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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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they started peaceful - then chaos. gun shots and tear gas. one person was shot - and is on life support this morning. police say - someone in the crowd fired those shots - not an officer. we'll have more from charlotte, tulsa and new york... in just a few minutes.. good morning...gary, corey and cheryl
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in just a few hours - the new season officially arrives. marty - how long until we actually feel it? today - donald
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sure are.. three big names are in colorado today - hoping to rally voters. tarhonda thomas is at the sheraton hotel in downtown denver - where ivanka trump is scheduled to speak about her
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hillary clinton is
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she's up by six points... according to the lastest wall street journal and n-b-c poll. both candidates are getting ready for monday's debate. on the campaign trail wednesday - mrs. clinton made the case for more inclusive jobs - especially for those with disablities. she says - her career gives her a lot of insight.. from her work with the children's defense fund - to her time as - when she appointed the first special adviser for international disability rights. chaos continued across charlotte.. peaceful protests turned violent... police came out in riot gear, using flash grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd. it was the second night of protests - after 43-year-old keith scott was killed by police tuesday night. police say - scott ignored orders to drop his weapon. others witnesses
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actually holding a book. the governor of north carolina - declared a state of emergency - sending in the national guard and highway patrol to help monitor the unrest. in tulsa - a vigil for the man shot by police last week. terrence crutcher was shot on friday.. police there say it was justified - but video appears to show crutcher's hands were up at the time. local religious leaders held a vigil - hoping to keep any protests and anger at a peaceful level. both presidential nominees - are reacting to the protests in north carolina.. n-b-c's tracie potts has more from the campaign trail...
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and noticing the things around them in new york since the explosion there. police say they've received more than 400 calls about suspicious packages - in the last 48 hours. here's one example: it was found under an overpass in the bronx.. it was a pressure cooker - but did not have an wires or cellphone in it. none of those new yorkers have been on high alert since a bomb in chelsea injured more than two dozen people. investigators say - a homeless man in new jersey - is a hero. lee parker and a friend found a bag near a train station in elizabeth. that bag - was full of explosives - placed there by the suspect. a local organization got parker a hotel room - and his now hosting an online campaign to raise money for him. parker says - he just wants a good
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hospital is still under construction. over budget and years behind schedule... now - federal investigators say it was grossly mismanaged. a new 82 page report - dove into the dirty details of the one point six billion dollar project.. they say - too much focus on looks - and too many last minute changes - drove up the costs. parking was a big issue too. complications include... smaller buildings - instead of just a few talls ones. and curving those buildings - just to make them look nice - takes longer and costs more. three parking structures -- one underground - complicated things even more.. back in 20-11 -- the orignial estmiate for the new building was 66 million doillars. now - it's more than double - at 180 million.
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this is trooper bell hee. he's working with a truck driver on e- 470 who had a propane tank and tool batteries catch fire in the bed of his pickup truck. trooper hee is back on the job after getting struck by a car at nearly 100-miles per hour. it took him nearly two years to recover. from the deadly legacy high school bus crash to an athlete collapsing at a cross country meet some students in colorado are starting off the school year with tragedy. and they need help to deal with the loss. are sent to schools in times like this they are apart of crisis teams made up of psychologists, social workers and nurses. over the past month, crisis teams have been busy in colorado. at peak to peak charter school, after a cross- country runner collapsed during a race and never got up. two teachers lost their lives in a bad crash near loveland. but school officials say it's important for these kids to get help to get through the grieving process. ellen kelty says
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workers. crisis teams are typically called into a school for a day or two. kelty says there's even a state crisis team that is deployed after major events. no matter how fast your car goes -- you have to obey
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these ford test drivers - learned
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that's what was waiting for these drivers - who were out in glenwood canyon testing ford's newest super car.. the new cars will be very rare.. ford is only making 250 a year. and they'll cost about ha a million dollars. on wednesday - three of them were driving along the i- 70 in glenwood canyon -- going about 101 miles per hour. that's only half of what they can do. the test drivers told officers they were doing high altitude testing -
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sheriff's deputies in western colorado have arrested 14 people... for illegally growing marijuana. the garfield county sheriff says - the group grew about 3-thousand plants across 30 to 40 acres. twelve men and two women were arrested - and deputies say about six others ran away and have not been caught. on the legal side of things - colorado continues to explore the benefits of marijuana. wednesday - five state lawmakers all endorsed medical marijuana as a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. the vote does not have any legal standing - right now, it's just a recommendation for the full legislature - which resumes in january. medical marijuana has been legal here for more than 10 years - but this would be the first time it's approved to treat ptsd. some patients of the air force academy clinic in colorado springs are being warned - they could've been exposed to contaminated medical equipment. the veterans affairs department says an airman at the clinic skipped a step in cleaning endoscopes
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so they're notifying 267 patients who underwent gastro- intestinal procedures. academy administrators say the 19 scopes involved were checked and found to be free of any infectious material. this weekend - the race for the cure... we've been talking about it all week.. today - we want to here about your breast cancer hero! share yours or a loved ones story - and tell us what makes them so amazing - use hashtag "be on 9" a community that advocates say - is often overlooked. plus - customers in the south hope their gas supply goes back to normal.. an update on that leaking pipeline in alabama.. if you get these new nikes - you don't even have to tie them! but - it's not velcro keeping
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getting a new housing project... the colorado housing and finance authority just approved a 17- million dollar project - for disabled housing. 60 new units will go up near cherokee street and cedar avenue -- close to baker's alameda light rail station. organizers say - there's a big lack of disability housing - and the people of baker are supportive of the new units.
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a leaking gas pipeline in alabama is back open -- after causing shortages and surging fuel prices across the south. colonial pipeline says - the affected pipe was reopened wednesday night. the company discovered the leak on september 9th -- and believe up to 336-thousand gallons of gas left the line. supplies dried up across georgia, tennessee and the carolinas - leaving customers frustrated and gas trucks waiting in line... they say - fuel supplies will return to normal -- but it will takeve self lacing shoes... nike has them - and they will officially go on sale - starting november 28th. that's the monday after thanksgiving. no word on the cost just yet - but nike's p-r director tweeted that shoppers will have to make an appointment to "experience and purchase" the
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blue bell creamery is recalling some of its ice cream...again. two versions of their chocolate chip cookie dough - you can see them here - could contain listeria. the affected cartons were distributed in 10 states... but colorado was not on that list. it's another setback after last year's recall - when a listeria contamination caused blue bell to recall all of its products. a new way to get to the football game.. even if you live far away.. go head-to-head. with rod mackey and broncos insider mike klis. in the u-s mortgages pro football pick- em. each week, put your football picks up against the sports fans around... and watch game day live on sundays. to see rod and mike's picks. the top player of the week gets a 250-dollar gift card.
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on contest. from fort collins to the front gate of mile high...
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having to get behind the wheel. cdot is going to start offering special bustang service for broncos fans in fort collins and colorado springs.... it will be safe transport to games so they don't have to drive. it'll be offered for
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30th game against the chargers. cdot says the bus will drop fans off 90 minutes before kickoff--so they can enjoy the pre- game experience. tickets will cost you about 30 bucks. if the service is successful... cdot plans to offer it for the rest of the 2016
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a man shot.. four officers injured. a second night of violence in charlotte, north carolina. we're live in north carolina with a look at the chaos overnight. a homeless hero... the man who helped


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