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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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this is 9 news. the national guard arrived in charlotte after another night of this. violent protests after the police shot and killed keith scott. the bystanders and media. fires were set and property has been destroyed. wednesday's protests started as a prayer vigil. a group split off and then marched through downtown. that's when that march turned violent. a protester was shot by another person and was critically injured. they say he was shot by somebody in the crowd. the police say they did not fire that shot. protesters eventually moved to a highway late wednesday night, bringing traffic there to a halt. keith scott was killed tuesday afternoon, charlotte
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refuse to drop his weapon. witnesses say he was reading a book in his car. our sister station in charlotte, wcnc, has a picture from a witness showing a gun on the ground. the police say that was scott's gun. scott's family and the charlotte community wants more answers from the police. for now, people are told to stay home and stay off the streets until the state of emergency is lifted. good morning, everybody, happy fy backyard. the temperatures feel more like the calendar designates, the first day of fall. >> the equinox coming up and in 2 hours and 20 minutes. we'll be in the mid 60s by the end of the rush hour this morning. dry around here, so far, but we are seeing several areas of thunderstorms in utah today. that's along a cold front that's slipping into utah, that will
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border, high winds in western colorado from durango, cortez, all the way through durango and eagle. high wind warning from 9:00 to 5:00 tomorrow morning, wind gusts 30, 40, 50 miles per hour, at times, 60 miles per hour. as far as rain goes, limited sprinkles herene 5:00 on the eastern plains, a handful of storms possible t. best chance of rain will be in the west during the day. a mostly dry day n the low 80s this afternoon, if there is to be a shower, lit be brief. it will be, it will be light and after 5:00 p.m. i won't be changing any plans because of that. >> i think what you're saying is no gully washers, one of my
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29 and 6th avenue. the city is starting to hit the roads and get on the freeways, we've been very, very safe and quiet. one exception is out to the west side of town. and as i just mentioned, running late. westbound at 285 interchange. picking up the cone, we're going to the speeds are 13-15 miles per hour approaching the cone zone, but as they get it wrapped up, the back ups should dissipate quickly. maybe you're thinking about washing the car, the rain drops around 5:00 are so sdpu far between that it's not going to be a big impact on the car. and a nice dry drive. >> is that your house? >> yes. >> this is my new car. >> i like it. >> yeah. >> i like it, very, very nice.
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visiting colorado today. vice presidential candidate mike pence, ivanka trump and donald trump, jr., all going to be in the state at separate events. 9 news reporter tarhonda thomas joins us outside of the sheridan in downtown denver. tarhonda, all three of them are spread out across the state. >>reporter: no matter where you go today, you have a good chance of seeing a trump, north side of colorado, central colorado, southern colorado, and the west side of the state. they've all got campaign stops starting right here in denver, downtown, with ivanka trump, speaking at the sheridan, now, she's going to be here for a breakfast with the colorado women's alliance. that starts at 7:30 this morning. what we do know about this event is that ivanka trump will be taking questions from the audience, we haven't been told how many questions, but she will be taking those questions from the audience, we're thinking that women's issues, of course, will be top of mind, since this
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and he's her father's sounding board. now, her brother, donald trump, jr., he's going to be at a different part of the state in grand junction today, and he's going to be speaking at the mesa county fairgrounds, and his issues will be different, he's going to be talking about wildlife management, wildlife conservation, those hunting and fishing topics that we often hear about as a concern from people in many parts of the state, including in the grand junction area. mike pence, the man who hopes to be the southern colorado today. he will be in colorado springs, speaking to a small group or a town hall-style group, at a smaller venue, so we can imagine there's going be a lot of conversation there. now, we mentioned northern colorado, that's north collins, ivanka trump will be there, too, today. after she leaves the breakfast here, she's going to go to a charter school in fort collins, where the principal is a former u.s. house of representatives member from the state of
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today, starting with this stop, 7:30 this morning in downtown denver. but the trump campaign is stumping hard in colorado, we are a battleground state. >> a busy day ahead, thank you. trump is trailing in the polls nationally, ahead of the first debate coming up on monday. the latest nbc wall street journal poll shows hillary clinton leading by 6 points, that comes even after clinton took time off after recovering from pneumonia. in a 4-way race clinton gets 43% of the vote, trump is 47%. gary johnson gets 9% of the vote in the polls and green party candidate jill stein gets 3% n. a two-way ray race, clinton leads 48% to 41%. on thursday, clinton was in the swing state of florida talking about her economic plan. >> good work deserves fair pay. no matter who you are. >> clinton is taking today off
