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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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cheryl and gary and marty here with you... we're looking at a pretty nice weekend - and a pretty big temperature drop... if you're flying frontier today...
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early... ..a full three hours ahead of your flight if you can. frontier is doing a full system upgrade - and while it's happening - their technology will be extremely limited. passengers will not be able to use frontier's website, mobile app or airport kiosks... and can only make any changes at the actual ticket counter. the upgrade comes just a few days after widespread complaints about delays at dia back on monday.
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changed the company that runs ground operations - and needs time to get everyone back up to speed. a call for a stolen car and some broken windows - ended with police officers chasing suspects from denver to erie and lafayette. this morning - three suspects are in custody. two lafayette police cars were damaged in the process - but no officers were hurt. it all started afternoon - when police in longmont say - car windows were shattered.. then - they found a stolen car from erie - abandoned in a ravine. finally - lafayette police found a second stolen car - also from erie - at a local walmart... three suspects left the store, got in the car and rammed two police cars while trying to get away. all three were eventually arrested after trying to run from officers.
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has caught up to jeffrey collins. collins is accused of brutally beating a 71-year-old woman. police arrested him in broomfield thursday night - with the help of u-s marshals. the 16 year old was booked on a warrant for attempted 1st degree murder - and 1st degree assault of an at- risk adult. deputies say collins was hitchhiking on monday - and attacked the woman who offered him a ride and a place to stay. he was with two friends - who reported the attack and helped investigators. killing a beloved centennial doctor will be in court today.. police say kevin lyons shot and killed doctor ken atkinson... and wounded his wife and another woman back in april. lyons' wife told investigators he was acting strangly before the shooting. she told police she wanted him to go to a hospital... and at one point he snapped. tensions are still running high in charlotte, north carolina... but last night's protests there - were mostly
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there was a curfew in place.. but as long as things stayed peaceful - officers did not enforce it. some protesters did block a highway... police in riot gear used tear gas to break them up... but there were no reports of any injuries or arrests. the protesters want the video of keith scott's shooting released.. scott, a black man, was shot and killed by a white police offficer on tuesday. so far - only scott's family, police and the state bureau of investigations have seen the video. not clearing things up. the family says he was killed while walking backward with his hands at his side. now - charlotte's mayor is speaking out - saying - there are still a lot questions in the case.. facebook's "safe
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charlotte area.. if you know anybody there - you might have gotten an alert like this... the social media site has started using its safe check in feature for the protests. it's been used before - during terror attacks and natural disasters. friends and family can "check in" - so you know if your loved ones are alright. oklahoma .. betty shelby - the officer who shot terrence crutcher last friday... has been charged with manslaughter. dashcam and aerial footage shows crutcher, who was black - walking away with his arms in the air before shelby fired. police say - crutcher was not listening to commands.. the tulsa county district attorney's office says - shelby "reacted unreasonably." we are less than 50 days until the election
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colorado a focul point of its strategy - on thursday, v-p nominee mike pence was in the springs... donald trump junior was at the mesa county fairgrounds... and ivanka trump made appearances in denver and fort collins. during a visit with pastors in colorado springs, pence talked about recent protests and police shootings. he says - the focus should be on unity - and not what he called - "institutional bias or racism within law enforcement." two of trump's children were also in colorado. ivanka trump spoke and fort collins.. and donald trump junior campaigned for his father at the mesa county fairgrounds. the first presidential debate is on monday it will be the first of three debates between hillary clinton and donald trump. our 9 news political experts weighed in on what we might expect... and what each nominee needs to do - to be considered a
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agree... that the candidates need to focus on policy - not personal attacks - if they really want to win over voters. the debate will be monday night at hofstra university in new york. lester holt will moderate you can watch it on 9news at 7 o-clock. a museum showcasing african-american heritage, history, open in washington d-c this weekend. the smithsonian national museum of african american history and culture opens tomorrow. what you will find there are artifacts like this school that educated black children in the segregated south. and chuck berry's red cadillac, the one he drove across the fox theater stage in saint louis. the same theater that turned him away as a child because he was black. martin luther king
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attending tomorrow's dedication. some of the most beautiful places on
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the country are actually "toxic" places to work. what some park
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utah said "it sounded like armageddon" when a tornado came through. roofs are torn off, houses ripped from their foundation, and trees knocked down. at least 30-homes were damaged according to the salt like tribune. no one was seriously hurt. some employees at national parks across the country say they are sexually exploited, harassed, and bullied. the complaints are so severe that a recent report labeled the work environment as "toxic"
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investigating the complaints at historic places like yosemite, yellowstone and the grand canyon. a recent report found some men who worked at the grand canyon preyed on female co-workers. they are accused of demanding sex or the women could face retaliation. there were similar complains at yellowstone and yosemite. it's believed instead of these workers being fired, they are either promoted or left alone. it's sneaking up on us....are you thinking about christmas shopping yet?? one retailer says this year - you don't even need to bring your wallet to the store. and it's ok if you crash this drone.. in fact -- it's
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as holiday shopping gets closer and closer... kohl's is telling the most loyal customers to leave most of their credit cards at home. starting next month - shoppers with kohls-branded credit cards can check out directly from the store's mobile app. earlier this year - the retailer was also the first to tie its rewards program and private label card to "apple pay." here's a drone that even the youngest pilot can fly.. it will break when you crash it - but
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lego bricks. san francisco company "flybrix" designed it - hoping to teach people how to build and fly your own drone - with room for trial and error. every kit comes with legos, cords, motors and batteries. you can learn more - and order the kits - on their website. during the day - legal jargon is his forte.. but there's a musical side to this denver attorney.. meet the man who is bringing mariachi - to metro state.. attorney by day.. mar-i-achi instructor by
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one denver attorney is passing his love of mariachi music - to metro state university of denver students... victoria sanchez shows us how the music takes students from the classroom - to one of the biggest stages in denver.
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state's mariachi group - they have a public performance on campus.. it will be at the king concert hall - at 4 o'clock on december 4th. this sunday - is race for the cure... it's a huge event here in denver... we've been talking about it all week.. sharing stories and
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we want to celebrate your heroes.. share a story of survival -- your story, a loved one's or a friend's... post on our facebook - or use the hashtag "be on 9"... we'll show those
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chico the dalmatian was lost... so he strolled right on in to a
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chico made himself right at home - following crews around at fire rescue station five. even better news - his owner finally found him - and took chico home. a giant pig with teeth growing from the top of its snout. the smallest mammal to ever live. you can see some extreme animals in denver. in the next half hour- we get an inside look at life that really existed- somewhere. and how you can see it now. if you want to increase your home's value - experts say - follow the money... and it will take you straight to the kitchen. coming up on 9news at noon.. our fix this team turns to an expert contractor to show you how to install your own cabinets - as part of new renovation series.
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from one city to the next... how one crime report turned into a wild dash through yards... and ended with police cars damaged in a walmart parking lot. peaceful protests in north carolina. we'll hear from a reporter- who walked along side people marching on the highway. think of the most unusual animals you can image... some of them might be real. the odd and extreme animals on display in denver- and where to see them. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- it's getting a lot colder this


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