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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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throwing rocks and bottles at stores, vandalized and looted. officers using tear gas to try to dispurse the crowd. >> this has been a difficult couple of days for the city of charlotte. >> reporter: and dangerous. gunshots ringing out in front of the omni hotel. an area that's been a flashpoint during the protests. >> just shot somebody. >> reporter: one of the protesters were killed. shot by another person in the crowd, according to officers on the scene. investigators are still trying to determine who pulled the trigger. north carolina's governor has declared a stat called in. witnesses say scott was unarmed when he was shot and killed by police. but this photo, taken by someone at the scene and obtained by wcnc appears to show a gun at his feet moments after the shooting. there is police dash and body cam. but they caution, the tape may not show a complete picture of
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everyone needs to withhold judgment until we know all the facts. >> we release it when we believe it is a compelling reason, but i'm not going to jeopardize the investigation. >> reporter: an investigation, that like the conflict and controversy continues here. >> that was jay gray reporting. hundreds of additional officers will be on the streets of charlotte tonight. 44 people night, on charges ranging from failure to dispurse and assault. charges against the white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man. dash cam and aerial footage show him walking away from shelby with his arms in the air. shelby's attorney says gretchen was not following police
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to open fire. that story could loom over the first general election debate in the presidential race, which is just around the corner. hillary clinton chose not to hold any events today, but donald trump took the opportunity to toughen his stance on the violence in charlotte. here's nbc news correspondent, edward lawrence. >> reporter: the violent protests like this in charlotte would not be tolerated, trump says if he is elected president. >> we honor and recognize the right of all americans to peacefully assemble, protest, and demonstrate, but there is no right to engage in violent disruption. >> reporter: speaking in pittsburgh, he went on to toughen his stance, supporting police, saying they are the line between civilization and chaos, while acknowledging officers actions must be scrutinized. >> we must do everything we can to ensure that they are
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public, and that any wrongdoing is always, and it will be by them, vigorously addressed. >> reporter: hillary clinton's running mate, senator tim kaine speaking in nevada, says clinton wants to invest in more training for community policing to head off problems before they start. >> there is a need to build better bridges between law enforcement and the communities they serve. >> reporter: the only appearance clinton made today is on zach galifianakis. >> as secretary, how many words per minute do you type? and how does president obama like his coffee? weak? >> those are really out of date questions, you need to get out more. >> reporter: clinton says she is working on preparation for that debate. nbc news, washington.
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most important day of this election so far. >> again, that presidential at -- debate is monday night. it's at hofstra university in new york, where they're getting the stage ready. this will be the third presidential debate hosted by hofstra. nbc nightly news anchor, lester holt will monitor the debate. holt revealed he will focus on quess america. in a legal marijuana grow operation in rural western colorado has sparked a federal investigation into pop human trafficking. authorities have arrested 14 chinese nationals and seized about 3,000 marijuana plants from a suspected illegal grow site. the 14 people arrested, ten men, two women, all were working at the sight. authorities believe another
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they're trying to determine whether human trafficking, or forced labor was involved. investigators have not located the owner of the property. it was supposed to be private, but a bunch of sensitive health and personal records from the army ended up scattered in a field south of colorado springs. it happened in fountain. fort carson's officers say that military police scooped up the records, and they have an idea of who the suspect is in this case. they're talking about this as though t more detail of what they think this is all about. the records came from legal actions from 2008 to 2014 in the fourth infantry division's combat brigade team. the documents were supposed to be destroyed soon. this might make you yell something other than yahoo. someone stole information from a half billion user accounts at
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the hack actually happened two years ago. a -- yahoo says payment card data and bank account information were not stolen in this breach. it's advising any user to have not changed their password since 2014 to do that now, and also to redo their security questions and answers. new details details on yet another high it came from the russians. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama's passport showed up online today, lifted prosecute the email account of a white house staffer. it's the apparent latest example of cyber attacks related to this year's election campaign. emails from a white house staffer's non-government g mail account, including the password, were posted on the
