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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  September 25, 2016 3:09am-4:09am MDT

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brad and angelina. new details. they may have ended it all. audio from the cockpit that was still uncovered. >> how brad is battling back against the bad dad allegations and why he is caught in the middle. the actress accused brad of cheating with has a pregnancy announcement. >> it is something huge.
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beginnings to the bitter end. >> then they are fighting back tears nearly three years after his death. plus two tv milestones. we flash back. >> tim allen celebrates home improvement's 25th anniversary. >> what was i tonight. >> what are a weekend it has been for brad and angelina after the announcement of probably the biggest divorce in hollywood history. >> we have been on top of the story all week long. here's the latest. >> the fbi continued to gather facts about the reported child abuse allegations against brad pit. here's the allegations with the abuse or typical father and son
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filed for divorce asking for full custody of the couple's six children. it seems like it was prompted in what happened with a family flight home. here are the new details. that i was flying for france to southern california. their jet believed to be like this 1 and stopped to refuel in international falls, minnesota. a source familiar with it the situation said brad had argument with maddox and that source is saying there was no inappropriate physical contact, emphasizing this was a child-parent disagreement. there are images of brad on the tarmac where can be seen looking drunk and yelling. they reached out to confirm the authenticity and they flew on to burbank, california and the
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traffic control. >> nice! >> a long flight. >> we have to behave and minnesota with all sorts. >> child services with the investigation and what likely happened to the children and probably interviewed by case workers and they were probably interviewed by case workers and likely they would visit their house and see what kind of environment they were live in. >> brad is gearing up for an ugly battle and hired a high powered divorce attorney and they got the custody battle with eva longoria with her split. the timeline is interesting. before this incident, brad and angelina seemed like a solid couple. they looked happy visiting a drugstore a few days earlier and were captured on surveillance
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juice. they took place september 14th in her diverse filing, they declare a fallen day september 15th at the date of separation. they lit up on the red carpet when they asked about the kids. >> have the kids running in and out, they are playing with the kids and he was trying to get ready. >> they had the 10 or 11 with the twins who are 8 years old. if do have to interview the children, it can be traumatic for them. >> angelina cited irreconcilable differences. george clooney and amal were told about it. >> i feel very sorry. that's a sad story and unfortunate for a family and unfortunate story about a
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>> everyone was shocked she lawyered up. they had a mutual agreement to work it out, but angie being the strong character, they wanted to have the upper hand and come out swinging and make brad look like the bad guy. brad is crushed because he doesn't want to trash the mother of his children. >> another person is the alleged other woman. his costar in the film ally. she but not with brad's baby. she posted many years ago i met the man of my life, father of my son and the baby we are expecting. he is my love and my best friend, the only one i need. she wished angelina and brad pit in a tumultuous moment. >> we're turn to angelina's own divorce documents as to how they
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angelina requested full physical custody that means all six kids would live with her. brad would be allowed visits and sleep overs. >> if you weren't an actress, what would you be? >> i would be a mommy. i want to stay home with my kids more. >> staying at home and trying to get first. that seems like the biggest thing you could possibly make anyway. it doesn't feel like anything is lacking. >> brad and angelina only said i do because the children kept asking them to. they are drawing the train of angelina's gown. >> they had a lot of craze ideas and most of them will win out. they will be the ones deciding
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legal custody that means brad will have a say in how the kids will be raised, but how will it affect the family. >> the older family can handle the real story, but the younger kissed, you want to give as neutral an explanation so they know they are going to be loved no matter what. even though the circumstances are changing, they can have a very solid relationship with and there doesn't appear to be a prenup. >> it's amazing to think that people who were successful in their life have not entered into an agreement. when you are getting married, it's about looks. >> a lot of real estate and reported values are surprising. an estate in the south of france.
