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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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support. 47-47 tie. get ready to see a lot of some familiar faces. >> in fact, there is a trump takeover in colorado today, donald trump, jr. is in grand junction, mesa county fairgrounds, ivanka was in denver, went to fort collins this afternoon. governor pence, trump's running mate was in colorado springs. clinton campaign hasn't announced her next event, entering the stretch run to the election, the national race. lets talk money and politics, specifically theon campaigns that we are seeing for november. politics guy, brandon rittiman is looking at the big money or lack there of. >> lack there of, colorado care question, next to nothing, only $10,000 last reporting period, $10,000 left in the bank, raised 1/3 of a million so far, the no-side, closer to $4 million. >> the no-side is coloradans for coloradans, whatever that means. >> mostly health insurance and
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headline number 2, this takes to assisted suicide, lot of cash. >> millions. >> the yes-side, $4.8 million they raised almost all from a group called compassion and choices action network. the no-side is raising a little bit, over a million. >> there is a proposal to triple the cigarette tax. who would oppose that? >> one company, one tobacco company. ultria, or phillip morris, $5 million to >> minimum wage, out of state money is the big story there, perhaps not a surprise, this is a national fight that has turned local. but a lot of the money on both sides of the campaign coming from out of colorado. >> brandon rittiman, he knows politics and knows money in politics, thank you, sir. >> thanks. is the a-line working today? rtd's train to the plane. nope. train had a signaling issue this morning and caused delays for 2
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riders to plan an extra 10-15 minutes on their trip. joining the a-line train on the struggle bus this week is frontier airline, tonight frontier is shutting down the website, app, and kiosks at the airport. passengers are told to arrive 3 hours early. frontier had serious delays monday morning, then the airline blamed gating problems and said the worst delay that day, 8-hour chopper due to unrelated issue. tot the reservation system won't be working, no one can make changes to existing frontier flights. that upgrade work starts tonight and lasts until tomorrow morning. the airline famous for animals on the tail will have customers on the tail until resolved. next question, we aren't being invaded, are we? that is a fair question from heather on facebook who saw the video of tanks being taken by rail through the denver metro area recently. fort carson tells us all the
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california, the equipment is being shipped back to the 3rd infantry brigade combat. video in englewood near santa fe and dartmouth, you can expect more tanks through denver on the north to south trackathize next few days-- tracks the next few days, if this was an actual invasion, you would tune into next for the latest information. we know a bunch of you are leaf peepers, don't act like you are not, we have seen you looking, everyone does it. on the first f rocky mountain national park workers are scrambling to prepare the park for a herd of people, it will be the busiest day of the year at the park on saturday. 13,000 car fulls of humans expected to roll through the the park waves the entry fee to celebrate national public lands day, if you don't like the crowds, come on a week day. the crowds will be half the size. >> we laugh sometimes that the
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like they come for that reason because it is fee free, other people are completely surprised when they get here, like what is going on? fee free day! and other people stay away because it is fee free day. >> the park is open 24 hours, so you can always go at some odd time to beat the crowds. of course there is no leaf peeping at night. don't be creeping and peeping, that is gross. if you are headed to rocky, get there no later than 9:30 or 10:00 if you want to park at the park, if not shuttle from estes park. sadly, again, we could not find a cat fashion show for steve staeger to cover, but an interesting issue impacting cat rescues and dog shelters, impacting all of us who care about shelter pets. what the heck is going on at the rocky mountain sea lion rescue? the group used to list itself as a no-kill shelter, then dropped the no-kill part last year without saying much about it.