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suspected to be run by russian intelligence. on the statement it says if such information can be hacked quote, we will see the fall of our country. part of a string of cyber attacks on political targets that u.s. officials fear may be intended to influence voters. the white house advance emails include briefing slides and scheduled for official visits, such as a trip to cleveland in june but vice president biden, and an april t including an appearance with al roker on today. in all, nearly 11,000 emails were hacked. it's a story we're working on tonight for nbc nightly news. >> and of course you can watch more about that story at 5:30. crews across minnesota are trying to prevent more flooding after 5 to 7 inches of rain fell overnight. they've been filling up sandbags in the southern minnesota town of st. claire,
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facilities, and several homes. officials in thairibalt tried to straighten rivers. it is the first day of fall, and boy did it look at it the start. big clouds, and cooler temperatures, but that did burn off a bit and warm up this afternoon. becky ditchfield joins us. not a bad intro to fall kind of day. >> it was really nice outside. the down side was, it it just took a lot louder for the clouds and the fog to burn off. since we didn't get as much of the sunshine early enough, temperatures only wound up in the '70s. still a pretty day, and still beautiful with mostly sunny skies across parts of the front range, boulder, and denver. we're seeing a couple of showers and thunderstorms down south. those are going to remain
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shower in the denver metro area before the day is done, but really the bigger story, not only the cooloff, but how windy it gets, as some of the cooler temperatures start to arrive. wind gusts could reach 30 miles per hour in some locations here across the front range. those will be picking up tomorrow morning, and will continue until they day down by tomorrow evening. temperature wise, today, and tomorrow look fairly similar. we wound up middle 70s across the front range. 73 for longmont. we'll be a little bit warmer tomorrow with those temperatures climbing in the middle to upper 70s. tonight, mild evening. we're going to keep you under partly cloudy skies for the evening. by 6:00, 73, and 70 at 8:00 p.m. but come in with those winds. we've got high wind warnings coming out. some parts of the state are going to get very chilly, so
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which includes the race for the cure. that's a bag day for us around here. we're going to be looking at that in detail. >> absolutely, do we have to start worrying about frost? >> down south in southern colorado, yes. here across the front range, not quite yet. the fall colors across our state have been just incredible this year. recently, we have profiled some of the best around our state, especially in the high country. while denver's foliage might not be there just yet. nick mchale found it's on its way. >> we get it, the fall colors coming out of some parts of colorado are well, stunning. just stay right here for a second. but if fall colors are your thing, you may want to start looking a little closer to home. >> colors just down in the city can be really beautiful. >> denver city forester, rob davis. >> they're going to look beautiful especially as they
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weeks. >> if you stop and look, you'll see it's on the way. at city park, tree tops are getting covered with a nice yellow. slowly mixing its way in along the fields of green. further south, at wallace park, red is the color of the moment. it's clear these trees got the fall memo a little earlier than their park mates. look, all we're saying is that we just want to make sure, you're stopping and smelling the roses so to speak. while denver may be behind, it's the first day of fall, which means more of the good stuff is just around the corner. >> a nice way to get out and enjoy the last bit of nice weather. >> reporter: in denver, nick mcgil, 9news. >> tiny brown. descriptive.
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we'll start -- division says we'll start to see more colors in the next few weeks. a trend that suggests teens don't find tobacco quite so cool anymore. >> also recognition for someone
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stocks didn't do too bad on wall street today. you can see the dow up almost 100 points. didn't hurt at all that the federal reserve said it's going to keep interest rates down. the nasdaq up a little over 44. we got college administrators with us this afternoon for college admission line 9. these volunteers will be answering your questions about applying for college, financial aid, and any that you've got. shoot now. they're going to be here until 5:30. the number to call is on your screen. they're pushing their alma mater. what's the plural? almas mater? someone on twitter will tell you that i was wrong. 698-0999. injuries and deaths from falling are becoming more common among the elderly.
