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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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a few customers may still be without electricity this evening after a wildfire just east of parker this afternoon. the two alarm fire came dangerously close to homes near inspiration drive and antelope trail. fire and rescue says crews were aggressive and contained the fire to about 3 acres. no structures were damaged. no one was hurt, no word how long it will take to restore power to customers in the area. federal ig gross mismanagement, delays and lax oversight by the department of secret rans affairs added hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost of a new denver va hospital and delayed it by years. a watchdog report concludes with a scathing account of the project to date. the hospital under construction in aurora is expected to cost nearly $1.7 million. denver police are looking
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today's three school lockout in the highlands neighborhood. there was a report of shots fired around 9 a.m. a group of four teens tried to rob somebody near 32nd and clay. at least one of them fired several shots. no one was hit. north high school, valdez elementary and the academy of urban learning were placed on lockout which lasted a few hour. police say there was never a it was a normal day of instruction despite all the activity going on in the neighborhood. >> kids we talked to from north high said they did not know why the school was put on lockout. denver police will be shooting live rounds tonight beginning at 8:00 for another test of the shot spotter system. we found the program has been
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of its biggest partners. >> reporter: montbello will go to sleep wednesday night to gunshots coming from denver police to work with a program. >> we've since expanded into west and north denver. >> reporter: shot spotter triangulates the sound of gunfire. the program has led to the arrests of more 29 so far this year. >> when people do call in shots fired, they're generally more often than not about a block off of where their actually at. >> reporter: 60% of the shootings in denver are never purported. >> statistically it's showing about 74% of the time the cops would never even have found the crime scene or the cases. >> reporter: officers work
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tests through the information network. >> oftentimes leads will be generated and the group here with atf working with dpd will investigate those leads. the benefit is kind of twofold. the officers on the street are able to respond quicker to shots fired calls and on the backhand if it's atf partners we need to investigate. >> reporter: jonathan gonzalez, 9news. >> the shot spotter testing in montbello will start at 8:00 tonight and dallas more than two -- and last more than two hours. when denver firefighters first got to a fire toe, it was relatively small but had -- today, it was relatively small
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catastrophic damage. buildings under construction usually don't have fire prevention systems in place. these kinds of fires have plenty of oxygen to quickly grow and it's a challenge to reach the source of the fire. >> i think any time there is a fire in a downtown lie rise building it is a scary -- high rise building it is a scary event that needs to be treated with the utmost of care. that's what this denver fire and rescue and the whole community is doing. >> the fire was construction worker was treated for breathing in too much smoke, no word what started that fire. they're perfect for people who don't need much space and now possibly just for people who need any space, 18 any houses may be built in the backyard of a denver church to house the homeless, but not everyone is on board.
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downtown problems. >> there are some nights we actually have them sleeping on our church property. >> reporter: st. andrews episcopal church wants to do something about it. >> eight home is not going to make a huge dent in the homeless population, but it's certainly a start and will give eight women an incredible amount of identity and autonomy and help them move on. >> reporter: the church wants to select eight homeless women to live looking for affordable housing and want to get their lives back on track, but the church has some explaining to do before moving forward. >> we need to answer all their questions. >> reporter: some long time neighbors like carol carter peterson said the five points neighborhood is dealing with the numbers. >> it adds to the saturation which is already here which is exacerbates problems with the drugs, the violence and police calls.
