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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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searched for a group of armed robbers. now police say there was never any threat to the schools. 9news reporter nick mcgill has that story. >> reporter: for high schooler juan sanchez it played out like a movie scene. >> out of nowhere we see the cops come by, like 10 cop cars. >> reporter: while getting breakfast before class sanchez says the area around 32nd and clay became bogged down with police, so he decided to head to ce >> reporter: north high school along with valdez elementary and the academy of urban learning went into lockout which typically means people can't go into the buildings, but classes continue. police were looking for a group of teenagers who tried to rob someone, then fired gunshots. no one was hurt. police thought at least one in the group may have been a student of north high school and possibly went inside. >> they told us there was a
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20 minutes, 40 minutes passed we were in class, they told us there was a lock-in. >> reporter: irvin gonzalez said the class he was in had to hide along classroom walls so they wouldn't be seen from the door. meanwhile no one really knew the reason why they were doing it. >> i was like my mom better call me or something because i didn't know what happened. >> reporter: almost two hour later the lockout was lifted. police said there was never any another wednesday. >> sometimes happens around here all the time, so we're used to it. >> reporter: in denver nick mcgill, 9news. >> gonzalez says over the past few years north high has been on lockout at least a half dozen times. police are still looking for the group responsible for that incident. a construction worker had to go to the hospital for smoke inhalation today after this fire in downtown denver.
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california. everyone inside the be was quickly evacuate -- building was quickly evacuated, no word yet what caused the fire. police in westminster are still searching for three suspects in an armed robbery yesterday in the 12000 block of bannock street. four suspects were caught stealing from a garage. when the homeowner approached them, one suspect punched him in the face, pointed a gun at him and took off the one suspect crashed on a motorcycle later. officers tried to arrest him, but he pointed a gun at them. two officers shot the man. he died. investigators are still searching for two men and a woman with bright pink hair. still cloudy out there today, cloudy most of the day, but that didn't mean it wasn't warm outside, kind of locked the hot air in. >> i liked it outside today. it was nice. the temperature was perfect. >> meteorologist danielle grant
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all we think about is summer. >> my goodness, it really has been such a spectacular summer season and today despite the clouds we saw temperatures in the mid-80s. so that summer heat is still hanging on and will stick around for the start of fall officially tomorrow, too. outside right now the stratus deck over the city will be in place throughout the rest of the evening. a little sunshine is in our future tomorrow. wego little active across south central colorado and some rain shower pushing in across the foothills just barely trying to sneak into the southwestern suburb closer out toward highlands ranch. we'll look for light showers, maybe a rumble of thunder lighter this evening around 7:00, 8:00 pushing into the denver metro and about 9 or 10 a.m. or skies start to clear.
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state overnight. 90s in ray, 95 degrees in lamar. to the west a handful of 60s and 70s. we'll watch temperatures steadily cool off as a couple light little showers pour in between about 7 and 8:00 is the best window for seeing a little wet weather. here we are saying so long to summer. it's been a good one. we will watch for the threat. we're seeing a few showers not only this evening, but in the wait till you see the changes that will be arriving this weekend. it will finally feel like fall around here. you guys will be searching for that big cozy sweater, maybe something toasty to hold in your hand. it's going to be good. >> the pictures have been so beautiful. >> the leaves are just on fire. it's spectacular. >> you're ready to sort of give up the flip-flops and get out the boots, but it's that transition, toes open, toes
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kim. >> it's always about the toes. >> we have it so rough. >> the whole wardrobe switch- out, a lot of work. >> you've lost me. >> thanks. >> you bet. police in charlotte, north carolina, are releasing more information about a shooting involving a police officer and a man officers say was armed. that man's family disagrees. when the shooting happened, officers say they were looking for someone with an outstanding warrant at an complex. officers say 43-year-old keith lamont scott got out of the car with a weapon refusing to drop it. the police officers say they recovered a gun that scott had when he was shot and killed. his family said he was holding a book, not a gun. police say they didn't find a book when they searched him and his vehicle. >> mr. scott exited to his
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at him drop it. he stepped out posing a threat to the officers and officer vincent subsequently fired his weapon striking the subject. >> we're fed up with police, stopped by police while driving while being black. we're fed up for being gunned down. we're fed up from having skittles in our hand and our lives taken, cds in our have a book in our hand and our lives taken. >> on the skittles the pastor is referring to a tweet sent by donald trump's son yesterday saying if just three would kill you, would you take a handful if just three would kill you in reference to immigration. the chief says the officer who shot scott was not wearing a body camera. several other responding officers were. police say they can't release
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investigation is ongoing. a new law in north carolina that takes effect in october no longer classifies police cameras as public record. only a judge can decide to release it. the fbi is searching for two men seen on a camera touching a bomb left in chelsea, new york, saturday night. it was just a few blocks from where a separate bomb detonated injuring dozens of people. investigators say the men saw the luggage on the sidewalk, removed the improvised explosive device and detonated the luggage. the suspect in the bombing has been charged with four federal counts including using a weapon of mass destruction. his girl friend received full custody of their child and he has been blocked from contacting the woman. the woman asked the court to change the child's name.