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elderly people fell in 2014. that's the new study out. these falls added up to 7 million injuries, and roughly $31 billion in costs to medicare. the injuries, they can also hold people back for the rest of their lives. experts say healthcare providers can play a key role by asking patients questions about falling and feeling unsteady, and eliminating, or switching medications that can increase the risk of a fall. the cd have concerns about falling. in grand lake, one employee has been hard at work, making his community better. one town employee has been hard at work making his community better since 1979. bernie mcginn says he's only doing this job taking care of his people in his 16-mile cul de sac. as 9news mountain reporter,
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bernie as a hero. >> reporter: grand lake is about as beautiful as a mountain town get it's, thanks in part. >> keeping the town looking as nice as we can. >> reporter: to bernie mcginn. >> try to make your town better. >> reporter: he's working the grand lake public works department since 1979. >> who would have ever thought, you know? a little farm boy from iowa. >> reporter: day in, and day out. >> you always just keep working at it. >> reporter: doing everything around here to community working. from fixing roads, to signs, plowing in the winter and keeping the park green in the summer. >> he does everything. >> he's always there to do whatever needs to be done. >> clean up to practically new construction. he does it all. >> makes it beautiful. >> reporter: in all of that time, a lot of the equipment still the same along with bernie's office. >> 1979, this was here. three people that worked with me. we have chairs for the other
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here's our break room. >> reporter: there have been some changes. which back in 1997, bernie got to move one of those chairs over to the office desk. just one of the perks of being promoted to public works director. >> did everything. still do everything for the town. >> reporter: which might be a few reasons why bernie's a hero around here. an honor bernie says he's not sure how he job. >> unbelievable, how maniabling experience, i still don't really feel all that deserving of it. >> reporter: but considers about as beautiful as the mountain town he spent nearly four decades caring for. in grand lake, matt renoux. 9news mountain newsroom. >> good for you, bernie. bernie says he would like to keep working had his job for about four more years and retire at the age of 70.
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public works retirement, so even after retirement, he's going to keep a close eye on everything. we want to get back to that smoking story. smoking is becoming increasingly uncool among american teens. the number of kids in middle and high schools who tried cigars and cigarettes went down significantly, and the teens who showed no interest in ever starting increased slightly. curiosity, and tobacco did not change. experts stress that any exposure to nicotine can have an adverse effect. >> interesting trend. >> a trend that we will stick with. it is a great time of the year for colorado fruits and vegetables, and the people of colorado proud show us how to use colorado products. >> this is what they brought us today. >> reporter: low country
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cart, because it's currently cultivated and quite crisp. i'm done with my illlit ration now. >> you can't substitute it for mashed potatoes. >> you can, they say it's really good. brandon? >> i need more details. >> somebody's going to bring you some, and you're going to be shocked. you're going to love it. love hillary clinton or something to laugh at in her
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a statue of donald trump naked that stood in miami for nearly a week was stolen. police named a person of interest. they say a vehicle used in the crime was a 2013 gray ford f150 truck, and it is registered to
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has been on display at an intersection in miami's winwood neighborhood, and the statues began appearing last month in places such as l.a., seattle, and new york, which was the first location of one that disappeared was in south florida. >> hmm. well, they've got someone to look for. >> where would he put this? >> and who knows why? >> right, okay. >> guess we'll maybe find out. >> all right, from that of that story, we go to something else that is also different. hillary clinton cried her hand at comedy. a different style of comedy with comedian zach galifianakis, with his new web series, between two ferns. >> think dry, very dry humor. questions including whether she would move to canada if trump
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her is through email. ? [music] ? >> where is he? where's zach? >> just trying to scare her. just getting in the halloween spirit of it all. >> not a good idea around the secret service, are you okay? >> i'm fine. hi, welcome to another edition of between two ferns, i'm your host zach galifianakis. and my guest to is hillary clinton, thank you very much. let's talk about trump. >> oh, let's. >> when you see how well it works for donald trump, do you
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should be more racist? when he's elected president and kid rock becomes secretary of state are you going to move to canada, or one of the arctics? >> i would stay in the united states. and try to prevent him from destroying it's united states. >> so you're going to lead the civil war. >> no, i wouldn't take up arms. >> right, because you said when we were rolling that to talk away everyone's guns. >> i really regret doing this. >> thank you mrs. clinton, we should stay in touch? what's the best way to reach you? email? >> you've got mail. >> a nice condensed version of it. if you want to see the whole thing, i've got it on my facebook and twitter for you. apparently, she got some of the questions in advance, but most of them not.
