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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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in denver it was warm out there today. becky is in the backyard and it's going to be nice through the afternoon, but it will be chilly tonight and cool tomorrow. >> it is. once these winds calm down we'll start to see cooler temperatures make their way onto the front range. we certainly have had gusty winds all up and down here through denver, fort collins, greeley and the result has been a big warm-up. let's take a live look outside. this is the building just outside of 9news where things look calm. every once in a while you see by. denver down through castle rock out to limon into southern colorado under a red flag warning, in part because of those winds. gusts to 45 miles per hour and relative humidity between 10 and 15% mean high fire danger in the areas you see highlighted in pink. we will be watching that the remainder of the evening. check out some of the gusts right now, out at dia 43 mile-
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centennial 32 mile-per-hour gusts, 37 out near aurora and up around fort collins and greeley we have 23 mile-per- hour gusts. those are downsloping winds coming right off the palmer divide, so they'll continue to keep us warm through the remainder of your evening. once we get into tomorrow things are going to start to change. winds calm down. we'll still see a few gusts out on the west side, but they also shift to the north ushering in some cooler air and we're going to see a small chance for more showers now we've got a little bit of rain and snow falling in our northern central and southern mountains, southern and southeast wyoming actually under a severe thunderstorm watch. severe weather is anticipated there through the evening and check out the temperatures, 85 now in denver, 87 out at dia, greeley at 89, fort morgan 92, 88 fort collins. over the next several hours we'll cool off into the 60s and
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we are talking in the upcoming forecast more about the heat we're experiencing. we're talking about thunderstorms that are out there. we're talking about a winter weather advisory, a little bit of snow for our mountains and our foothills and then also down to the south a freeze watch. where else but in colorado can you experience all four things like that at watch? >> yeah. isn't that the truth? we get it all in a short window of time. something for everyone's taste, >> absolutely. there we go. >> thank you. five inmates in the downtown denver jail went to the hospital yesterday because they overdosed on drugs. the incident is under investigation tonight. it happened around 4:00 yesterday. medics came to the jail and took the inmates to denver health. they were suspected of overdosing on crack cocaine. officials from the sheriff's department are investigating and they say it's a really rare occurrence. >> five people going through a drug overdose at once is
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very disappointed and very concerned about. that's why there is an investigation going on and that's why these people were taken to the hospital. thankfully there was no fatalities here, but as people are recovering, one of them is back at the jail, but we need to look into this and see what happened. >> a drug sniffing dog searched the area where the overdose happened, but no drugs were found. the sheriff's office says random cell searches are conducted regularly at both denver jails. police want to find two men denver around 11:00 this morning at u.s. bank on colorado boulevard near 50th avenue. two then armed and wearing masks robbed the bank and took off in a car which police have not described to us. one person had to be taken out of the bank on a stretcher. that person had a medical issue. new video has surfaced showing the moments surrounding the police shooting of keith scott that has sparked so much outrage in charlotte.
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disturbing. while you hear gunshots you will not see the shooting itself. >> don't shoot him. >> today the family of keith scott released their own video of the confrontation with charlotte police. officered urged him to drop what they perceived was a weapon. scott's wife approaching the scene told officers her husband has a traumatic brain injury. >> don't >> the. he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> the video shows the deadly shots as they were fired and it doesn't answer all the questions around a very difficult case. that is something the charlotte police chief said repeatedly about the shooting as well. protesters have been asking police for the video demanding transparency. the national guard and state police will be on the ground again tonight in case any possible protests turn violent. a curfew remains in effect from midnight to 6 a.m.
