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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 24, 2016 2:15am-2:45am MDT

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moderated by our own lester holt will air monday at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific pch. states of emergency are in effect tonight in parts of the midwest where 48 hours of relentless rain triggered deadly floods. the national guard is now being called in to help, while out west, tornadoes have struck hard. we get details now from nbc's gabby schwartz. >> across the country, weather systems so powerful that rain-heavy wind gusts swept sideways. in clouds brought out onlookers with cameras. >> there goes the transformer. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: a small twister damages homes. while men in chest-high water build up walls with sandbags. in the midwest, monster rain total. parts of wisconsin and iowa. in minnesota, a
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rivers overflowing in towns across that state. a doc with a boat swept into a dam. a train derailment spilling fuel into the mississippi. the damaging flood waters killing at least two men in wisconsin. and the death toll from these storms may have been even higher if not for quick acting minneapolis police officers. >>ially, we're going to try to yank them up. >> reporter: their body cameras capturing a rescue. >> we got him u >> reporter: a reminder of the dangers of torrential downpours that can threaten lives with each storm. >> there it goes. there are new questions tonight in the new york and new jersey bombings after a report surfaced claiming that at the suspect's father did indeed warn the fbi that his son was a possible threat. we get details now from nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: the father of bombing suspect ahmad rahami
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again by the fbi, after "the new york times" reports he warned them two years ago his son was interested in terror groups, which the fbi strongly deny. this as investigators visit the college where rahami took classes in wiring and electronics, where he could have learned to build triggers for bombs. detectives still can't find the bomb factory where the suspect assembled four devices. rahami was shot in linden, new jersey. could this be the neighborhood where the bombs wer early stages of the investigation. we are literally learning new stages hour by hour. >> reporter: investigators have tracked rahami's family car traveling into new york city the night of the bombing. but they're also exploring the possibility that he may have taken the train. tonight, a case wide open. new questions and few answers. miguel almaguer, nbc news, new york. there is late word from washington tonight that president
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controversial bill that would have allowed 9/11 families to sue saudi arabia on the grounds it had a role in the worst terror attack in american history. next, an emotional showdown with congress, which could serve the president his first ever veto-override. nbc's pete williams now with more. >> reporter: for 15 years, kathie owens of long island has been looking for answers and accountability. her husband peter was one of in the 9/11 hijacking. she's among the family members who persuaded congress to change federal law so they can sue saudi arabia in an american courtroom. >> the people who financed 9/11 have still been not brought to justice. they're walking around free as birds, conducting business as usual. >> reporter: the family say saudi arabia gave fumble and logistical aid to al qaeda, or at the very least turned a blind
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charities ended up supporting terrorism. but the 9/11 commission found no evidence that senior saudi officials funded al qaeda or the hijackers, all but four of them from saudi arabia. late today, president obama vetoed the bill, echoing concerns from current and pass u.s. officials that allowing private lawsuits against foreign countries would open the door to lawsuits anywhere in the world against the u.s. >> we have more people the world, so we have the most to lose by interfering with the concept of sovereign immunity. >> reporter: it's virtually certain congress will for the first time override a veto by president obama and make the bill law. pete williams, nbc news, at the capital. we go overseas now where a ceasefire in the war-ravaged city of aleppo was not only short-lived, but deadly attacks are now escalating there and some say even worse. we get the harrowing details tonight from
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the sky. bombs falling on the rebel half of aleppo. dozens die in a fire storm that continues tonight. >> i can tell you that today it was the heaviest bombing ever in aleppo city in all of the neighborhoods. this is another air strike. >> reporter: russian and syrian warplanes are making a city of rubble. rescue vehicles hundreds injured. hospitals overwhelmed. since the ceasefire ended monday, rebel areas have been pounded. today in the rubble, a 5-year-old freed by a rescuer's bare hands. then a warplane prepares to strike. but she made it. her parents and four siblings were killed in a blitz without mercy. and tonight without
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and still ahead for us tonight, are you holding on to a gift card with money left to spend? a warning about the new way thieves could be draining your last dollar from that precious plastic.