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has enough to take the stage. it starts at 7:00 p.m. nbc's lester holt will be the moderator, the three main topic also be america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. it's 6:07 now. a 19-year-old woman is the latest member of a biker gang accused of murder. a weld county judge ruled that there is enough evidence to charge karly hanchett with murder, she and five other biker gang members are accused of st death. 34-year-old tara was killed last september, her remains were found 100 miles away in wyoming in april. former pierce town board member daniel meyer is also charged in this case, another defendant says he had a fight with the victim and stabbed her after hanchett hit the woman in the head. he made headlines two years ago after a suspect ran him down
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working with a truck driver on e-470 who had a propane tank and batteries catch fire. good to see him back on the road after two years of a long recovery. >> oh, boy. 8 minutes after 6:00 right now. patients of the air force academy clinic may have been exposed to contaminated medical equipment. an airman at the a step in cleaning end scopes, between june and september. so they're now note tying 267 points who underwent gastrointestinal procedures t. 19 scopes involved were checked out, they didn't find any infectious material on them, so the notifications are precautionary.
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under colorado's medical pot program. the vote doesn't have legal effect, sit just a recommendation to the full legislature. colorado's change would put colorado in line with 18 other states and washington, d.c. that allows cannabis for ptsd treatment. a cold front coming in for the weekend, we have had another one sneak into northeastern colorado, it's affecting colorado with haze and fog, a mile of visibility a towards holyoke that, is going to break up. it will be probably 11:00 this morning before you start to see some sunshine over northeastern colorado. late this afternoon, temperatures will warm, the 90s will be in the southeast. and we have a very small chance for a brief, brief thundershower here this evening, as we bounce into the mid 70s and low 80s later today. all right. marty, thank you. we deal with a lot of distractions while we drive,
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they drive. well, a man from oregon did this to his car. the reason will make -- >> it can be stressful driving home to colorado springs or fort collins after partying all day at a broncos game. a brand new bus service that
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just talked about the cool air, the fog that has settled into northeastern colorado, that's going to be hanging around until 10:30, 11:00 this morning, for the rest of us, the next big event is going to be a cold front off to the northwest. it's already kicking off thunderstorms in utah this morning. if there is to be a shower, it will be and after 5:00 p.m., on the plains, foothills areas could see shower as early as 2:00 to 3:00. they'll be moving about rapidly, they'll lay down minimal moisture, even if you get a shower it will be hundredth of an inch of rain, temperatures in the 70s and 80s here, it will be cooler over the northeastern plains. mainly because of that cooler, more humid air that has moved in. the clouds are hanging around over northwestern colorado this
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afternoon, some isolated storms in the south-southeast and western colorado today. where we have the best chance for moderate to heavy rain along the utah-colorado border late in the afternoon. 70, 80s, northeast. mountains and west. mid 90s and very windy down south. 83 degrees. and an evening shower, zips on by, moves out, we stay windy out of the south overnight tonight. which keeps us in the upper 50s. look for low 80s tomorrow, windy conditions tomor saturday. with some showers, mainly the foothills and there could be rain mixed with snow in the foothills saturday night to sunday morning. i just feel like something really cool, we get to drive to work, most of us, any way, before 8:21 in the summer, we get to drive home, officially in the fall. kind of a fun little fact there. 8:21 is when we officially switch over.
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225 in yosemite. back ups south of park r road. cdot cameras, the late road work across the westbound stretch of c-470 near 285 is back to normal t backups that were previously here have broken down entirely, which is such a nice way to kick things off. previously, we had the speeds around 15 miles per hour out of kent carol, up to the north, great conditions across c-470, 225 is dense around the 25 split, but otherwise, we're off to a nice easy amelia. that's good news. thank you, broncos country, of course, extends way beyond the metro area. and for fans in other cities that want to go to the games it can be a tough drive. >> dealing with far distance, traffic and even the occasional drunk driver is time consuming and dangerous, so cdot is offering a bus service to help get fans in colorado springs to the game. >> colleen is live outside mile-high this morning, colleen, cdot is getting to test the new bus-tang service out first.