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in athens, tennessee, southeast of nashville. investigators say the gunman is among the dead identified as 45- year-old ricky smallhorn. he became upset during a meeting, left and came back and shot two supervisors. it happened at a parts manufacturing plant. other employees evacuated or locked themselves in offices when they heard shots. police say smallhorn then turned the prosecutors may seek the death penalty for a man charged with shooting his wife, her friend and killing a neighbor. kevin lyons faces charges for the shootings back in centennial in april. ken atkinson, a doctor, died. lyons wife told investigators he was acting weird and she wanted him to go to the hospital. instead lyons started shooting in his neighborhood and fired at deputies. the judge told the defense it can enter a plea of not guilty
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introduce a mental condition for lyons' defense. the arraignment is set for the end of november. prosecutors have 63 days after this to decide whether to try for the death penalty. there is stop roadwork this weekend which means rtd's b line will not run a couple days. cdot is closing federal boulevard between 67th and 70th starting friday night. that section will be closed each night so new girders can be installed on the bridge over thtr scheduled to reopen monday morning at 5 a.m. nearly 1,000 fish have died in johnstown reservoir. colorado parks and wildlife are investigating. spokeswoman jennifer churchill said a city worker accidentally put 40-pound of copper sulfate into the lake. this happened late july and the dead fish washed ashore a few days later. the worker put the chemical compound in the water in an effort to treat an algae outbreak, but the chemical
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the reservoir is north of colorado 60 and east of high plains boulevard. parks and wildlife was called because the agency supplies the fish to the lake. churchill says they do not anticipate any charges at this point. officials aren't concerned that the water will have any effect on public health. you know it's already been a boisterous election year, but consider this weekend the calm before the political storm. the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton happens monday night. right now both preparing in their own ways. both candidates strew this as a critical point in -- view this as a critical point in their race for the white house. today clinton released a campaign ad trying to portray trump as sexist. she spent 11 days doing prep work while frumple advisors say he's doing -- trump advisors say he's doing minimal prep work. the trump campaign say they
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overprepares for the debate. for political strategists the debate are something to look forward to cautiously. >> is this something you're looking forward oregon something you're kind of peeking through the -- forward to or something you're kind of peeking through your fingers. >> probably a little bit of both, diamond of like nascar wondering if there's going -- kind of like nascar wondering if there's going to be a wreck. >> i think there will be wrecks. it will be a chance r to see the distinct difference between hillary clinton and donald trump and his nonsense. >> ian hasn't told me which party he's with, but i think he cleared that up. i'll start with you, ian. best case for hillary clinton? >> she shows the american people the authentic nature of her experience, that she's able to transmit through the television screen to the american public that she isthe right one for the job. the worst case scenario is that
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gutter politics with trump. >> same question for you, best and worst for trump. >> i think trump has an opportunity here. this is his chance to talk about issues and to line up the juxtaposition with hillary clinton. hillary clinton has got some real problems in terms of people believing that she's not very personable, people not being able to relate to her. similarly i hope he doesn't engage too much with hillary clinton. she's been certainly going on the character. i hope they stay on the policy because these two candidates have a lot of differences in terms of policy. >> catch balance of power sunday morning at 8:50 on 9news. in the colorado senate race incumbent michael bennet is leading in two new polls. bennett has a 9% point advantage over republican darryl glenn among likely voters. bennet's lead is narrower than
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quinnipiac polled bennet with a 16% point lead. a poll out yesterday from colorado mesa university and rocky mountain pbs shows michael bennet has a 13 point lead over glenn with 45% of the vote. 20% are undecided. >> a reminder, michael bennet and his republican challenger darryl glenn will debate together on 9news live the night of october 11th. the one hour debate i'll moderate alongside anchor kyle clark. so g it airs live at 7 p.m. on channel 20 as well as 65 people came out to the douglas county sheriff's office in highlands ranch today for today's blood drive to help a detective shot in the line of duty. douglas county detective dan brite needed a lot of donated blood to survive several surgeries. he was shot responding to a call of a suicidal man with a rifle. the suspect was eventually shot and killed. the 65 people who showed up
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donations made on his behalf in the past couple of weeks. those wishing to make a blood donation can still do so at any bonfils community donor center. mention the group code 7311. >> always good to see people giving blood. >> you feel like you want to do something. >> yeah. it's not the most fun thing for everyone, but it's very rewarding to do. flu season is upon us. should you get the mi shot? we're breaking down what the season is expected to be like. >> seen several breaches in the last few days as far as hacks, 500 million yahoo users and even the first lady, the best ways to protect yourself. >> are you in the market for a new house? want to bid one? how about a castle? we'll tell you where you can get one in the mountains coming
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a quick reminder, this is going to be a problem throughout the rush hour. a serious accident is what thornton police are telling us just south of 104th on i-25, but northbound i-25 is closed from thornton parkway to 104th while police investigate. so you really want to avoid this area.
