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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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this is 9news. good morning, everyone, we start with breaking news, deputies are searching for whoever stole a ford truck and led deputies on a chase. they found the truck near west 96th and croak drive. that is in thornton. the thieves got away. neighbors said they heard gun shots in the area. but ti fire their weapons. we'll have a crew there and update you on the situation as soon as it becomes available. it's still confusing what's going on. >> overnight, things were much calmer on the streets of charlotte following two nights of violence and unrest. the city imposed a curfew on thursday after rioters set fires and smashed windows of downtown buildings. one person was shot in the head by another protester. he has since died. the charlotte community wants to see the video from the
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charlotte police showed the tape to scott's family, their lawyer, and the state bureau of investigation. the family attorney says he couldn't tell if scott had anything in his hands when he was shot. scott is seen in the video calmly exiting the vehicle and while police give him several commands, he does not approach officers. the family spokesperson said scott's hands were by his side as he was walking slowly backward. in a statement the family says they want the video released to the public charlotte's police chief said that will have to wait until after the investigation. police did recover a gun from the scene. >> anyone with facebook friends in the charlotte area got an alert like this. the social media site has started using its safe check in feature for these protests. in the past, it has been used after terrorist attacks or emergencies so that people can let friends and family know they are all right. so it lets you ask people that you know in the charlotte area to check in so you can make
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betty shelby. she's the tulsa police officer who shot crutcher. shelby is out of jail on bond this morning after posting $50,000 bond to get out. crutcher had his hands up just before he was killed a week ago. he did not have a gun. he was black. she was white. crutcher's twin sister says that she is grateful charges have been filed. father, our son, our brother, our nephew, our cousin. our goal now as a family is to ensure that this never happens to another innocent citizen. >> shelby says that he wasn't listening to her commands and was acting like he was on drugs. court documents say that officer shelby reacted unreasonably. if convicted, she would face a minimum four year prison
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friday morning. you made it to the end of the week. our last day in the 80s before the temperatures really start to take a dip. meteorologist, marty coniglio, how will mother nature cool things off for the weekend? >> not a terrible weekend by any stretch of the imagination. this is an actual image from our live camera. it is phenomenal here this morning. just a beautiful morning here with thunderstorms that have been going in western colorado. we've seen thunder going between cortez, moving up toward silverton. very strong winds in the 40 to 50-mile per hour range on the western slope in some of the storms. we could see these storms reforming over the plains this afternoon and this evening. especially after 5:00 p.m. from fort morgan to last chance and throughout the eastern plains. very strong wind possible. so we do have a risk for severe weather from the plains into the panhandle of nebraska late in the day.
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here. it's calm now, by late this afternoon, 20 to 40-mile per hour winds from the front range to the north and east of us. and humidity levels will dive. as they do, that creates a really rough fire situation for us today. so, any fires that get started can react explosively. so grass fires can just take off in an instant from the denver area to the south. a red flag warning for extreme fire danger today. noon until 8:00. we'll be touching near 80 degrees today we'll take a look at what the weekend looks like. >> thanks, marty, it's 6:04. now that you have your day and weekend planned out weather wise, let's get you set on your morning drive. it's been a nice, easy start here across 70 and 225. fly over ramps through traffic as well as all of your ramps exiting under your streets are looking clear, but the volume is starting to pick up. out across the board, we've seen c470 with a few extra cars
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a little busy. there is word of a two-car crash right in the middle of the intersection and that's a busy spot. overall, 25 to the north. has been less than 15 minutes on your drive even for southbounders, averaging in the mid 60s and further to the east, no issues getting to the airport. trains running on time, and clocking just 6 minutes. gary. >> thanks, amelia. as we mentioned at the top of the ow, deputies on a short chase through adams morning looking for a stolen truck. they found the truck, but didn't find anybody inside. thomas is at the scene now, she's near 96th and croak in thornton. hi. >> reporter: so we want to give you a look at this scene because sheriff deputies are here and not only are they here, they are looking a at that truck that was stolen. now this was in thornton. this is where it was found near 96th and croak. adams county sheriff deputies
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see this investigator looking at the bottom railing of that floor board of the truck. we have seen him go inside. we have seen them look around the dash board. looking for evidence, because we don't know who is in this truck and where this person is, and if there's more than one person. whoever was driving got away. sky 9 is giving you a better view of what it looks like from above. this is a residential area. lots of houses off the beaten path, not a lot of businesses on this street. it's really just houses. t know is the fact that this suspect or suspects got away. and police don't know where this person or these people are. now they set up a perimeter for awhile. they brought in some dogs to look and snuff around and see if they could find a trace of the suspect or suspects. the dogs were not able to do that. they have broken down that perimeter. they are actively investigating. looking at this truck, searching to see what they could find. neighbors report hearing gun shots. deputies and police officers didn't fire their weapons and
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this investigation as the mystery is unfolding. the big question is, where did this person go? police are trying to figure that out. >> we'll check back with you in a little bit. frontier airlines warning passengers they should get to the airport three hours before their flight today. the airline is doing a system computer upgrade. passengers will not be able to use the website mobile app or airport kiosk during that time. passengers will only be able to make changes at the ticket counter. this is a live look at the ticket counter and as you can see, it's pretty busy right now. the system upgrade comes days after frontier dealt with a mountain of customer complaints about delays at d.i.a., the wait at the flights 30 minutes or more. right now, security times are 30 minutes or more, too, and looking into whether that has anything to do with the lines at the frontier ticket counter.