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upcoming games, october 9th versus atlanta falcons and again, october 30th, versus san diego chargers, you know, we've all been in the position where you're partying here all day, having a great time, you maybe had a stressful thing to drive home to colorado springs or fort collins, and cdot says they want to give you another option here, give you the travel alternative. for $30, round trip, you can take the bus-stang, either to o collins here, it will leave two locations from the springs, and fort collins, and take you right back there. you've going to get here to the stadium 90 minutes before the game starts. so still, plenty of time, i think that is still plenty of time to enjoy some pregame festivities. and then you will head out back to colorado springs, or fort collins, 30 minutes after the game is over. they say if there's a demand for this, if they really see a lot of interest on october 9th and october 30th, they will continue
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and if you're not really familiar with the bus-tang, it started in july of 2015, a lot of people use it to get to and from work a lot, but the climate control, their coach buses, wifi, bathrooms, power outlets, wheelchair, that's like a luxury ride to and from the game, not having to worry about parking over here. you know, not even having to worry about drinking and driving. $30 round 9th and october 29th. go to the website,, we have a link of where you can buy the tickets. >> sounds like a no-brainer to us. >> so popular. you know it. >>ening that'ss much. he was just trying to find something to carry his stuff in, little did he know, that it would make him a hero. >> why the people credit him with possibly saving lives and why they have decided to help him out. plus, sacramento mayor kevin johnson gets rudely interrupted
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welcome back, it's 620. two men credited with finding one of the bombs in a new jersey trash can are getting a helping hand by the people who are hearing about their story online. lee parker is the man in the middle of the photo, they found a backpack in elizabeth, new jersey on sunday night. they looked inside, they found a bomb and immediately told the
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are having a tough time financially. the goal was $10,000 to help them find permanent housing. by this morning it's been doubled and still going strong and mr. parker says he's humbled and grateful, and they would like the opportunity to work again. they're hoping for a job. >> i'm guessing that's going to happen next. current sacramento mayor not on purpose at a charity dinner on wednesday night. he was giving a speech at the dinner when a guy just walked out, pulled the pie out of a bag and shoved it into johnson's face. witnesses say the mayor defended himself, he hit the man at least once. the people then, i think we're going the see it then, they jumped in to wrestle the man to the ground. he was cut on the head and taken to a hospital. we're not going to see it?
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official. the police have no idea why he decided to attack the mayor. you want to know how this car ended up like this? the driver saw a spider drop from the mirror. freaked out and crashed. that is something that the police say they have never heard before. >> spiders are a new one for me, a lot of people do have phobias over spiders and i completely understand that. >> the driver wasn't hurt. the driver was not hurt at all. though, a spider might have been -- not have been as having to pay for the car because the car was totalled. >> yeah. >> because of the spider. >> he's not hurt. >> you can understand how that -- >> was the spider hurt? >> you're bigger than the spider, honey, it's okay. swat it out of the way. >> you understand how that could happen. >> i get it. number one fear. >> you're bigger than the spider. >> barely. >> i went to crash, i would have pulled over and got out of the
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oh, my gosh. >> and spiders are dropping from the trees. all right. bring you back around. >> oh, man. 6:23 right now, me head us all jealous, but marty mcfly won't be the only one with self-lacing sneakers, when nike drops the dream come true. the low 80s this afternoon, any mention of shower, i light, will be after 5:00. the next three days, very small chance for a sprinkle tomorrow, it will be very windy, it starts getting cooler on saturday, a chilly morning nor the race for the cure with temperatures in the 40s. for the fun run. by 8:00 a.m., and we'll barely be in the mid 50s by the time we get to the survivors ceremony, bundle up and enjoy the sunshine. in the meantime, we've got