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the eastern colorado healthcare association is take over 200 patients they may have been exposed to infection from the joint ambulatory surgery clinic at the academy. it was learned a staff member did not follow through with precleaning procedures for all instruments used. the va says it is contacting all patients who may have been affected. more than eight of 10 pas they are measuring out doses of liquid medicine for children. that's from a study out of the new york university school of medicine. professors say the experiment was looking for possible flaws in the way drug labels and dispensing tools or designed.
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error. if the measuring cup was used, parents were less likely to use a mistake. what do you think about the accuracy of this study and do you see any flaws? >> i don't see any flaws in the study. i think it's very accurate and i think you lit the nail on the head. 80 -- hit the nail on the head. 80% of parents are making the mistakes and sometimes they aren't giving enough of the medicine because they won't be treating their child properly and if they get too much, that can be bad because you don't want to have an overdose with a child. it turns out there's mistakes with the syringes and the cups, but the cups work.
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>> it's two things. sometimes the instructions come in milliliters and sometimes they top in teaspoons and that can -- come in teaspoons and that can confuse people. on top of that, if you give too much medicine, think about the cups, they're almost like a funnel tapered up. so if you give too much medicine, that will give you much more medicine than a syringe, which is straight across receipt the lines better and if you do give a little too much, it won't be that much different than from the cup. >> i know when kids are young it's like pay attention to the weight. sometime we're fooled by ages and everything. it's really the weight of your child, too. >> all these medicines are weight based. that's an important thing to remember because your child
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for their age. it might be more or less medicine, so we always get a weight on children and make sure the medicine is appropriately prescribed for their weight. if you don't get that syringe, ask your doctor. have them even mark it, so that way you know exactly how much to give. again, a lot of people giving too much. >> and let's remember, a lot of times it's late at night and you just can't see to get the right dose. >> 3 a.m. you have an idea where it's supposed to be by using the tape or the line. >> all you have to do is ask for a little check. thank you, dr. john.