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same. >> reporter: president carrie can't say that enough, nothing changed. not like they started euthanizing at will, it is just the phrase "no kill." >> we formed a grant writing committee and a lot of grants we could not apply for because people are requiring the no-kill vernacular not be used. >> reporter: it makes it more difficult to work with bigger shelters like the denver dumb friendly. >> we are part of the animal welfare alliance not to use no-kill language. >> reporter: dr. april is the coo of ddfl. >> no-kill does not mean no-kill. people think because it is no kill, animals aren't euthanized, the standard is less than 10% of animalerize euthanized and the whole state does that. >> >> reporter: the problem is it is starting to spark a war of worlds in the animal welfare industry. >> progressive funders are
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language. >> reporter: money doesn't come easily to smaler shelters that use the dirty word, no kill. the rocky mountain feline rescue made a change and carrie can't say it enough. >> we are not a kill shelter and honestly i think they are trying to get rid of kill shelter and no kill. i think it is misleading. >> reporter: an interesting lesson that goes hand in hand with another we learned today. it is tough to do interviews with cats hanging around. for next, i am steve staeger. >> rocky mountain feline says it will only euthanize cats if they are suffer ing or out of medical options. ddfl said it does has not euthanized a healthy animal in 4 years. sometimes a longer take on an important issue, like the one raised by a teacher who wondered if these days we are teaching intolerance. >> a concern, i wanted to reach
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office in the denver metro area. as a teacher and member of the diverse community that makes up denver, i was angered and saddened to know that anyone in this amazing state could want to share such damaging thoughts. several of my students are muslim and to know that any one of them could come across this kind of hate is unbelievable to me. as a loyal watcher of 9 news, i know your station is always tackling the issues that impact our community. in this time, i can't think of than sharing this picture. i have been a teacher for 16 years now, i have come across students from all walks of life, ethnicity, culture, religion, socioeconomic background, and the one thing i can say is that every student out there, every person out there wants to do the best that they can and they want to have a safe place to do it. denver is a diverse community, i have a lot of students who are refugees and running from horrible situations and to know
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to have brought them in and made them feel like this was home, made them feel like it is a safe place, could then turn into a country where they might start to feel like they need the run or they can't feel safe, is just heart breaking to me. i am educating kids on how to be good people and remind myself that i don't ever, ever want my kids to come across something like that or to feel that unsafe in their classroom, in their school, which is supposed to be the safe place for them. buffalo bill cod h gone a century but his legacy lived on in one man. >> lot of people say born a hundred years too late. >> the world's most famous ballerina interviewed by next's newest reporter. >> come on, lets go. we single out one of the many coloradans who keeps this
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season, fall is afinancially upon us and it is looking like it in the high country. we have some phenomenal shots once again in silverton, the golden aspens already starting to change. if you haven't gone up to the mountains, now is the time. things are going to start to change. we have a storm system barreling in from the pacific northwest, that will bring showers but also extremely gusty winds in the high country, potentially taking down all of those gorgeous aspen
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cooler temperatures. tonight we are at 57, 1-2 isolated evening showers, and then we will be watching just for a few clouds later on this evening. you can see out to the western slope we go, high wind warnings as well as advisories, these will continue tonight through tomorrow morning as we are anticipating wind gust s as high as 65 miles an hour. the rest of this evening looks pretty quiet and calm, we will be watching for a sunny start to the day but there is that line of showers and thunderstorms that pushes into the front range by a afternoon. keep those umbrellas handy while you can. red flag warnings in place for eastern colorado, tomorrow, low althies and then the-- 80s and then the cool off in time for the weekend. the name al hoffman probably doesn't ring a bell, didn't make you look twice if you scanned over it the obituaries, you would have met him as buffalo bill.
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spent time with al's family. >> this was his man cave. >> the bug house, a lot of things were given to him, things we picked up here and there. >> a guy a lot of people say was born a hundred years too late. >> i am the daughter of al hoffman, known as colorado buffalo bill. we have a picture of him when he was this tall in a cowboy suit. >> i would suspect probably wasn't anybody that knew more about buffalo bill than he does. reenactor. >> we decided to have a buffalo bill look alike contest, he dressed up for that and he won. >> dressing up in santa claus haircut and the santa claus, and key took the white powder, his jackets are exact duplicates of cody's. he put everything into his character and loved doing it. >> you will find out he knew a lot of people, roy rogers, this is a picture of him standing
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front of jane wayne's car. >> get the horse trailer, get the camper. >> reporter: how was he as a brother? >> oh great. ? ? >> i have been receiving all kinds of calls and there isn't anybody can say anything but good. >> he always be true to the character, you know as much as you can. >> he is probably up there telling buffalo bill everything he doesn't know a >> get the horse trailer. you are ready to ride. >> no doubt in my mind that he did. >> happy trails. >> there is a celebration of life for al huffman, saturday, elks lodge, evergreen, 1:00 in the afternoon is everyone is welcome. a barrier-breaking ballerina sits down with our
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the question. >> how is it being a brown ballerina? also ahead, we go back. >> 9 news first again in live news coverage.