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a lot of us love to give and receive gift cards. americans will spend
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on them this year, but buyer and receiver beware. nbc jo ling kent on the new ways thieves are stilling from your gift card while it's still in your pocket. >> reporter: it's supposed to be the gift that keeps on giving. >> like a bonus, what can we do next? how do we want to fix up our house? >> reporter: jay stanton got an unpleasant surprise when he tried to redeem a gift card from home depot. he had been using it throughout the year and thought he $271 left. but when he recently tried to make a purchase, the balance was zero. >> i was very confused. i just used it one week before. how could be it worth zero? i didn't understand. >> reporter: gift card draining. home depot said someone else cashed in his balance. >> they didn't know where it was. they just said it's somewhere across the country. >> reporter: security analysts say gift card draining is becoming common, because it's fast and easy to steal a card off the shelf. >> they scratch off
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number. they then take these, which are zebra stickers, peel it off, place it back over the gift card, they go back to the store, back on the rack, they have the number, they're now waiting for the card to be activated. >> reporter: experts say at the safest place to buy a gift card is from the retailer. from behind the amount that was taken from our card. >> reporter: a quick fix for stanton. but a growing problem for all shoppers. jo ling kent, nbc news, mine hill, new
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tonight, we are finally getting answers about the mysterious cause of that rocket disaster last month. initial findings from spacex point to a breach on a liquid oxygen tank leading to the falcon 9 rocket exploding on the
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expensive facebook satellite, but thankfully nobody was hurt. it is official, a mega merger has just created the largest hotel chain in the world. today marriott international completed its $13 billion acquisition of starwood hotels. that would put 30 hotel companies including sheraton, westin and many more under one big roof. and a famous royals appears to be the victim of a hack attack tonight. pippa middleton's icloud account was breached. british newspapers report the hackers are putting the images up for sale.
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making a difference is brought to you by -- and finally tonight, a vacation spot that's becoming a home away from home for children with autism in their families. our ann thompson takes us there in tonight's
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report. [ laughter ] >> reporter: these are the kinds of moments that fill vacation albums. >> hold him like that. >> okay. >> reporter: but not always possible for families of auftistic children as mom becky large knows. >> kids have meltdowns, but that's the exception not the rule. for us it's more the rule. >> reporter: to avoid the outbursts that come with the sights and stimulation that come from many vacation spotsbe local businesses in myrtle beach, south carolina, to welcome families with kids like her youngest son harley. starting with a designated quiet roommate at the airport. when you're in an airport or an airplane and there's nowhere to flee and you are in the cross hairs of everybody around you, and their judgment, it is wicked and horrible. >> reporter: at hamburger joe's in surfside beach, that means having a staff trained on behavior
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more i thought, this is really right on the money. >> reporter: at ripley's aquarium, becky makes sure light -- >> we can bring up the lighting levels in here. >> reporter: and ounds are overwhelming. >> i can walk through and make all these changes probably in seven or eight minutes, easily. >> reporter: pens and notepaper are removed at the holiday inn surfside. >> we are to the point where we have families around this >> it's not rocket science. just lead with love. >> reporter: setting an example for the nation. >> reporter: getting a chance at mose picture-perfect memories. ann thompson, nbc news, myrtle beach, south carolina. >> and that will do it for us on a friday night. i'm savannah guthrie in for lester. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching, have a great weekend, and
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>> announcer: the doctor's friday news feed. a heated debate over medical care for suspected criminals. and lurid details in the alleged sexting scandal involving a 15-year-old girl. and the battle over brad and angie's brood. and this baby daddy's star opens bullpen the disease that's -- about the disease that's plagued him for years.
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selfy? that's today. >> dr. travis: welcome to the doctors friday news feed. our good friend, and child advocate, ariva martin joins us. thank you, ariva. >> you are the perfect fit for the friday news feeds. these are hot topics here. >> dr. travis: there are a lot of topics in the news we will cover; starting with anthony weiner, who lost her career and marriage, and now maybe he will lose his he appears to have allegedly had an online sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl over the course of months. odd [ audience oohs ] >> the 15-year-old revealed her relationship with the former congressman, and asked to conceal her identity in the former video.
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>> when are we gonna put a stop to this? >> this story is so disgusting to me as a mother of two tegers! this is your worst nightmare. if a predator like that, preying on your daughters, gaining their trust, and then sexting them and rape fantasies? >> dr. travis: let me ask you this, anyone out there who is not troubled by this. but the nypd special victims unite launched an -- victims unit, launched an investigation. could he go to jail for this? >> absolutely. what we are hearing, the allegations that have been made in sexting with a 15-year-old girl absolutely could land him in jail. sexting is a crime in most states. it's a state law crime.
