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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm MDT

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>> family members of keith scott still have many questions about the day he died. >> and a long overdue reunion in pueblo. 9news starts now. the gunman suspected of killing five people outside a mall was arrested within the past few hours. police say 20-year-old arcan ceti in walked in to the mall. authoritiesa gun down and left. four women and a man were killed. >> kind of curious on how he just ran out of nowhere. i turned around and i hear a shot. it sounded like a clap. next thing you know, another shot, and then after that bang, bang, bang. and i heard like about seven or eight shots. >> sources tell our sister station in seattle there's no apparent link between the suspect and the victims.
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identified. with pressure mounting late this afternoon, charlotte police released videos that show a deadly encounter with officers. protesters have been demanding action and calling for the release of the videos every day since the shooting of keith scott on tuesday. it hasn't been released in its entirety. the police chief says the footage includes all the images relative to the shooting. in addition to the videos police released photos of marijuana, a holster and gun that investigators say was loaded. >> when they see the weapon say uh-oh, this is a safety issue for us and the public. >> police say lab tests found scott's fingerprints and dna on the weapon. police say he pointed the gun at them, from the video it's impossible to see what scott had in his hands. >> when we look at this dashcam video, mr. scott steps out of the vehicle. he doesn't appear to be acting
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scene. he doesn't appear to be making gesture or motions as if he's arguing with anybody. he doesn't lunge at the officers. it appears he has his hands by his side. again, there's no definitive evidence in this video as to whether or not there is an object in his hand and if there is, what that object is. >> charlotte's police chief insists the officers reacted appropriately and will not face charges a separate incident independe uy the north carolina state bureau of investigations. in tulsa tonight hundreds gathered to pay their respects to a man shot and killed by an officer eight days ago. family and friends came together do remember 40-year-old terence crutcher. he was killed while standing next to an suv in the middle of the road by officer betty shelby. she's charged with first degree felony manslaughter. a power line sparked a small
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burning around 1:30 a.m. it was fueled by strong winds and quickly grew to about 4 acres. investigators say those winds brought down a high voltage power line which sparked the fire. it's a reminder even with the cooler temperatures, fire danger is still present. >> in colorado, the wildfire danger period is almost the entire year. through the winter, things get very dry and there's always places that aren't covered in snow so there can be wild land fires in december as wel been contained. no injuries were reported. police need your help finding an elderly man with dementia. byron winston was traveling with his wife from california to iowa. this morning they stopped in eagle where he became disoriented. he was checked out and cleared by paramedics. however, a short time after they left, winston drove away leaving his wife at the loaf and jug.
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their original destination in iowa. he's in a beige cadillac with iowa plates. if you see him you're asked to call police. several counties in iowa have already been declared disaster areas after storms rolled across parts of the state. now volunteers are trying to keep the damage from getting worse. after days of heavy rain the river is predicted to crest at nearly 17 feet in the town of independence tomorrow. homes, businesses, and parks sand bag. however, officials are asking for additional help as the water continues to rise. down river andede asking peopley home with possible to let emergency crews do their jobs. >> we understand the interest and curiosity but increased traffic and pedestrians make difference for those working to
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>> in 2008 the cedar river crested at just a few inches more than what is predicted today. in windsor, north carolina, buffalo were seen roaming the streets due to flooding. workers at the park and zoo released them for their own safety because of those rising waters there. the cashy river spilled its banks after heavy rain from the remnants of tropical storm julia which drenched the area for more than a week. here in colorado the cold front brought snow to the high country. it was enough to currently closed at rainbow curve on the east side and milliner pass on the west side. rocky mountain national park shared this video where you can see it looking like winter, about 10,000 feet. trail ridge road and old fall river road did not reopen today but are not yet officially closed for the season. the snow is good news for loveland ski area. a fresh layer fell there overnight. they're hoping to start making snow sometime next week to prepare for opening day.
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to late october. a denver nonprofit spent more than a year trying to raise money and find a new home. there was a time when employees tht the whole operation would just shut down. but as 9news reporter nelson garcia shows us, a new era begins with a new location in aurora. >> reporter: the grand opening of a new store, the grand finale of a stressful saga. >> they're >> reporter: for bud's warehouse and employees like chris middleton. >> i was worried. i was extremely worried and sleepless nights. just figuring out how this was all going to come together. >> reporter: this is a nonprofit home improvement thrift store that gives homeless people and those who struggle with substance abuse like middleton job skills through a training program.