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ways. i'm guessing it might back up all the way to downtown denver. so there's going to be lots of delays in the area while police investigate and get emergency crews in to help those involved. stocks are moderately lower on wall street today following three days of gains. energy companies led the way lowering the price of crude oil, took a tumble. the dow jones industrial average fell 131 points. the s&p 500 lost 12. the nasdaq slipped more than 33 frontier airlines appears to have gone smoothly. a spokesperson for the airline said things were flowing as close to normal as possible at ticket counters at 8:30 this morning. the airline asked passengers to arrive three hours early today because there was a major system upgrade last night. during that upgrade frontier's passengers were not able to use the website or the mobile app. the reservation system was also down overnight meaning the passengers couldn't make changes like adding a bag any
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right now, though, everything appears to be running smoothly. yahoo announced a massive data breach yesterday afternoon that affect 500 million users. another hack involved the first lady this week. her passport showed up online taken from an e-mail account of a white house staffer. both breaches have a lot of people taking a new look at how to keep their own e-mail accounts and personal information secure beyond just changing the old password, mark barger of consumer reports has me some extra protection for yourself. >> reporter: your information could be vulnerable if your operating system or software are not current. you can tighten security by turning on automatic updates for computer software and mobile apps. >> hackers are always finding peepholes through vulnerabilities to exploit and the developers on the other side are always playing whack a mole to try and fix thing and shore up vulnerability. if you get new software, you
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work. >> reporter: make sure you have a screen lock on all your devices so if they're lost or stolen, someone cannot access those accounts and avoid obvious choices for passwords like phone number, birth date or social security number. >> you just want them to be random digits for all your passwords. >> reporter: a website can let you know if your e-mail has been involved in a hack. >> if your name pops up, you were part of the data change that password. >> reporter: one way to avoid a wave of marketing come-ons is using a self-destructing 10 minute web service such as 10 there's also a way to insure your webcam is not used to spy on you. >> putting over a post-it on the webcam is a good idea. >> reporter: while there's no
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to keep personal information from getting into the wrong hands. >> it's just like locking the door at night. >> turning off location tracking apps to make sure your information won't be extricated from your phone as well, so do that, another thing to think about. >> very good. americans could really splurge this year on candy and costumes and all the spooky things for halloween season. according to the national halloween survey, total spending this year is expected to reach $8.4 billion. >> we love halloween. >> that's an all time high in the survey's left and apparently, yeah, people are loving it. consumers expected to spend an average of 82 to 93 bucks, nearly $9 more than the average last year. the survey found more than 171 million americans plan to partake in halloween festivities this year. one of colorado's most
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redstone castle in the town of redstone which sits between glenwood springs and aspen has been around 114 years, served as a private residence, bed and breakfast and now people can take tours of the castle. october 7th the castle is being put up for auction and 9news mountain newsroom matt renoux says it could be yours with a few million or so. >> reporter: at redstone castle times are changing and no one knows mackavoy. >> i've worked here 20 years for seven owners. >> reporter: this castle is her office built in 1902 by a man back then who was the sixth wealthiest person in america. >> this was j.c. osgood's home who was the founder of colorado fuel and iron. >> reporter: it's seen a lot of changes in that time. first it was a private home, then a lodge where two presidents stayed, a bed and breakfast and now it's open for guided tours so people can see
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>> it has all of tiffany light fixtures. there is gold leaf ceilings in two rooms. if. >> reporter: but soon all this will belong to a new owner when the castle and the 150 acres it sits on goes up for auction. >> october 7th is the date of the auction. >> reporter: and inside the castle you've got 24,000 square feet to go along with 14 fireplaces that will help heat more than some of your close or not so close friends. >> yeah, 42 rooms. >> reporter: all of this so big there's a dinner bell just so you know when it's time to eat and if you have $250,000 to put down and are ready for a monday -- minimum bid of 2 million, all of it could be yours, the land, carriage house and castle which still has the
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can't change much. >> it has to stay intact. >> reporter: but sue says could be down to some of its last tours before it's time for another change at redstone castle. >> it's a big part of colorado's history. >> it is stunning. redstone castle is one of the few places in colorado with an interior historical easement which means whoever buys it can get rid of the owner furniture, but the anything attached to the building has to stay. so interesting. you can take your tour any time now until october 6th. again the auction is october 7th in case you're just counting your pennies now and you have a couple weeks or so to get it all together. >> i wonder if it's worth a discount or makes it worth more, having the restriction on the interior having to keep it the way it was. guess we'll find out. >> i would think it would be
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it's the historical value. >> but you can't change it. if you don't like the floors, you're stuck with the floors. >> you're living in a castle. you probably own a few others if you can afford this one. the floors are fine. >> put it a nice rug down. flu season is almost here? are you a flu shot person, flu mist, maybe not at all? >> we'll talk to a pediatrician for advice about what we should
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oh, it's that time of year again, just look at this needle right there. we're going to show it a few million times. it's flu season upon us and then you see the flu mist. it's that time when you really need to think about what should i do and prepare myself for flu season so my family and i don't get sick? >> that's the idea. >> do the right thing.