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diverse -- the church says the policy has worked in similar situations, that it won't draw in crime and that self- governance is crucial for women trying to become independent and they say let's keep talking. >> we very much consider our church and parish in a period of discernment which is a conversation with our neighbors. this is just the beginning. >> that conversation will continue and carol intends to be part of it. there are several community meetings planned including one tonight. that information is on our website. the north carolina chapter of the aclu is urging charlotte police to release any video from officers' body cameras of the fatal shooting of a black man by a black police officer,
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investigation. the officer who shot keith scott didn't have a body camera, but three other officers at the scene were required to wear them. police say scott ignored multiple orders to drop a handgun. scott's fell said he was holding a book, not a gun. no book was found. the head of of life saving epipens. ceo heather brush indicated that the company has no plans to lower prices despite public outcry. mylan's ceo says she believes the company has struck a balance between the access and price of the drug. she said the company does not want so go back to a time when
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did not stop the drug. alarming news on the health front today, scientists predicting more people will die from antibiotic superbugs than from cancer in the year 2050. scientists joined today to confront the threat. in 2004 this doctor's son died from mrsa in just 24 hours of >> he was lying there looking like himself, looking around and i still didn't really understand what was going on and the attending physician was completely freaking out because she had no data, she didn't have any information about what was going on and the only thing she could tell me was that simon had an infection and they didn't know the source of the infection, but he had an infection and that he was very,
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nightmare and yeah, you're just in the state of complete disbelief. it all seemed surreal. >> in the u.s. the battle against superbugs flies with the military at the walter reed army institute of research, a highly secured military lab. the largest surveillance system is there looking for dr. john torres was given a tour. the overuse of antibiotics is in part blamed for the spread of superbugs, more on all this tonight on nbc nightly news. researchers have found smoking can cause long lasting dang to a -- damage to a person's dna. >> also ahead what a native
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if you have questions about how social security disability works, you're the lawline 9 this afternoon. the denver bar association attorneys who specialize in disability law are offing free advice until 5 -- offering free advice until 5:30. the number to call? 303-698-0999. smoking can have long lasting effects in a person's dna that may increase the risk of chronic diseases. researchers at the national institute of environmental health sciences studies dna samples from nearly 16,000 adults. they found smokers had changes
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stroke. the good news is most genes recovered within five years of kicking the habit. some changes remained even 30 years later. a maid of honor carried a bride's dying dog down the aisle this month in buena vista. carrie o'connell's black lab charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. charlie was too weak to walk down the aisle. so the maid of honor who was also the up charlie and carried him. >> he had a big grin on his face. so james and i just kind of dropped to her knees and were hugging and kissing him and telling him you made it, buddy, you made it, you're here. everybody started crying. it was just a really emotional moment. >> charlie died just nine days after the wedding. after rescuing a st. bernard from a shelter a won in missouri discovered the dog had
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girl in colorado and had been missing for five years. the woman is having them reunite the family with missy. the shelter discovered a microchip. the information was outdated but eventually led to the family in colorado who had given up on finding missy more than five years ago, a service dog for a little girl with special needs. someone took her from the family's front yard. cross said it was an emotional time when it became clear missy >> callie, is this you? we have your dog. >> yea! thank you so much. >> i can't wait to meet you. >> i can't wait to meet you either. >> are you crying? >> yes. >> you're making us cry. we're so happy for you. >> cross' friend plans to drive missy back to colorado on friday. they said they could put her on a pledge but would rather take her home and deliver miss --
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home and deliver missy in person. we're looking ahead to cooler temperatures appropriately on the last day of summer. >> how far temperatures will fall during the first few days of fall next in danielle's forecast. >> ahead charlotte police plead for calm after another police shooting erupted in violence, what new surveillance video of a suspected bomber appears to show him doing with a suitcase. >> and inside the high security military lab on the front lines
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despite the fact we had a lot of clouds out there, temperatures are still very warm for this time of year, mid- 80s around town and now the sun is starting to pop up, a beautiful way to end this summer season. soak it in while you can. i would love it if you would share your favorite summer memory, facebook, twitter, instagram. you know how to get ahold of i would love to fire up that conversation, soak it in while we can. there are those clouds sitting over much of the city skyline most of the day, didn't stop us from warming up to 84 in denver, scorching out there, mid-70s in salida, rifle and grand junction. at the airport now temperatures have slowly cooled off, 80 degrees, still hanging onto the cloud cover, but the winds have not been a problem for us today. here in the 9news backyard our temperatures coming at us at
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sprinkles and now the sunshine is out. a couple showers have been cruising in from the southwest especially down toward the south central side of the state. here in town a couple light showers, but that's about it, a few raindrops in kiowa and a couple more forming toward georgetown. i am not anticipating a lot of rain this evening, but look what's on its way, a big storm system churning across the pacific northwest. you can see that line of rain showers moving in along the cold front. that will be in our backyard friday night and into the tonight mid-50s, mostly cloudy skies, sunrise at 6:46 tomorrow morning, very comfortable with clouds across the eastern plains, 50s and 60s for you folks. we're in the low 40s in kremmling and buena vista. a cool front backs into north eastern colorado overnight. you folks will wake up to a little fog especially along i- 76. the main storm system, this area of low pressure starts pushing in utah into wyoming tomorrow.
