest the suspect, the suspect pointed a gun at them. two officers shot that man. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> we heard the pop, pop, pop, and heard the police presence and they were right there, and they had every area blocks covered. and so yes, they were right on. >> investigators are still searching for the other suspects. two men and a woman with bright pink hair. they got away in a silver chevy malibu, and that car had no plates. the deceased subject has not yet been identified. and thankfully no officers were injured in any of this. it is the last full day of summer, and summer is going out with a bang. it is going to be a hot one today. a little bit of cloud cover, as you can see right now.
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sky in denver. becky joins me in the studio and it will be hot but possibly a few showers, too. >> it is possible. the chance here, is really, really small. have you better chances in the mountains, than what you are seeing in denver and our chances of rain will be increasing as we get into friday of this week. let's take a live look outside, still pretty dry here, we have like colleen was saying, a lot of blue out there, sunshine is going to make a big difference, and a fast warmup, as highs get into the middle to upper 80s. no rain across the state southeast colorado and questionable if that is actually hitting the ground. temperatures across the front range are in the 70s and 80s. and we are at 80 near downtown denver and 81 at d.i.a. nd 83 for greeley. and we have 75 for fort collins, and 60s and 70s stretching through the foothills. and i'm not expecting rain over the next several hours, in fact, through 4:00, just increasing clouds. low 80s at 1:00 and 2:00. we will be at 83 by 3:00. and at 4:00, we will drop back
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4:00, we will hit the high temperature in the middle 80s today. and more of the same tomorrow. maybe a slightly better chance for rain. but the best chance for rain this week is friday. and then a cool front moves in and we have a very cool weekend in store for us, and we will have all of the details coming up in a few minutes. >> put away the sleeveless. but don't do it yet. bring in the sweaters soon. >> we are transactioning into fall, the official start on thursday at 8:21 in the that. 8:21. >> we are in the weather center. >> thank you very much, becky. >> you bet. authorities are looking for a vehicle they believe caused the death of a cyclist near carter lake last night. they say the vehicle then drove away. the cyclist was hit near berthoud water treatment plan. according to colorado state patrol. investigators believe a wide sedan or suv passed the cyclist headed eastbound on county road 8-e. at some point, troopers say the trooper hit the
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43-year-old jason from berthoud and he fell into the road and hit by a pick-up truck that was headed in the other direction. the person driving the pick-up truck stayed on the scene. the other driver left the scene. the ceo of mylan pharmaceutical company will be on the hot seat on capitol hill as she tries to explain to lawmakers today why the price of the popular epipen has jumped more than 500% since 2007. republicans and democrats say families struggling to pay for every right to be outraged which charges more than $600 for an epipen two-pack. >> you make more than $19 million a year. do you understand how that looks. >> i understand better than anyone that facts are inconvenient to headlines. >> that was heather bresch, ceo, a few weeks ago, that's when she gave that comment and today she is expected to tell congress the price hike is the fault of middle men who want a piece of the profits.
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>> they have spent, over the last few years, millions of dollars, trying to get schools to stockpile this drug. >> we want them to earn a profit, but really? $600 to the end consumer? >> this morning, mylan says those numbers don't really tell the whole story. they say their only profit is $100 per epipen two-pack. and then some more bad headlines coming out this morning, too. "usa today" rt the national association of state boards of education, helped lead the effort to get epipens in all schools. in a statement, she tells nbc, quote, my only concern and motivation was always, is and was always to protect as many children as possible from a life-threatening allergic reaction. a new treasures of american history are now on display in the nation's capital. a sneak peek, we will give it to you ahead. and a woman is making history
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world of ballet. >> but first, becky will give you the full forecast, because it is going to be a hot last
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so sunshine really right now, i feel like it is directly here in the 9 nice backyard. mostly cloudy skies out across the front range, and that's the way it stays through today. and highs are going to be in the 80s. and a smidge cooler than where we were yesterday. and take a live look outside right now. nice breeze, coming in to the 9 backyard. a couple of high clouds sitting over the city. and boy, we have seen some gorgeous colors, in the
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aspen leaf. isn't that pretty? all coming into the networks of 9 news. now you paint that on the bigger picture, and oh, my goodness, lois took this fabulous picture of what it looks like right now up at kenosha pass, and it is glorious. this weekend is a great weekend to head up to the mountains, if you want to check out the fall colors. central mountains at their peak. as we get into october, that peak will move further into our southern mountains. so if you have the chance to head up to the high country, do it th the temperatures, right now, in the 60s and 70s. for mountain areas. and denver at 81. and 79 greeley and 77 for fort collins and 80s on the eastern plains and here on the outside 9 news backyard, we will call it partly sunny skies. temperature 78. and we are warming up but slowly out there. we have a couple of showers across the state right now. and very light rain, possibly hitting the ground in southeast colorado. that is the extent of it. otherwise, everybody else is looking fairly dry, including here in denver.