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pictures, if this young girl sent nude photographies or sexually explicit pictures of herself via a text to him, he could be charged with being in possession of child pornogravy. we -- pornography. i think we are talking serious charges here. if you are asked to send a sexually exaccomplicive -- explicit picture. don't do it, teenagers can be the adults. >> dr. travis: what i am most disturbed by, ariva and drew, is in reading through screen images of the texting, some of the things he said were so disturbing ... and so explicit! and they would -- they would be troubling, period, but the fact that she's 15? >> and this is a minor. a 15-year-old minor. >> that he knew was a minor. no mistaking or thinking this was an adult.
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she talked about - in one of these messages - going to get her drivers permit. >> crazy. >> dr. travis: after i read a comment that anthony weiner gave, in a statement: i have repeatedly demonstrated terrible judgment about the people i have communicated with on line, and the things i have sent, i am filled with regret, and heartbroken for those i have hurt. >> you know, travis -- >> dr. travis: he's a problem. and, i jail? but also, he need help. he has a -- hea sexual addiction here. >> he really does. >> we should know, travis, this is not the first time. these allegations of him being involved with sexually explicit text messages go back years. >> yes. >> and we were told at one point, he did go into treatment, dr. ordon. so this is not someone who hasn't been so-called working on this. he's been working on it, and
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it's gonna take more, more intense, severe treatment. >> i say, like, jail. [ applause ] >> that's the treatment. [ applause ] >> that may be what it's going to take to reverse this situation. >> dr. travis: one of the things they learned, is, people who consider themselves powerful figures think they can play by different rules so whether or not this is a combination of him feeling above the law, combined with this sexual addiction - we start to engage in activities that ruin your life. he's ruined his life. clearly he needs to put a stop to this. and if he goes to jail, do they have programs there, where, in addition to jail time, someone needs to break through to him. because you can't sit here and send out statements "i keep making terrible judgments, i apologize for those who i hurt". she's 15 >> she's 15.
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opportunities for him, if he's found guilty of charges and incarcerated but i think the bigger story here for me is, there's a 4-year-old child involved in this. and his wife, separated from him, but not filed for divorce. and, he's putting his opportunity to parent his 4-year-old in serious jeopardy. because -- >> exactly. >> and you are the child advocate here. you always have been. i mean, that's where the true story is. yes, he has a problem, but it's effected in a negative way. >> dr. travis: this next topic has a connection to the election. his wife, i know they are in the process of -- >> hilary clinton's top aidee. >> i am sure this will be ? part of the campaign story. what else is part of the campaign? health care, once again, this past saturday there was an explosion in new york city, injurying 29 people. it was later revealed there
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spread throughout manhattan and new jersey. fortunately not all of them detonated. and the support was arrest -- suspect was arrested after being injured in the gun battle in lindon new jersey, both candidates had something to say and donald trump spoke about it this past monday at a rally. >> "today we have caught this evil thug who plant lb. the bombs -- planted the bo thank you law enforcement, thank you police! [ cheers and applause ] "but the bad part? now we will give him amazing hospitalization. he will be taken care of by some of the best doctors in the world! [ audience oohs ] >> he will be given a fully modern and updated hospital room. [ audience oohs ]
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have room service, knowing the way our country is. >> dr. travis: very controversial comments. >> i thought he was doing everything off the prompter now. and that he was staying on line. and the people that were writing for him -- >> this is what i was told. that his -- that his presentation was going to improve. i can't believe that somebody wrote that. >> i don't think anyone wrote that. [ laughter ] that. and i think what's disturbing to me as a non-medical professional, if a person comes into the hospital, are you looking to see what nationality they are? are you checking to see if they committed a crime? aren't you a doctor? >> no, and how much money they have? and where they live? and do they have under lying medical problems, and, and -- no. we treat everybody to the bst, best possible way that
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[ applause ] >> dr. travis: i will say that's one of the things i love about our health care system. but let me say this. my big problem with the candidates has been when they lie. and i personally think there's been a lot of ... lying going on. >> yeah. >> dr. travis: i am not troubled when a candidate at least asks questions. while i don't agree with trump, with what he said, as i sat back and thought about it, why is it -- i am an e.r. doctor, this is where people come. i where a murderer comes in, and maybe other people are also shot. and you know, there's a certain limitation in the emergency department. you don't have 30 trauma rooms and it is a very difficult ethical situation when you know, eyes on the ground, saw someone kill kids and other people, and they come in, and there are multiple injured, and you are supposed to turn a blind eye. emotionally, i am still a


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