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that's what caused some of the delays earlier this week. >> i hope they are all going some place fun. keep your eye on the prize. okay. it's 6:08 now. after a few days on the run, law enforcement has caught up to a teenager, jeffrey collins, is accused of brutally beating a 71-year-old woman. with the help of u.s. marshalls, police arrested him thursday night. he was booked on a warrant for attempted first-degree murder and first-degree assault of an at risk adult. collins monday and attacked the woman who offered him a ride and a place to stay. she has a terrible head injury, several broken bones and cuts. collins was with two friends who reported that attack and then helped investigators. this morning, three suspects are in custody after a string of crimes started in denver and went through longmont and into la fayette. no officers were hurt. this all started at 1:15 thursday afternoon when police
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were shattered. abandoned in a ravine. finally, police found a second stolen car also from erie at a local wal-mart. three suspects left the store, got in the car, rammed two police officers as they were trying to get away. all three were eventually arrested after trying to get away from officers. around here, we have a cold front coming through western colorado this morning. that's kicking off some thunderstorms. these storms will move through the mountains and west during this morning and this afternoon, almost continuously, later in the evening, we may see a brief shower here for the metro area and front range, but with all the down sloping winds, we'll lose a lot of that to evaporation. stronger storms possible on the plains as i outlined, we may see gusty winds there. today into the low 80s, even 90s in southeastern colorado. tomorrow, much cooler air filters in as we drop to the 40s in the morning. the wind dies down and we top
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race for the cure sunday morning, mid 40s, sunny, but calm. really looks like a nice morning. crisp. >> runners call that crisp, we like that. it is 10 minutes after 6:00 right now. three police officers pulled over a teenager in phoenix. they found pot in his car. and we'll tell you what they made him do with it that cost them their jobs. a touching plea to president obama.
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welcome back, everybody. this week's edition of superstars takes us to the tr students are preparing themselves for fast paced careers. >> going around the corner at close to g is almost indescribable. it's something most people don't experience. >> most of us will never get the chance to drive a formula style race car. right now, we're in the process of building a scale down model. about an 8th size of the car for next year, and put it in
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flow simulations to figure out how much down force we're going to be generating from our pieces. >> this senior project has led to exciting careers. >> coming up on 9news at 8:00 a.m., i'll share the story of the motor sports team and let you know how you can help them succeed. this group of kids is incredible. they are building this car from the ground up, designing all the parred parts. >> kids are so much smarter today opportunities they have, and they are going to this international competition and they will be in front of racing professionals who could get them into a career with nascar or drag racing and it's what they really love. >> yeah. it's just wonderful. >> 8:00 rings 8:00, right? >> let's check the weather, marty has that. it's going to be a pretty decent weekend, it sounds like. >> it will be nice. we have a lot of wind to deal with. we have thunderstorms in western colorado now.