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us and the industry has kind of crowded us out of that. >> reporter: executive director jim riner said it had to find a new home for the home improvement store. >> we had to raise $3 million to purchase this building. it seemed like an impossible dream when we came up with the >> reporter: they obviously made it. >> $30 for you. >> reporter: with big support from the community. >> still it's not like we made this out of all this money we raised or >> reporter: now the new building near i-225 and mississippi in aurora will allow bud's warehouse to triple their job training program in cooperation with another nonprofit. >> that's tremendous. who would have thought we'd have that kind of impact on the community. >> reporter: a grand opening to a grander future. >> you like this store? good. >> reporter: in aurora, nelson garcia, 9news. >> middleton and other employees spent the last three weeks moving 26,000 square feet of
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store in aurora. middleton says he's sick of moving. >> [h the ringing of a historic church bell, america's first black president and the 99-year-old daughter of a slave, they officially opened the national museum of african american history and culture. it houses nearly 4,000 artifacts from slaves to the dress rosa park wore is among them. >> this is the place to understand how protests and love of country don't merely coexist but inform each other. how men can probably -- how men can proudly win the gold for their country but insist on wearing a black glove fist. how we can wear an i can't breathe t-shirt and still
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for fallen police officers. >> the push for the museum started back in 1915 when african american civil war veterans wanted a museum to commemorate america's black experience. but it wasn't until 2003 that former president george w. bush signed the law authorizing the construction. canada gave a royal welcome today to britain's prince william and his family. they arrived with their two children for their first official trip overseas as a family of four. several thousand people waited for the royal couple for an official welcoming the british columbia legislature. their children will only make a fewublic appearances during their trip. there is a hairy competition growing this weekend in denver. >> sure is. coming up next, men put their best facial hair forward in some pretty unique ways. >> also ahead, a touching reunion that was years in the making. >> plus, a pretty crisp start to the fall. danielle grant has your
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parkway and 7th street south of colfax. runners will run up federal to 20th avenue and circle to mile high stadium to colfax again. drivers should expect delays and closures in the area and watch out for all those pedestrians that are going to be out there. it was an emotional reunion today between a family and their long lost pet. missy arrived back in pueblo after a long drive from missouri.
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a shelter in missouri earlier this month. missy was a companion dog for two of her special needs daughters. welcome home, missy. >> welcome home. if you've got a cooleard, now is the time to show it off. folks from all over the country are putting their best facial hair forward in denver all weekend. the boulder facial hair club is hosting the beard and mustache championship at summit music ha categories. even synthetic beards are welcome here. >> what i like the to do a certain thing. you can do your own thing and everyone respects that. maybe you don't have a full beard but you got these crazy chops or partial beard. everyone likes that the same. everyone is treated really well in this community. >> organizers spent four years putting this event together.
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all their glory themselves. some of the proceeds will be going to charity. this is a topic we must bring meteorologist danielle grant in to. what kind of product do they use to make those swirls and loops? >> hairspray maybe? >> probably more than you and i combined for a year. >> i don't know if that's possible. >> that's a lot of hairspray. >> that's impressive, you guys. how long do you think it takes to grow those? >> a long time. months i'm thinking. >> i don't know. more talent than we have. >> absolutely. that's for sure. itas there. we had sunshine to boot. temperatures certainly a little bit cooler than yesterday, but hey, with all that sunshine it felt pretty nice outside. in the high country, mother nature is reminding us that the seasons change fairly fast. you can see a little bit of light snowfall left on the trees and the aspens still changing colors out there in steamboat.
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skiers, snowboarders getting pumped up for the season to come. a little warmer along the eastern plains. 57 in salida. 60s in durango and cortez. out of the airport, mostly clear skies. temperatures cooling off fast. we're now sitting at 50 degrees. winds have been relatively quiet and calm in comparison to yesterday. here in the 9 backyard, temperatures in the low 50s as well. almost time to grab that jacket. you can see as the week goes on our temperatures are goi it's going to feel like summertime. storm system we've been dealing with now pusng to the upper midwest. that cold front pushing through omaha, wichita, down in to texas where they are looking at flash flooding turns going on. around here just a little bit of wrap around moisture earlier this afternoon. so we saw a couple lingering snow showers up there to the high country. that really has been about it. a dry day and another dry day on tap tomorrow too. tonight with our clear skies we'll be watching the
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degrees. sunrise at 6:49. it will be a chilly one. grab those jackets if you're heading out pretty early. 40s along the eastern plains. 20s and 30s up in the high country area. as this system pushes off to the midwest potentially bringing them severe weather especially in parts of chicago tomorrow afternoon, we will once again be staring at this gorgeous dome of high pressure. that means we have one more day of cool temperatures, below average. then 70s and 80s on tap for next week. i'll take you through rest of the evening looks pretty quiet around the front range. tomorrow morning, we w uake 8 a.m. gorgeous but cold. as the afternoon moves on, that sunshine should really help heat us up. you can see virtually not a cloud in the sky across colorado. this takes us to 10:00 tomorrow evening and we'll go with mostly clear skies tomorrow morning. if you're going to be out there at the race for the cure, it will be a cool one. make sure you find something nice and cozy and will keep you toasty. we should be in the low 50s by
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should be another gorgeous one out there. again the entire state staying dry as that storm system is now long gone. we'll be in the low 70s, ray, lamar, springfield. 60s and 70s across the western slope. you folks enjoying a nice warm up. 60 degrees in blackhawk and idaho springs. touching the low 70s in longmont, fort lupton too. keeping it cool around the red feather lakes area. estes park, low0s cranking up the dial. 75 on monday. we'll return to the 80s tuesday and wednesday of next week. can you believe it? a weak little system starts cropping up in to colorado on thursday. i't that impressed with it. i think maybe a couple showers right now and then it will blow through but the next weekend all eyes already on next weekend and it looks fantastic again. so as always you've got to head up to the high country. do it while you can. do you guys have any weekend plans? maybe go leaf peeping?