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delione is here. thanks for being here. >> what's it looking like this year? >> i think last year the department of health put out numbers that i think there were over 1,600 hospitalizations for influenza. so i think this year we expect at least that many, if not more. so i would think that that's just people in the hospital. we'll probably have several more people sick with flu. >> this is the time of year you suggest doing it because usually it's like thanksgiving, christma these cases pop up. >> that's right. get in early, guys. i know we'll have a new supply of influenza vaccine this year, but you don't want to get caught in the line and be turned away because they're out for whatever reason. >> it does take a little while to sort of kick in? >> i think people say a couple weeks. >> getting it done on the early side is good. what do you tell the skeptics? they're still out there. there are a lot of people you tell them until you're blue in
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for some reason or swear it makes them sick? >> i hear that story a lot. i think the first thing is it's safe. so it's something you'll do well with. the other thing is for people around children or elderly, it's very important to not expose them to influenza. so if you could do something to protect them, that's very important to do so. >> people do die from the flu. we point this out. you can get really, really sick with the flu. so the other g mist is very -- while that was a big deal for a lot of people, especially kids saying i don't want a shot, but now you're saying the shot is better. >> the shot is better. so this year the centers for disease control is recommending to not use the flu mist and, in fact, it won't be available in most places. it turns out it just didn't work. it wasn't effective and so the last three years they've looked at those numbers and regrettably it just didn't work.
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option. >> exactly. >> got to be a hard sell for some kids. what at vice do you have for parents -- advice do you have for parents? got to dangle some ice cream? >> it will be. parents know their child best. look at your child and temperament. some children will be gung ho about shots and yes, they're out there. >> tough kid. >> there are. maybe doing some role playing before and maybe going through a children's book out there that can this. it always helps to bring an extra set of hands to the doctor appointments. just prepare yourselves. >> a good little distraction and they might not even remember or notice. >> it goes by so fast most of the time. >> also it's important to point out pregnant women should get the shot. >> absolutely. pregnant moms out there, please get your influenza shot. >> i don't know when your baby is due? >> five months.