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ahead of the front which is still in utah. that moves into western colorado during the day. by the end of the afternoon, we'll see some thunderstorms. really windy conditions in and near the foothills. a few rain drops making off. a lot of the rain that falls will be lost to evaporation for those of us living up and down i-25. we'll get stronger storms out on the plains later on. any measurable rain, most of the accumulation will above 8,000 feet, along either side of the divide, and then during the evening, farther to the north and east. what we really -- the big feature today is wind. it's going to be out of the south, 25, 30, 35 miles per hour during the afternoon with temperatures in the 70s and 80s around here. statewide, storms start in the west and finish over the north eastern plains late in the day. again, with minimal accumulation for those of us in the front range and northeast.
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in the mountains and west. 81, windy today. tonight, a light shower possible late as the cool air settles in. lows in the 40s. tomorrow in the 60s. any kind of showers will stay in the foothills. clear out on sunday. warm back up by wednesday. >> take a little tour around the city. at 6:16, we're going to get our views from our cameras around town. 70 to the west is looking good. as you're waking up in aurora, or heading out to connecting with 25, 6th avenue. everything is nice, easy, and clear. our views up to the north show that friday is really getting off to a heavy start there. just to the north side of e470, no problems or delays between here and fort collins. getting out to the south side, we have an easy beginning toward castle rock and colorado springs. so far, your speeds are doing okay. mid 60s with an hour and five minute drive north or southbound between here and the air force academy.
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tuffty. there is one exception. lincoln and chambers, but gary, cheryl, use lincoln and chambers, could be a tough start getting up to e-470. >> thanks a lot. it's 6:17 now. what started out as a traffic stop that was supposed to be pretty standard and simple has three phoenix police officers out of a job. >> yeah, coming up, we're going
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welcome back, 20 minutes after 6:00. four arizona police officers are in trouble this morning. two of them are accused of forcing a 19-year-old driver to eat marijuana. the pot was discovered in his car during a traffic stop in phoenix. the driver said the officers told them eat the pot or go to jail. the department was going to fire the carnacle, richard, and jason mcfadden, but they quit instead. he was at the scene, but police say that he didn't participate. the officer's supervisor was demoted. as for the driver, he got sick from ingesting the drug, but he is now okay. >> thank goodness. it's considered the largest amount of people impacted by a single hack. about 500 million yahoo! account users personal and private information was exposed this morning.
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breech that dates back to late 2014. the stolen information including e-mail addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. yahoo say they believe a state sponsored actor is behind the attack. yahoo! is urging users to change passwords right away, the fbi is busy investigating. >> an intense bombing campaign in syria overnight targeting several neighborhoods in the rebel held part of alepo. the air campaign started late last night and continued into e command announced that it is launching operations in the rebel held eastern quarters. that is raising concerns of the imminent ground operations in that area, too. of course, all this happening during a supposed cease fire that doesn't seem like it's holding now. >> a little boy in new york is setting an example of compassion, gaining the respect of president obama and millions of people around the world. >> beautiful gesture from that little boy after he saw the
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sitting in an ambulance covered in dirt and blood. just in shock as he sits there. this picture caught the attention of the world bringing renewed attention to the war in syria. it also caught the attention of six-year-old, alex, in new york, who was so moved he decided to write a letter to the president asking him to go get the little boy and bring him to america so he can live safely with his family. >> since he doesn't ?ohave toys bunny and i will share my bike. we can all play together and he will teach us another language. >> they will work together, share toys, teach languages, the president was so moved by alex's letter, he read it out loud as he was talking about the syrian refugee crisis. he could barely finish. this little boy and his family
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that same attack. >> it's tough, but the little guy says bring him here, we'll take him in. we'll feed him, we'll let him play with our toys. >> see, it seems simple in a child's eyes, doesn't it? just want him to be safe. >> and you know, we talked about it for years now. but it was that picture. >> one child. >> yup. that brought a lot of people's attention to it. okay, it's 23 minutes after 6:00. it's the biggest land can get an up close and personal meeting with him today, sort of kind of. we're going to talk about that coming up. first, here's a check of the weather and traffic. >> that can be interesting. around here today, looking at windy conditions, might knock some of these gorgeous leaves down. so if you are headed up to look at some leaves this weekend, bare in mind, we are near peek. this is up near dillon with joel. for us today, work, temperatures in the low 80s.
