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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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the freeway in northglenn. this happened around 3:30. police shut down the northbound lanes from thornton parkway to 104th avenue. so commuting north of denver if you're trying to head that direction, you need to find another way. they don't think alcohol is a factor in this case. it is not clear when they'll reopen the road in. fatal accidents they can take quite a while to try to piece together what happened. drivers can deter at 84th avenue, although i imagine it's slow around there. so ai way to get north of denver now. on the first full day of fall parts of colorado got snow. in la platte county deputies helped several stranded drivers along highway 550. this morning the national weather service reported snowfall on some mountain passes above 10,000 feet and on top of the grand mesa. at midnight a winter weather advisory takes effect for areas above 9,000 feet in northwestern colorado. out to the east we've seen
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from denver to the plains. winds picked up around lunchtime and they aren't letting up any time soon. danielle grant will have our forecast coming up in about 10 minutes. a 16-year-old is sued after a man from new jersey was killed skiing in breckenridge. the lawsuit claims the teen was skiing too fast, that the death could have been prevented. with ski season just around the corner tonight we take a closer look at collisions on the slope. both attorneys and doctors say the mice you. 9news reporter jessica oh explains. >> reporter: no matter how good you are, how comfortable you are on the slopes accidents happen. >> i basically got run over by another skier i think was out of control. the other skier walked up that hit me and asked me if i was okay. i said i think i've hurt my thumb and when i looked up, they were gone. >> reporter: you probably know someone who had a similar experience. >> there are very many
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not the rules. it's ski at your own risk, right? not really. >> people are under the understanding for some reason that they don't have any liability, that it's just a free for all on the slopes and that's not the case. >> reporter: let's say you lit someone. >> a skier or -- hit someone. >> a skier or rider has to stop, stay at the scene and is obligated to give their contact information, name and address. >> reporter: here's the problem. it's tough to track people down. even if is that ski patrol is not -- >> ski patrol won't do an investigation and determine which skier is at fault. >> reporter: that's what a district court will have to decide in the case of a man who decide while skiing in breck, the victim's family claiming a 16-year-old boy was skiing too fast at the time of the crash. witnesses become critical in cases like this. >> without filing a lawsuit we don't get a whole lot of cooperation from the ski area
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who ran me over and why. >> reporter: as you hit the powder this upcoming season, doctors and attorneys say remember the rules. accidents and crashes are bound to happen, but if you're in one, don't leave the other guy out in the cold. >> i don't think you should just leave the scene. >> reporter: jessica oh, 9news. >> if you are involved in a crash, attorneys say try to take pictures of the other skier, if you can. he recommends calling homeowners or renters insurance immediately saha provides liability coverage. prosecutors say they're considering the death penalty for a man accused of shooting and killing his neighbor in centennial last april. kevin lyons is also accused of shooting and wounding his wife and her friend. his wife told investigators he snapped and opened fire after she told him to go to the hospital for strange behavior. his neighbor dr. ken atkinson was killed when he tried to intervene. lyons' next court hearing is the end of november when he can
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about two months to decide whether to pursue the death penalty. the denver sheriff's department is investigating how five inmates overdosed on what officers suspect to be crack cocaine. all five inmates were taken to the hospital and are now recovering. the men were treated at denver health yesterday afternoon. one of them is already back at the downtown jail. investigators think an inmate may have brought the drugs into the jail through its intake center. a drug detecting dog swept the area where the men were found and didn't find drugs. support is still going strong for a douglas county detective critically wounded in the line of duty earlier this month. today dozens of people donated blood in detective dan brite's honor at the douglas county sheriff's office in highlands ranch. to date more than 175 donations have been made to bonfils blood center on his behalf. detective brite remains in hospital after being shot by a suspect in parker. he is now alert and communicating with his family.
