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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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this is 9news. good afternoon to you,
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frontier airlines is warning passengers, they will need to get to the airport 3 hours early beginning thursday night through friday morning, the airline has scheduled a system upgrade, the passengers won't be able to use the website, mobile app or airport kiosks during the time, they can make changes at the airport ticket counter. out of denver were delayed because of what the company called gating issues, now, today, frontier is using a third-party vendor to handle the operations. as those employees get on-the-job training, employees from headquarters have been filling in to help. >> sending out more employees from headquarters to help out, so we're hoping -- planning to get everything, you know, situated over the next probably the next week. >> that is your official heads up to get to the airport early. if you need to make any changes
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frontier airline flight last weekend, they made the switch to simplicity, swiss port staffing issues over the center. in addition to using new employees to do ground operations, frontier says weather is also causing some delays. i know that's not what you want to hear, heading into the weekend. but it's going to happen. >> the clouds over boulder, the flatirons, you can't see the top of them. hopefully, they're going to break up as the afternoon goes people want to know, fall is here, what's the weekend now looking like? >> well, it looks like what you would imagine fall to feel like. >> cool. >> cool. temperatures in the 60s, a couple of chances for rain out there. those clouds, they're like the meteorologist's nemesiss today. we are the air pushing up the mountains and helping to create the clouds. what i am seeing is signs that it's letting up, wet got more
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the temperature warmup today. we're waiting on a cool front to arrive, that will cool things off for us for the weekend. sit west of colorado, bringing showers to utah and to wyoming. and as it pushes here through here tomorrow, we'll start to see some of those showers make their way certainly in the mountains and a couple here along and east of i-25. 64 at broomfield. 65 for greeley, a mixture of 50s, 60s and 70s, believe it or not in the mountains. and you can see, we that sunshine through the rest of the afternoon. gradually making our way into the low 80s by 3:00 and 4:00. but, yes, looking ahead, big cool-off for the weekend. that does include sunday, which is race for the cure, we've got a lot of different details in the forecast to go over, we'll cover them for you, and it's fall. we'll get through it. >> we always do, don't we? >> yeah. >> we get through it together. >> it's not snowing. yet. >> yet. >> that's a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.
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>> you bet. the governor of north carolina declared a state of emergency in charlotte after protests overnight, in response to tuesday's officer in/srao?fl shooting of -- involved shooting of an african-american man. the violence got worse. still charlotte's police chief says he sees no reason to impose a curfew in the city, even after two nights of violent protests. the chief there says the city has resources to deal with problems following a declaration of a state of emergency, arrive /-l of the north carolina national guard. and more officers coming in from the state highway patrol. the family of the man shot to death by a police officer is asking protesters to be peaceful. she is devastated by the death of her son, 43-year-old keith scott, but she says hurting people or damaging property is just not the answer. let's talk big money. university of colorado football
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season, more than half a million, than the next highest paid state employee, according to research, mcentire has coached the buffalos since 2013 and under contract to stay with the team through 2018. college coaching salaries have been increasing. the average compensation packages for coaches at major units and colleges is at 1.81 million, upe since 2006. donald trump is in full campaign mode here in colorado. but he is not even in our state today. instead, two of his children, and his running mate, are in colorado, just trying to drum up support, ivanka, 9news report er tarhonda thomas. >>reporter: ivanka trump spoke
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they'll be interested in talking to the women who an r affiliated with the lines, but instead of doing prepared remark, ivanka trump took questions from the audience. largely softball questions, how she balanced work and mother hood, what's her definition of success. she wants to have other folks vote for her father. talked with people before and after the /spaoep, her last alliance, asking what she thinks about national security right now. and how her father would aid in that. >> my father has put forth what he believes is the way to tackle the very large challenges we have internationally and doest /ph?esicly and i think -- domestically. we need to feel secure in our
