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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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to decide how to proceed next. first some disclosures. 9news has long been a sponsor of race for the cure and we will provide live coverage this weekend. that has not interfered. my mother is a breast cancer survivor. i donated to komen years ago. not since it gotten tangled in politics in 2012. we looked at komen's tax records and projections for this year's race and the numbers make picture. denver's race for the cure used to be a behemoth. 2008 the largest race in the country. 60,000 people participated. this year they are expecting 15,000. a 76% decline. back in 2008 the race was a fundraising powerhouse, raising almost $2.3 million after expenses. this year's race is expected to bring in about $487,000 after expenses. that's a decline of 79%.
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komen hasn't been able to cut the cost of putting on the race as fast as the participation and fundraising have fallen. yet the new ceo of komen colorado says she is committed to continuing race for the cure. >> so, you know, the race is interesting and it's a trend across the country. so we're seeing a decline. absolutely. it's still a huge significant part of our programming. >> reporter: your largest fundraiser? >> yes. it will always be a big part of what we do. it's important to us in a way that we need to celebrate our work, celebrate our survivors, ability the partnerships in our community that are helping us address the needs of breast health. >> in a little bit we will look ahead to the future of komen colorado and its role in fighting breast cancer in our state. also, how that non-profit is trying to meet their mission with far less fundraising. it's been a turbulent update for airlines passenger.
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taken down last night through this morning. passengers were asked to print out their boarding passes before getting to the airport and they were told to get there three hours ahead of their flights. we saw long lines at ticket counters all morning. a few flights were delayed this afternoon but pretty much everything is back on track. when republican u.s. senate candidate darryl glenn came on he said he doesn't worry about the polls. he won't sweat the new one showing him down nine points. democratic u.s. senator michael last month. so perhaps glen is cutting into bennet's lead. bennet leads among women. it's tied among men. and bennet is unafraid to speak about issues of race in america. white voters split narrowly. 66 to 29% among non-white
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nothing to lose by voting for him. that went over less than well in some communities of color. brandon rittiman asked our political expects whether trump or hillary clinton has more to lose in monday's first presidential debate. >> all right. the first debate monday. really big moment. who has more to lose and why in 30 seconds or less? kelly? >> i think hillary clinton has more to lose. you know, she is still barely marginally ahead, but she is losing momentum and donald trump is gaining it. she has robot feeling about her and she needs to break that and be personable. i don't think that she is connecting with people, sadly. in addition to that, she will have challenges in terms of policy. she has put forth some really far left policy positions this week and she is going to have to defend that. it's going to be tough. >> ian? >> i agree with my good friend kelly. i think hillary clinton. she is ahead.
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more than marginally-wise. but the bar is just so much hire for her than it is for him. i mean, all he has to do is not go up and totally bomb and he will get a draw. that's a tougher time going in there because the expectations are higher for her. >> expectation game is the argument. thanks, guys. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we will be fact checking the bejesus out of the three predators. our partners at rocky mountain pbs will live and have analysis on 9news starting monday night. donald trump dumped a list of supreme court justice picks including a new coloradoan. he is a third generation native of our state. went to colorado college for undergrad and the university of colorado for law school. he is nominated to the tenth circuit court of appeals in denver by president george w. bush. he is not commenting on potentially making the supreme court someday because you don't get to become an appeals judge
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there are ten names on trump's list. the original list includes four women, including colorado supreme court justice ide. we have talked a lot about the lack of political yard signs this season. it was a door sign that caught our attention in jefferson county. it doesn't endorse any candidate. it's actually a warning to campaigns. to all of them. >> reporter: anna left her job as an anchor at colorado public radio a few years ago. that's not to say her plate isn't still full. any stay-at-home mom has a full plate. and they could tell you how important nap time is. >> those things are beasts. if you wake them up before they are ready to wake up or they don't get naps, they will devour you. >> reporter: so you understand her frustration from the other day. >> i had someone from amendment