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are on our side. views across the cdot cameras, the drive up towards boulder, looking nice. light volume across the city, including your start along c-470, late road work at 285, everything is back to normal. drive times across 270, mid 40s
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be still my beating heart, pizza hut is taking stuffed crust pizza to a new level. it's happening. cheddar and mozzarella cheese in the crust and on top of it, along with toasted bread crumbs and melted butter. oh, my goodness, it looks amazing. i heard marty go, oh, boy. [ laughter ] . >> a large one topping is going to cost you $13, available across the cou the morning. >> you know, every cardiologist in the country is screaming at the tv now. >> there's not enough calories in regular pizza any way. >> everything in moderation. sneaker heads, rejoice, you'll never have to relace your shoes again, if you're lucky enough to get nike's new self-lacing shoes, on the 28th of november in time for the holiday rush, might be tough to get your hands on. the pr director for nike treated
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locations and you need to make an appointment. they are battery charged. you have to plug in your shoes. i'll write that down with make a dentist appointment. cutting down on the number of teen driver deaths in our state,
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this is 9 news. clashes with the police, fire in the streets. oh, it was a tough night. tear gas in the air. charlotte is in a state of emergency after the city descended into chaos for a second straight night. the trump campaign has its sights set on colorado. four stops in one day. today, i'll tell you all about it. coming up. and with a snap, cdot is hoping approach to get teenagers to get the message to buckle up. it should be another another gorgeous day in the metro area, enjoy the 80s because the changes are coming. meteorologist marty coniglio is tracking the changes on the way, fitting for the first day of fall. >> it is, and around here, we have had changes just off to the north and east, hey, it's gorgeous here, got another broncos sunrise going for us here locally. but it is overcast and hazy as
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visibility around here has been fine, but boy, from fort morgan to the north and east, we have several areas with less than a mile of visibility, the clouds will stay over the northeast through this morning, break up by lunchtime. showers have been going in parts of western colorado, just nibbling that utah and wyoming border. with several areas of thunderstorms in utah. they are concerned with flash flooding in central and southern utah. with high winds anticipated in western colorado today, going as far as sustained winds go. some of the gusts could go to 60 around that part of the state. we'll clear things out around here over the northeastern plains. hit the 70s and low 80s here. we have much cooler air headed our way for this weekend. all right. thank you, marty. sit 6:32. we're getting on out to our view here from sky 9, over the brand new accident southbound, as you come on through towards 104th avenue, you can see some big
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as we head through. these delays will build towards 100 and 12th avenue. to the ground level view here, take a look at the accident in the far left lane. backups coming through, now should get lighter because of everybody is just scoots across the', they're on the shoulder. curiosity delay. they should wrap up here quickly. out to the west, doing better also, construn wrapped up at 6:00, and doing much, much better. i'm totally fascinated by this, we get to drive to work in the summer, if you take off before 8:21 in the morning and head home in the fall later this afternoon. >> isn't that amazing? >> i love it. i love it. [ laughter ] . >> that's a good season trivia. >> all right, amelia. colorado is still an important player in this year's election, donald trump's
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important we are today. mike pence, ivanka trump and donald trump, jr., are all in the state today. they're spread out all across the state campaigning for donald trump. >> 9 news reporter tarhonda thomas is in downtown where ivanka will speaking. and the only person mising is donald trump himself. >>reporter: exactly, when you've got coverage like this, you may not need to touch the state, not today at least, because he has so much backup, from his mp at 7:30 at the sheridan hotel in downtown denver. the group is holding a breakfast and ivanka trump will take questions from the audience, it is focused on issues that are important to women. ivanka trump has been the representative for her father, she's going to get important questions from the colorado women's alliance members a tht -- at this breakfast today.