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thanks so much, doctor. >> it is a good time. fall is upon us, after all. it will be quite a bit cooler this weekend. becky will tell us how much
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high wind knocked over trees and knocked out power to people in southern california. these pictures are from los angeles county wher trees fell onto vehicles. fortunately no one was injured. the trees, though, did knock out power to the west hollywood area and several places, so darned wind. >> yeah. in utah the high wind came in the form of a tornado. at least one tornado touched down in weaver county and you can see the funnel cloud in antelope island southwest of salt lake city. several homes were damaged, some severely. trees were knocked down and
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news. sheets of horizontal wind, driven rain and hail were mixed in with the tornado. a little nicer back here. >> we're expecting more wind. the winds warmed things up a while and then it's going to drop it. >> we're looking a little on the cool side tomorrow, becky. are we thinking frost and stuff or what? >> we the record is 90. tomorrow we're at 68 for a high. so that's a solid 20-degree temperature drop and in some places yes, we have a freeze warning that's in effect. so let's go ahead and take a live look at what we've got going on with this system bringing a lot of different kinds of weather all across colorado. right now we have partly cloudy skies in and around the denver metro area. we're looking at a cool front approaching bringing in a lot
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out of the south downsloping right off the palmer divide and warming us up. i said 88 was the official high that. just came down back from the national weather service. so this graphic has not had a chance to update, but 88 the high, our record high 90 set back in 1905. so it's a tough one to beat. winds right now, these are sustained winds, not gusts, up to 37 miles per hour around monument hill, 32 mile-per-hour sustained winds in denver. gusts be reaching up to 45 miles per hour and that combined with the low relative humidity has meant very high fire danger for denver out to limon down to the south. that's where our red flag warning is in effect. it's in place until 8:00 tonight, 45 mile-per-hour gusts and relative humidity between 10 and 15% will have a big impact on that fire danger throughout this evening. now those winds are expected to die down by tonight. in our foothill they'll stay strong, but here through
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greeley overnight tonight winds will get much calmer. they'll shift to the north behind the front tomorrow and that will usher in our cooler air, a heck of a lot cooler than where we are right now. 87 now in denver, 90 greeley, 85 for fort collins. we've got middle to upper 80s and low 90s also on our eastern plains, 30s and 40s for the mountains and 50s now on the western slope. a state divided. you can see what downsloping temperatures east of i-25. here in the 9news backyard we've got mostly sunny skies, gusty winds from time to time. we're sitting at 85 degrees, no rain, very dry. that's the way we expect it to be, but to our north we are talking about a severe thunderstorm watch. this is for our friends across southern and southeast wyoming. it's in place until 10 p.m. those showers are moving towards the east, northeast through the evening where our biggest threat for severe weather will be. we may also see some strong
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plains where the main threat will be for large hail and damaging winds. showers will be possible north of the denver metro area after about 11:00 tonight, just showers, though as they push out into the eastern plains. they'll die down. the backside of the system pushes through tonight into tomorrow morning bringing measurable snow to our northern and central mountains. we have a winter weather advisory from midnight tonight until 11 a.m. tomorrow for rabbit ears pass and for the park in mountains, for areas above 9,000 feet 2 to 6 inches of snow and we could see snow fall as low as 7,500 feet that. snow will melt when it hits the ground. tomorrow afternoon we'll see a much calmer day at least as far as storms go and rain goes and as far as winds go. temperatures tonight will drop to 29 for alamosa, 40s across the front range and middle to upper 40s on the eastern plains. this was a freeze watch now.
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the san luis valley till 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. tonight 45 degrees is our low. winds will finally die down, but it's followed by that cool air. we'll only get up to 68 for a high tomorrow. then sunday 67, we'll return to the 70s and 80s monday, tuesday, wednesday next week. good news is sunday is pretty dry. so the race for the cure looks great, a little bit cool in the morning, 40s and 50s through the 9:00 and 10:00 hours. can't wait. should be an ti out there. >> 88. >> i know. it feels like it out here. it's warm. >> i didn't even get outside. >> sometimes the wins bring the warm temps, though. that's the way it goes. >> is. that was a good segway because in just two days we'll celebrate with those living with breast cancer. >> sunday is race for the cure raising money for those fighting breast cancer.
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we spoke with a board member of komen colorado who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she said coming to this event means more than you would ever know for those of you fighting the disease. >> i urge anybody who is fighting breast cancer to reach out and come down to race for the cure for their honor. it really does mean so much to those of us facing this because it can be frightening. it can be sad. it n i think you go through the seven fields of emotion, anger, but in the end triumph is what we're after. >> it is a good day to support each other and support the families around you. if you haven't registered yet for the race, you can do so race day at 6 a.m. the 5k race starts at 8:00. >> that's a great event. >> lots of kids out there. it's just nice. you fill out your sign who you're there for. an art exhibit made out of
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pretty. we'll tell you where you can see it. >> it's going to be fun, i promise. >> plus new technology aimed to help keep high school football
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absolute mess north of denver on northbound i-25. it is not much more than a parking lot right now closed from thornton parkway up to 104th avenue due to a serious accident. somebody tweeted me they've waited on a ramp for 55 minutes. that's what you're in for heading north on 25, might want to think about finding thornton police warn it's going to be rough for a while. so factor that in as you make your way around colorado at the end of a long workweek. it just got longer for some people. three day festival started today celebrating the opening of the new smithsonian national museum of african american history and culture. the museum's on the national mall, thousands are expected to show up for the grand opening tomorrow. the building holds artifacts from all over the country.
