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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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officers clash in charlotte after a police shooting. >> surveillance cameras record a deadly shootout at a gas station in denver. >> it's been 20 years since the murder of jonbenet ramsey and it seems to be everywhere again, a look at why the curiosity over certain crimes never seems to go away. >> they call them mules in the industry. they're anything but slow and stubborn and made a surprise appearance in a colorado canyon. 9news starts now. across america people are watching charlotte, north carolina, tonight where one person was critically injured as peaceful protests evolved into violence. tonight's shooting happened near a hotel. city leaders say the victim was shot by a civilian, not an officer. a city councilman says at least seven officers have been injured and taken to hospitals. the protests again as demonstrations over the death
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whether he had a gun at the time. tonight officers used tear gas to control the crowd as protesters threw bottles and fireworks. a state of emergency has been declared and the national guard has been called in to help. the new va hospital on i- 225 under construction since 2009 is now more than five years lynn schedule and triple the -- behind schedule and triple the original $1.6 billion. in an 82 page report released today federal investigators call it gross mismanagement. the report goes into how warnings were disregarded, staff was inadequate to handle changes and designers thought more about how the building should look instead of the care the building should provide for colorado's veterans. the investigation went back to the original concept from 2000 up to 2009 when ground was broken. by the time that happened the report says so were the plans. all the changes laid the
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problems. halfen the plans change -- how often the plans changed was listed as a key for the factor in delays. then the design which included custom glass, wood, walls and floors. the investigation found senior officials failed to tell congress about the rising costs until 2013 when the project should have been finished. add to that the va did not properly oversee the design team or staffing and efforts to projects back on budget simply did not first. >> you drive by and you can see the size of the debacle, but today's report reveals theis really in the details. the medical center was turned into a money pit. curved buildings make up much of the hospital. the decision to go with the smaller buildings and more of them instead of a few taller buildings increased the costs. then the curved walls sent the costs higher. that was simply for aesthetics going with the curved walls
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also slowing down construction. then there was the obvious extra expense involved in the three parking structures, two above ground, one below. the original estimate for all three was 66 million. it came in at 180 million. the underground parking was meant to create a plaza and to preserve mountain views for the rest of the structure, but it cost five times what an above ground garage would have cost. the plaza was designed to be a front door to the outpatient facility, an the garage was to be underground except the third level underground is below the water table, something that was known at the time of construction. when the workers got down to it, they then found out the water was contaminated and had to be treated before the work could continue. >> some of the changes took only a day to figure out. some took 2 1/2 years. the report found the more expensive the change, the longer the resolution. there were more than 1,000 changes requested during the
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two years. in both 2013 and 2014 there were more than 400 each. more than 150 changes cost more than $100,000. on average it took more than a year to implement those changes. cheaper changes meaning faster still took about nine months. >> one name keeps coming up in this report. glenn haggstrom, the head of the project who testified before congress in 2013 and 2014 and he failed to explain the scope and flaws of the today he spoke with republican congressman mike coffman who told me that haggstrom and the va lied to congress. >> $1 billion of taxpayer money was wasted. i don't know how this organization moves forward, an organization that i believe is mired in bureaucratic in competence and corruption without holding people accountable. i think it sets a bad precedent. >> the chairman of the house
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waste and secrecy and will ask whether charges are warranted against haggstrom and others. nine separate times in the report a similar va facility in las vegas is mentioned. that building cost 620 million compared to 1.6 billion here. the biggest difference? that las vegas structures has tall rectangular buildings. the costs would have certainly been less if that was done from ar slightly facility and it cost 1/3 of the facility here. a denver gang member will spend nearly five years in prison for his part in a shootout near a busy intersection. 39-year-old dietrich mayfield was sentenced tuesday. he's in the white shirt in the video from a year ago this comes from a gas station and car wash surveillance video in the five points neighborhood. they had been washing an suv
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of 25th and downing. two people died. in the last hour former colorado governor bill owens released a statement on facebook about the jonbenet ramsey case and the recent cbs news series about it. a team of investigators on the series concluded that jonbenet's brother burke was the killer and her parents covered it up. owens does not directly point the finger at anybody, but says cbs is to be presenting a factual unemotional unbiased account of this tragedy. owens says he has his own strong views concerning who killed jonbenet based on conversations he had with people who were part of the investigation. the ramsey family attorney says they plan to sue cbs. that ramsey tv special follows other popular shows in recent
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case of oj simpson. we spoke with our reporter about the public's fascination of true crimes. >> reporter: we are a species full of contradiction. >> everybody knows the name jonbenet ramsey. >> reporter: we don't wish these things to happen, but when they do, we just can't seem to look away. >> it's the murder of a 6-year- old. it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy because once these things get national coverage they begin to put us all in a state where we have a ve professor at syracuse university in new york and is one of the most revered pop culture experts in the country. >> it's like serialized television. i hate to say this. i don't mean to be glib. the very coverage of the story makes us want to see more of the story. >> reporter: how much more? enough to compete in primetime television. on sunday the case of jonbenet registered a 2.2 rating. it was enough to draw 8.5 million viewers away from
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emmys. in 2014 leading sociologist scott bond offered a magazine article titled where we are drawn to true crime. in it he listed adrenaline. we like experiencing the fear of these incidents without the associated danger. >> there's all these kind of things that invite us into the story, speculation. >> reporter: we like playing detective, looking into clues and reaching conclusions before the investigators themselves. >>rl that they expect people to watch and that they hope lots and lots of people are going to watch. >> reporter: there is no particular form of la that creates -- formula that creates curiosity in a particular story, but mentioning those shows that you had talked about beforehand and even going back to earlier this year where we went up to evans and on dateline where they covered the tom fallis trial people are invested emotionally in this.