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ago right like the kid was down for a half hour. >> let's read books. >> reporter: it made her realize something. >> it's getting to the season where they are going to start knocking on the door more often than not, and i do not want that child to wake up. >> reporter: she is, after all, an unaffiliated married female voter in what tends to be a swing county. pretty soon her doorbell is going to mimic the sound of a salvation army kettle. so she did something. >> please t child napping. arrested toddler is more important to me than who or what wins this election. i won't tell you how i'll vote. if you wake up the napping toddler, i will vote against your campaign. >> reporter: she is not trying to scare away the campaigns. just make them think twice. >> i like politics. and if you are a stay-at-home mom and you are not conversing with adults most of the day, someone coming to your door
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really exciting. but not when my kid is napping. >> like we said, she used to be the afternoon anchor on cpr. she is a reporter. she says that's another reason she likes these political visits. when she was reporting she had trouble getting the campaigns to talk. now they come to her. >> dulce tones. denver broncos are committed to holding on to the naming rights at mile high stadium through the end of the year before they look for a new buyer. we ass t the next team to weigh in with our suggestions. we won't be suggests any cannabis names for mile high because we respect the nfl's principled stance against mind altering substances. maybe coors light wants to get in on the action? come to think of it, i don't recall coors light tasting like anything. they could rename mile high the
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it could be platte river system stadium. good luck tracking down a snack vendor. perhaps a brand looking to revitalize their image. the university of colorado rtd a-line field at mile high. people are suggesting casa barrier island ta field. it would be wealthier company that would buy the naming rights. one of colorado's big employers, perhaps one that rename piling high the dish bowl. what about ball field? i like that. sounds classic. go to see the broncos play at the old ball field. the safest bet is probably colorado's largest corporation. arrow electronics. i can see it now. the home of the denver broncos.
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get it off. let's just leave the name the way it is until someone has a better idea. it will be a little nippy for leaf peeping this weekend, which is less a weather tease and a shameless reason to say that. 99 beautiful places to see in colorado. and we continue our conversation with komen ahead of this weekend's race for the cure. we look at what's next for the people who paint our state pink
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all right. it might be the first full day of the fall season but it's looking a little bit more like winter. in the high country as these storms are pushing in, this shot taken at telluride. stunning as we are seeing a little bit of white and i think more is on the way later on tonight, especially up pass, the flat tops. pretty much above 9,000 feet, 2 to 6 inches by tomorrow morning. if you live around 7500 you might have a little light accumulation. it should be melting fast. the system is pushing up into wyoming. we will be watching the westerly flow pushing into the state tomorrow and that means those winds that were wicked today are still going to be with us tomorrow morning, too. snowfall coming down along i- 70. that's where you are heading
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there. that snowfall sticking around for a couple of days. tonight mid 40s in town. the winds gusty. we could have a couple light little showers cruising through as well. 20s and 30s in the west. we stay in the 40s for eastern colorado that's going to be the trend for the next couple of days. a couple of isolated showers tonight. we wake up to sunshine here in denver. up in the high country they are walking up to a winter wonderland. things winding down by tomorrow afternoon and i really am not ag area tomorrow. we will keep that in the foothills and the mountains. upper 60s on saturday. mid 60s on sunday. and then there you go. summer back in a heartbeat. >> just like that. thanks. denver's race for the cure sunday is expected to bring 15,000 people in pink to the streets. that's a quarter of the number of people who participated in the peak race years ago. net fundraising revenue has decreased nearly 80%.