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denver now has a new dedicated affordable housing fund. the fund will help created 6,000 affordable homes over the next 10 years. denver's director of housing said this will also help with long term growth. >> certainly hoping that we can start so stem, if not the escalation that the mark drives, as much as we can keep denver saying in their homes at reasonable rents. >> half the funding is from deintroducing which is basic -- debrucing which is basicallydealing with the taxes. boulder could be getting more affordable housing but it's not in the best place for some folks. the planning commission is meeting tonight to make a decision to the definitely
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income housing units. the area is located near twin lakes open space in gun barrel. authorities say the new homes are really needed. however, nearby residents don't want to rules the scenery and wildlife. it's also home to great horned owls. as soon as the homes would be ready is 2020. the pine beetle epidemic might have wiped out hundreds of thousands pines in 9news mountain newsroom reporter matt renoux joining us live from summit county, probably one of the most beautiful fall afternoons colorado has seen in a long time. >> reporter: you're right. one of the big reasons, we can thank that mountain pine beetle. it was really hard all those years watching that mountain
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eat buffet, but we're now starting to see aspens pop up and that's making autumn awesome. in silverthorne angel overryder is helping sherry sopke with alpine gardens wrap up the summer planting season. >> putting these plants to bed. >> which means his fall and around here the la saturated in yellow and red with this fall about as bold and bright as ever. >> it's been pretty unreal. >> reporter: at the u.s. forest service dillon ranger office in silverthorne, adam bianchi" timing couldn't have been better to begin his new job. this summer brought a lot of rain, but adam said it let
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giving them brighter colors. >> they're a lot more vibrant. a lot more sugars are present inside the leaves. >> reporter: lately in summit county there are a lot more colors for people to see. the mountain pine beetle might have wiped out a lot of pine, but it opened up opportunities for aspen trees, places where lodge poles died or cut down aspen trees growing, which means if you're out playing or like angel, out working in summit county this fall, you're going to see more trees -- >> it's pretty spectacular like this tree right there. it's just so awesome. it's electric. when the sun hits it, bam. so much fun. >> reporter: and a lot more
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out of the clouds, you could see some of that mitigation on the other side of the lake. they cut down a lot of those trees. a lot of that rain we've had this summer will go a long way keeping the color around probably till early october. the big x-factor in all, that what's going to keep this sort of thing around will be and snow. we'll have to keep an eye on the weather, listen to our meteorologists and kneel keep us informed. >> look at you walking backwards, talking, doing the video, he does it all. >> matt, what's your favorite spot up there '. >> to go back to the walking, i'm doing the moonwalk as well, by the way.
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you drive the dam road between frisco and silverthorne this is what you see pretty much the whole way and there's a trail to the old reservoir above summit county. that is priceless. it's not hard to get to right off i-70 in summit county and it doesn't really get much better than this. >> where a to find the good in sugar and pine beetles. >> he found a way to interesting. >> i'm a glass half full kind of guy. >> yeah, you are. i just want to freeze it right there, the beauty of it, and hand some matt renoux right in the middle of it. >> thanks, matt. there are new divisions in the race for president. >> coming up misty copeland probably had her fair share of
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social security disability is our topic for today's
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disability law. the number to call, 303-698- 0999. keep those gentlemen busy today. lines are open until 5:30 this evening. nearly 30,000 booster seats are being recalled. this recall involves certain models of even flo evolve three in one seats. kids can release the harness without adults knowing. there have been 27 complaints of children loosening the harness. thveenno reports injuries. even flo is providing a free repair kit that is available on their website. this week is child passenger safety week. this year it's also coming up a cloud of confusion because there's been a dramatic increase in the number of children dying in car crashes and no one seems to know exactly why. right now on we have tips from experts at good samaritan medical have to make sure the little ones in your
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at least for another few months. that's good news if you're trying to make another big investment like buying a home. the federal reserve chair said she's more confident with a december rate hike and said the economy can still grow without hurting itself. yellen said the bank is not politically compromised. stocks finished the day higher today, the dow in 163 points. the s&p rose 23, nasdaq climbing 53 points. new fundraising numbers from the campaigns show an even bigger divide than some of the polls. donald trump's campaign says it collected nearly $41.8 million in august and spent 29.9 million. clinton's campaign said they brought in $60 million allowing her to push her spending to a
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those number amounts ultimately translate into advertising. clinton has run about 62,000 ads compared to about 27,000 spots aired by trump. tomorrow members of the trump camp will be in colorado. donald trump, jr., his son will be in grand junction. his running mate mike pence will be in colorado
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just one, one more story. parents are so familiar with that request. now kids can get one more story with a phone call. denver public library with the collaboration children's affairs offers a 24 hour storyteller service called phone a story. the service provides stories, songs and rhymes to kids of all ages. they can hear a story day or
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below. stories are recorded in spanish and english for kids in preschool all the way to middle school. >> it's another way to connect with customers and to delight them in unexpected ways and to expose kids to language from a very early age to help improve their early literacy and reading skills through their school age years. >> phone a story provides stories for customers and noncustomers. all you have to do with or without a library card phone in anywhere in the world. the library records new stories every wednesday. probably a few you haven't ever heard. >> keep the kids busy if the ipad is dead. no matter how you feel about the election, there's at least a chance for you to witness history, preparations now underway for the next president's inauguration. several members of congress took part in a ceremony first nail hammering for the stage in d.c. this morning. republican leader speaker paul
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paul mccarthy finished quickly and waited patiently for the rest to finish. the smithsonian museum of african american history and culture is almost ready to open in washington d.c. the last few days we've been showing you some of what's inside. there's a special section just for music. most knew him as louie armstrong, one of the most influential entertainers in the jazz world, one of the first y entertainers to cross over in a time when the country was extremely racially divided. the smithsonian national museum of african american culture was able to obtain a special trumpet once owned by the special musician in the 1940s. armstrong was known for that deep singing voice, trombone playing and a composer and actor. >> the art of soloing as an art rampant in jazz and all styles of american music.