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be a few rain drops that will be up and out of here. we have windy conditions anticipated for the early part of friday night sports, but cooling off rapidly dlurg the evening as the wind calms down. >> we have a major closure in wheat ridge, just learning about a moment ago, about a closure. both directions now in wheat ridge between 29th and 32nd. because of the crash that occurred in president area. now with that closure in mind, your alternate route sheritan. both directions north and southbound are doing okay in the immediate area. however, we do have a crash further to the south right at custer place, south of alameda and further out to the east, watch for a wreck at lincoln
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this friday morning. what's 15 feet tall, weighs 20- tons and is a vegetarian? it's the largest land mammal ever to walk the earth. you can see it, a replica at the denver museum of nature and science. their newest exhibit opens today and we are giving you an early look inside. you will see mammals from all walks of life that once existed like a giant pig that had teeth
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armadillo. like a huge armadillo. hard to believe, but even humans consider to be extreme mammals because we have brains and walk on two feet. i don't often feel like my brain is that large. >> that looks like a cool exhibit. kids will love that. >> so, another ford truck was spotted stolen in the metro area. police started a chase, we're going to have the latest live
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this is 9news. a stolen truck, a chase, and reports of a suspect who got away. we are live in thornton with details. >> the police officers are human beings, and in difficult and life threatening situations. mistakes are made. >> vice presidential candidate, mike pence, talked about institutional racism while in colorado. explaning why he thinks society should stop today's nine neighborhood segment will take you to a great place. it's a great hangout for college kids. inside a record shop that has been there for years and has seen a lot of stars walk through its doors. 6:31. we start in charlotte. calm held overnight and into the morning hours there. the crowds were just as big, only on the third night of protests surrounding the death of keith scott.
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there's a key issue that protesters want answered. >> yeah, many protesters are upset with the police chief. they were hoping he would publicly release the video showing keith scott's shooting death. if that is not the case, he will not be doing so to the public while the case is still active. >> a third night of people taking to the streets with police in riot gear, but thursday night, a message rings clear. protesters appealing four videos showing the video death of 43-year-old, keith scott. dying at the hands of police tuesday. their hope, to resolve different accounts of what happened. >> what i see in that video is an individual sitting in a car who gets out in a calm, peaceful manner. >> the police chief agreeing show the video to keith scott's family, their lawyer and the state bureau of investigation. >> i'm going to be very intentional about protecting
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i'm not going to release the video. >> scott ignored multiple warnings to drop his weapon. although the chief admits, he didn't see him point the gun at officers. but scott's family says he wasn't holding a gun, but instead, a book while waiting for his child to get off the bus. their lawyer says the video doesn't show a weapon. >> i do not see a firearm on the ground. i do not see a firearm at any point during those videos. it leaves more questions than sw it's the latest officer involved shooting of a black man following a series of similar cases across the nation. the governor is saying this is in no way a definition of who north carolinaens are. >> we're not going to let a few hours give a negative impact on a great city. >> while protesters remained calm, tensions are high with concerned citizens and demonstrators hoping for justice.
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protester who was shot and the seriously wounded has died from his injuries. the police saying he was shot by a civilian, not an officer and now says that case is being investigated as a homicide. live in charlotte, sarah rosario, back to you. >> sarah, thank you for the update. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us, gary and cheryl with you. it will be a nice day. windy to end the week. marty coniglio joins us 9news backyard. >> not windy right now, but boy will it be. you're right, gary, we'll see a lot of wind out of the south today. we have clearer skies today, which will allow us to get warmer than we were yesterday. we did stay in the mid 70s yesterday. we'll touch around 80 to 82 degrees during the middle of the afternoon. we are anticipating wind. with thunderstorms on the
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of showers over the foothills. quiet and dry around here on sunday. we start warming back up on monday. broncos are out of town this week. headed out to cincinnati where it's going to be plenty warm. temperatures for the broncos, bengals, east coast 1:00 p.m. start. we're looking at temperatures in the mid 80s around there. if you want to head up to the mountains, this is a peek weekend to do it. one of the issues we're going to have is the wind in the area may be knocking a lot of this evening. thank you, marty, sky 9 is in wheat ridge and over 29th and wa zworth. shut down in both directions because of what looks like a crash involving a motorcycle. still dark in the area, we can see flashing lights around the boundaries of this closure. a major thorough fair, making their way through. we have some alternates for you. let's go to our maps and see where the crash sits. here, the closure extends from