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source of income. italy is worth $41 million. a $5.65 million mansion in new orleans. the 5300 square foot home he performed long before angelina. >> brad pitt bought his home for $1.7 million in 1994. that is worth a lot more money today. >> preserve in cambodia. >> they pushed it as a charity to community. >> brad is worth a reported $240 million and angelina $160 million. >> brad pit is earning $20 million plus a movie. he has an enterprise there. angelina jolie is commanding from 15 to $20 million a movie
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we all remember this in 2004. brad and angie begins filming. they were married to jennifer anston. >> cut two, 2005 in january. aniston and pitt announced were separating. the first snapping to n kenya with jolie'son, maddox. they deticketed them as a happy family. aniston not impressed saying there is a sensitivity chip missing. jolie adopted ja harrah and angie confirmed she is pregnant with brad's daughter shiloh and
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zahara changing their names to jolie-pitt. then the jolies said family would expand again after son pax was adopted from vietnam. everywhere they went, the frenzy followed. >> it's much different because we have a camera following every day. >> he would stand by her through >> i remind myself of that any time i think of what i lost. i feel very lucky. >> in may of 2008, they announce they are having twins. knox and viv yen are born in france. flash forward in april, the pair gets engaged. in february, angelina took a
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preventive double mastectomy. brad stood by her throughout. >> what has to get done to keep the family together. through august of 2014. >> how is married? >> it doesn't suck. >> jolie had said she was unsure she would ever tie the knot again. >> the story is from from over. so much more on the the mr. and mrs. factor. that's where it began. >> what about marriage will make you say hmmm. >> we are hanging out in new orleans with kate hudson and her dad. after the movie together, are dad. after the movie together, are they includeing it in their next dad. after we dance on theher, are they isalsa team together,r next
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kate hud and chris pratt stole and many star his their movie premiers this week. we were in the middle of it all. >> kate hudson beat the big easy at the deep water verizon premier. gina worked it in black and pink. >> that's a tutu. >> out next friday, it is named after the rig that tragically in the gulf of mexico. even though it's a tough subject, she still found out that they were hit in the hot spot it's much more fun. we were out until the we hours. it's fun when you are with your daughter and having a good time.
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millions of brothers. meanwhile in new york, denzel washington and chris pratt all hit the red carpet for the premier of the magnificent seven. it might be an action-packed film, but he made us swoon. we will deal with it later. the premier of the girl on the train. that's the most coveted rule and matched up with gone girl. >> and action. >> i was aware that there was a tsunami of interest in the books.
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thriller that you can't push down. >> you are lying. >> a woman disappears. did she commit a murder? . nick jonas revealed a secret to being a drunk fbo drama, ghost. >> spin around a few times. >> up next right now. >> kevin hard and jack black. >> very different tones to the movie. they can pop up and surprise
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july. coming up, behind the scenes, michael weatherly lets loose on the studio. you have to meet the woman who keeps him in line at home. >> they talk about the seven-year itch. she knows where to scratch it. >> we go back to mr. and mrs. smith.
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>> mr. and mrs. smith would become mr. and mrs. pitt. >> that was so hot, but their happily ever after fairy tale marriage is where it all
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the tango is great. >> their chemistry was undeniable at the start. long after the scene was called and that gave in between states and the ability to crack each other up. >> they are going and letting it go. >> the first time i had the pairing where it was nice. it was nice to learn about how fun that can be and how much easier sometimes.
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>> she might say so. i didn't feel much competition. >> the movie about this prompted anj tow share this. now eyebrow raising thoughts about marriage. that point where you are communicating. >> the story will have a happy ending. >> is this story finished yet? we are not done. on the way to questionable timing of the divorce announcement. is there a secret strategy at work and we crack open brad and angelina's x files. >> more news.
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shoots in new york. michael is here in california and tried to make him feel at home by having a quick shot on the studio lot we call new york street. here's something that we know. nothing is quick or easy when it comes to weather. >> we are really in new york right now. >> the a travel consultant. looking forward to it and every once in a while someone tried to slap my head. i get to play something different than for 13 years, but i'm having a ball and having a lot of fun.
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remember tuesday night after "ncis" in the 14th season. when michael found out about the time slot, he found out about the most weather leeway possible. >> i jumped up and down like a kangaroo who just had three cups of coffee. >> my wife is going on. i can't tell you yet. here's the lead in. i had to explain about the tv programming. >> what michael was playing a psychologist while she is a real doctor specializing in internal medicine. >> what i'm thinking is if this acting thing goods sideways, they will set up the practice somewhere. 15 minutes with my wife and it shows you talk about medicine.
3:33 am
wanted. hey, look. tom. how is the forklift business? this is your seventh anniversary. >> they talk about the seven-year itch and all i can say is -- ladies and gentlemen, that is that. >> always. they are always one of the most fun to do. "ncis" and bull. that's a right there. the other kevin, they got a look at the shoot on long island. >> is the foot that good? >> you will not go more than i would say 45 mondays without a hero being offered to you.