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stop for ivanka trump but not the last in colorado /kol today, she is headed up north to fort collins. her brother, donald trump, jr., is to the west, he's speaking in grand junction tonight. mike pence, who hopes to be vice president, running mate of donald trump, he is in colorado springs, for a town hall event this afternoon. so the trump campaign is stomping hard in colorado. in downtown denver, tarhonda thomas, 9news. a new poll out tod the polls in the battleground state, the suffolk university poll shows she lost her lead in florida. hillary clinton 44%, the 1 point difference is within the margin of error and putting them virtually at a tie here. a poll released in the beginning of august had hillary 4 points ahead of trump. let's take a look at world
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which country broke a cease fire in syria, now the top u.s. military official told the senate committee, he has no doubt that russia is behind an airstrike in syria. aid was suspended after this act, but the u.n. is hoping to resume efforts as early as today. right now, the cease fire exists really by name. this after attacks by all sides but american and russian diplomats want the cease fire to continue. so the agreements ending a civil year. tenings of thousands -- tens of thousands of women and men struggle with infertility. a scientists says he wants to pursue science to help and prevent miscarriage but it's not without controversy. but first, a big cooldown coming our way this weekend, this fall officially starts,
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sunshine is out here in the 9 backyard, that's what i like to see. that means temperatures should be warming up quickly from here on out, with highs in the low 80s. taking another live look i'm seeing out just outside 9news, the blue sky, calm winds, still humid, though, in the mountains, the pictures have been gorgeous, oh, don sent in this picture, don't the aspens look beautiful? ray sent us this photo of the colors near silverton. keep them coming, we love to see pictures of what you're seeing all across the state. this is a beautiful time of the year, as this weekend is the
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central mountains, the aspens will be peaking, into october, peak times will be shifting down into the southern mountains. so head on up to the central mountains this weekends. temperatures in the 60s and 70s, eagle al 72. here in denver, cooler, thank you, clouds, we're at 65, 63 greeley, 62 for fort collins. and the hot spot is lamar, sitting at 89. here outside in the 9news backyard, a lot o we are going to be warming up from here on out, quickly, as these clouds continue to burn off. we're also waiting on the next system to arrive. comes in a couple of different ways, one is a surface /kaofrpt, off to the -- cool front, off to the northwest, we have shower, they have not made their way into colorado yet. but they will. and they could be on the strong side, especially in western colorado. along the western slope.
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in denver. the other part is cool temperatures t upper level low arrives here over the weekend, friday into saturday, that will be a big temperature drop for us. afternoon highs will be in the 60s. come saturday and on sunday. so now let's talk more in detail about the rain. showers mostly in the mountain areas today. if we see rain here in town, lit be in this evening, 1 or 2 isolated showers pushing east of i-25, you can see that line of showers continues toe early tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, we'll have a chance for an isolated shower or two. highs in the 70s and 80s across the front range. 70s for the mountains, middle 80s across the western slope. winds out of the east-southeast at 5-15 miles per hour with the high of 83. denver, tonight, we'll drop to 58. evening showers come to an end. and then, there you have it. big cool-off for the weekend, 81
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rain in the foothills saturday, and here in town, sunday afternoon, but for the race for the cure, we're dry, with
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welcome back, good news for parents, the number of kids in middle and high schools who tried cigars and cigarettes, has dropped significantly in the past few years. that's according to a new report from the centers for disease
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interest in trying cigarettes increased. the take away here, smoking is just not cool. and that's a good thing, because new research now shows smoking cigarettes can alter your dna researchers at the national institute of environmental health scientists studied dna samples from 16,000 adults and found smokers had chances in more than 7,000 genes linked to cancer, heart disease and stroke. don't be discourage, if you quit now, studies show most of the genes but some changes remained even 30 years later. a swedish researcher wants to be the first person to try to mod nigh the genes of healthy human embryo, something fred rick says could make a huge difference. all right. so he's hoping to learn more about the genes to regulate early embryonic development and possibly move towards altering ones that could cause miscarriage or disease in a