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directions are officially shut down. your alternate would be sheritan. both are running smoothly. down further to the south, dealing with a crash, but this will not affect your alternates to the closure. this accident takes place at custer. live views across the city has started to pack in. extra crash, and also your 6th avenue. juut can really see folks are hitting the roads early on this friday. >> thank you much. truck thieves led deputy it is on a chase and got away. now adams county deputies and the thornton police department are searching a neighborhood there looking for them. 9news reporter joins us from where the chase ended. neighbors say they heard gun shots in the area. >> that's what neighbors say. police say they didn't fire any weapons. sheriff deputies didn't either
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this is where the truck used to be. the truck that police were chasing as a white ford f350. we have video to show you right now. that truck was involved in a chase in adams county. adams county sheriff deputies originally started with this pursuit and then that car, that suspect in the car came out here to thornton. 96th is the area we're in. quiet, residential area. people just waking up for work. they basically say that they got involved in suspect got out and ran away. now here's the thing. we don't know if there was one person in the car or more than one. that's just how fresh this investigation is. police brought out dogs. they had their k-9 unit. they set up a perimeter and looking for the suspect or suspects. they didn't find any trace of a person. that is what is worry. i just talked to one neighbor who asked what was going on and worried about this.
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sheriff deputies both involved in this case and still looking for that suspect. we'll let you know if they find anything else, but they have towed that truck away while it was here, cheryl, they were looking at it closely for evidence. >> thanks for the update. it's 6:38 now. the man accused of killing a beloved doctor is going to be in court today. police say kevin lion shot and killed dr. ken atkinsons and wounded his wife and another woman in april. lions wife told investigators he was acting strangely re to go to the hospital and then at one point, he just snapped. we now know the name of the suspect shot and killed by westminster police. 49-year-old, thomas tucker, jr., was armed and suspected in a burglary this week when police confirmed him. it happened on tuesday. police say he and three other people had robbed a garage. officers caught up to tucker on his motorcycle. they shot him when he showed a weapon. his three accomplices are on the loose.
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>> the community has an opportunity to support a detective who was wounded in the line of duty today. the detective, dan brought, needed a lot of donated blood to survive many injuries after he was shot. today, the blood center will hold a drive in honor of detective bright. it is happening at the highlands ranch location. the drive runs from 8:30 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. >> 6:39 gh republican vice presidential nominee, mike pence, says that society should set aside talk of institutional racism. pence made the comments while meeting with church leaders in colorado springs on thursday. he also said the recent police shootings in oklahoma and north carolina require leaders to speak with compassion and assure the public that justice will be served. pence said both he and running mate, donald trump, do not believe in the notion of racial
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>> donald trump and i believe that there's been far too much of this talk of institutional bias. or racism within law enforcement. that police officers are human beings. and difficult and life threatening situations, mistakes are made and people have to be held. >> pence also said it is important to have a who serve in law enforcement. well, donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready for their first presidential debate coming at 7:00 monday night. this while a new poll shows more voters may trust clinton over trump when it comes to a whole host of issues. according to the associated press, gfk poll, american voters trust clinton more than trump on fixing problems with healthcare in this country.
6:41 am
former secretary of state can also handle negotiations with russia better. the poll also shows people trust her more to deal with race relations. clinton's running mate, tim kaine, says if they want to invest more time in training for community policing. >> there is a need to build better bridges between law enforcement and the communities they serve. >> you can watch monday's debate right here on channel 9. nbc's lester holt is going to be the moderator. a busy morning in western and in central colorado. hd doppler showing thunderstorms in many areas. now we do have the grand junction radar part of our network out. so we're not seeing all of the storms that there are. we are picking up lightning and thunderstorms in parts of fremont county right now, between canyon city. we also have some thunderstorms right now moving through durango. a live lightning strike right there with wind in the area.
