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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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killed terrance crutcher who is black. tulsa police released recordings of the shooter earlier this week. said crutcher would not follow police commands and shelby shot him when he began to reach into his suv window. tulsa police say shelby did not have a gun on him, or in his vehicle. charlotte is bracing for another night of protests. the protests are over the death shot by police. they were peaceful last night, but then spiraled into chaos. some throwing rocks and bottles. one person was shot and wounded by another protester. a reporter took pictures of the shattered windows of the nascar hall of fame that sits in the heart of the city. the national guard has been called in. witnesses say scott was unarmed
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the time, was given to charlotte nbc affiliate, wcnc. it appears to show a gun. there is video of the shooting, and the police chief has agreed to let scott's family to watch the tape, but will not release it to the public. >> we release it when we believe it is a compelling reason. but i'm not going to jeopardize the investigation. >> hundreds of officers will again tonight. officers arrested 44 people overnight on charges ranging from failure to dispurse, to assault. no stretch to think these recent police shootings and violence in charlotte will likely come up at next week's debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. the first of the general election. donald trump says if he's elected, protests like this will not be tolerated. speaking in pittsburgh, he went on to toughen his stance,
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saying they are the line between civilization and chaos. while also saying officers actions must be scrutinized. tim kaine said clinton wants to invest in more training for community policing to head off problems before they start. monday's debate is at hofstra university. clinton's campaign says she views this debate as the most important day of the election cycle so far. ivanka trump spoke breakfast hosted by the colorado women's alliance. after that she went to liberty school, where she took questions from students. her brother, donald trump jr. was at the mesa county fairgrounds. trump jr. made headlines of his own, when he compared syrian refugees to a bowl of skittles. trump's running mate mike pence made two stops in colorado today. speaking at a town hall this
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august when he held events in denver and the springs. a new local poll from rocky mountain pbs has hillary clinton leading donald trump among likely voters in the state. in the u.s. senate race, michael bennet has a 13 point lead over his republican challenger with 45% of the vote compared to glen's 32. 20% still race. you can see darryl glenn, and michael bennet in a one hour debate. that is going to be tuesday, october 11. get us your questions early. we will air it live at 7:00 p.m. on channel 20, also stream it on a man accused of killing a state patrol cadet is on trail. the murder trial started yesterday.
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trooper while fleeing from a traffic spot in longmont. the trooper injured, clinton, is sitting front and center throughout the procedures. yahoo has confirmed a huge data breach impacting at least 500 million accounts. the investigation by the company found that a data breach from 2014 reveals a breach that dates of birth and some password questions and security answers. payment card, and bank information were not stolen. the company warns users who haven't changed their passwords since 2014 to do so immediately. and also change the security questions and answers. if you have a ticket on frontier, plan to get to the airport three hours ahead of your flight starting tonight through tomorrow morning.
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frontier's website, mobile app, or airport kiosks during that time. passengers will only be able to make changes at the airport ticket counter. the system upgrade comes days after frontier dealt with a mountain of delays at dia on monday. 9news reporter, jonathan gonzalez looked into it. >> reporter: over the weekend frontier switched to a company to handle its ground operations. >> simplicity has been our partner in other stations, and we worked with them, that's why we decided to change. >> reporter: while new employees get trained, jim falkman says the issue with the delays is due in part to frontier office employees working at the gate. >> they go through their on the job training. we're sending out people from our headquarters to help supplement. >> reporter: some frontier
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do things such as loading, and unloading baggage. >> we're sending out more employees from headquarters. >> unfortunately, until that transition can take place, you have to put somebody in there. >> reporter: university of denver finance professor says the use of sub contractors has been good to frontier. >> until now, of that been doing very well. the whole industry has been doing well, and outsourcing has worked well for being patient. >> the first part of september, our arrivals were taking it pretty well. >> reporter: frontier says other causes for delays include of course weather and maintenance issues. frontier hopes to have everything sorted out over the
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>> pointing out, other airlines do use third party contractors, or sub contractors. it was unusual to see the fact that frontier office employees are out doing the bags and pushing the flights back. >> multitalented, multitasking, everyone learns how to do everything. agriculture is part of the community on the i-70 corridor out on the eastern plains. there's now an effort to turn latest tourist attraction. >> piggies. >> pigs have always been my favorite animal. we've got seven pig pens. >> reporter: at hog haven farm in deer trail. >> they're just wonderful animals. >> reporter: 44 pigs are in hog heaven. >> they actually are very calm. >> reporter: most of the time. >> cupid.