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>> yeah, i think she was rolling with it anyway. we don't share our questions in advance, but if you're going to pretend to tackle her in a crazy costume, probably best to share that with secret service. president obama appeared on it in 2014. >> if you don't get it, you really need to find out more about it to get it, to get it. >> intentionally sarcastically low budget show. >> what is this about? >> i think not their cup of tea. this has been a week of clouds and fog and stuff. sometimes we're like is this colorado? we got a bit of sunshine. >> we got a bit this afternoon. it looks like we're going to have another mild day tomorrow. a chance for storms with that
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near horsetooth reservoir. a nice little patchy cloud kind of thing going on there. >> yeah, when the sun came out, it was like nice. first day of fall. >> you don't want roasting. >> no, you don't want 90 degrees, right becky? >> '70s is perfect for us today. >> it will do. >> it will do. we'll get a little bit cooler for the weekend, but it did end up being a nice you what, is the meteorologist nemesis today. we were expecting it it to break up a little biterlier than it did, which metropolitan the clouds and the fog hung -- meant the clouds and the fog hung on for longer than we thought. we only wound up in the middle to upper 70s. turning into a gorgeous evening. we are at 74 degrees at dia.
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look who got hot today, lamar 95. up in the mountains, in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. here outside the 9 backyard, like we said a little bit of a breeze. we're at 77. a lot of places in and around denver very well could have hit 80. we cleared out before dia did, and down to our south, we've got enough moisture to support showers and thunderstorms. nothing is severe, but you can its way into the mountains, and also across parts of southeast colorado, pushing in towards lamar. these showers producing brief periods of heavy rain, some lightning. they'll fizzle out by this evening, with most of the rain falling over the mountains, as the night continues. in fact, out to our west, we actually have a marginal to slight risk for strong storms that's going to extend from western colorado, all the way
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coming our way, strong winds, and some rain. it makes me nervous as to how long these beautiful leaves can hang on. this beautiful puckture of kenosha pass. it just looks stunning. with a lot of wind in store out for our mountains, and all of that rain headed this way, we'll see how things do. central mountains will be seeing their peak through this weekend. southern mountains expecting the aspen to peak as we get increase tonight, and into tomorrow. here across the front range, we're not expecting strong winds to hit until after about 9:00 in the morning. then from then on, we could see gusts get up to 30 miles an hour. that will last until 9:00 p.m., then winds die down, and we see that cooler air start to settle in. out to our west, high wind warnings, and wind advisories are in effect all the way through 6:00 a.m. friday.
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be possible in areas basically west of vail pass. sustained winds from 25 to 35 miles an hour. down through the palmer divide, east to limon, we have red flag warnings in effect. these go from noon friday to 8:00 p.m. low relative humidity there could lead to fire danger in that part of our state. like i said, most of the rain's going to be out to our west, it starts to build tonight, you see that strong heavy line of showers that build into the western slope. we are still dry, and tomorrow afternoon at about 3:00 or so, we could get an isolated rain shower here, but we are so dry along and east of i-25, that the rain from the mountains has a hard time holding together. so tomorrow, we're going to be windy, we're going to see temperatures in the 70s. we just won't see a lot of rain. the temperatures will continue
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approaches, fully arrives saturday, and into sunday, so at that time look for highs to drop into the 60s, and that may cause some very chilly temperatures across the san louise valley. those areas under a freeze watch from friday night, i should say, all the way through saturday morning. lows tonight, dropping into the middle to upper 50s. 60s in the eastern plains. 40s for the mountains. we're looking at winds breezy out of the southwest from 5 to 15 miles per we might see an isolated shower here or two. 80 the high again. windy, warm, isolated showers will be possible and then we cool off behind some of that rain. 69 on saturday. with a couple of showers in the foothills. might get a sprinkle or two on sunday. the chance pretty low. 62, and sunday morning, for the race for the cure should be dry. but at 8:00 a.m., for the fun run, we've got temperatures in
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and 10:00 events. guys. okay, we're out here looking for tissues, because we're both sniffling. something about the weeds in the air. >> i tell you what, too, if that's winds picking up ahead of some of the rain moving in tomorrow folks might be sniffling too with all of stuff in the air. >> that's okay. it's still fall, and lovely. >> thanks becky. >> you bet. we haven't checked in on slacker and steven. >> we have not. >> we should. slacker, steve? >> maybe we're doing that in a little bit. >> all right, we don't have them now. we're going to move right along here to this snow plow rodeo. this was out in aurora today. kind of a fun competition for them to get their snow drivers out and ready for the
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portion of this event, and you can see they had to run around cones. they got docked for running around the cones, but also they're supposed to do this rather quickly. a fun time to get ready. shows you they're ready for the winter ahead. >> snow rodeo is a week long celebration. we can fight snow for 9 months out here in denver. this is a chance for the departments to showcase what we're going to name the best operator. >> they had the competition going today. the snow plow rodeo, and the finals take place tomorrow afternoon. so somebody gets bragging rights. >> it's good timing. do it now. your great skills to test here in a little bit. >> it's important. let's talk about the hippos at the colorado springs zoo. cheyenne mountain zoo.