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officer charged with manslaughter for shooting an unarmed black man turned herself in overnight. 42-year-old betty shelby was booked and released on $50,000 bond. five hours earlier prosecutors charged her with first degree manslaughter in the death of terence crutcher. if convicted, she would face a minimum of four years in prison. shelby shot crutcher last week when officers responded to reports of a stalled vehicle. an attorney for shelby says the officer believed crutcher was armed. party nominee, he told republicans to vote their conscious. now apparently texas senator ted cruz's conscious leads him to donald trump. today cruz said he's going to vote for donald trump. earlier this summer cruz refused to endorse trump even on the big stage at the republican national convention. today on facebook he says he's voting for trump for two reasons. first his promise to support his party's nominee and second,
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simply unacceptable. with just three days until their first debate both presidential candidates took a break from the trail today with no campaign events scheduled for the two of them. this weekend trump will go to one of his private golf clubs and prep with top advisors including chris christie and rudy guiliani. meantime hillary clinton is hunkered down in her new york home. you can watch the first presidential debate monday at 7 p.m. here on 9news. nbc's lester holt will serve democratic senator michael bennet maintains a hefty lead over republican challenger darryl glenn in colorado according to a quinnipiac university poll out today. among likely voters bennet leads by nine points, 52 over 43. when broken down, the poll find female voters support bennet over glenn 57-36. men are almost evenly split. next month 9news is hosting a one hour debate between those
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live. it will stream on i'll be moderating alongside kyle clark. so get us your questions now. today president obama vetoed a bill that would have left the families of 9/11 victim -- let the families of 9/11 victims sue saudi arabia. now it's possible congress will override his decision. lawmakers sent the bill just before the 15th anniversary of the attacks. the president says it upsets the longstanding international principles sovereign immunity. 15 of the 19 men who carried out the attacks were saudi nationals. part of federal boulevard will shut down overnight between 67th and 70th avenue for new girders to be installed over the train tracks. the roads will reopen during date and shut down again saturday and sunday nights. work won't just deter drivers. rtd's b line will see holdups. rtd plans to shuttle riders from westminster to union station by bus.
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is popping up more often in colorado and as 9news reporter maya rodriguez tells us, they could become a draw for visitors to the eastern plains. >> reporter: among the wide open spaces of colorado -- >> there's just wonderful animals. >> reporter: -- the gallop, not of horses in the west but rather creatures from the andes. >> they follow you around. they want to see what you're doing. >> reporter: these are camels, prized for their soft fleece hailing from parts of peru, ecuador, chile and bolivia. >> the alpaca industry is a fiber industry. their purpose is really their fiber. >> reporter: christy cranston and their husband rick are the owners of tall grass farms alpacas near bennett. >> hi, ladies. >> once you start this is what happens. we started with three. >> reporter: one of a growing number of alpaca farms in
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of the rockies. >> there stint a day that goes by that we aren't -- isn't a day that goes by that we aren't having fun with the animals or something occurring that we truly enjoy. >> reporter: it's a feel they hope to pass on to visitors as part of a new effort to create an agricultural tourism corridor along i-70, part of an economic development effort called colorado high plains adventure, a way of trying to bring city visitors and residents to see what's out on the plains. corridor is not just to highlight farms, but also of other things that night be of interest on the eastern plains including animal santa an -- animal sanctuaries, greenhouses. >> reporter: they hope the alpaca farm with the occasional llama, horse and chickens can help change. >> the babies are so darned cute. >> reporter: maya rodriguez, 9news.
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there. national alpaca weekend will be celebrated at the fall farm festival held at may farms in bilayers saturday and sunday. we've -- in byers saturday and sunday. we've got information on >> the little ones are fuzzy and cute. >> they're fuzzy and huge after that. a toddler in russia is safe after surviving for days alone in a siberian forest. >> also a look inside the nation's newest museum finally ready to open after more decade of work. >> and how a cafeteria worker saw the pounds fall off when she adopted the lunch lady
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all weekend long in the nation's capital the smithsonian celebrating the opening of the national museum of african american history and culture. the building sit between the washington monument and the national mall. it reflects everything from african american slavery to emancipation, segregation, civil rights and the black lives matter movement. development of the museum took billion dollars. a toddler in russia survived three days in a siberian forest after he disappeared from his remote village last weekend. nobody was watching the little 3-year-old when he chased after his dogs into the forest. more than 100 people helped search for him. the boy finally appeared when he heard his uncle calling for him just a few miles from his home. emergency responders say that he's in good shape doing just fine, most likely because he didn't panic. brave little boy.