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thatter erin brinkley birkhart grew up with. >> i was a city girl. >> reporter: but it was what they chose with this potbelly pig rescue, and a half dozen therapy pigs too. now some of these pigs will be used to highlight the potential for agritourism out on the eastern plains. this weekend kicks off the annual farm festival, part of the colorado high plains adventure. it's an economic ve effort from the i-70 corridor regional partnership to try and draw visitors to and from the metro area further east. >> right now, it still seems it's so far away to come out east to see anything in bennett. >> reporter: sarah barkman is the manager of may farms and buyers. >> we actually grow grain corn, wheat, and sweet corn. >> reporter: the farm festival will take place here this weekend. >> i think that people need to
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from. where our clothing comes from, and the local, just to support local business in the area. >> reporter: and see what it's like to live and work on the plains of colorado. pigs and all. >> they're just amazing. >> reporter: myra rodriguez, 9news. >> got up close and personal there. that was fun. the farm festival will be held saturday and sunday. we've got information about >> they're intelligent animals too. it's inevitable. this is kind of an odd story to talk about after that. but you do put on a pound or two over the holidays, but americans aren't the ones who gain the most compared with other countries. >> the leaves already started changing, and today officially marks the start of fall. danielle is tracking a cooler, a bit rainier forecast heading into the weekend. >> and pink will be the chose
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li news to get to. several lanes of i-70 near georgetown shut down, due to a car fire according to c-dot. both eastbound lanes are closed, and one of the westbound lanes is shut. c-dot is warning, you're going to see some delays if you're trying to head through georgetown on i70. right now, we've got volunteers from college administrators for college admission line 9. applying for
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call them, numbers on your screen. they'll be here answering your questions until about the end of this show. smoking is increasingly uncool in teenage world. a report from the summers for disease control and prevention shows since 2012, the number of kids who have tried cigarettes or cigars went down significantly. the report also shows number of teens who never smoked increased. doctors say any exposure to nicotine can have adverse effects on brain development. brace yourself for what you'll see on the scales later. not that it's groundbreaking information, but a new study found americans gain an average of just over a pound over the holiday season. 1.3, to be exact. germans put on nearly 2 pounds at christmas time, and tend to gain weight around easter as
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weight gain came during what is called golden week, a period that includes four national holidays. thanksgiving and easter were also linked to weight gains in america. in colorado, 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. race for the cure not only raises awareness. 25% of the money goes to ar dollar stays here in colorado. the survivers are the inspiration for this special day. >>ing with a surviver, and to me, race for the cure is a little different experience than attending the race for the cure before i was a breast cancer surviver. i think i still, i've always felt the inspiration of that race. and the gravity that breast cancer presents to so many women who for the most part are at the prime of their lives.
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the prime of their working careers. they may be the bread winners for their families and all of a sudden are faced with this disease. put your pink on this sunday. the 5k race starts a the 8:00 in the pepsi center. the surviver ceremony is just past 10. if you go, please say for the survivers ceremony. you will be so inspired after seeing all of these incredible, fantastic, beautiful women. it survivers sharing their story, and when you get a group of them together, that will get you. so, we had a little taste of fall today. then things were not so bad. that's not the way it's going to be forever. >> no, we've got a change on
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of fall, felt pretty nice out there, that autumnal equinox came pretty early. about 8:20 this morning, and we were left with a lot of fog. it will be nice, because we're going to start to see that transition to the fall season. not only up in the high country, but down here in the metro area, coming up this weekend. capturing this gorgeous shot. so many shades of orange out there across the rocky mountain
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backed into northeastern colorado. it kept the clouds and the fog ahead. upper 60s in fort collins and greeley. 70s and 80s. some spots in the 90s down in southeastern colorado. right now at the airport, we're at 74. plenty of sunshine. winds now out of the north at about 15 miles per hour. here in the 9 backyard. pretty noisy back here as well. you can see our next storm system is starting where they have seen widespread flooding. all of this makes its way into our backyard tomorrow evening. that cold front with it, and also watching for winds kicking up quite a bit too. the showers, the thunderstorms mainly confined to the southern parts of the state. i'll zoom out, and you can see this main system, still swinging into utah, bringing them flash flooding concerns as