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how does an organization like komen colorado survive and thrive with the largest fundraiser being cut by that much? >> that's a great question. and here's what i will say. looking back at the history of komen, not only here locally in colorado but across the country, it was started as a grassroots organization. so race for the cure was it. it was started by race. it was a way to engage folks, engage survivors, help create awareness about breast cancer. e more sophisticated with our fundraising efforts. we know that an event-based fundraising model may not be the best way to push and drive total revenue. >> reporter: komen colorado has auto lot less money to give than it used to. where are you committed to still giving and where do you have to say somebody else is going to have to pick up the slack? >> we are trying to be smarter. we know where the money needs to be. we know that there are certain demographics across colorado
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than others. so the african-american community, the hispanic-latino community, folks who are under and uninsured and need to have the education and the ability to get screened early on to help up prove that survivorship rate. >> reporter: if you are focused on the early diagnosis in communities of color, i assume that means you are not able to gives much for treatment and >> so research is always has and always will be a large part of what we fund. research is a very, very significant focus on a national level. so this year we were still able to invest $460,000 in research. less than what we've done in prior years because our fundraising is down. but it is still an important contribution for us. >> reporter: lastly, how much of the national back and forth about komen that was so big in
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still lingers in people's minds? how much of that perception are you guys still fighting today? >> yeah. a little bit. it pops up a little bit. we're focused on a new day. we're focused on increasing revenue. we're focused on making larger impact. and i think it's great to see that from the leadership andy cross the country. >> the new ceo of komen denver. good luck with the event this weekend. >> thank you, kyle. appreciate it. >> we are celebrating hispanic none of it. jonathan gonzalez has some thoughts on that. and this pig is happier than a pig in [bleep]. while he is a pig in [bleep],
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hey, may i make a recommendation? this is where we point you towards something, anything, that isn't ours, but it's awesome. i want to get out this weekend. i don't know where it to go. suck it up, buttercup. we have 99 postcard places to go in our state. everything from maroon lake in aspen to the royal gorge bridge
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the site has a write-up about east postcard scene. you can find a link on the next facebook page where you can make a recommendation for us to share with the rest of colorado. get our attention with the hashtag #heynext. 9news posted an ad asking viewers to send in voters celebrating hispanic heritage. instead, we received hate. jonathan gonzalez wants to know why the conversation over race >> reporter: i think we can. i think that you, me, us, we are capable of having a conversation about ethnicity, culture, race. don't try to define us. our existence is far too complex to place us in any boxes. too many people were too easily offended by our ads promoting hispanic heritage month. many of you were afraid to leave the hate in the comments section. see, that's easy. what's hard is trying to get
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what about race and ethnicity makes you afraid at all. hispanic heritage month is meant to celebrate our culture. want to celebrate white history? go ahead, we have days that celebrate irish americans, jewish americans, polish americans. they all became nationally recognized under white presidents from lbj to ronald reagan. so we are glimpse and not deny what latin americans mean to this country. if you still want to hate don't leave it in the comments section. reach out to me. reach out to us. let's talk. i think we can.
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it's not that lucky the pig wouldn't have been super tasty. he wasn't destined to be on a dinnla truck last year. a truck driver never claimed him so he was adopted by the hog haven farm. he is now 650 pounds of happy and he is celebrated one year of freedom this month. next he will never leave you hanging at the end of a long work week without a reason to smile. asking you a simple question. what is your good news? as always, do not e-mail us and
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life. and that matters, too. >> well, my good news is that i'm able to come out and enjoy god's given sun, grass, mountains, beautiful views. >> good news that i'm a grandma. yeah. enjoying that. >> i don't know what to say. it's just so much fun. i am enjoying every minute of it. >> i had a couple tragedies this year. it's a blessing to be alive. i >> well, i coach a middle school team in denver at kipp. we won yesterday. >> i love playing pickleball. i play pickleball every day. it's my happy sport. >> well, life is good because i got a beautiful family and it's a beautiful day. >> we are getting a dog tomorrow from a rescue.
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>> time for your feedback to close the week. just in on twitter. love next. got the guts to tell it like it is. station to station doesn't agree. next is not cute or clever. it's actually become nauseating. station to station. and lion eyed jeff. shakes the channel at 6 p.m. when kyle's show comes on. thanks.
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? ? tonight, brad, angelina and the mid-flight fight that may have ended it all. audio from the cockpit just uncovered. >> long flight. >> exactly. >> how brad is battling back against the bad dad allegations. >> why oldest son maddox is caught in the middle. >> maddox is the first baby i ever held. >> and does jen have a comment on all of that. >> can you comment on brad and angie's divorce? >> was jim carrey's girlfriend suicidal because he gave her stds? >> it's become extremely
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an lochte. >> we are going to cha cha. >> is he having regrets about signing on for the show. >> we're celebrating "home improvement's" 25th anniversary with tim allen. ? ? now for september 23, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." we have all-new details about the argument that led to a child abuse investigation against brad pitt. new evidence has surfaced and there is insight that could sway continuing to gather facts about the reported child abuse allegations against brad pitt. here's the question at the center of the dispute. was the alleged incident abuse or just a typical father/son spat? here's what we know now. the investigation news broke after angelina fileded for divorce late monday asking for full custody of the couple's six children. it seems the filing was prompted in part by an incident that


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