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had the information. you want to sort it out on your own. >> even on datelinethey ask you to tweet along to try to solve it and ask you questions who did this and who did that and almost make it like a game. >> people become part of the process. some students in our state have already had to deal with the loss of a friend, teacher or class might and school has already been in session a month. how the district can help students at times >> from castle rock to loveland there have been deadly car crashes and freak accidents where students and teachers have died. in fact, tomorrow night there's a memorial planned for two teachers who died in a wreck near loveland. this afternoon i sat down with denver public schools to see how they handle these types of incidents. >> there will be counselors at the school today. >> reporter: whenever tragedy impacts a school, we pass on familiar information about grief counselors, the people
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unthinkable happens. >> it's a hard part of our job, but i think it's one of the most important parts. >> reporter: counselors are part of a crisis team made up of psychologists, social workers and nurses. >> denver public schools crisis team was deployed 41 times last school year which was a lot higher than the year about and this year i think we've already been out seven times. >> reporter: over the past month crisis teams have been busy at castle view high school after a senior died in a morning crash, at peak to peak charter school after a cross- country runner collapsed during a race and never got up. at legacy high school after a bus driver carrying football players and coaches was killed in a crash at dia and at fort collins and longmont high schools after two teachers lost their lives in a wreck near loveland. >> i think sometimes people think we should be able to tell kids just to get over it, you
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it doesn't work like that. >> reporter: for district crisis teams the grieving process begins with a conversation in a which is room. >> talking -- in a classroom. >> talking to them about what happened and how they're feeling and then teaching them how to support their friend. >> reporter: support is what students need most when the unthinkable happens. >> it's been a busy year. >> reporter: ellen kelti says all dps schools are workers and crisis teams are typically called into a school for go a day or two and there's even -- for about a day or two and there's even a state crisis team that can be deployed for any type of major event. a trooper we first met when a car thief ran him down is back in the news today for a much better moment on the job. the trooper's worst day played
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he was hit by a car going nearly 100 miles per hour. for nearly two years he worked hard on his recovery, stayed positive and is back out there making a difference. the state patrol released this grainy image today. that is the trooper working with a truck driver on 470 who had a propane tank catch fire in the bed of his truck. a new view of colorado's spectacular fall colors. >> she is almost 92 and got her wish wheel of a big rig. >> four very fast new rules got a lot of attention on i-70 that included a momento from law enforcement. >> if you like pb and j, you'll understand what broncos wide receiver emmanuel sanders was
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ford's super car will be a rare sight when it goes into production because the company is only making a certain number a year. the mules were clocked doing 101 in a 50, only half their top speed. avon police called ahead to eagle county and state patrol. the test driver was pulled over on an exit ramp and said they were doing high altitude testing. they all got a ticket. at age 92 a woman in minnesota finally was able to get behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler. her husband drove a big rig and she said for decades she wanted to try it herself. louise got to go to truck driving school.
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she was tough enough to deal with breast cancer just a few months ago, so her family knew she could handle it. >> tons of steel and rubber rolling down the highway, it's beautiful. >> louise stayed on a closed course and got to put the truck through several maneuvers. after the last one was finished she received a certificate declaring her an honorary truck driver. she said she would prefer to take the truck home instead of the certificate. in the ultimate promotion for corporate -- i'm supposed to talk about this farm maze dedicated to jimmy fallon -- the farmer says the planting of the corn and pumpkin patterns took about a year. cutting the paths took a couple months. keep an eye out for that maze on the tonight show. >> pretty impressive. it might be the last day of the summer season but certainly looking like fall already. up in the high country the gold and oranges are popping up
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journey up in the mountains, now is the time. this is some amazing video shot from a drone from josh reeks along the spring creek pass on highway 149 out there toward the san juans, just an amazing sight to see with all those golden colors popping out, the blue skies, a couple clouds. this was shot on monday, but just a spectacular scene out there. we officially will be welcoming in the autumnal equinox tomorrow morn we'll have nearly the same amount of daylight and nightlight. today certainly felt like summer, 84 at the dia, close to 90 degrees in fort collins despite the clouds and in greeley 90s lining up the far eastern plains, lamar 95 with 60s and 70s across the western slope. now at the airport 60 degrees, mostly clear skies, but we will watch a few clds push back in. winds quiet and calm out of the south only 9 miles per hour. here in the 9news backyard our temps there in the low 60s,
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changes this weekend. now on hd doppler 9 it's been a pretty quiet evening around the front range, had a couple raindrops fall in the 9news backyard around 4:00 or 5:00 and that's about it. we've really been watching south central colorado where we've had a line of thunderstorms pushing into parts of springfield, up in the northern mountains a couple light showers, but that's about it, a fairly unorganized storm system which s the remnants of hurricane paine sitting in the four corners. now our eyes shift to the pacific northwest where our next storm system is starting to cook. it will bring us scattered showers, cooler temperatures and gusty winds as we head toward the weekend. tonight we're down to 56 degrees, mostly cloudy skies after midnight, sunrise at 6:46 tomorrow morning. very mild conditions across eastern colorado, some spots falling to the low 60s, 40s in
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toward telluride. we have a cold front just barely nudging northeastern colorado, kind of a backdoor cold front tomorrow morning. we could wake up to a little patchy fog along i-76, i-80. meanwhile the game changer, this area of low pressure is slowly making its way into our backyard. it really looks like friday afternoon and evening that system barrels in bringing us a better chance at rain showers and gusty winds on it will potentially bring some severe weather to most of utah, just a sliver of the western slope. for everyone else just light showers around eastern colorado. the rest of tonight looks pretty good. there's the front as it backs in along i-76. we'll wake up to some dense fog out there, too. it will be interesting to see just how far west it makes its way potentially toward dia. keep that in mind if you have an early morning flight.