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about 10:15, high winds for much of the western slope. high wind warnings, and advisories kicking in until 6:00 tomorrow morning, all pushing in from the south- southwest could find some wind gusts, up to 65 miles per hour. tonight, we're down to about 57. maybe one or two isolated evening showers, but that's going to be about it. we stay in the 50s and 60s across eastern colorado, and 40s up in the mountains. you can see one or two light little showers, on that southwesterly flow. this is around 11:00 p.m. clear. some sunshine to kick off our friday, but look at that cold front barreling into the western slope. we'll be watching for a little bit of snowfall along the higher peaks. the clouds start pouring in about 2:00, 3:00. again, i have widespread showers around here, just a couple of sprinkles from time to time. we will be watching a threat for severe weather mainly across eastern colorado, into
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dakota too. rain forecast, pretty minimal. into northeastern colorado, if you live out to the western slope, you folks will have a better chance of seeing the rain. 80degrees tomorrow. a little warmer. we stay in the 90s for eastern colorado as it takes a while for that cold front to push through. 50s and 60s. look at that weekend, a couple of sprinkles, and much cooler investors are in something
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announced it would not raise interest rates anytime soon. the dow rising almost 99
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hi everybody. if you watched bronco linebacker von miller's feet closely enough this weekend against the bangals, you might
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trot, or waltz. von is convinced all that time he spent this spring competing on "dancing with the stars" helped him become a better football player. >> i definitely think some of the practice with it is paying off. i've never put 6 hours practice into something every day. not six hours every day, it made me consistent. it made me work on something i wasn't very good at. i come out here and play football, this is what i'm going to do. it's easier for me to do this. i think having the struggle with that, is definitely helping me here. give me the damn ball. a pair of broncos wide receivers aren't quite shouting those words yet, but as rod mackey shows us, they sure seem to be thinking it.
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most, but it's not the only thing that matters, at least not to the broncos wide receivers. their numbers of catches and yards are down. dt led it be known on sunday, that they need more attention. >> a lot more opportunities on the field than what we got at the end of the game, but i think the more frustration is we can be a better offense than what we have put out so far. been in the red zone, maybe three or four times, and touchdown. >> individually, yeah, i'd like to be having my highlights run on espn. but sitting here 2-0. so i go out every single day, and waiting on that big game. we know it's going to come. we're just waiting on that opportunity. >> it's understandable, receivers, they want the ball, they want to make plays. especially our guys, two of the best in the business. we want to give those guys an opportunity to make plays, so i
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get wins, which we're doing, and get better. that's the exciting part too. we know there's room for improvement, but we're still winning. >> reporter: sanders and dt may have to keep on waiting, which will be a lot easier, as long as the broncos keep on winning. rod mackey, 9news. >> avalanche reported to training camp today, and team is already shorthanded. >> old faces, patrick roy is gone. >> surprised and shocked. disappointed. i had a good relationship with patrick. >> reporter: new faces. jared bednare are now in charge. >> i think it's exciting for everyone, and everyone's looking forward to tomorrow. >> reporter: and missing faces.
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canada, competing in the world cup hockey. >> in a perfect world, you would probably have them all here for training camp. but at the same time, they are getting some great games at high speed, and the competition, and a great experience. >> reporter: bednar wouldn't have it any other way, mainly because he likes to see things like this from nathan mackinnon. >> to have those guys, off world's best, i think is, is something that you can't replace. >> reporter: practice, number 1 is on friday. and bednar has three weeks to get his team ready to face off with dallas on opening night. 9news. the rockies begin a weekend series with the los angeles dodgers tonight. strange by drew, pat white was intensely walking erick aybar today, when he launched one to
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tigers win 9-2, strange by drew. >> a little too much pepper there. >> that might never happen again after this season, because they're talking about changing that rule, where you don't have to pitch. today is tommy lasorda's 89th birthday. looks terrific for that age. >> he really does. happy birthday.
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breaking news tonight. charges filed against the oklahoma police officer involved in a deadly shooting caught on camera. and tonight, charlotte, north carolina, under a state of emergency as violent protests erupt over a separate shooting there. hack attack. 500 million yahoo accounts impacted in the largest data plus, stolen e-mails rocking the white house. the first lady's own passport apparently leaked. terror tape. exclusive new video showing the suspect placing a bomb in new york, and what nbc news has learned about how much the government may have known about him before the attack. and the letter to the president from a 6-year-old, striking a chord across the country.


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