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because opponents feel the technology would be used to create designer babies. he says he's only studying the embryos for the first 7-days of growth and doesn't plan to let them develop past 14 days. despite outrage over the skyrocketing cost, the ceo of mylan pharmaceuticals says she will not drop the prices of epipen, they have gone up 400%. you may recall the company says it will produce a if that was meant to impress the members of congress, they were mistaken. . >>reporter: it's a rare witness who can unite both republicans and democrats in anger but the ceo of the company that makes the epipen, walked into a bipartisan firing line. >> you virtually have a monopoly and used it to your advantage but unfortunately, it's at the expense of people who need it. . >>reporter: it didn't matter
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west virginia senator joel, and it didn't matter that under pressure the company promise a cheap er epipen. >> a generic is unprecedented, we cut the price in half. >> well, it's unprecedented to raise the price $500. >>reporter: demanding to know how they could justify a price hike, from 100 to $600 in ten years. >> we've worked diligently and invested to enhance epipen >> mylan says the development cost and middlemen have pushed the prices higher and it's given away 700,000 pens to schools across the country. >> what was your salary last year? >> 18 million. >> 18 million. sounds like you're doing pretty well on this. >> yet, another drug company, mylan, has jacked up the price
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discernible reason. >> man, that is not over, at least 11 states now have laws that require schools to stock it. something that the company has lobbied hard for. that does not include colorado. new york and west virginia attorney generals have launched investigations into the prices practicing. an oregon driver, take a look, did this, luckily, everyone is okay, but what caused the crash, will
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is denver's housing market hot? yesterday and today, three online real estate companies released profiles of what's going on locally. 10% in the past year, but inventory is growing, there are slightly more homes available than a year ago, denver's year over year home value an
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fourth highest in the country, over portland, dallas and seattle. hopes here in denver were the second fastest selling homes in the country. staying in the market only 11 days. behind seattle's 10 days on the market. getting to the broncos game is not that easy for people living in colorado springs, or fort collins, at least it didn't used to be. cdot is launching a bus service for the fans just for the game, the 'bustang' bus will take people to mile-high for two games on the october 9 game against the charger, cdot says 'bustang' will drop off fans 90 minutes before kickoff so they enjoy the pregame festivities, will cost you $30 round trip. if it's popular, they might make this a regular service for the rest of the season. if you are afraid of spiders, really afraid, you'll understand. the driver saw a spider drop from the mirror, freaked out,
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say this was the first for them. >> a new one for me. you know, a lot of people do have phobias over spiders and i completely understand that. >> oh. gosh. my skin is crawling. amazingly, the driver was not hurt in the crash. although we cannot say the same for the spider here. okay. panera bread taking a clean eating approach to a new level. the chain announced they will start using clean bacon on sandwiches and clean bacon mean? it does not have artificial preservatives or sweeters and cured with -- of course, the pigs are raised without antibiotics. you say bacon and i'm there. >> a bear in alaska decided he wanted to experience city life. the new meaning to the phrase
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this is a different kind of police chase. there he goes. that's the little criminal we're talking about here. a big furry bear, so the flashing lights of the police car didn't slow down this guy in alaska. the bear just casually roaming around anchorage, running between the cars, the police followed the bear down the street /arpbgsd the corner by a bus stop with people hanging out and they didn't seem phased by it. eventually, they were able to stop the bear, capture the al the wild. give me some city life. >> i'm just like, there are people just you know, walking casually down the street. i'd be like, beeline. in the store, i don't think so. right? >> you know. in alaska, we don't know. >> i guess. >> they love their bears, maybe. >> maybe they're more common sightings out here than what we see here. >> what about here? is it a good day for a bear
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i don't know if now is migrating time or not. but if you're a bear or a human, it's a great day. afternoon highs in the 80s today and tomorrow. we're in the 60s, cooler for the weekend. >> and the shock to the system with the drop in the temperatures.
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brad blindsed. how angelina sprung the divorce on pitt. >> a classic new york post cover. all new details on the brangelina break up now on "extra." angelina versus brad, is it getting ugly? how and when he found out angie filed. moving trucks at brad's today. was this instagram of pitt with selena gomez the final straw? >> brad pitt was pretty good. >> and george clooney getting the news from a tv reporter. >> -- divorced. >> plus how they will split up their half billion dollar fortune and will it tear their


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