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charter school, that school run by a former u.s. house of representatives republican member from colorado. so she's going to be visiting that charter school after being here this morning. now, her brother, donald trump, jr., going to be on the west side of the state. he will be in grand junction, speaking at the mesa county fairgrounds at 6:00 tonight, he's not going to be focused on women's issues, instead, he'll be talking about wildlife management and resources, the hunting and fishing aspect. that's so important to so many people who will be voting t year. he's coming fresh off of the controversy comparing syrian refugees to a bowl of skittles, would you take a handful. we'll see if he addresses that and what he calls overpolitically correctness in this country, we'll see if he talks about that at this event this evening. this afternoon, governor mike pence, the man who hopes to be vice president, will be in colorado springs. he'll be taking a trip down south, having a town hall-style meeting at a smaller venue at 2:00 this afternoon, taking
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this is the campaign that sdebs their vote. you know colorado, a big purple state. battleground state, blue, could go red. either way. but the trump campaign is hoping they can get some leverage today by sending three members of the campaign to four visits across our state, in just one day. gary. >> all right. and i'm guessing we'll see hillary before it's all over, too, thank you, tarhonda. hillary clinton is still leading in the polls across the country. just days before the first debate. acco clinton has a 6-point lead in a 4-way race and a 7 point lead, if you leave out the third party candidates, today, mrs. clinton taking a day off from campaigning, she will be preparing for monday night's debate. her campaign did release a new web video, attacking donald trump for not releasing his taxes and possibly misusing charity money. >> yeah, i do that all the time, there's nothing like doing
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republicans, the irs is looking into the clinton foundation, but now democrats want the agency to investigate trump's foundation as well. neither third party candidate has enough support to make it into the first presidential debate, you need 15%. and nbc's lester holt is going to moderate, you ku watch the debate on channel 9 monday night at 7:00. it is 6:37 now. they came in the night, armored cars and solder whys from the national guard arrived in charbe their mission, to try to restore peace in a city that has seen two nights of riots, fires and violence. angry because they are not getting the answers that they want. nbc's sara is live for us. the country is watching. >>reporter: that's right, cheryl, many people are upset, just as you mentioned, mainly about the shooting, 43-year-old keith scott, hundreds of people
6:38 am
night. in protest of that shooting, tuesday night, they had anger and racial tension boiling over after yet another officer-involved shooting, bringing the police out in riot gear for yet another night, this happened tuesday and again last night. protesters, it started out peaceful, those protests in a park in uptown charlotte and then it staedly got violent through the night as night fell and protesters began to march uptown, into the heart of the city. and when it got in front of the hotel at one point, that's when we're t and a civilian was a protester was shot and the police are adamantly saying that that protester was not shot by an officer, he is on life support fighting for his life this morning. protesters were able to go through the heart of the city, they went into the interstate again as they did tuesday night. police were able to corral them back into the city and get them to disperse. and now, the things are calm here in uptown charlotte.
6:39 am
fwhar could come with the dashcam video, not being released. the police chief says he's not going to release the dashcam video until the investigation is no longer active. it still is active. the national guard and the highway patrol will serve as backup for the police here in charlotte. reporting, live in charlotte, guys, back to you. >> everybody will be so interested in seeing the video and any evidence that there might be. >> you would think it would go a long way towards ending the violence if theyea way or another. thank you. >> thanks. a bizarre moment in the middle of last night's protest, video shows people on motorcycles and atv's, popping wheelies and donuts in front of a line of police in riot gear, cars were racing each other on the street, no word if the drivers were arrested. it's 6:39 right now, there are serious accusations this morning against brad pitt, multiple reports are out this morning say he's accused of child abuse, and is under investigation. both tmz and are
6:40 am
department of children and families is investigating reports that pitt was verbally and physically abusive, to one of the couple's kids, according to tmz, spit disputing the -- pitt is disputing the accusation, pitt and jolie have 6 kids together, jolie filed for divorce earlier this week. a new v.a. hospital in aurora is five years behind schedule now. triple its original budget. and you know what? the v.a. knew it. couldn't build the hospital on them at all, that's what a new 82 page report says and picks apart the 1.6 billion dollar project. federal investigators have called it gross mismanaged and outlined how hundreds of changes and too much focus on making the buildings look good, cost a lot of extra money. the investigation goes back to the original concept in 2000, and listed some key factors for the costly delays. at the top of the list, changes in the plans, then there's the
6:41 am