3:34 am
here. so real, there is a pizzeria on set. >> he was born on the island where kevin can film. >> why here? it's it's about 10 or 15 minutes away. >> a lot of time suddenly on his hands. >> the guys are coming up for a daybreak and learn how to use cross bows. >> back to that pizza, this is
3:35 am
you are like i got a pizza. >> by the way, if you weren't here, i would eat that. >> brad and angelina's divorce. what could be behind the timing? >> and any surprises you didn't see from the people versus o.j. >> the celebrating and the tears back stage. >> i >> and the jaw dropping fashion. the secret you have going on?
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shows to make it their big headline of the day. >> the brad pitt angelina jolie shocking announcement. >> angelina filed for divorce. >> again the news did drop on a tuesday. if you know celebs like russell brand and ashton and demi all the dirt gets buried over the weekend. also filed on a friday when they divorced in 2 thousand laura also got his divorce and said it's all about strategy. >> you want the world to see the demolition of your relationship, they will communicate without talking to your spouse. >> with the break up show also dropped after the emmy awards. it didn't get lost in the
3:40 am
purpose. the next one is good timing. the new trailer was released tuesday. >> only supposed to come out on tuesday and definitely getting more attention because of the divorce and the rumors that brad had an affair on set, but they said the affai true. >> looking at the chemistry on screen, they would speculate about the off screen romance and that's exactly like mr. and mrs. smith. both are spies and both pretend to be homemakers and fire off guns in the middle of nowhere. >> i love you with all of my
3:41 am
through a divorce in the public eye before. what et learned after that. >> we mentioned the emmys and that was the big story. the a wars are back on the people versus o.j. simpson, four of the show's stars were first time emmy winners and we were with them all. >> and the emmy goes >> the woman she portrayed marcia clark. after winning outstanding lead actress in a limited series or movie. >> she is different than you imagine. >> the more i had to see about the real marcia clark, i am glad to stand here today and say i'm sorry. >> it became clear what a deep and complicate and smart woman
3:42 am
fighting. it became a different picture. >> they did not win from the portrayal and one of the producers. >> did you fly yourself here? you flew yourself here and fly home and scrap the emmy. >> i have to. they take home the emmy. >> to the woman who chain. that's from you, girl. >> his award from playing johnnie cochran to angela basset. lives of love from the 10-year-old twins. >> daddy, i love you. >> i love you too. let me go now. >> we love you. >> that will get you every time. that almost got me.
3:43 am
i'm still winning. >> he won an emmy for his portrayal and the actor paid tribute to his father. >> i can hear your name every day of my life. >> they spoke to the real chris jordan. >> i hope he goes on and makes a billion dollars. >> have you talked to >> nope. >> not at all? >> never. >> he told us he tried to reach out to you and has not heard from you. what if he called you today? >> hey, brown. emmy award winning actor. i have to take his call. >> well, now is your chance. >> you need to call him tonight or something. >> i called him before and he
3:44 am
he is a grown man living his life. he has to go. >> this is a hugely negative life experience. that's a dark and angry place that i wanted to go. i want to go back to 1995. >> the ladies brought their a game. >> what's the have going on with your dress. >> seven corsets. >> yes, i am. >> hi. that was mine. >> the reaction to the back. let me see. this is the secret. well, well, well. i walk backwards so everyone can see.
3:45 am
leads have the lemonade theme going on. they had these twins dancing and this sums up in versace and they brought to life the dancing lady in the red dress. >> free as a bird. i know whey want. it's my princess moment today. . >> you went . >> james corden used the train as the walkway. >> he is living in the department. >> and they don't love the look category. >> i just had my baby seven weeks ago. everything is running a muck still. >> they stole the street style
3:46 am
they got a vote rvelths but -- >> i like it a lot. you ready for the fact? >> how long did it take you to get ready? >> hours? two hours. >> sucking it in or sink in. >> sucking it in this time. would eat is wine. >> i have been on a protein and veggies diet. >> can i go with you? >> fabulous. >> i will hand ours for best dressed. she was pure elegance in this mermaid gown and zack brought emily as his date. absolutely beautiful. >> still ahead, more on the
3:47 am
they are finishing and why it was more emotional than they
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3:49 am
welcome back, everyone. nearly three years paul was the heart of this whole movie franchise that he left behind two brothers who could barely
3:50 am
him. >> do you ever feel like they are watching over you? >> absolutely. >> whenever i go fishing, i think of him. >> all synonymous with the ocean. >> he is known for the car thing from serious seven. he loved cars and the ocean is where he was at. >> after their brother paul died in a car crash, they paid him a special kind of tribute for critical scenes. >> you guys were trying to go for three months. how did that work?