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whenever we talk about the ckies, we wear purple. we don't do it onpo just do it. but it's sort of like we're bearing them but at the same time we're praising them for having a decent season. what d see them doing in 2017? >> i'm making a move for me the dark side. i've been down on the rockies, well, more or les since they've been here. i think the arrow was pointing in the right direction and i
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anderson, chad bettis, four quit an ace. i think they've got to spend some money, fix the bullpen, bring in some veteran people, but i do believe the rockies will contend for a playoff spot in 2017. you? >> i never thought i'd say i like what's going on internally with the rockies but i do, what i mean by that is look at the pitching coach. the pitching coach seems to have a good formula f the you players. i th spending a lot of money on pitching and take some of these young arms they have below the starters and develop them in to relievers and take some of the money and get a guy at 1st base that can strengthen the lineup. i know that sounds weird, strengthen the lineup, but they have holes in the everyday lineup that could take them from 75 wins to 95 wins. >> i'm more concerned about the bullpen. nothing sucks the life out of the team more than a lousy
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but if you can't, go out and get people. don't misidentify. go really spend money and bring in qual major league relievers. >> old arms versus young arms. i'm saying make the young arms and make them in to something. in the meantime, go back to your broncos. i'm a. >> go rockies.
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hi, everybody. colorado's opponent wore funny uniforms tonight, but the buffalos had the last laugh. oregon charged on to the field with green jerseys, white plus orange socks and shoes just like real ducks. but it was colorado freshman quarterback steven montes who was all he was quacked up to be. montes making his first career
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in cu history to throw for more than 300 yards and run for another 100 in the same game. montes tossed three touchdown passes including one caught with just five fingers by bryce to give the buffs a lead with 2 minutes left. ducks had a chance to steal it at the end. witherspoon intercepted the pass in the end zone to clinch it. cu wins the conference opener 41-38 and head coach mike macintyre lets the fears flow. >> learned a what is our goal? off and on the field. just one game. just one game. but boy, was that one game fun. [ cheering ] >> still of the night comes from eugene, oregon where cu head coach mike macintyre and his son jay, a buffs wide receiver, embraced following their stunning upset over
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colorado state's quarterback was nearly decapitated today. rams were beaten by the minnesota golden gophers. csu freshman colin hill must be the toughest dude on the planet because after getting hit so hard his helmeanded 10 yards away, most of us would crawl in to bed with our mothers after that, hill remained in the game and threw a late touchdown pass which gave colorado state a chance to p right handies lose 31-24 but learn hill is the kind of guy you want on your team. >> he took a shot today. he took a really, really physical shot but he didn't flinch. he jumped up, got his helmet. he's a tough kid. he's an athletic kid for a taller guy. this will be a great, great teaching tool for him and everybody. a lot of times you look at the quarterback but we got to do a better job of understanding
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state tonight. falcons took the lead just before halftime on a nate romine touchdown pass to ryan reffit. academy lead 17-10 at the intermission. broncos traveled to cincinnati this morning for tomorrow's game with the bengals. 9news sport reporters proved they watched th television television. >> mike has been looking for ni hasn't found her. >> rod, as god as my witness, i thought turkeys could fly. >> as long as we're talking i hat bearer b at t schedule, this is one those tou(vngh on?ae road to
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until burfict is suspended for one more game. he's thene player in the denver defense. p?>lay he's aard hitter, playmaker, got b in his play. i hope the denver? defense isn?? too offended by that. that/x? burfi a a player. the broncos have a chance to run the ball. bengals are 32nd in the league in defending the unare. i think the broncos got chance. >> it's an early kick-off and we'll be there for game day live. drew, back to you. the broncos are 7-7 all time in the north bank of the ohio river including brandon stokley's miracle deflection in the 2009 season opener. his 27-yard touchdown with 11 seconds remaining is still the longest game winning play from scrimmage in the final minute in nfl history. it's vin scully coin night
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worthless. everybody in attendance received a commemorative coin honoring the retiring legendary broadcaster but colorado's performance was far less valuable. outfielder ryan reyburn dropped an easy fly ball. rockos lose 14-1. in vn tonight the rapids and whitecaps -- in vancouver tonight the rapids and whitecaps played to a draw. colorado successfully executed a fake penalty gaski scores. rappies and caps finish in a 3-3-tie. we're going to play drew's clues. he's an 18-year-old freshman who dropped back to pass in the 2nd quarter of today's csu loss at minnesota. clue number 2, somebody missed a block and he took a vicious hit from gophers defensive end devers. and clue number 3, somehow he absorbed the punishment, picked up his helmet, and insisted on
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player rams quarterback colin hill. look out. >> let's talk about that kid. that's who you want on your team. >> that helmet went flying. >> is the dentist open on saturday night? >> the chiropractor, masseuse. >> you would have thought he
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did you all see drew's bobble head jersey? >> since that promo started airi stopped ringing. wanting to know where they can
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