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general thunderstorms here, but the risk for severe weather, out across the upper midwest. including over parts of minneapolis today, where strong storms may contain large hail and damaging winds, will be pushing through. and our bigger picture, is what is coming up friday, and into saturday, and an upper level low pushing in from the pacific northwest, it will be arriving here into colorado, starting friday. and it carries with it that cooler air. and the slightly better chance for rain. and by cooler air, i am talking come this weekend. rain chances, mostly up over our mountains today. we may see an isolated shower or two, east of i-25, but fairly dry. and the same story goes for tomorrow. afternoon highs, reaching the middle 80s. and we are going to climb into the 90s on our eastern plains. 60s forbe the mountains. low 70s -- for the mountains. low 70s across the western slope. denver, your forecast, 85 our high. look for mostly cloudy skies. and maybe a light afternoon shower. and tonight, we will drop to 57 and mostly cloudy and same goes
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and so very similar tomorrow, compared to what we are seeing today. and then low 80s on friday. better chance for rain,
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welcome back. the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and
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tracy polts goes behind the scenes to help tell the story. >> reporter: 13 years after congress approved it, the national museum of african- american history and culture opens this weekend. >> white, black, latino, our families have been here 200 years, or got here 20 minutes ago, this is a story that helps us better understand who we are as americans. >> reporter: there are nearly 4,000 artifacts here, some dating back to the 18th century. through slavery. segregation. and civil rights. then tuskegee airmen, the nation's first black military aviators. >> at a time when they weren't expected to be anything, they were more than anyone imagined. >> harriet tubman hymn book. rosa parks' dress, and louie armstrong's trumpet and muhammad ali's boxing gloves on display and many pioneers you may not know. >> the pacific parachute company was the first if not the only war production plant
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war ii. >> henry boyd bought his freedom and built a furniture factory. only to close after nearly 30 years because people repeatedly tried to burn it down. >> we, in many instances, need to hear those stories, those stories of inspiration, those stories of determination, those stories of courage. >> some of america's forgotten stories now with their own place in history. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the million. crews broke ground on the site february of 2012. that is four-plus years ago. the principal ball refla for the american ballet company is a big part of history. the first principal ballerina, misty copeland, the first african-american for the ballet ever as principal and she is in denver right now, a special guest for the women's foundation of colorado's annual luncheon, which showcases icons
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girls to reach economic self sufficiency. we will have a story on that coming up later today. and well, replacement phones are on the way, and samsung says these ones won't burn customers, catch fire, or
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welcome back. 500 thou galaxy note 7 stores have been shipped to u.s. stores and should be available today. 2.5million phones have been recalled worldwide because of a malfunction which can cause the battery to overheat, catch fire, and sometimes even explode. among the many challenges world leaders are considering this week, at the united nations assembly, the overuse of antibiotics is definitely one they are talking about. experts warn that an overuse of antibiotics is contributing to drug resistant germs, ones that
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the global economy. and the rise of the untreatable infections is being propelled by the way drugs are overused and misused in both people and animals. and when it comes to the antibiotics, in our food, and in the milk, some fast casual restaurants are doing way better than others. for the second year in a row, chipotle and panera bread passed with flying colors in making food without antibiotics. and the report ranks 25 fast food and casual antibiotic practices and subway and chick-fil-a received a "b." and mcdonald's, wendy's, taco bell got c grades and those who outright failed, starbucks, chili's, i-hop and arby's got
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cause a health threat. a rabbit got tangled inside a soccer net. and lucky the animal control freed the bunny. and the little animal was definitely shaken up but officials say it is going to be fine. it hopped away into some shrubs moments later. happy for the bunny stuck in the net. and up next, the cutest version of row row row >> and a peek at adorable videos you guys keep sending in
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we want to update you on breaking news we brought at the beginning of the show. crews battling a fire in downtown denver, 15th and california. if you are seeing smoke miles across denver, it is because of this fire, this high rise. the building denver fire says is under construction right now. they tell us the fire is out.
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they believe the fire may have started from construction equipment. they tell us high rise challenges, as you can imagine, are really a challenge, especially when a building like that is under construction. so glad they tell us it is out at this time. if you are seeing smoke, it is because of the fire they have been dealing with. 15th and california. downtown denver. merrily, >> the cutest things on facebook. involving kids. this one really takes it to the next level. overdose of cuteness right there. gosh, i mean can you imagine this? so we wanted to know what cute things your kids and dog does together. so we got a few responses. people have been using the hashtag #be on 9. my sun likes to feed his -- my son likes to feed his aunt's dog. that is pretty darn cute. from heather. and this is love.
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it made my day. these two do everything together. two peas in a pod. most kids when they're young with the pets, becky, have you seen it before, they kind of latch on and become best friends. >> they do. my kid, just like these, they want to feed them, and they want to play with them. and oh, pets that put up with it. >> yes. >> that's the way i put it. >> they are just the best. >> and i love how everybody has captured those moments, too. >> kind of an unwritten rule in colorado, if you live re >> how many people do? a ton. so thankful for those dogs that are so, so nice. and work so well with small children. >> today is not a day where you want to leave your dog in the car. >> no, take him out. >> no. >> treat yourself nicely. shoot. >> go outside and enjoy it. we have very, very small chances for an isolated rain shower or two. we will hit the middle 80s today. same for tomorrow. friday, it is is a better chance for some afternoon showers. highs a little cooler.
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we are in the 60s. chance of rain saturday morning but that's it. dry saturday afternoon. and sunday afternoon. >> starting fall, and it goes into the 60s. it will be chilly out there.
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angelina files for divorce from brad? what a's really going on with this co-star. >> we're outside l.a. tracking all the clues today. >> the last time they were seen together. why she wants physical custody of all six kids. including reaction today. >> plus brangelina from the beginning. >> he's my family.


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