3:51 am
it was. a lot of it was the angle. you had about six weeks to put weight on. when he was filming that movie, he got real big. we put on about 12 pounds. we had to do that. we had a little bit of each other. i have nice ears and his ears stick out. >> when they hit, tape his ears back. >> they recreated paul's tattoo with the name of his daughter on his forearm. >> we had to put the tattoo on and oh, man. i'm getting emotional thinking about it. he loved that tattoo with meadow's name on it and it was weird having to rock that for
3:52 am
it was really weird. we both had it for the three months. by the end of the three months, i said i would like to get the tattoo. >> they said they are still overwhelmed by impact of their work of paul's final scene. >> we didn't know how powerful it would be. we saw it at the premier. we both sat there and cried for about five we cried before we got out of the seat. they did it that well. >> i really enjoyed my time. cody and caleb are committed to carrying on paul's legacy and formed a fund-raiser. the event called game for paul raised $130,000. still to come, inside brad and angelina's x file. what we learned from the prior
3:53 am
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hollywood's biggest divorce. you have to wonder about the romances that sizzled long before brangelina. we have to crack open the xbox. >> it's not that complicated really. >> i hang out with this guy. >> jennifer aniston or mick. >> you all remember brad and jennifer. before that -- >> >> brad and gwyneth were the it couple. they met on the set of seven. he was eight years or senior and head over heels in love.
3:57 am
he wants a red carpet with then girlfriend juliette lewis. angelina met her husband johnny lee miller role with hackers. >> he didn't need each other. >> the couple divorced in 1999, but remained friends. she has been linked to playing timothy hutton and it's her marriage to billy bob thornton when things got interesting. >> the couple married after two
3:58 am
world when they wore blood around her neck. >> i want to see it as much as i can. every day. i couldn't put it on my forehead. >> as far as brad and angelina's split, we will stay on top of any developments. >> tim allen returned to the hit last man standing. 25 years after the debut of the show that made him a household name on home improvement. anniversary and how he will always be tim the tool man taylor with us. >> that was back in 1991. >> and you get your money with the rubber band. and they got their way to the top.
3:59 am
per it's going to come back. >> they wanted to direct. they wanted them to be on the show. >> jonathan was 10 years old when they first met him. they all took a break and they turned the career it together producing a tv pilot. >> she gets it on last man standing too opposite his new tv wife. >> that dynamic was so natural and i got nancy and felt like i had to apologize and waiting for both of them to slap me around. this is all uncomfortable. >> is there one thing that people say to you most about home improvement?
4:00 am
tool belt. tool boy. tool guy. >> and tv family, he got a lot of his old home improvement working on the show and still a gadget loving guy. he is dad to three girls. >> i didn't need the gig. i loved home improvement because i loved the dynamic between all men and all women. >> sorry to burst your bubble. >> and that's like your home life. >> my production is from all women. i grew up with all boys. not all boys. boys are out there burning stuff. >> you lit stuff on fire. my daughter is always about -- >> this doesn't go with anything. >> let's talk about another tv anniversary.
4:01 am
>> we joined ray romano. >> i try to change the way i am. >> the year was nen 1996 and ray commutes to los angeles and tries to make everybody loves raymond a hit. it was not a guarantee. >> i just got fired on the news radio. i we were not about to move. every time we got renewed, it was a nail biter. we are here to stay. >> i felt like i was his grandson. he wants you to deliver his eulogy. >> why? i hardly knew the guy. >> it's universal. it doesn't matter. people identify with it.
4:02 am
love and disfunction. >> et? >> et. >> we first interviewed ray as he was promoting his new show. >> i will probably upgrade my therapist. i can afford a better one. i can afford to treat my mother to a tattoo removal which is something i wanted to do since i was a kid. that's how young i was. >> at 58 he's still got it. he came out to honor the we park cancer support center. ray as sitcom was on the air five years at the time.
4:03 am
very lucky. you have to get lucky with one of those shows. >> fantastic and amazing cast.
4:04 am
4:05 am
. >> look at the stars with birthdays this weekend. katherine zeta jones is turning 47 and her husband is 72 and heather locklear is 55. take a look at your choices. look at the grammy awards. will smith is celebrating turning 48 and happy birthday to my now 9-year-old. >> james floor, but that's where he burns rubber on the race track. monday on et. we're we are almost out of time, but what's going on online? >> check out the new video from lady gaga from her single perfect illusion. >> out october 21st and the
4:06 am
enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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