cost for custom glass, wood, walls, and floors. we took a closer look at some of those extra projects that some think are extravagant, one of them, the decision to go with more smaller buildings instead of just two tall ones. some of those small buildings also have curved walls, to make them look nice. that cost even more. another costly decision involves parking. one is below ground. the original estimate for was 66 million dollars, now 180 million dollars. two members of congress say there should be a perjury investigation over the failure to report the rising costs. students at cu denver will have a new place to get physically emotionally and financially fit. it begins at 11:30 this morning, the 92,000 student funded
6:42 am
2018. it will also have a student kitchen, in addition to gyms and intersize rooms and outdoor activity areas. when will you study in there's so much to do. >> there is so much to do. blue bell creameries is recalling the ice cream again, chocolate chip cookie doug was potentially con tame nated with listeria. as well as half gallons of its ok a handful of southern states, blue bell says no illnesses have been reported. listeria contamination last year made it recall all of the products. today the focus is on the western slope. high wind warnings. from eagle all the way through the montrose and four corners,
6:43 am
haze over the northern sections of the metro area, up towards fort collins, i do anticipate that to burn off here by mid-morning. any showers today, light, fast moving and after 5:00. chilly this weekend. susan komen race for the cure this sunday. temperatures in the 40s. but it will be dry, and it will be calm. so i think it's going be a really nice morning for a walk-race. >> sounds like it. remember last year, it was so hot. >> so hot. >> it was really w yes. well, as marty was talking about, the susan g. komen race for the cure is a few days away. you walk it, you can run it, take it at your own pace. the race is sunday, 5 k. at 8:00 in the morning at pepsi center. it's always a really fun morning, very emotion sxl moving. survivor -- emotional and
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support and a donation. 75% of the money raised stays here in colorado. 25% goes to national breast cancer efforts. share a picture of your hero on facebook or twitter using the e on 9. maybe it's a survivor, a story of someone you know who was a hero. we want to recognize all of those heroes this morning. share them with us again on facebook, or on twitter use the e on survivor, that's so encouraging it. keep it going. >> keep it going. hey, could a snap save a colorado teenager's life? a new snapchat campaign directed at the state's youngest drivers. >>reporter: distance, traffic, drunk driver, plenty of reason for fort collins residents not to go to a broncos game but thanks to a new program, they
6:46 am
6:47 am
congress is putting a little pressure on, so more people can get a life-saving drug, right now, the $600 price is out of reach for a lot of people who need an epipen. proposed legislation is going to allow medicare to directly negotiate drug prices with companies, the move is favored
6:48 am
drug makers are against the measure as you can imagine. a massachusetts congressman, linked the epipen issue to medicare and drug prices during a hearing on wednesday. the controversy started when the maker of the drug increased the price of the life-saving injection, to $600 a pen. fog sneaking closer and closer to the metro area, we just saw sky 9 sat down at rocky mountain airport -- rocky mountain metro because of the low clouds that are moving in, now, farther to the west, it is clear, that's why i anticipate clearing later in the day. but dia now down to 3 quarters of a mile visibility, we have limited visibility over the plains that, will be big issues this morning. on the north side, the northeast side of the metro area, you will run into some clouds and fog this morning. i still anticipate that to be burning off here later in the day.
6:49 am
sunset from longmont. thanks so much to jennifer wright for sharing that. this is a great time of the year to be taking pictures. >> a great time of the year. what a beautifully composed image. great job. great news, across our roads, while sky 9 sat down because of the cloud ks they are safe and sound back up in broomfield, those clouds are helping us out, seeing the eastbound routes running much lighter without the sun glare delays and all clear, southbound 25, as you come towards that's after a earlier crash that had us sluggish, we'll see the drive times around 55 miles per hour. and just about 15 minutes. as we spin it around and go southbound down 25, we're dropping into the 30s at i-70, 22 miles per hour closer towards 20th. and amelia, thank you. cdot is where the teens in order to save lives.
6:50 am
targeted one-on-one messages, telling them to buckling up. the messages will be sent out during peak driving times for teens, like when they're headed to school or off to lun. . . 20 high schools across the statement it has added more than 1400 users since it rolled out the campaign, which will run through tomorrow. another reminder to buckle up. >> can't hurt. cdot is busy from fort collins to mile-high, cdot will offer special 'bustang' service for broncos fans offering safe transport to games so they don't have to drive. offered for the october 9th game against the falcons and the october 30th game against the chargers, cdot says the bus will drop fans off 90 minutes before kickoff so they can enjoy the pregame experience. tickets will cost you $30. if the service is successful, cdot plans to offer it for the
6:51 am
another week, another fine for broncos safety stewart against andrew luck. a hit against cam newton in the season opener. broncos r w emanuel sanders tack a big hit last sunday, walloped so hard. >> i got hit and i've got get up, you know, i was in little legal, telling me, if you're not dead, you run off the field. i took that hit the other day and i wanted to lay on the ground and wanted somebody to bring me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. >> and a masseuse after that. >> that was the hit.