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>> not panicking is important, it's true. all the fad diets that pop up each year, a lunch lady in texas may be onto something here. >> the lunch lady diet? i'm skeptical, too but she said she shed 100 pounds in a year by eating the same food she serves up to students. tami mcrae used to weigh 260 pounds. she carried the extra weight 17 years after the birth of her second child. one year ago as the new school ? year began tami decided to take some cues from every day she ate the school's breakfast and lunch with yogurt or fruit for dinner. >> i was going to die if i was not -- if i didn't do something about the issue. >> by christmas tami says she noticed she was starting to lose weight. she says making better dietary choices also made her feel better about herself. this week london debuted a solution for walkers with the need for speed. we know you're out there. an insurance company opened a
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train station. the red arrows are meant for people walking faster than 3 miles per hour. people using their cell phones are not allowed, especially if they're texters that weave in and out of people. >> they won't notice. >> no. in a recent survey more than 3/4 of englanders confess they regularly get pavement rage over slow walkers. >> you do not want to get in the way of people walking in london. >> i may have that sometimes, too. >> standing on the of the escalator is a fast way to get push down and experience the health system firsthand. we could see a little bit of everything our first weekend of fall. >> our meteorologist danielle
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hi there, meteorologist danielle grant in the 9news backyard. it might be the first full day of fall, but it truly felt like a taste of all country, summer-like heat in eastern colorado and still some spots looking at that spectacular glow in the mountains. yes, the aspens are still looking good, but i'm nervous with this storm system coming in and gusty winds that all those gorgeous leaves will quickly blow off. it's all about the winds as this front makes its way to the front range, very gusty in fort collins, wind speeds 29 miles
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mile-per-hour gusts at dia and wind continue across the eastern plains into nebraska and kansas tonight. with the heat, the wind, the dry air we are looking at high fire danger till about 8:00 tonight basically from denver and points to the south along i- 25 easily, wind speeds 45 to 50 miles per hour. believe it or not, with these gusty downsloping winds we had high temperatures in the 90s in fort collins, greeley, sterling, ray. i'm looking at you at 88 degrees out at dia. a dividing line in the high country, 50s and 60s as you folks are looking at this cold front dead on throughout most of the day. 86 at the airport, sunshine, winds sustained from the south at 29 miles per hour. in the 9news backyard about 85. you're going out, a light jacket i'd say maybe. those winds is what you'll feel. the storm system is starting to lift into parts of wyoming.
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westerly flow pushing into the mountains throughout this evening and tomorrow and that means with the chillier temperatures coming our way we might see more snowfall, some accumulating snowfall up in the mountains. down toward the san juans they picked up some early this morning moving into the central mountains, northern mountains as well across the i-25 corridor nothing. our winds have really allowed it to gobble up any kind of moisture that's been out there. you might find a stray shower or thunderstorm later on tonight, though. we do have advisories in place, rabbit ears pass, the flattops, elk head mountains above 9,000 feet 2 to 6 inches possible through tomorrow morning, areas around 7,500 feet might pick up light accumulation. tonight we'll watch winds wind down. a quick shower passes later this evening. 40s and 50s tonight across eastern colorado with 20s and 30s especially out to the west. we do have a freeze warning in
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valley tonight. the rest of this evening we're watching that front push through. it will take its time, 10:00, 11:00 we have a shot at seeing some rain in denver. that pushes north. by morning we wake up to sunshine in denver, snowfall up in the high country. throughout the day the showers start to dwindle a bit. by 10:00 everything moves out. the severe weather tomorrow will be further to the east outside of our borders. much cooler in the upper 60s tomorrow, some spots 70s and 80s in southeastern colorado, foothills. a quick peek at that planning forecast, 60s for the weekend
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three days of gains came to an end today on wall street. energy companies led the drop as the price of crude oil took a tumble. the dow fell 131 points. the s&p lost 12.