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showers, but a good shot of seeing some severe weather tomorrow, too. the rest of tonight in town we see a little clearing going on in the mile high city. by tomorrow morning 8 a.m. pretty much from fort morgan along i-76 toward i-80 it will be tough to see and might creep into dia. overall a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day and the showers inch closer to the mountains and foothills. we through the metro area tomorrow evening. it won't be a complete washout. you can see the rain showers staying primarily across the western slope, a couple light showers in the metro area. tomorrow another warm one, mid- 80s around town, partly cloudy skies and winds kicking up a bit. we stay in the 90s in southeastern colorado and should be a very mild afternoon if you're heading up to the high country to check out the fall leaves. 70s in grand lake, estes park,
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greeley. that storm system inches closer to colorado, a better chance for storms friday evening, gusty conditions and 60s on tap for the weekend. don't go stocks finished strong after the federal reserve announced it will continue to hold off raising interest rates. the fed says it wants to see more improvements in the job
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. broncos linebacker von miller knocked the football out of andrew luck's hands and the nfl began engraving his name on another award, named defensive player of the week today. during sunday's victory over the colts miller had three quarterback sacks and a forced fumble. it's the third time he's received this honor.
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cincinnati and we're live. 9news broncos insider mike klis is at team headquarters. let's play klis and tell. hi, mike. broncos safety darian stewart was fined today for the second straight week. starting to think stewart might be dirty. after he's tried to decapitate colin kaepernick luck. >> reporter: maybe the coaches are saying go ahead and go after andy dalton. if you hit him a third time, you'll only get fined $4,500. if you take those type of hits it, does present a little intimidation factor on the opponent. >> both star wide receivers demaryius thomas and emmanuel sanders seem discouraged. is this frustration with the quarterback or head coach?
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it shouldn't be with the coach. they both signed extensions worth a total of 103 million combined knowing that the kubiak offense wasn't going to allow them to chuck it around like they did with peyton manning in 1220, '13 and '14. -- in 2012, '13 and '14. so they should understand their production is coming down. they should also understand trevor siemian is a john lynch said in 2002 everyone played together. 2003 everyone was worried about getting credit. you don't want that to start happening with the broncos. >> the broncos huddle begins at 6:30. 9news sports reporter rod mackey is hosting the show from team headquarters. >> reporter: trevor siemian and broncos have proven they can win at home. now it's time to do it on the road. the bengals haven't lost at home in september since way
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denver for sure. >> -- tough task for denver for sure. >> you get put in tough situations in practice. hopefully in the game it comes to you and you're used to it. i think kubiak has done an awesome job of that. >> i think what helped today that speaker was right next to our ear. a few times he was trying to call the play and i was like what? what? it's definitely tough, but at the end of the the league almost seven years. i'm used to it. hopefully you can be able to get used to it and go down and win the game. >> aqib talib is our special guest tonight on the broncos huddle. we'll see if we can get him to reenact one of those pick 6's. rox beat the cardinals in lower downtown and arenado busted the game open with his fourth career grand slam, his
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easily 11-1. strange but drew the start of today's rockies game was delayed for several minutes because colorado relief pitcher carlos estevez and st. louis outfielder jose martinez engaged in a playful post national anthem standoff. each stood near their dugouts cams over hearts and refuse -- caps over hearts and refused to back down. the umpires huddled up trying to decide what to do wi cardinals huddled up like they won the world series. >> these recall the things that happen late in the season. >> especially when you're out of the pennant race. we're back to the 80s tomorrow and finally watching for cooler temperatures by the weekend. also another shot of seeing a few showers saturday into sunday, more isolated and then look at next week, not too
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>> perfect. nbc nightly news is next. after this you'll see next with
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tonight violent protests, tonight, violent protests, charlotte police plead for calm after demonstrations erupt over another deadly police shooting. tonight the conflicting accounts of that fatal encounter. terror trail, chilling new surveillance of the suspect handling a suit case before allegedly placing a bomb. as the fbi releases the images of two men it's looking for tonight. trump and race, a famous surrogate drop as racial epithet as trump courts african-american voters. and results from our brand-new poll. epipen outrage an embattled ceo defending a 400% price hike on a life saving device.


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