6:52 am
6:51, get out the shorts and t-shirts, you'll be in warmer clothing for the weekend. go head to head with rod mackey and mike klis in the u.s. mortgage's pro football pick them. each week, but the football picks up against the sports fans around and watch game day live on sundays to see rod and mike's picks, the top player of the week gets a $250 gift card. sign up on the 9 news app and
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we have that cooler air, the
6:55 am
the boulder area, longmont up towards broomfield, dia, brighton, seeing the foggy conditions, it won't stick around but for a couple of hours, but it will make for cloudy skies and limited visibility travelling north and east on the front range today. bigger cold front is off to the west, still on track to come through here, late in the day, so we had the clouds around here this morning, start breaking them up this afternoon. if we have a shower,t' or after. it races through fast, at 35 miles per hour. and lays down a couple of hundredth of an inch of moisture. so we're going to burn these clouds off, get into the 70s and low 80s today. it does does get windy today. high wind warning from 9:00 this morning to 5:00 tomorrow. anticipating some thunderstorms, southeastern colorado, through
6:56 am
and along the utah-colorado border, those are the areas that are have the best chance to get decent measurable rain during the day today. much, much hotter down to the south. partly cloudy skies by lunchtime. we'll keep the wind up overnight tonight, that will make us stay in the upper 50s, and then low 80s tomorrow. it does stay cool for the weekend. showers in the foothills areas fo sunday evening. oh, boy, check out this view, this is incredible. 6:56 and we're looking at our live view of 225 and parker road. on our cdot camera. the sun has peeked through, these clouds, so patchy in area, sky 9 as marty mentioned sat down for the morning because of the low visibility was an issue up around broomfield, across the 225 and c-470 routes you may be
6:57 am
through. not a lot of crashes. we're clear 75 southbound. the crash at 104th avenue. adz you leave the house today, the weather shouldn't be a problem for us, as you leave the house, a couple of sprinkles after 5:00 p.m. but other than that, nice and dry into fall. . thank you so much. 6:57 now. here's a look at the top stories we are following for you today. north carolina is in a state of emergency. national guard troops the city after another chaotic and violent night in charlotte. protesters for a second night after keith scott was killed tuesday afternoon. the police say scott had a gun. neighbors argue he had a book. not a weapon. in parts of charlotte, windows are shattered, debris is everywhere, doors are knocked down. one person was shot by a protester and is on life support this morning. 6:57. hundreds of patients who had surgery at the air force academy
6:58 am
have been exposed to contaminated medical equipment. the veterans affairs department says an airman at the clinic skipped a step when cleaning end do scopes. it happened between june and september, 267 patients will be notified. lawmakers want marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, five state lawmakers endorsed medical marijuana to treat ptsd, it's a recommendation for the full legislature which resumes in january. medical marijuana has been legal here for more than ten- approved to treat ptsd. donald trump's campaign is trying to lock down votes here in colorado, mike pence is holding a town hall meeting this afternoon. the event is held at the hillside community center. this after donald trump visited colorado springs last weekend. and trump's son and daughter, are also going to be attending events in colorado today, in an hour, ivanka trump
6:59 am
downtown denver. and donald trump, jr.. >> will be in grand junction this evening, the presidential candidate's son will be speaking at the mesa county fairgrounds, trump, jr. will be talking about wildfire conservation and management at 6:00 tonight. >> working together a long time. >> marty. >> we call that synergy. >> that is synergy in action. for us, a bit of fog this morning, burning off, low 80s today, windy with tomorrow, a brief sprinkle possible tomorrow afternoon. and showers in the foothills might mix with snow down to 7, 8,000 feet. it won't be any accumulation. and then an evening shower sunday. i hope you get your rain, here in the next few days. because the next week, right now, is looking dry. >> lookings beautiful. >> warm back up. we love september. >> that's why we call those sun balls. the whole spring. >> all over there. >> travelling can be a hassle sometimes but other times, it's
7:00 am
part. that is also true, a ranking of the best train j breaking news. chaos in charlotte. the second straight night of violent unrest. one protester shot, other demonstrators hurling tables and chairs. a busy hotel forced into lockdown. this morning, a state of national guard is called in. the blast, new video of the bomb exploded in new york city as the fbi searches for these mystery men to find out what they know about the evidence. ready to rumble with the first debate just four days away, our new poll shows hillary clinton expanding her national lead over donald trump. but trump is hanging tough in key battleground states.


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