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extended vacation. they're going to return, but they're getting a new aquatics exhibit built just for them in colorado, and funds for it were raised through the school zoo's making waves campaign. they're pretty excited about it, it will be the second largest renovation in the zoo's history. the hippos are going to be staying at a zoo park in missouri. so the sisters will be coming back. they're leaving at the beginning of so say so long, see you soon. >> cool pictures. >> they're sisters. sister hippos. >> awesome. so there's a new big budget film out about the story of the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. >> however, there are some accuracy issues.
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so there's a new big budget film out called deepwater horizonnen. it's about the tragedy at that offshore oil rig. let's just say they play it a little fast and loose with the
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leave some people with some significant false impressions about what happened to real people. david hammer of our sister station, wwl in new orleans has this truth test. >> reporter: excited fans came to the orpheum theater last night for the deepwater horizon premiere. to learn what really caused the terrible oil spill that captivated the nation. the movie claims to be t women on the rig. for matt brennan it delivers on that promise. >> which is to bring the attention back to the story of the natural disaster on the oil rig and the deaths of the 11 people. >> reporter: but it also takes real life people and yomp simplifies their roles in a terrible crime. >> the story that is portrayed in the movie is certainly far apart from the actual reality
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>> reporter: that's attorney scott bicford. imagine how don vedrine feels, in the film, he's portrayed by john malkovich, as the villain. >> how are you doing, man? >> we all work very hard to make sure there's moving parts. >> reporter: the court record found the superiors in houston the money. the ones skipping safety steps, the one approving a final failed pressure test, and they are never even mentioned in the movie. >> john guy, and an entire cast of crew of engineers, morale, and other people on the shore in houston that were guiding this operation step-by-step. >> reporter: bp was convicted of 11 counts of manslaughter,
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movie either. fighting for the authority to sound an alarm before the deadly explosion. the real andrea fletas says she was overwhelmed by all the warning lights. >> as a result of not sounding the general alarm, a minute to 90 seconds went by, where men who were in places where there was methane gas in high concentrations those blew up and died. >> i do feel a film is automatically opening itself up to scrutiny. >> reporter: david hammer, eyewitness news. >> interesting. >> there were a few problems, let's just say. >> wow. and the people, the total switch of call, sending an alarm or not. >> that's the thing. i couldn't imagining about someone who was actually in an incident like that, and then
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silver screen, and the basic things. >> we need to make a movie about slacker and steve. >> we have them now. >> yes, i can't wait to see the movie, and who's cast as me, i'm guessing it's howie mandel, and clooney is going to play steve. so we're talking about what you eat certain foods with. and there's a study out that says we're eating a lot of our foods incorrectly. like md spoon or a fork? >> it's a spoon. >> pie? >> fork. >> pie is a fork as well. >> spork. >> and mashed potatoes, also fork. and finally, this is the big one, ice cream cake is almost
4:46 pm
it's split down the middle. >> you guys. >> i'm with you all the way, slacker. that's all right. okay. >> it's almost everything you eat is fork. yes. >> thank you. >> you guys really took a stab at that, we appreciate it. i'll be here all day. sorry. we're going to tell you
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is passing his love of mariachi music on to metro state university of denver students, one song at a time. as 9news a denver attorney is passing his love for mariachi music onto university of denver students. one student at a time. how the music takes college students from the classroom to one of the biggest stages in denver. ? [music] ? >> the excitement when you play
4:50 pm
with mariachi music. >> 19-year-old genesis ruiz has played the violin since the third grade. she says the music is in her blood. >> everyone has their own love, their own culture. might as well share what you love with the rest of the world. >> that's exactly what she and her fellow students, the roadrunners, are doing, as they welcome guests to hall for- [speaking in spanish] -the beat of mexico. >> reporter: just like the hispanic community itself. >> i never played mariachi music before. i speak fluent spanish, but i wasn't too familiar with mexican culture until i moved to colorado.