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throughout the afternoon. the showers push up from the southwest. we might find one or two in the metro area, but they'll be very brief. you'll notice a few light rain showers, gusty winds and it should be long gone. as the system pushes closer to us, i'm not anticipating a ton of rain. if you've been looking for that big quench of moisture it, won't be around. i-25 and the far eastern plains, if anything, we'll watch the high country areas possibly snowfall along the higher peaks this weekend, partly cloudy skies, a bit of a shower forming. another hot day in southeastern colorado, back to the mid-90s yet again even though it is officially the start of fall, 70s in grand lake, frisco and 84 in grand junction, a nice beginning to the day, especially on the west side. you folks should have some sunshine. along the south platte you'll
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we'll have a mix of sun and clouds. the brief shower pushes through and by friday afternoon and evening the storm system swings closer to colorado. back behind it cooler temperatures, 60s this weekend and if you have any plans saturday, that's the day we'll watch the rain showers, cooler temperatures and it will really feel a little bit more like fall around here. >> we can handle it. we're tough. >> adele, can you? >> she's out. i'm in. >> back to th
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from from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi. everybody. if the nfl were really smart, they would order a whole season
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and a forced fumble. it's the third time von's received this honor. broncos wide receiver emmanuel sanders admitted today when he got walloped by colts quarterback antonio cromartie he briefly questioned himself asking if he really wanted to play professional football? >> i get hit, you know, and i got to get up, you know. i remember my uncle used to always tell me in little league if you're not dead, you run off broken leg and i guess it stuck with me, you know, because i took that hit the other day and i wanted to lay on the ground and wanted somebody to bring me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. for the second straight week broncos safety darian stewart received a fine from the nfl for delivering a dirty hit. stewart nearly decapitated andrew luck. that will cost him $9,000. trevor siemian has a chance to become the first broncos
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osweiler last year. 9news broncos insider mike klis thinks siemian needs to be more careful on the pages of his notebook. >> reporter: if not for one measly aspect of a football game, people would be gushing about trevor siemian as a two game sensation. that one hiccup? throwing interceptions deep in enemy territory. siemian's three picks this year have come at the opponent's 25 and 30-yard line. two of those interceptions came on what are usually safe throws, those horizontal passes along the line of scrimmage. >> yeah. it's just getting a feel for these guys. i was joking earlier two of my picks i wish i had got my money worth maybe throwing the ball downfield or something. >> reporter: that was funny, drew, come on. you laughed. overall siemian has been accurate, he's moved the team between the 30s at will.
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besides we football insiders overanalyze the red zone. the broncos were 28th in red zone last year. they won the super bowl. they're 27th in red zone this year. maybe that means the broncos will win back to back super bowls. mike klis, 9news. avalanche star nathan mckinnon scored the most significant goal of his life tonight. mckinnon is playing for north america in the hockey tournament and snuck in front of the net tied with sweden in overtime. >> nathan mckinnon scores! >> that's what i'm talking about! mckinnon scores a skate-off goal. north america wins 4-3. nolan arenado belted his first bases loaded home run of the season today. arenado busted the game open with his fourth career grand slam and national league leading 3090 homer of the year.
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roccos easily win 11-1. did i ever mention how much i love sports? >> that 1 time you did. >> the start of the rockies game was delayed for several minutes when estevez and martinez engaged in a playful post national anthem standoff. each stood near their dugouts cams over hearts refusing to back -- caps over hearts refusing to back down. the umpires huddled up to try to figure out how to estevez flinched first and cards acted like they won the pennant. martinez was fanned off by yadier molina while winning the longest anthem showdown ever in
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jimmy has kelly ripa on.
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