4:43 pm
local museum and basically said bring out your stuff. >> some of the larger items were set in place as the building went up including a segregated southern railway car, a south carolina slave cabin that had to be dismantled piece by piece and then reconstructed inside the museum. the museum honors historical figures like martin luther king, jr., president obama, muhammad ali and gabby douglas. their stories will be open to the it's the first weekend of fall. we've been talking about it. >> here it is. there's a lot going on around the city and metro area and across our state. this weekend is expected to be one of the peak weekends to see leaves changing in the high country. we have a list of the best routes to take on those are our nine things to do in denver. >> we love nine things to do. if you didn't have anything to do on the weekend, you weren't watching 9news on friday.
4:44 pm
month, the festival started yesterday through 25th which features a mix of feature and documentary films. one of the biggest oktoberfest celebrations in the country takes place in downtown denver this weekend and next. this is its 47th year to be held at 20th and larimer streets featuring authentic german food and beer. 350,000 people are expected too take part in this six day fest -- to take part in this six day festival. check race on sunday which features denver's fastest dachshunds and i'll let you make your own jokes about that and it wouldn't be fall without haunted houses. the asylum haunted house opened on the 23rd vote one of the scariest haunted houses in the country. it's right here in denver. we've got information about all these events and others of our nine things to do on >> if i scream, i'll get rid of my cough in my throat right
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station today will see a lot of garbage, but you might the realize what it is -- might not realize what it is right away. octavia the octopus, the 150- pound sculpture, stands 9 feet tall and really has an important message. the artist says she hopes the trashy tentacles take hold and that denver learns a little bit more about the awareness and issues regarding pollution. >> all of the stuff that you're seeing re our sculptures, is all garbage picked up off of beaches. although these are beautiful, we hope they're a little bit horrifying. >> that's octavia's job to, get people's attention and direct them to the full washed ashore art to save the sea exhibit at the denver zoo. it officially opens tomorrow to the public. the exhibit features 15 giants sculptures of marine life all using the same medium, trash.
4:46 pm
>> she's right. it's beautiful and makes you stop and look, which is good. >> it's great to get you thinking about that in denver. we don't have beaches, but it affects everyone. slacker and steve usually spend their day at the beach. that's called work for them. >> i think they've got one in studio. >> yes. i'm really glad you guys threw it to us with that and not beautiful and disturbing. that would have been much worse. >> it would have been way too easy. >> we're talking about this new video this guy breaks into an apartment complex, climbs up on the roof, jumps all while wearing a go pro on his head and jumps off into the pool below, immediately gets out of the water and runs up the beach to escape. it reminded us of the kind of dumb things we've done when we were young. >> probably not that severe. i can't recall -- >> i know you kissed a dog for money. >> for a wager, a stray dog, i did that, but yeah.
4:47 pm
little dixie cup of water pool. >> it's one of the scariest videos. if you're stuck on i-25, maybe pull over to the side of the road and watch it on youtube. >> kim, you had to be kind of rowdy when you were young? >> no. >> dead pan. >> i was convinced at all time i was going to be arrested and humiliate my parents. my sister reminds me of that all the time saying you were no fun. so no. >> lucky for all of us pro wasn't a thing at the time, so we can all pretend like none of the things ever happened, slacker and steve, thanks guys, appreciate it. >> i didn't think about that, many fashion faux pas. a florida football team is trying to keep its players safe with new technology. >> plus we'll check in with taylor with two local teams used to the spotlight facing off under the friday night
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cheers and thrills. and some new helmet technology is shedding light on one of football's long-time concerns friday night lights has high school football season bringing lots of thrills and cheers and new technology shedding light on long time concerns about concussions of one district outfitted every single high school football player with new smart helmets that can actually track blows to players' heads. erica edwards shows us this technology. >> reporter: when the pirates palm coast bulldogs, one recent friday night, it was the first time in school history matanza's high school beat ftc in consecutive seasons. it was also the first time each player on the field wore special helmets that recorded blows to the head, then sent the information like a text to trainers with alert monitors on the sidelines. >> if our monitor goes off, we have to step off the field.