6:42 am
wind out on the plains, could be a future of storms that will create severe weather conditions. for the rest of us, strong winds in the 20 to 40-mile per hour range. that combined with low humidity, means high fire danger later this afternoon. >> thank you. one in seven women in colorado will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. treatments have come a long way, but researchers will not rest until there is a cure. we all have a chance to help them reach that goal this doesn't run in your family, you're not necessarily in the clear. if a mother or sister has had breast cancer, your risk is doubled. if they don't, you could still according to doctors, 85% of breast cancers come from women who have no history of cancer in their immediate family. so early detection is important. so is research and so are events like this to help fund it. thousands of survivors and supporters will be raising
6:43 am
the start and finish line will be at the pepsi center. it starts at 8:00 in the morning and find information on we hope to see you there. amelia, this causes a few traffic delays, they understand it's a great cause. >> exactly, it's all about planning ahead. after the race for the cure wrap up, you can walk through the parking lots at pepsi center and see pink glitter everywhere and feathers. it's such a fun event. plan ahead because the traffic delays could be pretty intense. the best ways to get down will be light rail, bus service, as well as bike options. these are what recommended by the officials planning the event. if you decide to park, pay to park in the lot that is right across the street from pepsi center. you also have parking options at the river side baptist church and city parking is free on sunday, but it's going to be really hard to find. i tweeted all this information out, if you'd lake to find it, head over to my twitter page.
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town. >> sometimes they double up and it can get crazy. >> this is the best case scenario. boston slugger, david ortiz is on a retirement tour this year as his baseball career is coming to an end. teams across the country giving him all kinds of gifts. we'll tell you what the orioles gave him that was pretty funny. dave matthews, jack johnson, big names walked through the doors of this university hills record shop. this week's 9
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colors are great, reaching their peek as they usually do this time of year in the northern and central mountains. thanks to jean for that shot. we had thunderstorms moving through the west. heavy rain in parts of fremont county. late this afternoon as the storms cut across the front range, we'll get strong wind gusts here, very limited rain. better chance for rain and strong winds over north eastern colorado. today, we move up into the 80s and 90s in the east. it's much cooler in the west. a chilly start, but a calmer start to the day tomorrow. and then we stay in the 60s around here tomorrow. talking about the race for the
6:48 am
sunday morning. chilly, yes, but clear and calm. >> and marty, major closure is affecting drivers. shut down between 29th and 32nd. we have seen local traffic getting through as folks filter out of the neighborhoods. a motorcycle accident has shut down part of the road. what we are looking at is an alternate road, both of which parallel and are running light. traffic investigation could be underway for quite awhile. amelia. in sports now, former broncos quarterback had his first loss as a member of the texasans. the pa new england's offense without tom brady and a rookie quarterback put up 27 points in that win. >> spooky, isn't it? a great and hilarious moment before the orioles, red sox game last night. boston's david ortiz who is retiring at the end of the
6:49 am
baltimore. orioles outfielder, adam jones presented him with a busted telephone. it has special significance. it's the same one that ortiz broke up with a bat three years ago. there it is. ortiz had struck out in a key moment of the game and took it out on the phone. >> they saved it. the orioles decided to kind of recondition it and give it as a gift. they also made a donation to his children's charity which is kind of nice. isn't that >> it's humbling. i have to think about that one more time. >> 6:49 right now. 9 neighborhoods this week, we are in boulder and taking you to a really cool place. university hill neighborhood. it's directly west of the campus. it's an area really popular with shops and cafes and bars that cater to students. >> and they have done so much with it over the last 20 years. one place that sets itself apart is local record shop called albums on the hill.
6:50 am
30 years. he said in the 80s, the hill was the place for music and arts in boulder and at one point, 60,000 records in that one store. he lost about 20,000 of them in the september 2013 floods. some of the records are 3 for $5u others can go up to $1,000. he has had some famous names come through that store, before they were famous. >> the first time ben harper played in town, he played dave matthews played with his violinist boy in front of the store. some of my favorites are people like jack johnson. the spin doctors before their record came out. >> wow. he could go on and on and on, couldn't he? with the laundry list. >> he knows everything. >> a whose who there. some of the music for sale is 100 years old, andy is an honest guy. he says in today's digital
6:51 am
still exists. it's a lot of the huesly history of it. be sure to join us for our 9 neighborhood tour this afternoon. you know, there is a resurgence, some people love vinyl. it sounds different, and nothing can replicate it. >> and college kids. a lot of college kids own turntables. my son owns a turntable. he buys them. >> he probably loves andy's store. >> he doesn't love the sound better. it's 6:51. enjoy the weather today while you can. cooler temperatures arrive tomorrow, but how long will they last? marty has a look in his nine- day outlook. >> don't forget to enter this week's pro football pickup contest. play to win a visa gift card.