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9 news first again in live news coverage. when the broncos shut out oakland, only 9 news was live from california to see how washington reacted to events in egypt, only 9 news went live by satellite. first, to have a live northern colorado bureau, first with a live boulder bureau, first again in southern colorado. 9 news, live needed. 9 news, nimber 1 in colorado. >> that is too cool. this is too ugly, i had no idea how ugly this would be. throw back thursday, in the city of littleton, taking it back to the old school because they are old fools who are so cool and whoop, there it was when president howard tap visited littleton in 1909, first of 2 visits to see his friend, the senator. it reminds of us the days when
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candidate's health. taft was an undeniably big dude. a great interview is a dance between the interviewer and the interviewee and we found the perfect pair for the next story, america's most famous ballerina, and tarhonda thomas's daughter, ruby d. >> my name is ruby d., i am about to interview misty copeland and i like her because she is a good ballerina, we have to go to a press
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>> hi. what is your name? >> ruby. how is it being a brown ballerina? >> it is amazing. it is amazing to sit across from another brown ballerina because there aren't very many of us and there need to be more. it is amazing to have this incredible the beauty of ballet and to show the world that it doesn't matter what color you are, it doesn't matter how tall you are, it doesn't matter where you come from, that anything is possible. >> how did you do when-- did you feel when you were poor? >> well, when i was growing up, to me my life was very normal. i thought, because it is all that i knew. so, looking back now i
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opportunities and the beauty that ballet brought me. >> do you have your own doll? >> i don't know, do i? what is that you are holding? what is that? >> misty copeland doll. >> i can put her in arabesque. do you know arabesque? can you do it? thank you so much, ruby. >> you are welcome. >> here is your barby ba >> thank you. >> hi, my name is ruby. >> don't grab that. >> i am ruby dee, i am about to do-- what? >> start over, i am about to interview. >> hi, i am ruby dee and i am about to interview misty copeland and i like her because she is a good ballerina.
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>> you forgot to point. >> hi, my name is ruby and i am about to interview misty copeland. and i like her because she, um, is good at ballet. and we are going into the press conference. lets go. >> that is my favorite. if guys like bernie weren't around, colorado would come apart at the seems, we will
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in the news business and in so many others, it is the people behind the scenes thatea and bernie mcgin has been a make-things-happen kind of guy behind the scenes in grand lake since 1979, never stepped into the spotlight ubtill push-- until pushed out to accept the municipal hero award. >> all the people in the state of colorado work for municipalities, lord knows how many there are, tens of thousands and i am picked to be,
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is an unbelievable award that i-- i still tingle at times thinking about it. >> that is cool. highlight for bernie who worked hard for so many years, says he will retire in about 4 more years when he turns 70 . some of your feedback, adriane writes on facebook, "kyle y am a jew, i side with the teacher who has muslims in her class, shame on those who hate all because of
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? ? is brad pitt an abusive dad? did an out-of-control brad kids. >> this could be a traumatic experience for them. >> what we know tonight and why the fbi could be involved. and with allegations this serious, can the actor recover? pitt's next move as the actress some accuse brad of cheating with breaks her silence with a pregnancy announcement. >> it is something huge. plus, some crazy attack of a supermodel in the streets. and dancing's most adorable star.
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lauri's new rehearsal. what she's planning next. >> they just keep going. it's unbelievable. >> what has britney spears shrieking in terror? ? ? now for september 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". brad and angeeina's divorce takesa i shocking turn with a bombshell allegation. >> it's a new twist and it could explain why angelina is fighting for full, physical custody of their six children. >> one of hollywood's most serious allegations. "people" magazine is reporting that brad pitt is investigated for child abuse after he got verbally abusive and physical with one of his children. it happened on the couple's private jet last wednesday while some of the other children were present. the magazine also claims pitt was inebriated. >> if these claims are true as far as we know because the alleged incident happened while they were in a private plane in the air therefore it wouldn't


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