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musician, but as a vocalist as well, his vocal style that countless many popular musicians black and white emulated in the years on. so he's a foundational figure in modern popular music with no question. >> so many artists have been influenced by louie armstrong over the years. this museum opens on saturday. >> so many tried to be close we're expecting warmer weather through the start of fall which officially begins tomorrow morning. we hope you have your fall party plans.
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been -- georgetown. sorry, i'm like where are we now? >> they get around pretty quick up there. >> look how pretty! i love georgetown. a lot of people are stopping in georgetown after they do their leaf peeping and check out the great little places in georgetown. >> get some lunch, drive back down. >> have some candy, have a beer, do whatever. >> not a bad way to spend the day in colorado. >> or take the train. that's so fun. it might already be booked. >> all right. recommendations from kim. what about recommendations from meteorologist danielle grant? >> i am thinking thing will be looking a-okay the next few days. best favorite summer memory thus far off the top of your head, what do you think? >> i do not know. >> hiking in boulder. that's it for me. i spent so much time up there
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>> go ahead. what have you got? >> i like eating outside. i do. i'm sorry. i love to eat outside. i have a great view because only in colorado. you cannot sit outside other places in the evening hours and not still be warm. it's just so perfect. >> it truly is. the past couple of evenings we've been holding onto the 80- degree temperatures. i love it. a little bummed summer season is moving on, but fall upon us tomorrow morning the official beginning of that new season, but hey, let's relish the moment and soak in the last hours of the summer season. i want to know what your favorite memory is on be is. there i am sharing -- on social media. there i am sharing mine sand boarding in the great sand dunes or tempt. i would love to have you share
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what your favorite memories were this summer. above average temperatures, 90s in ray, lamar, 57 in leadville, mid-70s in the high country. you can't ask for better weather this time of year going up to check out those gorgeous colors. at the airport right now low 80s, mostly cloudy skies, the winds quiet and calm, but things are starting to change. i'm feeling a few sprinkles in we're now sitting at 79. on hd doppler 9 the showers and thunderstorms are extremely sparse. even showers coming off the foothills aren't holding together all this much because it's so dry at the surface we aren't getting a ton of moisture coming down. there you can see the one little cell cruising south of the city and anotherone south of boulder. the storm system to the pacific
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into idaho and nevada. this is our game changer. what's cooking out there now will be in our backyard for the weekend and that means it finally will start to feel a bit more like fall. you'll have to search for that sweater, maybe even a light jacket. mostly cloudy skies tonight, mid-50s, hanging onto mild temperatures, low 60s in la par and springfield, 40s in kremmling. we'll have a into north eastern colorado overnight and bring us a little fog early on, but this system turning across the northwest is the big story the next couple days not only bringing just some decent rains across parts of the inner mountain west, but also some extremely cooler temperatures. tomorrow not that bad, pretty much a repeat for much of the front range, but as this storm system approaches, it will be bringing the threat for severe weather across the entire state
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light little shower and then they're done by 11:00. the clouds hang tight through tomorrow morning. as the front backs in, it leaves them with a little fog up toward fort morgan. i think it will have a tough time making it into the metro area completely, but you never know. as the afternoon rolls on, the clouds once again start rolling in. 4:00 or 5:00 watching for more widespread showers in the mountains and foothills, some like this afternoon and this evening, few and far between. they'll roll by a couple sprinkles and then they're done. the meat of the moisture is out there across utah. the next 24 to 48 hours the rain slamming into idaho, utah, the western slope, potentially a little snowfall overnight