4:52 pm
helmets measured the severity of the impact and where it occurs on the head. it's not designed to prevent or diagnose concussions. it's simply an extra set of eyes that may help identify them. >> when the game is going on, there's 22 guys out there. it's very hard to pick out one specific blow, let alone maybe multiple blows that happened on one play. >> reporter: 17,000 new student athletes across the country are using the new technology, including one of the biggest poweou college football, university of texas. at about $150 each, the helmets are not cheap. residents of flagler county, florida, paid for their helmets by voting to increase sales tax. >> our school board was behind it all the way to give ourselves a chance to get that data, to have something that can be assessed from multiple angles. >> reporter: it's another tool that can help athletes stay in the game they love and watch from the sidelines when necessary.
4:53 pm
>> ridell is testing ways of expanding the data collected by the helmets that can someday give coaches and trainers a comprehensive view of every player, exciting stuff. something has to be done. >> really interesting to see how the technology is coming along. >> yeah. you'd think wow, that made sense. why don't do that a long time ago? it just takes a while. the high school football state championships aren't for a couple months, but tonight we're seeing two teams who are very familiar with temby joins us live for a replay of last year's state title game. >> reporter: the last time these two teams met pomona led the first three quarters and valor came back in the 4th to take it all. this time around pomona is widely considered the top team in 5a, so valor will be left to embrace the underdog role. the eagles had to face one of the most grueling schedules in
4:54 pm
who is also a ranked team. because of it valor has seen more adverse it i early on, but the players say -- adversity early on, but the players say they're a closer team because of it. in last year's state championship game, the eagles found a way to come back after trailing by as mr. as nine. they -- by as many as nine. they scored 15 points in the 4th quarter and say tonight they'll use that same underdog mentality to propel them ahead. >> we're still really hungry. we consider ourselves the underdog so we can have a ip on our shoulder. >> -- chip on our shoulder. >> we're a smaller school, but yet we still do well in football. it's fun to have that and have people not wanting you to win but to do well. >> it's easy just to i guess be satisfied with all the championships that this program has brought, but it takes something inside of you to keep on fighting and to say hey, we're going to do it again.
4:55 pm
we'll tell you just how quick they are at 5:00. >> should be a good game. >> when you hear valor is an underdog, you know they've got a good opponent. >> cool. >> thank you, taylor, a busy night for her. it always is on friday nights.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
we got a good selfie fail. it's a little rough to watch, but it turns out okay. sometimes you pay a price when you try to snap the perfect selfie. >> one man in india learned that the hard way that sometimes keep the depth of field out there. wildlife officials in from the grounds of a school. as they were leaving the area, one of the men said wait, i got to take a photo of that. yeah, that's the man on the right in the bright pink shirt, yeah. backed into the snake. >> yeah. so you can see right here as he's taking the picture the python lunges at him and gives him a nice bite on the shoulder. the man was okay, backed away on his own, didn't have any
4:59 pm
came out or even if he got to click the picture. >> they're all looking at him, really? >> but the video is interesting. okay. i'm done with that. that's it for us. 9news at 5:00 is coming up next. next at 5:00 snow catches drivers off guard in southwestern colorado. >> also ahead when skiers coll really responsible? turn out the answer is rarely an easy one. >> and one of donald trump's biggest critics flips his support, where cruz now plans to vote for the gop nominee next on 9news. >> this is 9news. sad update to this story, we've got heavy delays on i-25. this has been going on about an hour now after a man was hit
5:00 pm
the freeway in northglenn. this happened around 3:30. police shut down the northbound lanes from thornton parkway to 104th avenue. so commuting north of denver if you're trying to head that direction, you need to find another way. they don't think alcohol is a factor in this case. it is not clear when they'll reopen the road in. fatal accidents they can take quite a while to try to piece together what happened. drivers can deter at 84th avenue, although i imagine it's slow around there. so ai way to get north of denver now. on the first full day of fall parts of colorado got snow. in la platte county deputies helped several stranded drivers along highway 550. this morning the national weather service reported snowfall on some mountain passes above 10,000 feet and on top of the grand mesa. at midnight a winter weather advisory takes effect for areas above 9,000 feet in northwestern colorado. out to the east we've seen


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