4:51 pm
course when professor trujillo stepped in a year ago. >> but during the weekdays i'm an attorney. >> reporter: attorney by day, mariachi by night. for trujillo, sharing his love of mexican music with his students, also shares his culture. >> we learn about values. the sense of family. the sense of community, the sense of togetherness. all of that teaching the mariachi music. >> during hispanic heritage month, the lessons go beyond the classroom. >> this country is a melting pot. we've got all sorts of people from all over the world. we're just one of those influences. it feels very honorable to be recognized, understand to have a whole month dedicated to that. >> for me to be a what tee know is to be a part of the very
4:52 pm
of american culture. ? [music] ? >> reporter: at the end of the concert with a packed house, the students went on stage with the colorado symphony for the final performance of the night. >> we're blown away. when we heard that we were playing with the symphony, we thought two things, are we good enough, and we don't believe it. >> reporter: but they proved to themselves and the audience, they deserved the spotlight. ? [music] >> reporter: in denver, victoria sanchez, 9news. >> and if you would like to watch metro state's mariachi group, they have a public performance at the king concert hall on december 4. breast cancer can affect anyone, men and women alike. in colorado, one in seven will be diagnosed with this in their lives. doctors say some risk factors
4:53 pm
the more at risk we are for breast cancer. we also can't control our genetic disposition if the disease runs in your family. however, there are some things you can do to protect yourself. >> can diagnose early. so it's important for these women to be diagnosed early. things we can control early. you can keep your weight in a normal range. you can limit your alcohol intake to one class, drink a night for women. you can eat a diet higher in plants and vegetables rather than animal proteins, and you can exercise. exercise is probably one of the most important things. i'd say, i think it's the most important one, a sedentary lifestyle puts you at risk for breast cancer and other medical
4:54 pm
at the pepsi center. registration opens 6:00 a.m., and the 5k starts at 8:00. you can mind for information about the race on, and we hope to see you there. >> yeah, should be a perfect day. cool, not too warm. and we have a pet line 9 today as well. we have a miniature poodle mix.
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yep, you saw it there. it is pet line 9 time, and i want to the sweetest little dogs. this is pierre. our friends at the aurora animal shelter brought him here today. he is an 8-year-old miniature poodle mix. pierre was brought to the shelter as a stray, so they don't really know a lot about his history, but since he has been at the shelter, they have found that he is a wonderful, affectionate dog that loves to sit in your lap. because pierre is a little bit older in years, still actually
4:58 pm
poodle mix, they still recommend a quiet household with no young children and a family that's able to continue to his dental care, because he might need a dental cleaning in the near future. through saturday august 24, dog adoptions are $50 off, including pierre's. so great idea to go out, if you're looking for a small dog, he is so sweet guys. he has not barked. he just sat here, quietly, patiently, waiting for his time in the limelight. we really need to find him a good home. >> that face, that face, that face. >> my wife just texted and said to bring him home. so call that number now. she must just do it without me.
4:59 pm
next at 5:00, presidential politics in colorado. two of donald trump's children come here on the day a new poll comes out, showing their father trailing hillary clinton. also, they're working the corporate office and frontier airlines explains what's causing some of its delays. >> and they all like having their belly rubbed at the end of the day. >> could help bring tourists to the eastern plains. next on 9news. a prosecutor in tulsa will charge a police officer with first degree manslaughter for fatally shooting a man. last week, an officer betty
5:00 pm
killed terrance crutcher who is black. tulsa police released recordings of the shooter earlier this week. said crutcher would not follow police commands and shelby shot him when he began to reach into his suv window. tulsa police say shelby did not have a gun on him, or in his vehicle. charlotte is bracing for another night of protests. the protests are over the death shot by police. they were peaceful last night, but then spiraled into chaos. some throwing rocks and bottles. one person was shot and wounded by another protester. a reporter took pictures of the shattered windows of the nascar hall of fame that sits in the heart of the city. the national guard has been called in. witnesses say scott was unarmed


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