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eastern plains. i'm not seeing a ton of rain for us. tomorrow mid-80s, a brief sighting of sunshine around midday. we will watch for maybe one or two isolated evening showers, but that's going to be about it. winds will pick up lady of this cold front, ahead -- ahead of this cold front, ahead of this next storm system. keep that in mind. hot, sizzling, scorching, 95 in frisco and summit county. go up there when you can especially before the next system rolls in and cool says us off. 67 in nederland, mid-80s in the metro area, northern colorado as well with clouds pushing in and the possibility of some early to late evening showers. it will be brief tomorrow. i think we'll have a better shot to see some rain in the metro area on friday. the winds will kick up on
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temperatures take a huge hit. look at that, saturday, cool, cloudy, rainy, upper 60s. finally this system starts moving out. sunday we're left with cool numbers well below average about 10, 15, 20 degrees and then the numbers warm back up. so relish in the fall colors while you can, john lewis capturing this gorgeous one of all those aspens just shimmering across kenosha pass. it has been an amazing peak with all of these trees out there. it's just like neon. >> we love all the pictures coming in from folks across the state giving us difference views of all the different cities. >> a lot of people taking a huge and others stopping to eat. breast cancer, we know it affect men and women in
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be diagnosed in their lifetime. the cancer takes about 40,000 lives in a year. the older we get, the more our rushing goes up. we can't -- our risk goes up. we can't control our genetics either. however, there are things you can do to help yourself. >> you can diagnose early, get imaging and studies early, things you can control, lifestyle range. keep your weight in range because obesity increases your chance of breast cancer or breast cancer occurrence. limit your alcohol to one drink per night for women. eat a diet higher in plants and vegetables than in animal proteins and exercise. i think exercise is the most important one. a sedentary lifestyle puts you at risk for breast cancer and other medical illnesses as well.
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and time again, so important. this sunday thousands of survivor and supporters will gather. the race starts at 8:00. >> you can learn more about the race on after a big win against the colts the broncos are getting
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he's a force, he's a foe, he's a threat to every offense he meets, von miller named defensive player of the week, no surprise. >> he got his first sack on andrew luck this week. and the guy who got a big pick 6 sunday as you guessed on the denver huddle tonight. here's rod mackey with a preview. >> reporter: von miller was named the afc defensive player
4:45 pm
the biggest no brainer of nfl history, but now we'll focus on other pass rushers like shane ray and shaq barrett, both of who will be very busy on sunday. >> and the broncos are in the playoffs! >> reporter: demarcus ware with the big play to beat the bengals in the last head to head match-up, but this time around ware won't be there. >> the way me and demarcus reps have been going with him being healthy, whenever i'm in there, i'm supposed to make plays. i'm supposed to be dominant. i think i got 45 plays last game, most i played in the league. now i'll add on another 10 to 15, but i'm prepared for that. >> it will be a bigger road now. we'll be ready. i have been doing this in the offseason, so i've got some
4:46 pm
work on and try to perfect in practice so i can be confident doing it in the game. >> defense will also be the focus tonight on the broncos huddle with emmanuel sanders as we welcome in the king of the pick 6 aqib talib. he has had nine of them. that's when the secret to his success? we'll ask him tonight at 6:30. now we'll send it back to you. >> is it the hands, the eyes? >> those. >> 6:30 tonight watch the ?? denver huddle. when you're little, your dreams have no limits, especially when you dream of being a ballerina and the world's most famous ballerina is right in your own hometown
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she is the first female african american principal ballet dancer in the american ballet theater in 75 years. the very first time magazine said misty copeland changed the face of ballet and for little girls everywhere she is proof that yo >> she shared that message today at the annual women's association colorado luncheon. we have tarhonda thomas with our special guest, your daughter ruby. >> when my 5-year-old daughter ruby heard misty copeland was coming to up to, she -- to town, she had to be in the room
4:51 pm