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wind is our big issue today. we already have thunderstorms in central and western colorado. those are going to keep cutting up through mountain and foothill areas during the day. the cooler air still in utah will be moving over the er here very shortly into the western slope. this afternoon, we'll get a few showers in and near the foothills as they come down slope while there are a few rain drops. the wind will be so strong, a lot of the rain will evaporate, which leaves you pretty much with just wind and we're going to have that in great abundance. 20, 35, 40-mile per hour winds, decreasing after sunset as the
6:55 am
bundle up. it's going to be chilly with a good breeze around the area. temperatures no the 70s and 80s early on. the storms in the west and mountains cutting across the state this afternoon and evening. really getting cut off at the knees so to speak and picking up in intensity farther over the north eastern plains. it will be warm over the plains today, much cooler in the mountains and west as that cold front moves through. for us very windy, partly cloudy, yes, you could get a rain drop, you won't see much to it. as the cool air sinks in, a light shower here or there and the wind decreases tomorrow, any chance of rain in the foothills. tomorrow and tomorrow night. we clear out on sunday, and then by wednesday of next week, it's all like it never
6:56 am
29th between 32nd where a motorcycle accident took place in the southbound lanes. northbound traffic has now reopened, but southbound does remain closed. there's a lot of debris here and the investigation continues. so, as we come out to our maps, we have alternate routes to get through. we are looking at options of sheritan, and are running on the light side. as for the closure, northbound lanes have reopened. southbound traffic is still our highway drive, our southbound 25 commute is blocked up at colorado. it's a 23 minute drive from downtown to the tech center and the reason is, we have a crash reported southbound 25 near colorado boulevard. haven't spotted it on the cameras yet, but this is going to cause a major slowdown through the bridges and up to 6th avenue. >> that can load up quickly. thank you. it's 6:56. here's a look at some of the top stories we're following for you today. deputies are searching for the person who stole a ford truck
6:57 am
they found the truck near west 96th in thornton, but the thieves got away. neighbors heard gun shots. deputies did not fire their weapons. if there were shots fired, they came from those thieves. we'll bring you any updates that we get in. >> today, the man accused of murdering a popular doctor is considered competent to stand trial and kevin will be in court. police say lions shot killed atkinson. lions first court appearance was pushed back because of a mental health evaluation. he interrupted the proceedings several times to talk over the judge. >> 6:57. a teenager police say is very dangerous is off the streets today. u.s. marshals helped arrest jeffrey collins in broomfield, thursday night. the 16-year-old is accused of beating a 71-year-old woman who picked him and two other friends up when they needed a ride. she has a head injury and
6:58 am
ones will gather to remember a high school athlete who died after collapsing at a track meet. memorial service will be held today for brandon. he was at the charter school. he was also the cocaptain of the cross country team. a memorial service is this morning at 10:30 at the calvary bible church. protesters marched once again in charlotte, north carolina, despite a curfew put in place there. but it was a calmer scene compared to violent protests earlier in the police shooting of keith scott. now the public is demanding the video of the shooting be released. scot's family has seen it. one person was even shot in the head by another protester and has since died. windy, warm today. cooler for this weekend. we may see a little thundershower this afternoon. much of the rain will evaporate before it hits the ground and after that our next really decent chance of rain doesn't come until thursday night of next week. >> all right, sounds good.
6:59 am
the cure on sunday morning. congratulations. you made it through the week. that one was too good. it's so pretty. >> oh, hey, my talking guide. >> her name is rio and she
7:00 am
>> take care, good bye. good morning. outrage and unrest. demonstrators take to the streets in charlotte for the third straight night. protesters ignoring a new curfew, demanding that footage of a deadly police shooting be made public. >> release the video! release the video! >> while in oklahoma, the officer involved in a fatal shooting there now charged with manslaughter and turns herself in overnight. set for the showdown? it's crunch time as hillary clinton and donald trump prepare for the highest stakes moment of the campaign yet. the first debate just three days away. clinton holding mock sessions behind closed doors, as trump tries out his new attack lines on the trail. >> hillary clinton does not have


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