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from colorado's sports leader here's rod mackey. >> a rarity on 9news today, a sportscast that starts with something beside the broncos. >> no way. >> it's true. >> come on. >> how about some hockey? first time on the nhl ice for jarrett bednar, the avs new coach officially filling patrick roy's shoes or his skates. today was day one of avalanche training camp. >> there's a certain level of excitement that comes with every training fresh and especially with the new coach and it's no different from me. it's exciting to get to know some new players and to get -- now i've met with all of them and talked with them and have been working on our game plan the last few weeks. now it's time to get on the ice. this is the fun part. >> shortest training camp ever, just today and tomorrow and the burgundy and white game on
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game, gary kubiak making it official this afternoon virgil green is out. tight end duties will fall to jon phillips and jeff hireman. >> i'm a tight end. they'll tell me whatever the coaches tell me to do and try to execute a game plan and get a win. >> about time. i do need to get in there and make some plays and help this team win on the road this weekend. so i'm excited to get out there with the guys and run around and get back to playing. >> this could be for the local teams, the broncos, buffs and rams all underdogs. >> they've been one of the perennial powers in our league. they still have plenty of speed. they're a very good football team. it will be an extremely tough contest for us, but it's always fun starting your pac-12 games. >> the rams were great last
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they're nowhere near minnesota's level. >> he's a competitor. it's a challenge to play what i feel is going to be one of the better teams in the big 10 this year because of the talent they have coming back offly and the way they play defense -- offensively and the way they play defense they'll be in contention for the big 10. they'll be a bowl team in my opinion. they're a good football team. it's going to be a big challenge for us. two of the be meet tonight. last year they were the best. it's a 5a state championship rematch, valor and pomona. 9news prep reporter taylor temby joins us live from highlands ranch with a preview. >> reporter: yes. last time we saw these two play pomona was stunned by losing in the 4th quarter to valor. pomona won a state championship last year and will use it to their advantage tonight. the panthers are living in the
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pomona football. >> speed is a big factor for any time. >> reporter: there's a heightened sense of urgency both on the field and the eight lanes that surround it. several football players led the panthers to a track and field state title in the spring. their specialty? sprints. >> we play with a lot of speed and intensity and it's hard to stop. once we get momentum we power over people. >> reporter: in the literal sense. pomona is considered by many the top team in 5a. >> have to do every time in a football game and football practice even in your head mentally. you just got to be full speed. >> reporter: who is the fastest between the four of you? >> qb 1. definitely no. 21 back there. >> reporter: max forgy is not a hurdler on the track team. on the football team he most certainly is. >> you have to dig down in your heart and just go and do it.
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gridiron or track, do yourself a favor. >> you can assume somebody's speed, but you don't know until you're right there in acquisition. >> reporter: don't ever underestimate a panther's -- in action. >> reporter: don't ever underestimate a panther's speed. >> i'm so proud. we'll go back to football tonight. >> fine.
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tonight the videotape, first images of a charlotte man's deadly encounter with officers. >> don't shoot him. >> his wife capturing the dramatic scene on cell phone, raising new questions about what may be on the ground near his body. final countdown. donald trump and hillary clinton their first debate, just three days away now. trump today getting a late endorsement from former rival ted cruz. dangerous extremes. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. pounding rain, rivers overflowing, cars submerged, a train derailed by flash floods, and a tornado carrying a home right off its foundation. and gift card scam. the new way thieves can steal your money and how to out-smart


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