has inspired. people may know her from the underarmour commercial. she's so much more than that. misty copeland was raised in poverty with her five brothers and sisters living in a motel literally practicing ballet on the railing of a motel. misty found peace in ballet. she was the first black woman named the principal dancer in a big including my little ruby. so i thought bring her in and let her talk to misty copeland, turning over this big interview to misty's biggest little fan. >> reporter: what did you feel when you were poor? >> well, when i was growing up, to me my life was very normal. i thought because it's all that i knew. so looking back now i understand how many
4:52 pm
that ballet brought me and it's the reason that i get to live this incredible life and i get to travel the world and i get to perform on incredible stages. so it makes me so grateful that i grew up the way that i did because i feel like i have more of an appreciation for everything i have. >> reporter: do you dolls? >> i see what you're holding? that's a barbie doll i helped to make to look like me, to look like a ballerina that has muscles. can you see her calf muscles and her thigh muscles? because when you're a ballerina, you have to have muscles, right? it's hard. you have to be able to hold yourself up and stand on your toes. so it's really cool to have a ballerina barbie that is truly
4:53 pm
>> reporter: can you make my bay reason a dance like yours? >> i can try. i can put her in arabesque. there she is. can you do it? yeah? you want to show me? can you do it like the barbie? yeah! thank you so much, ruby. >> you're welcome. >>ha >> thank you. >> and thank you for your words and for your interview. >> you're welcome. >> not bad for a little rookie ballerina, was it. >> you're something special. did you have a fun time? >> that is so cool. >> what did you think of misty copeland? >> good. >> what made her so good? >> was she just so nice? >> yes. >> and do you think maybe one
4:54 pm
>> yeah. >> i think so. >> i think so, too. >> so ruby is wearing a tutu, but she just had a recital, right? >> yes. >> how was it? >> good. >> tell miss kim all about it. >> i -- >> were what? >> a bubble. >> who was in the front row of your recital? >> mama. >> of course. >> were you >> huh-uh. >> not al all. in fact, you're ready to dance again i hear like tomorrow or any time? >> you said i want to get back to the stage. why do you any so many girl like misty copeland? >> because she's a good dancer. >> she's a really good dancer. what was it like meeting her and talking to her? >> good. >> she just really enjoyed it
4:55 pm
how genuine she was speaking to a sellout crowd of almost 3,000 people still getting very emotional talking about beak named a principal black dancer. that happened to her last summer. to her it's still unreal and she wakes day and thinks wow, this is my life, she gets to do all these things and travel in a world when she grew up in a motel with five brothers and sisters. >> we all look for i look at her and she's so precious. what an opportunity for you toke pose your daughter to misty copeland -- to expose your daughter to misty copeland. >> i think it's so important for little girls and little boys, too, that you can be anything. she had people telling her you started too late, you're 13. you're too muscular. you can't be a swan because
4:56 pm
all these things she fought against and now she's an inspiration. >> ruby, did you have a good day? >> yes. >> we're hanging with ruby. we'll be right back. >> ruby stole the show as
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9news at 5:00 is next. love ruby. >> yes, we do. she's so sweet. warning for one of denver's oldest and largest neighborhoods as police prepare to test a gunshot detection system. >> also a fire in downtown denver today, firefighters say could have easily caused catastrophic damage. >> and a denver church wants to build a small village of tiny homes for the city's homeless next on 9news.
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a few customers may still be without electricity this evening after a wildfire just east of parker this afternoon. the two alarm fire came dangerously close to homes near inspiration drive and antelope trail. fire and rescue says crews were aggressive and contained the fire to about 3 acres. no structures were damaged. no one was hurt, no word how long it will take to restore power to customers in the area. federal ig gross mismanagement, delays and lax oversight by the department of secret rans affairs added hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost of a new denver va hospital and delayed it by years. a watchdog report concludes with a scathing account of the project to date. the hospital under construction in aurora is expected to cost nearly $1.7 million. denver police are looking


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